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(Co-GM: @York)

In the mysterious realm of Teyvat, a dark force is rising. An unknown evil named the Tsaritsa has risen with their army, the Fatui.

Her goals are unknown. She has been stealing the very essence of Gods throughout the land, the Gnoses. Seven in total, each connecting the seven Archons to the floating city of Celestia. What she intends to do is unknown, but it certainly isn't good.

It seems, however, that no magic known to Teyvat can oppose the Tsaritsa, but there is hope. A woman, Alice, has brought in many people from across the multiverse to Teyvat, and it is now their mission to destroy the Tsaritsa.


This RP is a part of the Convergence Series. Convergence is a massive multifandom roleplay with its own lore. However, none of that lore will be relevant in this particular installment. Don't be intimidated by the size of this series. You can jump in completely blind and still understand what's going on. You don't need to be well-versed in Genshin Impact lore to understand what's going on, either, as your characters are foreign to this universe as well.


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Appearance: Self-explanatory. Just a picture can do fine.

Name: Also self-explanatory. If your character has an alias or a nickname put it here, as well.

Age: Chronologically, how old is your character?

Canon: What series does your character come from? If your character is an Original Character, just put "OC" down here. If your character is an OC from an established canon, put "OC" next to the canon your character originates from.

Powers/Weapons/Abilities: It doesn't have to be too in-depth, and a wiki link can suffice.

Short Bio: A short paragraph explaining your character's backstory. A wiki link can also suffice here, as well.

Other Info: Optional. Any extra info you want me to know about your character you can put here.

Character List

@dark as Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
@Krieg as Anna Miller (Metro)
@Gummi Bunnies as Aris Tendou (Blue Archive) and Koyanskaya (Fate/GRAND ORDER)
@MagatsuNoImouto as Ashe (Mega Man) and Sougo Tokiwa (Kamen Rider)
@Takumi as Atsushi Nakajima (Bungou Stray Dogs) & Kiun (Noragami)
@Capri as Azul Ashengrotto (Twisted Wonderland) and Kang Sae-byeok (Squid Game)
@Ver as Cliff Steele (DC Comics)
@Jeremi as Elim Garak and Julian Bashir (Star Trek)
@Yun Lee as Isabela Madrigal (Encanto)
@Josh as Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski (The Big Lebowski)
@Minerva as Leila (Vigil: The Longest Night)
@Sleepwalker as Mega Man X (Mega Man)
@Crunch as Nagoriyuki (Guilty Gear)
@Lucky as Peter Parker (Marvel Comics) & Shawn Spencer (Psych)
@Rwac96 as Peter B. Parker (Marvel Comics)
@Funnier President as Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson)
@Crow as Platinum the Trinity (Blazblue) & Sandbar (My Little Pony)
@Not a Writer as Reginn (Fire Emblem)
@York as Sandalphon (Granblue Fantasy)
@Chaos Sphere as Soma Cruz (Castlevania)
@Space_Candy as Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog)
@Atomic Knight as Thancred Waters and Y'shtola Rhul (Final Fantasy)
@Ottonomous Ghost as Veigar (League of Legends)​
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Name: Isabela Madrigal

Age: 22

Canon: Encanto

Powers/Weapons/Abilities: Isabela has chlorokineses, the ability to grow and manipulate plants to her will. These powers are largely used for decoration, however, and she primarily grows flowers or anything considered beautiful.

Short Bio: Isabela is the oldest grandchild of the "amazing Madrigals," a family blessed with unique magical powers that allow them to help their community. Abuela Alma is the de facto leader of this community, and devotes herself to keeping the family's magic alive. She does this by placing heavy expectations on her descendants, and especially on her favorite, Isabela. The oldest, "perfect" child of the family, Isabela grows beautiful flowers and is readying for a betrothal to Mariano Guzman, her handsome neighbor. Everything is fine, Isabela is fine, and she's ready to do whatever she needs to for the sake of helping the family.

Other Info: Taken from before the events of Encanto.​

Name: Aloy

Age: ???

