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The Adventures of Revan and Glumisun


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In a world far away, everything is as it should be.

The last place I did this on got locked, so we're here now.
Link to the original thread - https://www.storytellerscircle.com/threads/the-adventures-of-revan-and-glumisun.9096/#post-172622
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Aaaaaand here's links to the original threads. I find they're always a nostalgic read.
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In the boundless void, a hooded man made a silent request.


The Man, however, a weird Man that wore a trench coat and hat, not the aforementioned one, didn't understand.

Y̸o̴u̴ ̵w̵o̷u̴l̶d̴ ̷g̴o̷ ̷b̶a̴c̴k̵ ̷t̸o̵ ̴a̶ ̶w̶o̸r̶l̴d̷ ̴t̸h̶a̶t̸ ̶h̷a̴t̷e̴d̵ ̶y̸o̶u̵?̶ ̵T̵h̵a̷t̷ ̷b̶a̸n̴i̵s̶h̷e̵d̸ ̵y̸o̶u̴?̸

The Hooded man nodded silently.

The world formed, slightly. A dark hallway with towering pillars on either side, and teardrop-shaped windows between them. The Man stood in front of a throne, a strange flowing mural sitting behind, made of segments of video, all memories. The Hooded One remembered them, somehow. And he did want to go back.

T̶h̴a̷t̵'̴s̴ ̸n̴o̸t̶ ̴h̴o̷w̶ ̸t̶h̵i̵s̵ ̵w̵o̷r̸k̷s̷.̷

The Man raised his Cane, stepping so that his shoulders were perpendicular to the Hooded One's chest.

Y̷o̸u̴ ̵c̵a̷n̴'̶t̵ ̸g̸o̷ ̵b̵a̷c̸k̷.̵

The Hooded One didn't care. He'd waited long. Enough.

The Hooded One raised his arms and bladed chains flew out of them, slashing at the Man. They hit him, black ink flowing out of his chest instead of blood. He chuckled. He was otherwise engaged right now, and they both knew he didn't have the energy for this fight. The Man grew sad.

J̴u̷s̷t̷.̴.̴.̵ ̵d̶o̵n̷'̴t̶ ̶s̴a̵y̵ ̵I̷ ̴d̵i̴d̶n̸'̴t̸ ̶w̵a̴r̵n̶ ̴y̵a̶,̸ ̶k̸i̵d̷.̴

The Man's body imploded, teleporting him to somewhere else.

The Hooded One gazed at the Mural, stepping around the throne, memories slowly coming back, and lowering his hood.

Revan reached out to touch the Mural, unsure of what it might do, but there was one thing he did know.

"I'm ready."

̵̘̖͂͂ ̴̳̄̆ ̵͔̌


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Revan sat in his room, his cloak still on.
At this time, he was usually in the skies, drinking in the cool night air and watching the people of the city go on their way, making sure to quickly dispel any crime that may have happened. When he was leader, most of it had disappeared overnight, funnily enough. He guessed he might have done a good job on that front. On others, though... Revan sighed. It seems he had failed.
To jolt him out of his stupor, a knock came at his door. This alone was peculiar, as the entrance to his room was hidden, and even more peculiar because his servants never came this late at night. What was more peculiar, however, was the voice that sounded next.
It was Glumisun.
Revan opened the door, confused, and revealed her, who was looking worried.
"Can... can I come in?"
Revan thought about it for a second, and then opened the door, gesturing for her to come in.
"How did you - " Revan started, but as soon as he saw Huginn on Glumisun's shoulder, he stopped. Of course. Huginn had let her in, or at least shown her the entrance. Many assumed the large raven statue was just decoration, but it in fact had it's wings over the door to his room. So, he changed his question to a different one.
"Why are you here?"
Huginn flew from Glumisun's shoulder and perched on one of the spots on the ceiling, gazing piercingly at the pair.
Glumisun looked around the room, her curiosity appearing to have gotten the best of her nervousness. She peered at his kitchen, at his bedroom, and at the thoroughly dismantled training dummy, rocking from side to side on the mat where that was, feeling the softness of it. Revan just leaned against the wall, enjoying watching her.
When Glumisun realized she was being watched, her nervousness reappeared and she looked at where Revan's eyes would be, appearing apologetic.
"It's okay," Revan said almost immediately, not wanting her to feel sorry. He was nervous, too, but he didn't know why, the regular source of his frustration returning to him. He sighed, keeping his frustration in the back of his mind.
Glumisun's curiosity returned and drifted over to his birds, a question coming up in her mind that she couldn't help blurting out.
"Do they poop?"
Revan laughed for a second, a genuine, laugh of amusement. One he noticed Glumisun's expression and realized that she thought he was laughing at her, he stopped.
"No, you're fine, it's just... nobody's ever asked me that question." Revan thought about it and realized - "I've never really thought about that before. If they do, I've never seen them. I'm not really surprised, though. They can do a lot of things." This was usually about the part where people's eyes started to glaze over, but Glumisun just looked at him with a strange attentiveness, so he continued. "They can read people's minds, see if they're lying, they can bend distance as they travel, they can cast spells, they are immune to all spellcasting, they never eat, they never sleep, and they never seem to eat food. " Glumisun was still listening, so he provided her with another tidbit of information. "I believe they can also see the future."
Glumisun was surprised at this, and inquired, "How?"
Revan shrugged. "Many people have theories, of course. Some think it's just a particular brand of oricular magic, some people think it's a mathematical equation they perform in their heads to find out. I don't know."
Revan sighed again, coming to the question he had asked earlier.
"Skulblaka'hjarta... Why are you here?" Revan inquired, a little more than curious. He didn't understand.
It was Glumisun's turn to sigh now. "I... I didn't see you in the skies tonight, like I normally do, from my balcony, and I... I wanted to make sure you were okay."
"I'm okay."
"You're not."
Revan sighed and slid his body down the wall, his exhaustion and the heaviness of his soul finally showing. As Glumisun came over to sit next to him, He sighed. "You're right. I'm not." Revan looked over and Glumisun's attentiveness pulled answers from him again. "That storm took a lot out of me. I didn't know my powers could be that taxing. But that's not just it. I -" Revan started, then faltered. Glumisun picked up for him.
"You feel like a failure."
Revan nodded. "I'm - I'm supposed to protect these people, Skullblaka'hjarta. Instead I just put them in more danger. I could have hurt people."
Glumisun sighed. "Well, on a certain level you're right."
Revan frowned, not that she could see. "That's not helping."
Glumisun punched him on the arm playfully. "There was a 'but' coming."
"Oh. Okay. continue."
Glumisun rolled her eyes. "...but we all make mistakes, Revan. I magically injured a few people, well, more than a few, when I first played Chaos' Song. Kasdeya, well..." Glumisun trailed off, not wanting to reveal anything about her friend.
"And Avaddon's perfect." Revan said, part-jokingly.
Glumisun laughed, and nodded. "Yes, and Avaddon's perfect."
They sat like that for a minute, just enjoying each other's company, before Glumisn continued. "My point is, Revan, we all make mistakes. We all fail. But that doesn't - make - you - a - failure," she said, poking him in the chest with each word. "It doesn't make you any less of a leader, okay?" Revan nodded to show that he understood.
"But they can kick me out for it," Revan lamented, looking down at the floor.
Gluminsun nodded, leaning her head back against the wall. "Yeah, they can. And they probably will." She turned to Revan. "But you're not allowed to give up, you understand me?" She said, poking him again before standing up.
Revan laughed. "Yes, I get it."
Glumisun made her excuses and made to leave. Before she did, though, Revan stopped her.
"...thank you."
Glumisun smiled.
"You're welcome, Revan."
And she left.
God, this girl was going to drive him crazy.


