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Tell me 5 things about you.


Hello^^ I am miyu. And here is a list of 5 things about me.
1. English is not my native language but I can speak and write it.
2. I absolutely love animals. Specially dogs and cats.
3. In childhood I had a doggo ( yes I named my dog doggo but I was very young then so I couldn't find a better name)
4. I used to rp a lot and I still rp but not that much but I am looking forward to roleplaying a lot here like I used to.
5. I love drawing so I hope I will be a good artist someday.

Will you please tell me a few things about you ?


Dragons are just bigger swallows.
Well, I suppose I could give it a try, too!

1: English is not my native language either. My native language is Dutch. I'm pretty confident in my English despite that, though! (Well, at least when it comes to writing... I find my accent a little embarrassing)
2: My favorite food is pizza! Specifically salami or pepperoni. I love it!
3: I used to draw quite a bit in the past. However, I've been dealing with severe art block and I haven't had the motivation to draw either. Maybe I'll post one of my drawings here one day.
4: I recently joined a club which practices Historical European Martial Arts, H.E.M.A. for short. It may sound fancy, but it basically is sword fighting. Two-handed sword fighting, specifically. I heard that there also are other weapons used, but mainly the two-handed sword! I've also done two other sports in the past, namely karate and soccer. I quit karate because I did not find it as fun as I used to and I quit soccer because I wanted to focus on studying. However I still enjoy soccer a lot!
5: Though it's always been something that I liked, recently I started to really get into Formula 1. I liked to watch it as a child but we did not really watch it as much, but last season I started watching it consistently! I'm excited for the next season to start this march. Some of my favorite drivers are Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Kimi Raikkonen, George Russell, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso.


1. I'm from Scandinavia.
2. I'm a frugal minimalist. I don't purchase things that I don't need to save money and help the environment, but I don't have the typical white and clean minimalism home. Everything I own except my couch is all secondhand and mismatched and the decoration department is full of gifted things (the curse of having a maximalist family).
3. I have OCD regarding bacteria along with hypochondria and emetophobia, which limits how and when I can move around in the world. My best friend calls me a real life Eddie Kaspbrak, which brings me to the next point.
4. I'm a major book nerd. I read mostly thrillers and mysteries but also touch on dystopian (Maze Runner is one of my favorite YA series, however I'm no fan of the movies), fantasy, some romance even. My favorite books are IT, Shutter Island and The Chalk Man (and I expect her new book to become a favorite as well).
5. I have been a massive fan of Doctor who for years and Twelve is my favorite doctor.


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1. I hear about 10x louder than the average person, and often need to wear ear defenders (those headphones you see people wear while working with heavy machinery) just to have a conversation or deal with a train going by a few miles away.
2. I have a personality disorder, but I promise I'm not as scary as that makes me sound.
3. I'm an editor and writer both freelance and for a small literary magazine.
4. I can tickle myself, which is supposed to be impossible.
5. I don't like e-books.


Doing our best
1. I really like things that I don't always understand, like mathematics.
2. People tend to think I'm way younger than I am!
3. The universe is my playground, figuratively for now.
4. I'm way better at reciting the tune of songs than the lyrics.
5. My favorite movies franchises are Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and Transformers.

Vague o3

Duke of the Void
Let's relive this just for the heck of it :D

  • Could not really stick to one craft and actually make it a hobby. Tried drawing, photography, baking, leather crafts, paracord crafts, gardening, paper crafts, foam crafts, and resin and cement crafts. As of right now, I am concentrated on RP [writing].
  • Been thinking of just applying to universities abroad... Maybe after this pandemic is finished
  • Developed something on one of the RPers... No, not the character they are playing... the actual person behind the stories and characters. Fight me! Fudge me!
  • Coffee addict and chocolate addict. The sweeter and stronger the coffee, the more I appreciate it. Sweet black nectar of the gods!
  • Characters created are based from plants. characteristics usually gotten from zodiacs.