Horizon Zero Dawn/Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West


Short Bio:
Other Info: Triangle shape machine on her eye is a Focus.



Fate/Grand Order

As an Alter-Ego summoned by the Foreign God, Koyanskaya is granted the skills of Independent Manifestation and Independent Action, which basically means she is able to self-manifest wherever she pleases and act on her own accord. For the purposes of the RP, she can't manifest her way out of Teyvat.

Her other personal skill is Aptitude for Slaughter (Man) Rank A, which allows her to use man-made weapons way beyond their projected output under human hands. She carries a sniper rifle around for this reason.

Due to her preference on not doing all the fighting for herself, Koyanskaya can summon various monsters she's captured from the Lostbelts and deploy them for battle, since she's trained them herself. She can then return them to her tail as magical energy for later use.

Also she's a talented cook, reflecting her supposed similar appearance to the original Tamamo-no-Mae.

-Short Bio-

She is taken right after the events of the 3rd Lostbelt in F/GO.​

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Kang Sae-byeok


Squid Game

Her only weapon is a small switchblade.

Sae-byeok is a North Korean refugee who escaped the country with her younger brother Cheol. Once she escaped she ran into money problems and was forced to enter the Squid Games for a chance at billions of Korean Won.

Taken after the events of the Honeycomb but before Tug of War.​
"Hafuri are extremely rare. That can be seen as either a good or a bad omen. "Hafuri" also carries the meaning of "burial". One would wonder if such a thing would truly bring its master good fortune."



Name: Kiun

Age: 1200+

Canon: Noragami


Borderline: It is performed by extending the index and middle fingers into a halberd shape and drawing a line between "self" and "other". The technique is typically accompanied by shouting "A line!". The barrier it creates cannot be crossed by phantoms.

Boundary: A borderline's main advantage is protection from phantoms, which cannot cross through them under normal circumstances.

Spear/Lance: By drawing the line into the air rather than the ground, a borderline can be used as an offensive strike against an opponent. The effectiveness of this attack is determined by mental fortitude and the balance of power between the caster and target. Against other shinki, this has been shown to be powerful enough to knock a person back and draw blood. Against phantoms, it is enough to exterminate them. However, it is said that borderlines alone are not enough to kill a god.

Shield: A shinki can block a lance by performing another borderline to intercept it.

Spells/Chants/Songs: It is at least mentioned that Kiun knows spells and counterspells though he hasn't really been shown using any in canon.


When the name of his Vessel form, Ouki, is called by his god, Kiun takes the form of a lighting dragon capable of manipulating lighting and generating thunderstorms.

He can also change his form's size, having been shown in a mich smaller form hidden in Takemikazuchi's clothes at one point.

Short Bio:

Kiun was named by the god Takemikazuchi at the end of the Age of Myths. Later that same day, many of the older Shinki went out of their way to kill Takemikazuchi, many of them becoming Phantoms in the process. All that was left were 12 Regalia in total after forcing Takemikazuchi to reincarnate, with Kiun included among those 12 despite it being implied he had no part in attacking their god. They became known as the Twelve Elders and one of the elders, named Sekiun, appointed Kiun as Takemikazuchi's lead Regalia-with Sekiun giving both Kiun and their god direction over the course of the next 1,200 years.

Other Info:
I'm taking a few liberties with him.

He's taken between Chapter 81 and Chapter 97 of the manga.

He has a tendency to sleep through having his Vessel name called, much to his god's annoyance.



Name: Atsushi Nakajima

Age: 18

Canon: Bungo Stray Dogs


Beast Beneath the Moonlight: This ability allows him to turn into a large white tiger with incredible strength, speed, durability, and regenerative capabilities. He can also partially transform parts of his body into that of a tiger at will.

He's shown some skill with a gun, and even has some skills in fighting without the use of transforming his limbs all the time.