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Revan sat on top of a building, the cool night air feeling like it was drifting through him slowly, and the hardness of the building below and the shroud of his wings surrounding him, he enjoyed himself. He felt on top of the world, and his image was of death. He felt powerful.
He watched the ruins of the four leader statues in the Neutral zone, people milling about and occasionally glancing sadly at the rubble, that had once been the pride of their race. It was sad to him, the human's need for destruction.
Huginn perched on Revan's shoulder, the other bird, Muninn, having been sent on a... special mission.
Revan's wings rose, making a slight rustling noise, Huginn taking off a moment after, his wings launching him almost vertically back into the night sky. Onlookers watched in awe as the power of his wings launched him to another rooftop, where he alit softly, despite the power of his launch.
He scanned the place below him, watching as people went about their business, taking interest in what other people were doing.
While he was doing this, however, he heard a voice. He'd recognize it anywhere. It was Glumisun's voice.
He scanned the streets, eventually finding her with a strange man, both of them acting drunk. She was out on the town? Now? He'd thought... Never mind. He would go over and see what was going on.
Revan landed gracefully between the pair, pushing the other man away.
"Skulblaka'hjarta. I thought you were having your... problem."
Glumisun was acting like she was drunk, but there was no drink in her hand. All of a sudden, he realized. She was having her problem.
Revan frowned. "You're supposed to be at home, Skulblaka'hjarta." The other man advanced again, but Revan lifted up his sleeve and stopped him with a hand, plus the hanging threat of the sharp edge of one of his chains peeking through. The man wandered off, then, the threat apparently outweighing his desires. He didn't blame him, though, as anyone without filters in his mask, like he had, probably would've done the same thing.
Glumisun spoke then, leaning in like she wanted to tell him a secret. He didn't also lean in.
"...I escaped," She said, seemingly happy about it, proud that she had done it. Revan kept frowning, not that anyone could see.
"Yew's probably looking for you," Revan said, trying to convince her. "He's probably worried."
Glumisun seemed unimpressed. Would it really take more than that?
"So? Yew is a worried old man. I've only been gone for a few minutes. Besides, what're you going to do about it? Are you gonna pick me up and carry me over there?" Glumisun challenged, smiling.
Revan thought about it for a moment, then grabbed her hips, his wings stretching straight up.
Revan launched them into the air, the two spiraling up in the sky, Glumisun looking down, surprised, as they slowed down, the cool air tickling his feathers as they ascended, slower now.
"Well," Glumisun said, surprised, "This is very romantic, Revan, so why don't we - eeep!" Glumisun squealed as he let go of her hips and picked her up so he could carry her better, his arms supporting her back and the space behind her knees. He just let them fall like that for a while, until they reached a good altitude for him to launch towards serpent's kiss and her house. He glanced down and saw Yew looking up, gazing at his carrying her.
"Well, this is even more romantic, Revan. because I'm in the perfect position to - " Glumisun leaned in for a kiss, but her lips hit the meal of his mask, and she pulled away, surprised.
They arrived at Glumisun's balcony, Revan spreading his wings and creating drag so that he could reach his legs forward and land softly on the railing, partly for Glumisun's sake, and partly for her balcony's.
He set Glumisun down, who immediately turned to face him.
"Revan, I know you want this. Why don't you - "
"I do want this, I'm not going to lie to you, but..." Revan faltered for a second, and then just decided to speak his mind." I want it to be real. I don't want to be another toy."
Glumisun stared at him for a minute, probably trying to think of a way to continue, but the moment was broken by Yew opening the door behind her. Glumisun didn't notice and continued badgering him.
Revan looked at Yew, a mixture of confusion, relief and - was that respect? - shining in his eyes.
"Get some rest, Skulblaka'hjarta."
Revan leaned back from where he was crouched, on the balcony's railing, wings shrouded around his cloaked form, straightening out as he fell, cloak flapping about him, his arms to the side. He saw Glumisun look over the balcony, seemingly worried, Revan stealing one more glance, before his wings give a powerful flap, flying fast over the cobblestones, another flap of his wings would send him, folding his wings over his chest spiraling over a house that was in his way and up into the sky, wondering of the consequences of his actions.


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“C’mon, we’ve gotta go.”
Destrier walked with a few of his human compatriots, Jonathan included, trying not to run towards the extraction point. It had been a few days since the explosions, and since then they had been trying to lay low until the Demons stopped scurrying around. Eventually they ended up waiting in an alleyway, waiting for the signal to extract. They all could feel a nervousness. They were deep in enemy territory. And the fact that their getaway was late was making him worried.
A Raven cawed, catching his attention. The Raven looked normal, but instead of normal eyes it had clear, milk-white ones. Almost like it was blind, but those empty eyes stayed trained on him, a strange piercing gaze that he did not like. Not one bit.
“Boss?” Shinji, one of their operatives, who should be waiting in another location, said over an earpiece that had been switched on a moment before. “Boss, we’ve got a problem.”
“What kind of problem?” Destrier badgered immediately, turning his head to the side as the others looked at him worriedly.
“Well, it’s uh - It’s about the extraction.”
“What about it?”
As soon as Destrier asked that question, an explosion pierced the night, a splash of water and a caw from the raven beside him.
“Well, it’s, uh, just that… we don’t have one.”
Destrier turned his head towards the Raven, who was now… laughing. It was laughing.
“And, well, besides that, we, uh - have another problem,” Shinji’s voice came over the earpiece with his own running footsteps and a swish of feathers. “You’re - we’re - “ The communication went silent for a minute, a bit static - like it was damaged. Then, an altogether different voice came over the earpiece. A voice deep and electronically modulated, a rebreather sounding. The voice was dead serious.
You’re being hunted.
Then, the earpiece exploded into static and went silent.
The other people that were with Destrier looked at him, on the verge of panic. The voice in the earpiece had been loud, and all of them had heard it.
“What are you waiting for?” Destrier shouted. “RUN!”
The small group of humans ran, along the streets to Shinji’s hideout. That might be a place where they could be safe - Until they regrouped, that is, and found a way to get the hell out of here.
They ran, demons casting looks at them. They didn’t know what exactly was happening, but they probably found it weird. The black raven, the one with those horrible eyes, following, still laughing.
Is it revenge he’s seeking
Or seeking someone to avenge him?
Stuck in a paradox
You cannot break free

