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Interest Check [TABLETOP] [GM-less] [WORLD HOPPING] Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

Discussion in 'Bulletin Board' started by Slime+, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Slime+

    Slime+ Crystalline Words

    Hello all! This is an interest check for a tabletop campaign of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow RPG using the Mithic GM Emulator. But let us approach things in order...

    What is LoGaS?
    Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, or just "LoGaS" for short, is a diceless, tabletop role playing game that sees the players as the titualar Lords and Ladies: beings from all over the multiverse who have found a capital D Door and entered the tumultous Grand Stair, which is a series of Doors and passages of various nature that bridges the layers of the gossamer worlds together, allowing communication between them, at least flr those who know their way around it.
    The infinite multiverse is a tapestry painted and woven by the interplay of the forces of Eidolon (structure and order) and Umbra (chaos and entropy) amidst the endless sea of Void (inexistance). The Lords and Ladies wield awesome powers, and almost no being anchored to a single world can challenge them... but they still havr enemies, especially in each other...

    What is Mythic GME?
    Mythic Game Master Emulator is a way of omitting a proper Game Master role in play and substituting it with interpretation, initiative and a bit of random rolling. Its core is a rollable percentile table which the players can use to determine the outcome of their actions and the next advancement in the story, simple as that.

    A few rules on using it:

    One or two questions max per action per player.
    The players have the right to veto any answer given by a player and decide one among the whole group if not satisfactory.

    That is it, I will open a discord channel for it when a few interested people have shown up. See you on the Stair!
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  2. Drakey

    Drakey A shape-shifting Dragon God

    Hey...I want in
  3. Slime+

    Slime+ Crystalline Words

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