Short Bio:

After getting kicked out of his abusive orphanage with no job or anywhere to sleep, he happens to meet Dazai Osamu who helps him get into the Armed Detective Agency. Shortly after, he found out that there was a 7 billion yen bounty on his head in the black market, making him the target of the Port Mafia and The Guild, though the Agency ended up forced to work together with the Port Mafia to fight against The Guild after nearly losing about 1/5th of the population of Yokohama, followed by the Guild attempting to drop the flying fortress Moby Dick onto the city sometime after. In an attempt to save the city, Atsushi infiltrated the flying fortress where he ended up fighting the leader of the Guild, Fitzgerald, with Akutagawa of the Port Mafia.

Other Info: Taken between Chapter 39 and Chapter 40 of the manga.
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Cliff Steele, the Robotman

At least 60 years old

View attachment 10961

Nothing very impressive. He's pretty much just a tank. Hits hard and can take hard hits.

Short Bio

The short of it? Once an ordinary human being, a freak car accident left him functionally dead, until he was brought back to life, his brain transplanted into a barely functioning robot body because the guy who resurrected him watched a guide to welding while in the middle of putting it together, so here he is now.

Anyway, that's how he came to be a part of the freaks and geeks known as the Doom Patrol. He's supposed to be a super hero on paper but really he's more like a super zero.

Other Info
Very insecure that he doesn't have a penis anymore.

Oh, and this incarnation of Cliff is specifically from the Doom Patrol show, rather than the comics. In particular, he's taken from after the events of the third season.​
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"Nothing gets between me and my friends!"




Earth Pony Physiology - All ponies have innate magic, even if Unicorns are the only ones who can directly cast it. Earth ponies have a connection to the earth and nature, and are generally physically stronger than most. This is never explored, but Sandbar does evidently have the magic of friendship inside him!

Short Bio:
Here it is!

Other Info:

Sandbar is destined for great things someday. Well - greater than his current achievements.​

"Only a fool treads the path of the demon lightly."

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Unknown, at least a couple centuries.

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Nagoriyuki is a vampiric samurai wielding a long, magical-mechanical blade capable of absorbing the blood of his foes. Much like his mentor, Slayer, Nagoriyuki is supernaturally fast, powerful, durable, and gifted with the ability to drain the blood of his enemies through his mask to rejuvenate himself, but he doesn't often use the full length of his strength due in part to his inability to control his instincts. If he uses his vampiric techniques too often without a drop of blood to sustain them, he runs the chance of entering Blood Rage, in which he becomes exceptionally more powerful at the cost of his mind and body.

Short Bio

A noble ghost of the past that broke free from the control of an insane messiah and aided in the downfall of a newly-born God, only to then vanish from the world, likely in search of a new purpose. He is taken from after the events of Guilty Gear -STRIVE-'s main story.

Other Info
A single serving of onigiri provides energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat, calcium, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, iron, zinc, and fiber. One can add fillings to include additional sources of nutrients to their liking... In addition to energy sources that fuel the brain and body, it also includes nutrients to help maintain them and build muscle. The great thing about onigiri is that they are highly portable and have a long shelf life. One does not need to be concerned about when and where to eat them, and they require no dishware to serve. Consuming one raises one's muscle glycogen levels, essential for a warrior heading to battle. They are also equipped to satisfy an empty stomach. This is because, as the rice cools down, the starch grows resistant, making it harder to absorb into the body. In other words, it's an easy snack to avoid overeating. It's tasty too.​
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Princess Reginn of Niðavellir

Most likely in her young adulthood

Fire Emblem Heroes

-Seiðjárn; The dvergar race's specialty weapons of war, consisting of magic-infused-machinery. The battlesuit mech that Reginn pilots could be allows her to fight and move far more efficiently than wielding a mere sword, functioning both as her weapon and a mount to enhance her speed.
-Gramr; A powerful sword passed down by the Niðavellir family for generations. Only those of the royal bloodline have the ability to wield it and unleash its full power.
-She's got a variety of other abilities and stuff. Yeah