“SHUT UP!” One of his companions yelled, firing a bullet at the bird from where he ran. The bird dodged, tucking in it’s wings and rolling out of the way, continuing momentum, some feathers being dislodged, but the bird just screeched Vindr! And the feathers came pelting at Destrier. They didn’t hurt, but they annoyed him, and that was probably the goal.
The Angel of your Death is coming
And keeps on getting closer
And the Shadow in his soul
Keeps getting bolder

Destrier just growled and ran faster. They couldn’t keep this up for long, no matter how fit they were. The adrenaline pumping through their veins would keep them going, for sure, but they would be losing people soon.
It’s been so long
Since I’ve seen you humans run
Forgot I enjoyed it
The fear of a puppet

Destrier’s eyes caught a shadow on the floor. At first he thought it was the raven, because of the wings, but it genuinely looked like the angel of death. A demon. Whoever was hunting them was here.
They reached the location of the hideout, finally, but before they could open the door a hooded figure, dripping in darkness, landed behind them, his wings spread out to block them from the alleyway where it was, the door locking from the inside as the raven spoke another word.
You know, I wouldn’t have killed you if you hadn’t done this,” The hooded figure said, what Destrier recognized as Revan, former leader of Ravinca. He had actually been kicked out that morning. His fear only heightened. There was no way they could take down the clan leader, not in their condition. His lungs felt like they were going to burst.
...But you -” Revan said, approaching them. They felt his anger, god, they could FEEL it, dripping off of his mouth as he spoke, in every movement of his body, they could feel it. No wonder this guy had made a mini-hurricane. He almost believed that there was one now, just invisible. The purity of his anger was just… indescribable. He was at a loss for words.
You destroyed my home,” The leader said, just standing there. “You killed my family.” The Clan leader of Ravinca looked at them menacingly. “There will be no forgiveness.
Destrier lead them, pulling out his gun and firing a few shots off, the others, now in front of him, doing the same, but the leader just advanced slowly, spinning the chains that had burst out in circular motions, blocking bullets as he slowly advanced on them.
A scream signaled the first of his companions down, being sliced in half across the stomach, blood splattering the wall.
Destrier just kept shooting.
Another scream.
Another didn’t get the chance. The only noise was the leader’s deep growl.
And then it was only Destrier and the Leader, Revan standing in the middle of a gore-splattered alleyway, his chains slowly coming back into his sleeves while Destrier frantically reloaded his pistol. Why wasn’t Revan attacking? Destrier didn’t care. If Reavn wanted him to shoot him, then he would happily oblige.
Because of my station, and my abilities, people expect me to be able to slaughter entire legions of humans - and I did. I have. My question is…” Revan said, as Destrier finished reloading, quickly aimed the gun at Revan’s chest, and fired, “What makes you think you are any different?
Revan had stepped to the side at the last moment, but the bullet had still grazed his shoulder. What Revan had done, however, was far worse - his chains had slashed open a tiny wound on Destrier’s chest. He immediately began to feel dizzy.
“The… hell?” He said, confused.
I have just injected you with a poison of my own design,” Revan said as Destrier slumped down on the floor. “Unless I give you the antidote, you will die in thirty seconds. Now, tell me…” Revan said, using the same chain to slash his gun in half before it slithered back into his sleeve, “Why did you do it?
Destrier sighed and leaned his head against the wall, breathing heavily. “You -” Destrier said, spitting on the floor, “You broke a promise. We’re here for revenge...”
Revan frowned and turned away, spreading his wings.
“Wait! Aren’t you gonna - aren’t you gonna give me that antidote?” Destrier said, feeling betrayed.
Revan turned his head. “All it’ll do is put you into a deep sleep,” Revan said. He didn’t actually ever carry deadly poisons. “But you will tell Avaddon everything you know, do you understand me?” Revan said, Muninn flying in from the corner of his vision to rest on his arm.
Destrier nodded. He understood this was mercy.
He then fell asleep.
Revan started to take off, then reconsidered and took something from inside of his cloak. He threw the detonator, the one Shinji had been carrying, right beside Destrier’s limp form before taking off and perching on the side of the alleyway, right before Avaddon got there, and looked around at the sight of the Human’s slaughter. He then looked up and saw Revan, looking like the embodiment of death, before he took off.