Hal Thorn

Emerald Knight
4. I'm way better at reciting the tune of songs than the lyrics.
I know this feel all too well. Half the time I just wind up vocalizing the guitar or drum part.

1. I'm almost always the tallest person in the room at 6' 7"
2. I have two cats named Barry and Hal (Named after the Flash and Green Lantern respectively)
3. I've never been published in a book or magazine but a few years ago some friends and I published a couple boards games that you can find online
4. I love glass art and am a trained lampworker
5. Favorite franchises would have to be LotR, Star Wars, and DC. Marvel is good too, I just prefer to read some of the DC heroes.
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I will do whatever it takes to protect you. ♡
Beep boop!

  • I skipped 3rd grade! (American schooling)
  • I'm a fraternal twin!
  • I write and self publish online (no, I'm not getting paid-)
  • I have two lovely partners!
  • I love, love ice cream.


So 5 facts... hmmm.
I'm 30, Married to my high school sweetheart, Obsessed with cats and penguins, love Chinese food, and am introverted in person but extroverted online!

Wandering Star

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Love the idea of this, and interesting to read all these responses. Here's mine:

1. I study metaphysics in my spare time and a lot of what I learn finds it's way into my writing.
2. I'm a huge Supernatural fan, I've been to a convention.
3. Pumpkins are one of my favorite plants and it's just about pumpkin season so I'm happy.
4. Spending time out in nature is necessary and important to me, I love being outdoors.
5. I'm part of the LGBTQ community.
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Ash is trash

Lemon Boy/ Citrus Friend
1: I'm LGBTQ (biromantic, asexual, transgender)
2: I'm taken by 1 amazing person
3: I'm polyamorous
4: I would be dead if it weren't for cavetown
5: I'm a sanders sides stan


Some ice, some Spice, now just be a little nice.
Well.. gotta start somewhere.. this is just one of some other places I guess, heh.
1. I've been role playing as characters for about 14 years or so.
2. I was a cook for 6 years.
3. I loved Warcraft 3 before it was Reforged (RIP)
4. I love Pho and Boba tea.
5. I think Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal and their remakes were masterpieces.


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  • INFP
  • Aquarius Sun & Cancer Moon
  • Favorite color: Turquoise
  • I have cats, Chickens, & bunnies, & thinking about getting goats someday!
  • I’m growing: pumpkins, tomatoes, & a variety of flowers in my yard, and will be adding to that list soon!


1. Cancer.
2. Been roleplaying for eons now. I imagine at least 13 years.
3. Forever 17.
4. Not married.
5. I stopped playing Pokemon (legally) during Gen V
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1. I'm of Cameroonian descent!
2. I've loved writing since I was, like, in third grade. I won a little contest, and that's prolly what made me feel confident enough to continue.
3. I loooooove bad puns, especially when the people around me hate them.
4. A huge dork compared to all of my friends, I play video games like Dragon Ball Fighterz and Brawlhalla that no one else around me plays :(.
5. I love people! I've been told to be one of the most social people in my school, just because I adore getting to know all kinds of people!
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3. fan of sci fi
4. spends an incredibly inordinate amount of time making a character
5. and I like every genre of music but rap and free form jazz.
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1. Green eyes
2. Absurdly good at recognizing D-list actors making a guest appearance on shows
3. Needs to buy new socks
4. Never had a pet
5. Can't cook, so married someone who can (that wasn't the official reason, but you know...)


The Ghost Neighbor
Now that's an interesting thing! I didn't know the community here does ask such things here! Quite refreshing~

First of le first: Hah, my native language is german. However, I am much better at handling English than my own tongue at home.

Second le sec: This leads to me, as a wannabe-author and roleplayer, writing in English alllllllll the time. Even in chats with my friends

Thiiird aspect: I try to expand my English vocabulary, and therefore I often use roleplays to achieve a better "drawing with words"

Fourth: I am a photographer as a hobby hehe

Fifth and lassst~: I curse like a drunken sailor :3