Interest Check Stralleathis- Group Roleplay


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A wolf pack group roleplay

Hello all! I haven’t been active for some time due to personal life complications. However, @KANdragonart
and I would love to indulge in a group roleplay to get back into the rhythm of storytelling.

Stralleathis (straw-lee-this) is the name of the world in which these wolves reside. It’s similar to earth in many ways, apart from a few differences. Every animal has learned their own language, and cross-communication between species is extremely rare. We’d like to roleplay a community trying to survive, allowing members to branch off from the main storyline to delve into their own personal plot points (perhaps one is in love with a member of a rival pack, for example).

There is a list of rankings below, and we do require at least one alpha to lead the pack. The setting and main conflicts can be discussed as a group, giving everyone a chance to lend their voices and inputs. Any and all ideas are welcome.


Alpha: Leader of the pack 0/2
Beta: 2nd in command 0/2
Zeta: War Generals 1/2
Tau: Scout Generals 0/2
Theta: Lead Medics 0/2

Etas: Warriors 0/8
Upsilon: Scouts 1/8
Iota: Medics 0/4
Deltas: Messengers 0/2
Phi: Pupsitters 0/2

Gammas: Elderly 0/8
Pups: Younger than 6 moons 0/8
Psi: Wolves in training (6 moons or older / newcomers of the pack) 0/8
Omegas: Lowest Pack Rank / Peacekeepers 0/8

Just a silly idea where we can build a community throughout the roleplay. Please reply if you’re interested!