Team 2: C Rank Escort Mission!


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Sunlight filtered lazily through the leaves that shifted in the breeze that caressed them just outside the main gates of the village. Kirina couldn’t help but lean back slightly and stare up at them as she waited for her charge and the two kids. The Hokage assigned them an interesting mission. It was a C rank escort mission. The Heir to a large metal manufacturing company would be traveling from Konohagure to the Land of Tea.

It made her uneasy in a way that one could only call superstitious. Closing her eyes she shook the thought off and attempted to relax. The sounds of people and birds made her hum softly. It was a warm day. Opening her eyes she stared at the man who was approaching her with a vigor she didn’t care for, “You are Uchiha Kirina are you not?”

He was a tall thin man with long black hair far better cared for than her own and eyes she could only call dishonest. The very air he gave off made her tilt her head as she studied him with her blue gaze, “I happen to be and you must be Shuhe Motsuma.”

Shuhe glared at her sharply with his dark amber colored eyes, “I am you were suppose to meet me five minutes ago. Where were you and where are the rest of my guard?”

Stuck up. Oh, dear that won’t do. She thought to herself as she smiled slightly, “They are on time as you and I are early,” She fished into her pocket and pulled out a pocket watch, “It’s currently only 7:25 am and we don’t set out till 7:45 am.”

Tucking her watch away she pulled out a riceball and held it out to him, “You should eat, Motsuma-san. You won’t be able to keep up if you don’t eat breakfast.”

She had already been watching him like a hawk before they ever got to the gates. Hell she even knew he wore a silk robe to bed with little bunnies all over it in a bright shade of pink. He yelled at his aids when they tried to get him to dress less formally than he was now and screamed at them when they suggested he eat before he left. She wasn’t happy to be near him.

His kind gave her sort a bad name and left her feeling like they needed constant watch. She kept her smile in place even as he slapped the riceball from her hand and called it garbage. It remained in place as she turned away from him and towards her students she could feel coming closer, “We’ll leave as soon as we can.”

Coming closer the genin were, indeed. At a faster pace than Kirina might have expected, as both Ori and Ryuu were literally racing towards the gates of Konoha at an alarming speed. Ryuu may be the much faster runner, but the Hyuga was capable of keeping up with the Wind Propulsion Technique. As they lept from rooftop to rooftop, avoiding the crowded streets, the two eventually came into view, with Ori practically flying through the air.

She skidded to a halt in front of Motsuma and Kirina, a dust cloud kicking up and enshrouding them. She gives the two of them an enthusiastic greeting. "We're here, Kirina-Sensei, ready for the mission!" She outstretches her first to Ryuu for a fist bump.


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Ryuu would be following hot on the heels of Ori. He giggles and dashes through the crowd, using his hands/feet to do unnecessary flips over several merchant stands in his way, to the chagrin of the salespersons. Seeing the large crowd that got in his way, Ryuu turns towards a nearby skyscraper, doing a somersault as he moves close to it. During the somersault, he pours chakra into his feet before the connect. The chakra causes the kid to stick to the building effortlessly. Ryuu then runs up the side of building. Moving at a slightly diagonal angle on the building's vertical side, Ryuu sprints at full speed. Despite going diagonal, and therefore upwards, Ryuu outmatches the Hyuga clanswoman with his high natural speed, pulling just ahead of her in the overall footrace. The building was the next-to-last before the gate/wall that surrounds the village.

Ryuu runs up the large, modern building, leaping off of it once he runs out of room to run at the corner of the building. Ryuu lands on the building's slightly smaller neighbor, just a building away from the wall. Ryuu lands onto the concrete roof and rolls into another sprint with one fluid motion. As he sprints, he gathers his chakra in his feet, with the edge of the building rapidly approaching. At the last possible second, he changes the chakra nature of the chakra in his feet to Wind. This causes the boy to explosively launch into the air towards the wall.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" yelled Ryuu as he flies through the air. The skin of his face pressed against his skull, his lips being stretched and opened as his mouth is filled with air, giving him a creepily hilarious look as he flies through the air.