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Revan sat alone in his room, on the matted floor, cloak still on, again, trying to bandage his wound. The bullet had only grazed him, but still, it hurt, and it getting infected was more trouble than it was worth. He had wounds on his shoulder before, and was grateful for it not hitting his shoulder directly, but still… it kinda hurt.
Next, he heard a knock on the door and a voice that was familiar.
It was Glumisun again, and she had probably heard what he had done with the Humans.
Come in,” Revan said, prepared for a reprimanding from the other Leader.
But as soon as the other leader entered, she looked at Reven, bleeding, not too much, but still, and rushed over, shocked, dropping Chaos’ Song as soon as she got to him.
She rushed over to him and inspected the wound, rolling up the cloak’s sleeve past his shoulder. She didn’t even notice that nobody had done that before - and that she had revealed his bare arm.
Glumisun inspected the wound, before quickly helping him bandage it further.
It’s not too bad -” Revan tried to say, goosebumps running up his arm that had nothing to do with the cold of his room.
“It’s a gunshot wound, Revan,” Glumisun said, cutting him off. She bandaged it, before looking at where his eyes could’ve been, and then grabbing a cushion from the side of the mat and smacking him with it - multiple times.
“Diyablo, you - are - not - immortal - Revan!” She said, smacking him once more for good measure.
Okay, okay!” Revan said, smiling. “Duly noted.
Glumisun could hear the amusement in his voice, so she growled and turned away, before cautiously looking back and frowning.
“Is something wrong?” Revan asked.
“I know what you did with the Humans tonight, Revan,” Glumisun said, scrunching up her form a little more, cautiously. “Avaddon called me to make a magical recreation of it. We saw what you did. Revan I could, God-” She faltered, probably thinking about it. “I could feel his fear, Revan. It was so strong… I could feel your anger.”
Glumisun looked back up at him, suddenly noticing how close they were, and that Revan’s arm was uncovered by his cloak, like it normally would’ve been. She saw the scars on his arms, and saw the new one that he had been stubborn about just a few days ago. She opened her mouth to talk, but Revan spoke before she could, wanting to explain.
I… wanted to show everybody that that would not be tolerated. That… there were consequences. That the Humans’ challenge would not go unanswered.” Revan looked at the floor. “I wanted that to be my last act of protection for my territory.
Glumisun looked at his queerly. “Why are you talking like that?”
Revan sighed. “I… I’m leaving.
Glumisun was surprised by this, and started, “Wh-”
Revan plowed on, trying to explain Glumisun’s half - asked question. “There’s nothing for me here. Once I get kicked out - don’t tell me otherwise, we both know they will, and I…” Revan trailed off, it seemed, for good this time, so Glumisun, not mad, just shocked, said,
“Where- Where will you go?”
Revan sighed. “I think I'll go to Sundavrblaka’baen. I think, maybe… If I see where I came from, then maybe… I can see where I’m going?” Revan shrugged. “I don’t know.
Glumisun looked at the floor, too, and said, mostly to herself, “But then we have so little time…”
Revan looked at her queerly, and smiled under his mask. “You could come with me,” he said, cautiously.
Glumisun considered this, then changed the topic. Revan could tell that it had been bothering her.
“That’s not your real voice, is it?” Glumisun said, her curiosity shining through her awkwardness.
Revan sighed again. “No… no, it’s not. It’s my mask.
Glumisun sighed. “I - I remember last night.”
Revan nodded, Glumisun continuing. “I.. actually came here to thank you. “
Revan cocked his head. “For what?
Glumisun looked at the floor again. “For not taking… advantage… of me - last night.”
Revan nodded. “No problem. You weren’t yourself.
Glumisun’s hands started up, went back down again, and then came back up again, curious, and slowly and cautiously reached inside his hood and felt his mask, grabbing the edges and tugging, Revan reaching behind his jaw to disengage the air pressure, his finger grazing hers, and Glumisun took off his mask, looked at it, and set it on the floor, reaching up and pulling his hood down.
Revan smiled, never really have been in this situation before, and looked into Glumisun’s eyes, which were locked into his own. He looked away, turning his head for a moment, then looked back at Glumisun.
“Let’s start again,” Revan said, his voice was still recognizable, but significantly less deep. This was the real him, not some cloak-wearing person that was secretly too insecure to show his face.
“Hi,” Revan said, looking Glumisun straight in the eyes. “I’m Revan.”
Glumisun smiled at him for a little while, not saying anything, before she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, suddenly on top of him.
Once she pulled away, Revan, despite smiling, was apprehensive. “Sundavrblaka’baen. You remember what I said.”
Glumisun nodded. “You said you wanted it to be real. This -” Glumisun grasped his hand, and held it up so they both could see. “This is real.”
Now, dear reader, I was actually planning on continuing with this scene a bit, but… whatever. There are some things you don’t get to see - and that makes them all the more special.


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Glumisun had woken up the next morning, the top half of her body completely covered by one of Revan’s wings, staring up at a canopy of dark feathers. She had closed her eyes and smiled at the thought of last night, looked at Revan’s sleeping form, then wiggled out of the wing’s roof and got up, stretching.
Last night had been… Glumisun trailed off in her mind as she thought about the previous night. Of course, she had done that before, but she had never felt the way she did. It was - it was like Revan said. It was real.
So now she stood with the cup of coffee that had miraculously been set on the kitchen counter - she suspected that Revan’s servants knew more than they let on - clothed only by the shirt that she was wearing - one that hung past her hips, and the smile that graced her face, just watching Revan sleep.
It amazed her - the way that his eyes had the power to send a lightning bolt through hers and straight down to the ground, leaving electric tingles all the way down. The same feeling she had when she kissed him.
It amused her, too - the vulnerability of his position right now. The Revan she had known yesterday - the immortal, godlike Revan, was just a facade. An illusion. She had always known it was, somewhere deep inside, but she knew more now. This wasn’t just the tantalizing cracks in the mask, or when you could only see their eyes, this was a full rip it off and stare into the sun moment. She was the only one he felt comfortable enough to share it with, and that made her feel special.
She smiled at this restless warrior, in such a vulnerable position. Glumisun grinned mischievously and pointed a finger gun at him, pretending to shoot him. Bang! She shot an imaginary bullet at him and smiled, satisfied that her prey would’ve died.
Revan’s eyes flew open.
“...you done?” He said, smiling.
“Uh… yes?” Glumisun said. How long had he been awake?
Revan chuckled, then rose from the bed, smiling and putting his wings away. Glumisun wondered, and then asked - without really thinking, “How does that work? They… come off?”
“What, my wings?”
“ - yeah.”
Revan pointed to his back, his wings bursting out again with a shimmer on his shoulder blades.
“Do your arms come off?” he said, looking at her, and then putting the wings back again, standing up. “No, it’s just a natural glamour mixed with a pocket dimension, or was it pocket reality…? I don’t know,” Revan said, filling her in.
Glumisun moved from where she was leaning on the wall and felt his back, running her fingers over where his wing joints were, feeling bone sockets where his shoulder blades were, and the sparse feathers that were there, too.
“Pocket reality or pocket dimension? They’re different things,” Glumisun said, removing her hands when Revan shivered.
Revan shrugged. “They both do the same thing, right?”
Glumisun sighed. “I guess…”
They stood in silence for a while before Revan went to go make breakfast. Glumisun leaned against the wall again, afraid to mention the glaring fact waiting for them this evening.
“The... trial’s today,” Glumisun sighed, cautiously.
Revan stopped, rested his hands on the counter, and sighed. “... I know.”
Glumisun walked over and put her hand over his, knowing he was feeling anxious. She rested her head on his shoulder.
“It’s going to be alright,” Glumisun said, wanting to comfort him.
“I know, it’s just -” Revan sighed, trying to collect his thoughts. “It’s a big change. I’m so used to being in charge of everybody, being responsible for everyone, I just… it’s weird to not be.” He looked at her and smiled. “It’s… strangely freeing.”
They stood like that for a while, just enjoying each other’s company, before Glumisun said she had to leave to get ready for the trial. Revan nodded, but before she left, Revan spoke up.
“I, uh, have something for you,” Revan said, before moving out of her sight and returning with the Black Rose. He returned to Glumisun, who slipped something into her pocket before looking at it. Her eyes lit up.
She knew the story. Her father had actually told her, on one of the days that he had spent with her when he didn’t have anything he needed to do.
Glumisun smiled and accepted it, smelling it’s sickly sweet aroma before giving Revan one more peck on the lips before leaving.