Short Bio
Reginn's history is far more complex than she ever realized until recently. Her family was murdered when she was a mere baby, and she was rescued by a child named Ótr, who she was led to believe was her flesh and blood sibling as she grew older. The two led a difficult life on the streets, struggling to get by. But one day, they were rescued and taken in by a kind man named Fáfnir; the new king of Niðavellir. The siblings loved him dearly, but Reginn became troubled when her adoptive brother began descending into madness, looking coldly upon his kingdom and wishing to conquer others as well. He bade Reginn and Ótr to assist in these efforts, and pitted the former against the kingdom of Askr, where she fought valiantly against the Order of Heroes... and faced crushing defeat. It was then that Reginn couldn't take it anymore, her conflicted emotions about what she was doing prompting her to beg the heroes for assistance in saving her brothers from the strange cruelty that had come to grip their hearts. With the Order's assistance, Reginn discovered the cause of their madness... but it was too late. With the family she'd loved so dearly lost to a mad sage's destructive influence, she was forced to put the kingdom's suffering to an end by stopping Fáfnir and the sage alike.

Other Info
i am so sorry​

Name: Dr. Julian Bashir

Age: Around 30

Canon: Star Trek

Powers/Weapons/Abilities: Powers/Abilities

Short Bio:​
Julian Subatoi Bashir was a 24th century Human Starfleet officer who served as chief medical officer of the Federation space station Deep Space 9.

Other Info: Gay


Name: Elim Garak

Age: Unknown

Canon: Star Trek

Powers/Weapons/Abilities: Cardassian physiology

Short Bio: Elim Garak was a Cardassian tailor and Promenade shopkeeper of Garak's Clothiers who lived on Deep Space 9. He had previously been an agent of the Cardassian intelligence agency, the Obsidian Order but was exiled to Terok Nor.

Other Info: Also gay​
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Appearance: View attachment 10988

Name: Castiel ( Goes by Cas)

Age: 400 Million ( Looks in his 40s)

Canon: Supernatural

Powers/Weapons/Abilities: ( Though Cas has a wide range of power, I will only be using a few- here those are list below)
  1. Super strength and Endurance
  2. Healing ( For physical wounds, but not himself)
  3. telekinesis
  4. Universal Communication ( Hello cute animals)
  5. telekinesis
  6. Psychic ( But in the sense that he can tell if you are lying but at a 50/50 rate. And for some reason, he's usually getting the bad end of the guess)
  7. Pyrokinesis

Short Bio:
Other Info: Castiel is pansexual

( I'll put up my other character whenever I decide who it is)
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Name: Soma Cruz

Age: 19

Canon: Castlevania

+ Power of Dominance - Soma's signature ability which enables him to gain power over the souls of any monster, demon, or similar entity he slays. These souls are categorized into four types: the red Bullet Souls used to deliver magical attacks, the blue Guardian Souls that bestow their power unto him or fight alongside him when channeled, the yellow Enchanted Souls that passively enhance him, the silver Ability Souls that grant him enhanced movement.

Bullet & Guardian souls cost mana, while Yellow & Ability souls do not. Compatible Bullet and Guardian souls may resonate with each other, resulting in some rather impressive synergy. In order for a soul to become subjected to this power, it has to be from one that he had finished off himself.
Bullet Soul
  • Skeleton - Summons a bone for Soma to throw. A simple but cheap attack.
  • Zombie Soldier - Summons a grenade for Soma to throw. Like the Skeleton, the Bat, and the Golem, he already possesses this soul.

Guardian Soul
+ Bat - Summons a bat that flies around and fights alongside Soma. A pretty simplistic Guardian Soul with some potential in its versatility.

Enchanted Soul
+ Golem - Increases Soma's strength significantly. He could probably punch a tree really hard without damaging his finger bones.

Ability Soul
  • Gravekeeper - Allows Soma to jump backward.
  • Skeleton Blaze - Allows Soma to perform a sliding kick without the need to run.
  • Malphas - Allows Soma to double jump.
  • Doppelganger - Give Soma the ability to rapidly switch between a set of weapons and souls.
  • Weapons Mastery - Despite his young age, Soma is highly skilled in weaponry ranging from blades and polearms to heavy weapons and guns. He would start off with a durable short sword and a handgun with seemingly limitless ammo.
  • Critical Attack - By projecting mana into a currently used weapon, Soma can either grant it a special damaging property or unleash its innate magical power in a single attack.