The boy's small frame can be seen high in the air, sailing towards the top of the wall with his high pitched scream. A jonin walks along the wall, reading a book as he walks along the wall. Sensing something approaching, he looks up to see Ryuu just barely sailing over the wall, giving the jonin a thumbs up as he does so. The combination of the strange boy flying over the wall, the scream, the said boy's face, and the thumbs up just utterly confuse the jonin, who cant help but watch as the boy goes flying by.

Ryuu laughs as he goes over the wall. After going over it, he uses some wind chakra to push himself towards the wall, landing with his feet. He uses gravity to slide down, picking up a huge trail of dust as he slides down the wall, surf-board style. the chakra in his feet allow him to slow his descent to managable levels.

A few moments later, he leaps and flips. He flips once, twice, thrice, and continues to do so before landing smoothly next to Ori. He smiles and says "Wow! Great tie Ori! I'll Beat you next time!" he says, knowing full well he could beat her if he stopped being a showoff, before giving her a fistbump back.

He then looks at Kirina with a wide mischievous smile before giving the strange stuckup man a curt, formal bow. "I am Ryuu."
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Zenith looked at the note she had been given earlier by a shinobi shes never seen before. The note directed her towards the gate, telling her to be there at 7:30. And with nearly 30 minutes to kill she casually packed up her weapon before leaving home. Walking casually through the streets she approached her target while reading the description of the person she was supposed to meet. At 7:30 precisely she showed up by the gate, walking towards the person she was supposed to meet with a casual pace.

She gave the note to the woman before introducing herself. "Zenith Iwagachi." The white haired girl looked around at who else was around, quite obviously noticing the one they were to escort... kinda hard to miss such formal attire. then tho other genin however she recognized only Ori. The other one shes never seen before.


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Shuhe had a damn fit over the dirt the kids kicked up. While Kirina couldn't help but tilt her head slightly to the side and stare at the chaos behind the pair. Most of it was due to Ryuu but she figured he needed some encouragement her blue eyes slide to the Hyuga that vibrated with unchecked energy. This was going to be a long mission with these two. And there was one more on the way. Sighing she glanced towards the girl with white hair headed their way.

She took the slip of paper and examined it before glancing at the skinning child before her, "Did you eat breakfast?" She asked ignoring the man currently yelling at her as she addressed Zenith, "It's a pleasure to have you joining us. I'm Kirina Uchiha," She informed her as she reached into a pouch and pulled out a rice ball and held it out to her, "I will be keeping you close to me till I know what you can do."

Kirina's gaze turned to the other two as she reached into her pouch and tossed them riceballs as well, "Eat up so we can get a move on..."

"I shall go get into my carriage then!" Shuhe chime suddenly having a change of attitude. It made her narrow her gaze at his back as he made his way past the gates to the heavily burdened carriage pulled by two fine looking black steeds that stared at the world with gentle eyes. The carriage would slow them down but Kirina said nothing about it.

"Ori, Ryuu," She called them closer. Normally she would have scolded the pair for their reckless behavior but she had little time and too much information to share with them, "This is Zenith. Welcome her and protect her like I have you. This man isn't the type for use to be learning to work together around. Zenith, I want you to stay up front with the driver of the carriage the rest of us will form a perimeter around the carriage. When one of you gets tired you will switch with Zenith. Report anything you see that is unusual to me say nothing to that fool of a man and keep your distance from him."

It was her way of stating she didn't trust him for anything he was worth.

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Ori gave Ryuu a big smile back, giving him a thumbs-up after the fistbump. "I'm getting faster, you're gonna have to try harder next time!" She most certainly knew that her teammate could easily beat her in a race.. if he took it seriously. But she also knew that wouldn't be nearly as fun, and he also knew that.