Revan turned up at the Trial already kind of knowing what was going to happen.
The other leaders, and their seconds, started to come in after him. People regularly joked that the leaders were only good for arguing and it was the seconds who did all the work, which was more true than he wanted to give them credit for, but he did do a lot of things to make sure his territory was always safe, and always just.
Ironic that he would be the person to most endanger it.
But, anyway, Kasdeya filed in, followed by her second, Functner, the one who had aimed a gun at him. He should be on trial next, he thought. Next, Avaddon made his dramatic entrance with his second, probably hoping that the other leaders had already come, as he was fashionably late.
But Glumisun hadn’t arrived yet, and Revan had a suspicion that it was something to do with the mysterious and mischievous smile that had graced her face while she left his room with the Black Rose.
When Glumisun finally made her entrance, followed by Nelvyvia and a very disgruntled-looking Yew, the other leaders had queer looks in their eyes, and it wasn’t very hard to see why. Revan smiled and almost laughed at the looks on their faces, smiling at the shrewdness of her move.
Glumisun was wearing the Black Rose, braided into her hair. And - if that hadn’t been provocative or statement - inducing enough, one of his feathers, his feather, which Revan assumed she got from his room, was braided into her hair on the other side. They all knew, or at least, most of them, knew the story of the Black Rose concerning the Ravinca clan, and the feather she wore proudly, which was definitely too big to be from a regular raven, or Huginn or Muninn, sealed the statement.
In short, Revan hadn’t expected this.
Glumisun looked at him first, looked at him first, didn’t greet all of the other leaders first, but looked at him and gave him that mischievous smile again. She knew what she had done. This was definitely on purpose.
“Well,” Avaddon said, coughing into his fist. “It seems we are all … here.”
Avaddon glanced back again at Glumisun, and then at Kasdeya, who was grinning, but still keeping her poise, and then starting with the trial. “Revan, we have called you here today because you are charged with…”

After the trial, Glumisun met up with Revan outside of the coliseum, who she could tell was grinning, despite the fact that he was no longer the leader. Maybe the week’s notice had helped? Anyway, she could tell he was smiling.
“How did I look?” she asked casually, smiling at him.
He laughed. “Very pretty,” he said, his posture conveying definite amusement. “That stunt… I don’t think anyone is going to underestimate you anytime soon.
“Good,” Glumisun said, satisfaction playing out across her face. Kasdeya exited the Coliseum, barely holding in a laugh. Glumisun held her satisfied poise for a second longer before it came crumbling down. She just couldn’t hold it.
“God, Revan, did you see their faces?” She squealed, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Revan laughed, and nodded.
Yes, I did. That was very clever of you,” Revan said, more than happy to let her have her fun reminiscing about this.
Avaddon stalked past, stealing a glance at them. He had been uncomfortable and was trying to compensate, but Glumisun just waved at him happily, like she always did, prompting another laugh from Revan.
They stood there, Glumisun looking up at Revan at the sun slowly lowered itself toward the horizon. Revan would be leaving soon, and Glumisun had almost made up her mind - she knew what she was going to do. She had told herself that there was no way that she could leave everything she knew, including her position as leader, behind for the promise of adventure, but she knew she could.
She was inexorably, inevitably, wholly and unconditionally in love with Revan of Ravinca.
So, they met up again later, when the sun was already dipping towards the horizon, when she had packed the few things she wanted to take with her, and Revan held out his hand.
You ready?
Glumisun sighed pushing air through her teeth, looking back at everything, and then looking at the misty barrier, preparing herself.
She looked back at Revan, who had taken off his hood, baring his green eyes, with that little splash of gold in there that captivated her so much, and she nodded, taking his hand.
“I’m ready.”

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The rails clanked as the train moved along the tracks of the above-ground train system that the humans had built, bringing the pair, Revan and Glumisun, closer to their destination. Revan could've flown them, of course, but not as quick and not as far. This was, albiet a very risky mode of transportation, but the best and the fastest, as they would have had to stop several times on the way. Revan had talked it over with Glumisun and they both had agreed that the risk was worth it.
Right now Revan was sitting contentedly on a bench, with Glumisun leaning on him, asleep. He had his hood up, and his mask on, because air breathed by humans was toxic to him without it, and had gotten more than a few curious glances by the other occupants of the car. This amused him because in the Haven they would not have gotten any. Demons tended to keep to themselves more often than not, and Revan found it queer that so many were so curious about them. They looked strange, for sure, but not that strange, in his opinion, and they certainly didn't warrant the glances that the humans cast their way.
The train ride was silent for almost the entirety of the ride, and Revan was just about to thank whatever gods there were for good fortune, but about halfway there was a group of four, dressed for combat, that arrived in their car. Revan kept track of them in his peripheral, the strangers moving steadily closer to them as they questioned people.
In short, this was bad.
He nudged Glumisun awake, and she looked at him, obviously wondering what was wrong. Revan tilted his head toward the strangers, and when Glumisun saw them she snapped up, grabbing Revan's hand and squeezing it.
As the strangers got closer, Revan stole glances to get more information. One of the strangers was carrying an oddly shaped peice of luggage that Revan recognized to be his chestpeice and chains, which he had put in the back as cargo, which seemed to be the smartest option at the time. Another of the strangers looked disfigured and was muttering to himself the same phrases over and over again. Revan almost shivered as a cold feeling came over him, and almost growled.
Humans using magic felt unnatural. Magic used to be the demons' realm exclusively, until humans learned if they took parts of demons and replaced them with their own, that they could use the magic inherent within. It was an abomination and no self-respecting demon would stand for it.
Revan realized he was clenching the hand that had Glumisun's in it and released the pressure, much to her relief.
The strangers grew closer.
It made sense that the humans were taking awhile to locate him using magic. Human's magic was nowhere near as precise as the natural inheritors of the power.
But eventually the strangers approached them, Revan in a black cloak, and Glumisun's pale skin sticking out hugely. Revan's shroud of darkness wasn't activated, but they still looked suspicious.
"Follow my lead," Revan whispered urgently as the strangers faced them, determined looks on their faces.
The leader, one with a jet-black demonic arm, took the chestpiece from one of his comrades, uncovered it, and dropped it with a clang in front of them.
"We know who you are," the leader said, crossing his mix-matched arms in front of him whilst his three comrades grasped what he was sure were guns.
"We aren't bothering you," Revan said, trying to be reasonable. "Just leave us alone."
The leader scoffed as if this was a preposterous idea.
"Surrender. It's four on two."
Revan smiled under his mask, and the leader could see it in his exposed eyes. Dark, black mist began to leak out of Revan's cloak, alarming the strangers and the others in the car, who were already leaving.
Two more strangers arrived through the car doors on either side.
"Six on two," the leader admonished as they covered the exits.
Revan smiled, flipping on his voice modulator.
"I like those odds."
Glumisun slipped chaos' song out of a bag she kept it in, and the others' eyes widened as they realized who she was, too. Revan, taking advantage of the confusion, tried to reason with them again.
"Look at me. Guns won't stop us. Your... " Revan acted as if he was trying to find words, when in fact he had already found them. "... abominatory attempts at magic won't stop us. We do not wish to hurt you, but we are leaving," Revan admonished, as the black mist swirled around him and Glumisun, who was preparing to help out with chaos' song.
The strangers glanced quickly at each other, and then back at Revan with evermore determined faces.
Revan sighed. It seemed that nothing would sway these humans. He glanced at Glumisun and tried to communicate the plan. It seemed she understood.
"Fine," Revan sighed as he grabbed his chestpeice, his wings springing to life and his legs propelling him out of the window behind him, the strangers firing at him, missing, of course, allowing Glumisun to dash over to the opposite window, playing an elegant melody and chanting a quick spell that when she turned around, breaking the window behind her, a blast of pure force shot from the instrument, the sound suddenly deepening and amplifying to shove the four humans out of the window that Revan had broken, the few shots that were headed for her either disintegrating entirely or being shoved out the window harmlessly with the humans.
Glumisun experienced a few moments of terrifying free-fall before landing on Revan's back, who had quickly donned his chestpeice and was currently flying away, toward the mountains that were now vaguely in view.
A few moments later, Revan noticed that Glumisun had blacked out, probably from the effort of the spell she had just performed. Amplifying and deepening sound waves was no easy feat, even for someone as powerful as her. Plus, Revan suspected she had come up with that on the fly, and hadn't had time to make it more energy-efficient.
And so Revan and Glumisun flew into the sunset, Revan grabbing Chaos' song so it wouldn't fall.