Short Bio:

Other Info:
  • Taken some time after the events of Dawn of Sorrow.
  • Although Soma can wield Magical Seals to seal off enemies, their incompatibility with the world he is transported in renders them unusable.
  • He just wanted to live a normal life someday.

"This world will fear me. It will wear my scars for all eternity. It will ache under the weight of my power. It will shudder under the shadow of my enormity!"






From lore:

  • Is a yordle (magical being).
  • Wields all elements of magic.
  • Can change the weather (such as lightning storms) for intimidating effect.
  • Can call down meteors, dark matter, and other primordial energies from the sky, or conjure it at increased mana cost.


Short Bio:
Veigar - Champions - Universe of League of Legends

An enthusiastic master of dark sorcery, Veigar has embraced powers that few mortals dare approach. As a free-spirited inhabitant of Bandle City, he longed to push beyond the limitations of yordle magic, and turned instead to arcane texts that had been hidden away for thousands of years. Now a stubborn creature with an endless fascination for the mysteries of the universe, Veigar is often underestimated by others—but even though he believes himself truly evil, he possesses an inner morality that leads some to question his deeper motivations.

Other Info:

He is not short.​
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Megaman X (Usually just refereed to as 'X')

Ageless. (Physically about late teens-young adult)

View attachment 11009


Power Copying
- Due to his unlimited potential and containing a variable weapon system, X can copy weapons from other reploids he has defeated infinitely, although he cannot use the weapons limitlessly. There are uhhh no reploids in Teyvat so good luck with that

Superhuman Strength - Being an android made of steel, X is stronger then humans and can do feats that would kill a human such as falling down great heights or being underwater for long periods of time Additionally, although no longer the strongest during the reploid age, X is also stronger then older androids that were discovered at the time.

X Buster - Built into his left arm is a powerful arm cannon that can shoot short bursts of hot energy. Standing and focusing lets him charge up the energy, creating an even more powerful burst.

Upgrades - Additionally, a mysterious scientist had left him with upgrades like body armour that create new abilities and greatly increase strength/agility. For the purposes of this roleplay, he has access to the Ultimate Armour (Which he avoids using due to being warned of apparent risks) and Falcon Armour.

Short Bio:
Long explanation

X was the last creation of Dr Light, and a realisation of the scientist's dream to create a fully sentient android with no limits such as the Three Laws of Robotics. He was sealed away for 30 years to ensure his moral compass was rock solid. It was not until 100 years after his sealing that he was discovered and androids (Known as reploids) were created in his likeness.

Although X is extremely moral and had a strong security system, these reploids were not, and soon some began to commit large-scale crimes across wherever there were reploids. Despite his wishes for peace and pacifist nature, X went from a rather overequiped lab assistant to a full blown Hunter these reploids, now known as 'Mavericks.'

Other Info:
I've sadly acknowledged that Megaman X7 is a thing. This version of X is fighting in the events of X7-X8 and also references details from spin off material such as both Rockman mangas, the OVA, Rockman Remix and anything that isn't the Brazillian Megaman Comic.
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Y'shtola Rhul


30s (Physically appears 23)

Final Fantasy XIV

Short Bio
Wiki History
Y'shtola's history up until Shadowbringers is intact. After her soul spent three years in a world parallel to her own, a multiversal event known as "The Melding" sent her across dimensions. Without her body to anchor her, Y'shtola's soul ended up in limbo, making her easy pickings to be drawn to Teyvat.

Wiki Abilities
Spending years working under the witch, Matoya, Y'shtola gained a wide and diverse knowledge of magic. It's believed she knows many small and minor charms, such as the ability cease her own aging. Y'shtola is trained primarily as a healer and conjurer, though has also become proficient in Black Magic. Due to her training and knowledge, Y'shtola is a powerful sorcerer able to perform many roles on the battlefield.


