Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
ATTENTION, ATTENTION. The United States needs all help. Hostile Androids have taken over South America and plan to invade our great nation. We need a special team of talented, ruthless individuals to infiltrate Android territory and find the valuable information we need to stop them. Would you help save your country? And, perhaps the world???

Backstory- The invention of the first sentient AI had happened in the South Americas by some genius. However, political turmoil and civil war in Venezuela lead to the android building an army and taking control of all of South America. Our brave soldiers had only managed to stop their advancements up to Panama. How did the AI gain the resources and funds to start a secret droid army? Well, that's classified.


This RP is futuristic, and as explained we're fighting against a literally AI take over. The USA military had managed to find a clue that might destroy the Androids once and for all, but to know what it is they need to go deep into enemy territory. That's where we come in. As special military personal, we have the job of crossing the border, find what valuable information if it exists then successfully return to the States. Hopefully, the trip would be worth it.

So anyone interested? We need at most five role players for this RP.