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Glumisun woke up the next morning, having a slight headache.
She was in a plain that seemed to stretch infinitely on in all directions, only seeming to end at the mountains that were silhouetted in mist at the end of her vision.
She seemed to be in a small camp, the fire doused and smoldering in front of her. Revan was sitting opposite her.
"You're awake," Revan observed astutely.
Glumisun looked around, confused. "Where are we?"
Revan looked around. "We're on the final stretch of the journey. If we keep going, we should get there by tonight."
Glumisun nodded, but Revan hadn't answered her question. "But..."
Revan chuckled. "We're on something the Humans call the Endless Plains right next to the Door of Orpheus, sandwiched between the mountain range that houses Sundavrblaka'baen. It's called Du Fells Welden, or the Guarding mountains."
Glumisun frowned as she recognized some of the names. Geography had been a dwindling subject in the Haven, as many demons became comfortable there and felt no need to learn about the outside world, as they thought that they would never see it. With her as one of the main exceptions, demons never really felt the need to know the names of places, or where they were.
Glumisun recognized one of the names from a story she had read.
"The Door of Orpheus? Where's..."
Glumisun fell silent as Revan pointed over her shoulder.
When she looked around, she realized what she had thought had been a mountainous cliff had actually been a gigantic set of doors, with weathered carvings.
Glumisun's mouth hung open. "Isn't that..." Glumisun trailed off, and Revan answered.
"Yes. The story goes that a very, very gifted human with a magical instrument could sing songs that were so powerful and so emotional that the rocks themselves would make way for him. And, once he had lost his lover, they did. He walked straight down to hell and, with the power of song, convinced satan to let her go."
Revan shrugged. "The validity of this story is questionable, but that is how demonkind escaped - " Revan gestured to the Door. " - Through this door."
Glumisun nodded. She'd heard the story before. "And that's where..."
Revan nodded. "Yes. My grandfather's legendary duel with death. That's where it took place, giving us long life by taking Death's scythe."
Glumisun frowned. "Death's scythe?" she said, confused. "I never heard that."
Revan chuckled. "Yes, and we still have it. It hasn't seen the light of day in centuries."
Glumisun gaped. "Why don't you use it?"
Revan frowned. "It's powers are addictive. My grandfather discovered that quickly and equally quickly hid it in the bowels of his estate. Last I saw of it, my father entrusted it to the Caretaker."
Glumisun's frown deepened. "Your family..." she said, her curious eyes staring into Revan's, "It must be hard to live up to."
Revan chuckled. "I have made peace with the probability that I will never do anything as legendary as dueling Death."
Glumisun nodded. Seemed like a reasonable expectation.
Revan stood up, stretching his wings. "We should get going."
Glumisun nodded. It was time to go.


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Towards the end of the next day, Glumisun could see the walls surrounding Sundavrblaka'baen.

As the sun was setting, the pair had arrived at the gate, a majestic stone raven with it's wings folded over the entrance. With the sun setting over the majestic raven, Glumisun was in awe. She glanced over to Revan, who looked even more enamored with this piece of his lost heritage. Something he had never gotten to see.

As Revan noticed Glumisun looking at him he snapped out of his trance and approached the wall, looking for a way they might be able to get in without flying over, which as they discussed before, would be tedious and Glumisun had no idea if there were spells, or fragments of them, (which could be even more dangerous) still intact that might prevent them from doing so.

Revan looked around the gate and found a hole in the right side that would be just big enough for them to slip though. Revan went first, and when Glumisun accepted the had that he offered, she stepped right through.

She emerged into a dilapidated town square, with the circular cobblestone piece that marked the center cracked and broken, and a fountain that no longer worked, with unkempt grass filling all the areas where it could. It looked like nature had started taking this back in the years that it was abandoned.

Revan started walking around, inspecting the square and the disarranged buildings that surrounded it. Glumisun guessed he was trying to put together a mental image of the way it used to be, and Glumisun bet it was glorious.

As Glumisun joined him in inspecting the area around them, her curiosity got the better of her and she started asking Revan questions.

"Why is this place called Sundavrblaka'baen?" She asked, looking at the ruined buildings that should have stood for centuries more. "And why is this place so ruined? The architecture of these things is secure enough, why?"

Revan sighed. "After the humans started to be more agressive towards demons and the Haven needed to be formed, the community decided to leave. They feared for their lives, as most demons were peace-loving and didn't know how to fight, or use the rare abilities sprinkled across the population. They're more common now, but back then only a few select demons had abilities, and almost none of them were as powerful as you or I," Revan explained, sighing. "The humans bombed the city for good measure. The city's remaining magical defenses blocked the brunt of it, but a few spare bombs were all that were needed to do this," Revan said, looking around at the ruined city.

