Taking requests [Writing]

Sooo I'm bored and really want to write things, so I will accept writing requests! I can do it for your OCs if you like or use characters in an existing universe, but be warned if it's characters in a existing universe they may be slightly OOC. Here are some of the fandoms I can work with, but feel free to use any. I can tell you if I'm able to do them or not.

PJO/HOO (percy jackson, heroes of olympus)
TMI/TID (mortal insturments, infernal devices)
Avengers (maybe, it's a bit of a stretch)

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[not home]
Hm... I have a buttload of original characters I could fling at you, and would be interested to see what you'd do with 'em. But which one? I could give you a list of my current favourite characters and concepts, if you like, and you can pick a favourite.

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[not home]
Lucius: A Victorian vampire who wears numerous masks of civility to hide his sadistic, feral, dark urges - https://i.imgur.com/gArlgfk.jpg

Maianauen: A 7ft-tall alien raised in a misogynistic, classist world, hurriedly evacuated into space due to war - https://i.imgur.com/2rn9gp8.jpg

Suavey: A streetwise, elven espionage agent, living in a dystopian futuristic fantasy, who is not a bad aim, a bit of a drinker, and rather suave - https://i.imgur.com/cNjnliw.jpg

Volomina: Graddaughter of Lucifer, incest-spawned daughter of the Deadly Sins of Gluttony and Lust. Demons experience problems with incest, too - Volomina was born too friendly and maternal, and is an outcast of the family - https://i.imgur.com/tvs1hVD.jpg

Norrik: A hearty orc who was banished from is clan for desertion in battle - http://bit.ly/2zO0IHO

Dez: A Texan wrath demon who guards Hell's gate from 9am to 6pm every Friday, and has no memories from before he died - http://bit.ly/2y502Me
Really sorry for the late reply, but I think I might be able to get something out of that, although it may be short. Mind if we talk in PMs?