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Tell me 5 things about you.


My favorite Teen Titans superheroes
Here are 5 facts about me
1. I am a die hard Clemson fan.
2. I am a brony for life.
3. I have been doing stats for over 20 years.
4. I am a great Wheel of Fortune player.
5. I enjoy making friends.

Hecate Arcana

Professional Lurker
Hmm. Might as well

1. When I start to like a character from RP, I usually become a fan of them and might make scenarios with my character and the character I like
2. I love my job. I hate my boss. Been looking for jobs that I can transfer to
3. Characters I usually create has personality first before looking for a pic that match said personality
4. Names of character usually are based on objects/plants/zodiac/myth/nonsense. I once called an underground organization "Fuck you" in my local dialect
5. Asian.


dagger dagger dagger
5 things about me...

1. I have two guinea pigs. Mother and daughter called Phoebe and Tiny.
2. I'm a critter. This is my boyfriend's fault and I blame him for all the money I'm going to spend on merch.
3. I love tea.
4. I live in Sweden, close to the sea.
5. Monk is my favorite class, hands down. It doesn't matter what kind of setting it is.


Guess i will add something here ^^

1. I love to cook, even thought I am a picky eater. Or maybe because I am one, who knows.
2. I plan to make my own video game in the future!
3. I love the night and stars :3
4. I never had a girlfriend ;_;
5. And last but not least, my personality type is Advocate(INFJ-A).


I have a lot and put them in my intetduction and forgot to add one there. but I’ll list just 5 here.
So 1st I love doing a lot of knitting
2nd I love crocheting
3rd I love coloring
4th swimming
5th fishing


Hello! I love this idea, so here are my facts:

1. We have four cats and one dog - hoping to get another small dog eventually
2. My husband and I work in the same field and profession
3. I adore thunderstorms/rain
4. I have to sleep with a "rain sound" app at night, otherwise I don't fall asleep
5. I am just learning how to crochet and loving it


1. I'm cranky on a consistent basis.
2. I consistently talk and rant to myself.
3. I occasionally get invitations to pageants in the mail despite not being a pageant princess.
4. I love puppies and kitties equally.
5. My sense of humor is so broken that you could probably just show me a deep fried picture of some random cartoon character and I'll probably laugh at it.


New Member
I can speak Spanish and English;
I'm was born in Holland but raised in the United States;
I'm more into graphic designing and video games than school or studying!;
My favorite music genre is Alternative Rock;
I can swim for more than 20 minutes without getting fatigued!


Hello :D
1. I am from Germany.
2. I love English! And I want to improve my writing skills with it.
3. I am currently writing a Fanfiction in the Witcher universe. It’s a real challenge for me, but I absolutely love it. It mostly focuses on solving a case and love drama.
4. I am studying conservation and Restauration of paintings… :) Love old things!
5. I never did written roleplay before, just life action roleplay (larp). So let’s see how this will go ;)


1. I'm learning a second language
2. I can play 3 instruments to varying degrees of skill
3. I have a Masters degree but never had a career in the subject I obtained it in
4. I have a poor memory for things I watch. I could watch the same series a year apart and it would be like watching it new again.
5. I love experimenting with recipes and cooking in general


1. I'm a mom to a 6 month old girl! Let's call her Chip on here. She real cute.
2. I rode a horse before I learned to walk
3. I lived in England for 6 months and I WANT TO GO BACK.
4. I teach 1st grade in the U.S. of A. Scary right now, let me tell you.
5. Roleplaying has absolutely made me a better writer


Well-Known Member
1. I live surrounded by beetroot fields and haven't eaten a beet in years.
2. I have two cats.
3. I like walking but don't like riding a bike.
4. I find mathematics to be a mystical, magical art that I cannot grasp, yet it somehow drives the world.
5. Dr. Pepper is my favored drink of choice, and it works great for a sore throat if heated up gently over the stove, poured over a lemon slice, and enjoyed slowly.

Astatine Galaxy

Just some crazy person
Hmm, five things about me? Let's see... Shouldn't be too hard, haha..

1. My favorite Pokemon are Sylveon, Scrafty, Furret, and Alcremie.
2. I make music. I haven't uploaded any so far, but I want to. (When I do, I'll give people my SoundCloud.) I want to make Indie, but rn I'm good at Technopop.
3. I am unhealthily obsessed with Codename: Kids Next Door.
4. My native language is English, but rn I'm currently learning Japanese (Not really good at it yet though, haha).
5. I am absolutely bat insane.