Revan pondered the first question that Glumisun asked. Glumisun guessed that he never had to translate it before.

"Sundavr means 'shadow', and blaka means 'flapper'. Shadow-flapper is the figurative name for a raven." Revan paused as he translated the next phrase. "The pause in the word, which is written as an apostrophe, which is meant to emphasize the importance of the word, and baen is... " Revan paused. "It's a very complex and deep form of grief. It's correlated with loss and sorrow. Combined, it's the Shadow-flapper's sorrow, or the Raven's Sorrow."

Glumisun nodded. That made sense, the feeling of loss of being forced to move out of your home. She had experienced it on the rare occasions that she had gone into the Ravinca territory, the feeling of being misplaced, even after about three generations. The older people had settled in, but not as much as they would have liked, and there was still that feeling of sadness, like refugees.

With her questions answered, another soon rose up to the surface of her mind as she surveyed the landscape. Among the ruined buildings stood a white marble structure, vaguely familiar, that seemed entirely undamaged, in fact it looked brand-new, although the architecture was old, she could tell. She pointed it out to Revan, who only smiled mischievously.

Grr. That was her thing.

She elbowed him in the stomach for that, and then went over to the building, pulling out chaos' song as she went to check if there was any magic in the area. Revan just followed close behind, still wearing that grin.
"You don't think this is strange? How is this still standing?"
Revan shrugged. "I think I know, but how about you investigate first?"
Glumisun growled at him intentionally keeping her in the dark, not something she enjoyed, but something he seemed to be enjoying thoroughly.

Glumisun walked around the building, singing a song that would reveal to her any trace of magic in the area.


Glumisun walked over to Revan again, who was still smiling, annoying her even more. "Well, I can't find anything. This building seems completely natural, even though it's not."

Revan nodded. "Are you ready to go inside now?"

Glumisun nodded. "Sure. Let's go."

Revan took her hand and led her inside, a wonderful panorama of carvings throughout the entire building, and even on the ceiling. That wasn't the wierdest part, though, the weirdest part was the person standing, carving them. Once they came in, he looked over his shoulder and smiled.

"Ah, there you are, Sundavrblaka. And who might you be?" The person asked as his gaze shifted from Revan to Glumisun, who was standing there with her jaw open beside him, still grasping his hand.

Revan smiled visibly. "You know who she is."

The person smiled. "Yes, I do, but it's polite to ask. Welcome, Islingr."

Glumisun shook off her awe and looked at the strange person. "Who are you?"

The person smiled from his eyes as he introduce himself. "You may call me the Caretaker. It's a pleasure to meet you, Glumisun Palma Christi."

Revan looked at the Caretaker then to Glumisun, and then addressed the Caretaker. "Ebrithil, We've not much time before it gets dark. Do you know of somewhere to stay?"

The Caretaker nodded. "Yes, I figured you would want to find one. There is actually a vacation home that your grandfather and his his wife had used when they wanted to get away." The Caretaker snorted. "She actually had to drag him away from his work in some instances." the Caretaker smiled and looked at the wall of the two, smiling to himself. Before long, the Caretaker came back to reality and said, "Oh, yes, the house." The Caretaker gave them directions to a home in the mountains, far enough away from the city to survive the bombings. Revan thanked the Caretaker and made to walk out of the Sanctuary.

Before he could walk the entire way out, sudden darkness enveloped Revan, leaving him in a black void with only the Caretaker behind him. Revan felt... weird, and the Caretaker's mood suddenly turned from good-natured to deadly serious.

The Caretaker looked at him for awhile, eyes boring straight into his soul.

"You really don't know what you did, do you?"

And all of a sudden, it was over, and Revan returned to reality. He stopped walking, Glumisun stopping too, and paused for a second.

"You okay?" Glumisun asked.

"... yeah. Let's go."


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Glumisun woke up the next morning alone.
Quietly, she padded down to the ground floor of the small cabin that she and Revan had spent the night in, a very pretty and rustic place with many an amenity, but not too many, just as much as was needed to make it comfortable, but feel like you still had to fend for yourselves. There was no entourage here, nor bodyguards or crazy second-in-commands. This just felt like... home.

The stairs downward led to a quaint living room, with big glass windows that let in a lot of natural light, with a kitchen attached with a window looking in and a doorway.

She had been too tired to really appreciate the wonders of the cozy, not at all grand, cottage. Her eyes caught the glint of sunlight reflecting off of a small metal raven perching on the mantel, but that was the only raven-related thing that caught her eye. It seemed like this was supposed to break free of even the tiniest bit of the Ravinca Clan's outward appearance and persona. Much like Revan's bedroom, here was no dark, brooding aesthetic, or really any solid black at all. All there was was a warm brown.

Look at her, thinking about the house when her boyfriend(?) wasn't here.

Glumisun wasn't really sure what they were - she had never had this experience before. She'd had lovers, of course, but nobody that she genuinely cared about. They had just been toys, to an extent. A means to an end. She had people she had been called coupled with, of course, the gossip columns loved her - they'd love her more after this - but nobody as prominent as Revan. Nobody that had fascinated her to this extent, the way he moved, the way he talked, the tiny streaks of gold in his eyes that she hadn't noticed before, how he interacted with people, the pressure put on him to be who he had to - all of these things were infinitely captivating to her.

Holes of a different kind, Isnlingr.

She would have to ask Revan what that meant.

Speaking of - her sensitive ears caught a repeating thunk of something hitting wood, possibly metal.

When Glumisun made toward the back door, opened it, noticing that, even though it's age was uncountable, it still moved without a sound. It must be enchanted. Glumisun's natural instincts told her that a lot of the things in here were enchanted.

And, lo and behold, there was Revan. Slashing at a tree.

Revan's chains were out, but she hadn't seen him ever without his robe. He only wore a set of comfortable pants and a white tunic, with his chest piece worn over it, the chains attached to the back of it.

For not the last time, Glumisun found herself staring at his scars. Again, without his robe, a lot of things became apparent. He wasn't even wearing his mask. The twenty or so scars that wound themselves around his forearms, the most recent one she remembered him getting, were fascinating to her, as were many aspects about Revan.

Glumisun was sure that ever since they first met, she had been attracted to him. From his dorky, yet cordial greeting, to the mystery of his true being, but the surprising tidbits of his true personality shining through to catch her ravenous eyes - searching for the next.

She exclaimed to what gods there were that she loved this man.

As she - finally, what took her so long? - left the doorway and started to walk up to Revan, smiling to herself as she watched Revan slow down his chains, the controlled spinning of his chains, turning a smile at her.