Thancred Waters



Final Fantasy XIV

Short Bio
Wiki History
Thancred's history up until Shadowbringers is intact. After his soul spent five years in a world parallel to his own, a multiversal event known as "The Melding" sent him across dimensions. Without his body to anchor him, Thancred's soul ended up in limbo, making him easy pickings to be drawn to Teyvat.

Thancred grew up on the streets, gaining skills as a thief and pickpocket in order to survive. He fell in with the Rogues' Guild at some point and trained his skills in stealth and fighting with daggers. Thancred later trained as a Gunbreaker, giving him proficiency with gunblades, a weapon that can conjure physical barriers and healing auras.

An incident in the past caused Thancred to lose his ability to manipulate aether, making him unable to perform any kinds of magic. As gunblades use aether-charged bullets for many of their abilities, Thancred must rely on a limited supply of ammo unless a magic user (like Y'shtola) charges his bullets for him.​

"To keep the sky blue... It's a furtive, flickering wish, but one I'll defend to the end. These wings, these powers... They were entrusted to me after all. Even if I find this new responsibility kind of burdonsome."


(Sandalphon is classified as a primal beast. He has been around for decades, as an ancient creation that only somewhat recently realized his true purpose.)

Granblue Fantasy


- Swordsman; Sandalphon is skilled with his blade, able to keep up with even the likes of other Primarchs (although under normal circumstances, he could not defeat them on his own. Until he inherited the powers of the Supreme Primarch that Lucifer chose to pass down to him). In addition, he is able to generate four additional magical swords around him during battle, increasing his potency in combat.

- Ain Soph Ur; Calling upon his divine strength, he unleashes a rain of divine judgement from the sky, something akin to a series of massive lightning strikes. They deal a large amount of light damage, and causes a ringing noise to permeate the air, emanating from what is known as his 'bells of war'. This seems to increase the damage potential of a subsequent 'charge' attack of this caliber, and can stack once. The ringing goes away after a few moments, but can allow him to deal more damage if he can perform multiple heavy hitting attacks in succession.

- Paradise Lost; Though it does not compare to the strength of Lucifer's version of this, thanks to Sandalphon still learning how to master his new powers as the Supreme Primarch, Sandalphon is able to unleash divine judgement by expending magical energy. Similar to Ain Soph Ur, he calls down a series of light beams from the sky, which then pummel those he targets. However, instead of producing a ringing noise, Paradise Lost heals himself and his allies a little, and temporarily increases their damage potential. This also strengthens his body briefly, allowing him to take more damage, alongside any others that may have once been Supreme Primarchs.

- Sandalphon's Aura; His very presense envigorates allies that are aligned with certain elements, the exact types of elements and number of elements this includes are affected by what portions of his own powers Sandalphon taps into. These elements are as follows: "Light", "Wind" (anemo), "Earth" (geo), "Water" (hydro), and "Fire" (pyro). Those who have affinity to his innate powers will be strengthened, giving them slightly more vitality, and increasing the damage of their attacks.

- Alone in Heaven; Due to his 'lone wolf' tendencies, even being the Supreme Primarch, he is exceptionally tenacious, and perceptive at times. Although he cannot be in such a state without brief intermissions, or lapses in his situational awareness... This can allow him to increase the rate of his strikes against his enemies, increase his ability to protect himself against enemy attacks... And even counter enemy attacks with strikes of his own, dealing up to 5 strikes in retaliation.

- Ecliptica; With enough calculation and the right timing, Sandalphon can unleash a powerfull series of strikes with the magical swords he generates behind him in battle, in addition to his actual weapon. This allows him to deal 5 simultaneous attacks at once, and drain some of his enemy's vitality, allowing him to recover some of his health, scaling with the damage he dealt (to a limit).

- The Power of One; In combat, Sandalphon can bless himself and his allies briefly thanks to being the Supreme Primarch. This increases their damage, and also the potency of critical strikes, akin to Lyria's fire based Blessings.

- Defiance; Sandalphon can shake off negative effects during battle that would otherwise hamper his ability to fight. Though he can only shake off one effect at a time, and is momentarily distracted while doing so, usually because he is blinded by rage, or is intensely focused on beating back negative effects on his mind or body.

