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Tell Me About Your Pets!


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I have two ferret's,A chihuahua, a German Shepard and a Great Pyrenees hybrid puppy along with one very old cat and a rescue kitten that I am fostering for a friend while they move


Dork Knight
Growing up, my family went through numerous goldfish. I swear, they lasted a few days at most. Then, we had some dogs; one was a poodle who had constipation troubles. Another was a sweet dog, but kept running around and nearly bit us; was unfortunately put down. Then, we had this sweet lab pup...took some time to train him. We gave him to a family friend to look after when we moved but he sadly got loose.


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Aww, I love birbs. Family had a hamster for a year and a half, those never tend to last very long:/ Luckily our hamster, Frodo, passed away nicely. Heard a lot about crazy ways in which hamsters have met their ends.
I have two dogs, three indoor cats and one outdoor cat. My own cat, Charlie, is a tuxedo bobtail. I can't believe I've already had him for three years and I love him to bits and pieces.


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I have two cats, both of them rescues. One is an older cat I got about four years ago. She's a brown and grey tabby with arthritis, virtually no teeth, and a great disgruntled look, but she is all about cuddles and likes to lick until you don't have skin any longer. The other is about one and a half years old and likely some sort of Main Coon mix. She's long-haired, grey, and green-eyed. She doesn't like any kind of contact beyond a few neck scratches, but she's always following me around and checking out what I'm doing like a curious puppy.
I personally have no pets, though my fellow housemates have a pretty (but also stubborn) greyish cat. She loves to get into my room at sny opportunity.so that's always a meh typeofgoose chase when it happens. Heh.

Nika at Dawn

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I have a goose named April who won't speak to me (metaphoriclly- shes shunning me after I put her in a cow pen instead of running loose with dogs), two rabbits who aren't super friendly, a dog named Rider, and 3 cats: Onyx, Krystian, and Hamish. Bet you can't guess what color Onyx is.


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I had a dog named Scrappy but he passed away almost 3 months ago due to old age but my neighborhood only has a dog named Grace.