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Illusion Syndrome

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"Town-on-Gorkhon..." Natalya muttered, "I'm not... well... thanks, kid... thanks for the info. I'm not sure if I've ever heard of this place before... I'm... I have no clue where I was heading but... is there any place to stay, little girl?"

The girl was certainly rather cryptic with her speech.​


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"It will do just fine," Yuri smiled at the shopkeeper taking the items he was given. "I will manage with this for awhile."

As their transaction finished another stepped in. "Good morning Damir!" Yuri exclaimed. "I don't imagine you are interested in some fish? Freshly caught, and good for you!"

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"Good morning Yuri." Damir greeted with a smile, before looking thoughtfully at the man's haul of the day. After a moment, he hummed.

"Mm, alright, I could have that for lunch." He chuckled, swayed over by his thoughts on what he could make later in the day to eat.

"Oh! Speaking of food, I was hoping you had some meats and cheeses this morning, maybe some spread too that'd go great with bread?" He perked up, remembering his goal of getting something for breakfast as his gaze landed on the Grocer.

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Dimitri Alexeyv

Dimitri would look over at the woman, standing by the window. " I slept as well as I could in a strange bed that I am not used too," he dryly replied back to her. " Not exactly the most common star to see either, usually they don't twinkle much besides white. "

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