- The Promise; Thanks to a promise he made to Lucifer, after he had first inherited the powers of the Supreme Primarch, he is able to cling onto life just a bit longer. Thus, a blow that would normally kill him, or incapacitate him will more often than not leave him on the brink of death... Allowing him one last chance to either save himself, or do what he feels he must.

- Elemental Wings; Though he had initially went on a quest to steal them from the Skydom's four Primarchs (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel), after ascending to his role as the new Supreme Primarch, he was eventually gifted these very wings in a desperate struggle against a foe that stole Lucifer's very body; Lucilius. These wings further bolster his divine strength, allowing him control over the tetra elements (the base four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water) as well as his base powers as the supreme primarch.

Short Bio:

Sandalphon was initially born without a purpose, or so he thought. Having been created as a backup for the then Supreme Primarch, Lucifer, incase he were to die (which was unlikely back then), he was left with no actual role to fill, unlike the other Primarchs. However, Lucifer for many years lead him to believe that he simply had not found his purpose yet, and for a while... Sandalphon was relatively content with this, living with Lucifer, and eventually even sharing coffee with him.

This was, until the day Sandalphon caught wind of the true reason he was created, and rejected it vehemently. This resulted in him being imprisoned in Pandemonium, a prison the Astrals, creators of the primal beasts (and by extension, Lucifer and Sandalphon) fashioned for their creations, once they saw them as nothing more as annoyances, much like Sandalphon was seen as.

The ultimate tipping point was when Sandalphon, and other 'origin beasts' rebelled against the Astrals, resulting in them being sealed away within Pandemonium.

For thousands of years since then, he lay there... Imprisoned, and growing more and more bitter towards the skyrealm, and Lucifer, the one who watched over it. Thus, he began to formulate a plan to exact revenge upon the skyrealm... Making a purpose for himself, as cruel and ruthless as it was. He intended to create a 'perfect' world in the aftermath, but his feelings on how this would be achieved weer a bit unclear to say the least.

And one day... He was given the opportunity to enact them. It was the day Lyria met Gran, and though unknown to her or Vyrn at the time, roused a great Primal Beast from its slumber, causing the sky itself to shake, and creating a small breach within Pandemonium.

However... Despite almost succeeding in his plans, having stolen all but one pair of wings from the primarchs, he was defeated by the Grandcypher crew, but even so... Nearly killed Gran, if it weren't for Lucifer appearing to save him, and resolve the situation with Sandalphon, but sealing him away within a cradle, forcing him to reflect upon his actions for all eternity. Or at least, for as long as Lucifer was still alive.

Some time later, after Lucifer was mysteriously killed, the grandcypher crew, lead by Gran and Lyria entered the cradle where Sandalphon had resided... The latter eventually giving him the resolve to leave the cradle, and at last... Inherit the powers Lucifer once had, in order to stop a beast that threatened to tear apart the sky realm. Ironically, despite the fact he had sworn to destroy the sky realm when he had first been freed from Pandemonium, he played a cruicial role in saving it.

From that day on, he swore to protect the sky realm in place of Lucifer. He promised... That he would keep the sky blue, for whatever it was worth, and fullfill his duty as the Supreme Primarch until the very end.

This ultimately culminated in a battle between him and Lucilius, now having stolen the late Lucifer's body. With some unexpected aid from the Astral researcher's accomplice, and the wings the four primarchs passed onto him, the battle was won, and disaster that was about to consume the skydom was abated once more.

Ever since, Sandalphon had decided to settle down and start his own coffee shop, though... As the current supreme primarch, he would be prepared to face any new threats the skydom would face.

Though the last thing he expected was to be drawn away from his world to ensure the safety and stability of another...

Other Info:
There is some additional backstory/content in Granblue Versus that I am not fully aware of as the lore is a little wonky, and they may still add more story arcs, and Sandalphon himself as a playable character in that fighting game. For the time being, I am going to leave any lore specifically tied to Granblue Versus as up to interpretation until further notice, and focus on what has happened within Granblue Fantasy's lore in of itself.

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