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Storyteller's Circle 1 Year Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Tiko, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Storyteller's Circle 1 Year Anniversary!

    So! One year! For some that have been here from the beginning it scarcely seems like its been that long already, and for others it no doubt comes as a surprise that Storyteller's Circle has only been up and running for one year now.

    The place has definitely come a long ways from its beginnings as a ragtag group of a dozen or so people looking for a place to put down roots, and it only continues to grow day by day. When we opened our doors on November 1st of 2016, we were anticipating an uphill battle to really bring the place to life, but much to our surprise and delight the appeal of the place spread like wildfire. In a matter of weeks we had a large enough user base to take a top position on TopRPSites.com and after that... well here we are now :)

    Much of this success must be attributed to the users who have made this place their roleplaying hot-spot. Both in doing their part to uphold the spirit of Storyteller's Circle, our rules, and our open/inviting community, as well as more personal involvement in helping to bring new users here through voting, and helping to alleviate some of the financial costs of Storyteller's Circle through generous donations.

    In particular, Storyteller's Circle would like to acknowledge and extend a very special thanks to @Faithy, @Nilum, @Script, @marsbat, and @Sokka for being our top five donors throughout our opening year. It is with their help - and many others - that we have been able to provide many of the features and services that we do. While we can only offer so much in return, we would like to extend the offer of a personalized user banner to each of you - of your own design/color - as well as a specialized trophy (pending with our new trophy update soon to come). Details regarding the banners will be provided via PM.

    And while it's not as easy to track individual contributions through voting and other methods of helping Storyteller's Circle grow, we will also be offering a one-time trophy to all approved accounts who registered within Storyteller's Circle first year (again with the soon to be release of our new trophy update). Just a little something to note and acknowledge those that helped to build up Storyteller's Circle's foundation.

    In other news, many of you may have noticed some new faces among our staff here on Storyteller's Circle, and that's largely in preparation for making a push towards ensuring that our second year is as successful as our first. With the general growth of the site, we have been looking to expand our Warden team with @Silence as the first new addition of hopefully more yet to come, and we have also brought on our first Designers, @Griffith and @Machina Somnium, with @Lialore to head the new team. With the establishment of our Design team, we hope to soon be able to offer staff organized assistance with helping people to develop their roleplays aesthetically through character artwork, map creation, banners, and more.

    We also have exciting things on the horizon with the release of the latest xenforo update that carries many new features with it. We are still waiting for all of our addon developers to get their updated versions released so that we can get everything updated at once without any compatibility issues. But it's definitely something that we will be rolling out in the months to come! Anyone wanting to help out with this venture, we're putting aside any excess donations that we receive beyond the basic server upkeep costs to get all of our licenses renewed in preparation for these updates.

    And on a closing note: Great job everyone on an amazing first year, and keep up the great work at making Storyteller's Circle such a great place.
  2. geniusinmath

    geniusinmath My favorite Teen Titans superheroes

    It's no problem Tiko.
    The Oracle and Tiko like this.
  3. link8304

    link8304 Who?

    I've only been here for a week, do I still get the First Year Trophy? This site is much better than most of the other RP sites I've seen!
  4. Caitybeldy

    Caitybeldy Suavey

    [dancey dance]
    [shocolit ceck]
  5. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Anyone who gets their account approved, and registered prior to November 1st, 2017, will get the trophy :) That includes you. The trophy won't be released until the new trophy update though. It's almost ready, we just need to get it over to the Designers to get the default trophy images updated. The default ones are a little seizure inducing :p
  6. Diabolique

    Diabolique They see me rooooollin.

    So crazy that a year's gone by. I remember first coming onto the site and not having a clue what to do, or where to do it.
  7. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    My my. This is this old? My, who knows what will this place look like during the next anniversary?
    Here's for an another year!
  8. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    I don't have anything particularly intelligent to say here, so i'm just gonna leave it at-
    [Muffled sounds of stomping]
    [kicks in door]
    1 YEAR OLD!
    They grow up so fast...
  9. Sen

    Sen 이 밤을 펼치고 새벽을 마시면서

    Damn, I should have joined on anniversary date. >:[

    Happy anniversary!
  10. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Random and unrelated, but just noticed your staff banner isn't displaying. Only your Warden one >_> Should be fixed now.
  11. CaerBear

    CaerBear Active Member

    Its only been a year? o_O
  12. Luxin

    Luxin The Duke Benefactor

    It's been a year? Feels more like 12 months to me. >.> <.<
  13. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Hmm... Is it possible to see when one's account was made? Just so see if I created my account around the time this website was created as well or not.
  14. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus Entity of the Empty, The Void, The Unknown!

    Wow, a year. I haven’t been the most active since joining back in November of 2016 but it feels like this site has been around for a few years. I’m happy to see the growth. Now that my main RP site is down, I’m focusing on finally getting involved here. I knew this site had potential when I first joined, happy for all who helped keep this going strong.
  15. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    If you click your name from any page, it should pop up a little user card with basic information. Including the date your account was registered. Looks like you joined up about 5 months in.
    Enki likes this.
  16. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Oh... That's awkward. I remember having clicked it quite a lot of times, yet for some reason I never realized that the date was visible there. I only checked the name and status and so on on it. xD...
    Ah well. Thanks!
  17. geniusinmath

    geniusinmath My favorite Teen Titans superheroes

    Cheers for many more years.
  18. aryamajor

    aryamajor Curious Adventurer Benefactor

    Huzzah for one year and a toast for many more!
  19. Nilum

    Nilum A Curious Man Benefactor Absolutely Fabulous

    Hana likes this.
  20. Axl

    Axl Emperor's Faithful

    *snorts and stumbles into the room, freshly awake*
    Eh, huh?
    It's been a year already?
    Nah, just kidding. Have fun, ya nerds.

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