Given the uptight stick-up-the-ass demeanor that their mission man was, Ori could tell this was going to be an unpleasant one. She gave Ryuu a sideways glance, and shrugged, as though saying "No choice but to go with it." Between her Byakugan and his Chakra Sense, they would be able to see any threat coming from a mile away, so she figured this would be easy regardless. The most difficult part would be putting up with Shuhe Motsuma's attitude and sense of superiority.

When Kirina called them over and introduced Zenith, Ori grinned widely and stuck her hand out in greetings. "Ori Hyuga. Glad to meet you, and have you on the team." The strange instructions from the team leader raised an eyebrow, and Ori tilted her head slightly in confusion, but regardless nodded in acknowledgement. "Yes, Sensei." She looked down at the riceball given to her, again pondering the thought behind this action. Kirina should know full well Ori wouldn't have been able to leave the Hyuga estate without a good breakfast. Her father was rather enthusiastic in that regard. Ori would give her teammates a blank stare, and offer her riceball to either of them, whoever would choose to grab it first. She also muttered to Ryuu, just out of earshot of Kirina. "Something seem odd to you?"


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Ryuu would smile at the grumpy man. "Aw 'come on! Lighten up, sir!" His youthful innocence was on full display, he continues to smile as he looks at Ori "Yeah! We will do our best!" before giving her and the grumpy man a thumbs up. "We got your back, sir! Count on it!"

Ryuu would give Zenith a cold look, his green eyes seeming to study every asset of her being in less than a second. His chakra sense gauges the amount of chakra in her, subconciously attempting to size up her potential strength. The brief moment of the cold analyzing passes. During that second, everyone would feel a tingle in their spine, like the shiver when the air turns cold, before it immediately goes away. The look and chill would be almost unnoticable to anyone but Kirina.

Almost as if nothing happened, the boy smiles at Zenith "Hi! I'm Ryuu!"

After listening to Kiri's instructions, Ryuu looks at Ori "Yeah! Sensei didn't yell at us! Maybe she is warming up to us!" he then chuckles before grabbing Ori's riceball and eating it with ethusiasm.

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Zenith took the rice ball but didn't eat it...she decided to keep it for later. "I made sure to eat plenty." the white haired girl replied to Kirina's question. Looking over to Ryuu first she felt a cold shiver run down her spine...but as soon as it came it disappeared. "Its nice to meet you..." She said with a smile before changing her focus to Ori. "Didn't we meet at the training grounds?" Zenith asked while shaking the extended hand with the same smile she gave Ryuu.

Once hearing Kirina's instructions she wanted to object to just sitting with the driver but then again she did understand the reasons. Kirina had no clue just what she could and couldn't do. So eventually she simply nodded while saying "understood Ma'am." The girl was confused though why did Kirina tell them to keep away from the very person they were supposed to protect.


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Kirina couldn’t help but smile at the three kids as they took the rice balls. Ryuu’s chakra brushed against her own causing her to flare hers slightly in warning that doing such things could cause problems. She kept her smile in place but stared at the boy with a gaze that bled with her dislike of his actions but she understood them all the same. It was hard to trust someone you didn’t know. In times like that it was up to the one that was uncomfortable to lean on those he did trust.

She tapped Ori on the forehead as if to say not to think about the oddity of her commands and merely do as she said. Her job after all was to make sure they all made it back home in one piece. Watching the small group get into place she smiled at Zenith a bit more, “Don’t worry you won’t always be stuck on the wagon,” She murmured, “But I haven’t had a chance to see what you are capable of and I scoff at the Hokage’s decision to have you join us on a mission.

It wasn’t that she didn’t hold the Hokage in high esteem but she did know he was lazy and cut corners when it suited him. This was a cut corner and she was becoming more stressed by the moment. Giving the signal to move out the team and the wagon would make their way past the gates and down the forest path toward the Land of Tea.