Knees, keep it together.

Miraculously not falling over, and walking toward Revan, it was clear it was going to be another great day.

As Glumisun walked up to Revan, he smiled.

That is, until Glumisun punched him.

"Ow!" Revan complained. "What was that for?"

"Leaving me without telling me that you were going to," Glumisun said sternly. "Never do it again."

"Okay, fine!" Revan admonished, hands in the air in surrender. "I won't do it again."

Glumisun nodded, and went for another punch, and to say, 'Good', but it came out more like "Gooaaaaaaaaaaaaa!", as Revan dodged it, tripping Glumisun, who landed flat on her butt.

Glumisun scowled up at Revan, who wore a mischievous smile.

Glumisun was so not impressed.

If he had been shirtless, maybe.

Glumisun just scowled at Revan for a moment, then, with surprising speed, pounced on him, bringing him to the ground, and starting an impromptu wrestling match.

Glumisun was so focused on getting him back for what he just did that, for a minute or two, she didn’t notice that Revan was laughing.
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Revan and Glumisun walked toward the city together, hand in hand. To Revan, this felt nice. He hadn't been so close with a human being in a long time, not so close that he had been comfortable showing his true appearance. Now he realized the folly of his decision, to stay confined in such a space, where nobody could really get to know him, hidden perpetually behind a mask.

But it had turned out like this, and he was grateful for that. He thoroughly enjoyed being with Glumisun, just her presence, it lightened up the world that had been so full of oppressing darkness ever since his mother and father died. She did such a good job of lightening everything up, comforting him. It really was miraculous. What was that Huginn called her? Islingr? Revan grunted with amusement. Islingr meant light-bringer. Even then, they knew?

Glumisun squeezed his hand.

"What're you thinking about?"

"Oh - " Revan said, snapping out of his deep thought. "Just ... this. How lucky we are that this happened. That we got to go away together. That I have you."

Glumisun laughed. "Has anyone ever told you that you're a hopeless romantic, Revan?"

"No..." Revan started slowly. "After my parents died, I didn't really interact with anyone. In many ways, I'm still getting the hang of it."

Glumisun smiled. "Well, I'm glad you are comfortable enough to be with me. That makes me feel lucky."

"Has anyone ever told you that you're a hoplesss -" As Revan started to heckle her, she squeezed his hand again, harder, and Revan shut up, but began laughing instead.

The they spent most of the day exploring the city, until about mid-afternoon, when Revan guided Glumisun toward somewhere - saying to Glumisun, "Follow me. There's something I want to show you."

Curious, Glumisun followed him to roughly the center of the city, where there was a large, ornate building that looked important. Glumisun couldn't read the text that was over the door, so Revan told her. It meant: "Knowledge is power, and power is responsibility." Revan watched Glumisun ponder the statement, sure that she had thought about it before, as she spent a lot of time with scholars and the like.

And then, Revan led Glumisun into the library.

Glumisun paused for a moment, taking in all of the books, huge, old tomes, and small, little accounts of recources, all stored here publicly. The roof seemed intact, and it seemed that the bombs the humans dropped didn't penetrate the building's own special magical protections.

Glumisun squealed, bouncing up and down, and then looked at Revan.

"So I take it you like your surprise?" Revan said, smiling.

"Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod -"

Revan took that as a yes.

They spent the rest of the day in the library, as Revan had suspected would be the case, as Glumisun wandered around, taking random books and then plopping down at a table in the middle of the building to read them. Some texts were in English, some in other human languages, but most of them were in ancient Ravincan. Glumisun took a genuine interest in learning as much of it as she could, actually wanting to learn the language now that there was knowledge to be had.

And they read together into the night, Glumisun eventually convincing Revan to be able to take some of the books home.


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@Lish @Vague o3

Revan and Glumisun walked along their usual route in the evening, right before the sun began to set over the valley. The mountains were so high here that evening came early, and they enjoyed the brisk climate by walking.
While they walked, they talked about many things. They talked about their parents, how gloriously ironic it was that they were both killed in the same incident. They talked of Revan’s early training and how it shaped him. They talked about Glumisun’s Instrument and experiences and how they shaped her, and sometimes they talked about back ‘home’, how it would be nice to see all those people again, how they could mess with Avaddon again, roll their eyes at Kasdeya.
They always said they would do it soon, but it became an unspoken joke that they never actually could work up the courage to leave this life they had found for themselves, a life where Glumisun wouldn’t have to handle being a leader, and where Revan wouldn’t have to deal with the looming consequences of what he had done.
Like they did every day before starting the trek back to the cottage, they visited the Caretaker.
Glumisun found the Caretaker very interesting. She often would ask him of her parents, stories she never got to hear, or about the human world. When Revan asked her why she did this, she expressed to him how she wished to understand them, even though they were her enemies. Revan expressed that he thought that was very wise of her.
This time, however, Glumisun came to the Caretaker with a different question, another question that she didn’t get to have the answer to - this time she had brought chaos’ song.
Glumisun’s teacher had never explained the history behind chaos’ song, and she guessed it was because he never knew. Glumisun was curious, and besides, knowing the history of the weapon might let her understand it more.
“Greetings,” The Caretaker said to the both of them as they walked inside of the Sanctuary.
“Hi,” Glumisun said.
The Caretaker looked at Glumisun, freezing her with those eyes that looked like a kaleidoscope of molten gold. Glumisun had a theory that they glowed, but was never able to test this out, and the Caretaker was extremely secretive about what exactly he was.
Something struck her in that moment - his eyes… were a lot like Revan’s. Minus the gold part, of course, but… wow.
“What questions do you have for me today, Islingr?”
Once Glumisun could move again, she handed him Chaos’ Song. “I was wondering…” she said, working up her courage, “If you could tell me more about this?”
The Caretaker accepted the weapon, the instrument, and examined it, the silver designs, running his hand across the neck of the instrument and down the body, inspecting every inch of the weapon, every curve, every line, every edge.
Soon, he had finished examining the outside of the weapon and reached his hands toward the strings. Glumisun started to protest, but the Caretaker lifted up a hand and smiled at her.
“I know what I’m doing, Skullblaka’nein.”
Glumisun paused, then fell silent, her worries obviously not assuaged; but allowed the Caretaker to play the instrument.
The Caretaker lifted up his hands to pluck the strings and - like everyone else - his hand came away cut, much to the shock of Revan and Glumisun.
The Caretaker looked at the weapon, and then looked at his hand, appearing perplexed.
“Hm,” the Caretaker said. “Interesting…”
“What?” Glumisun asked, urgently. “What is interesting?”
The Caretaker thought for a moment, and then spoke. “As you well know, Islingr, demons and humans alike don’t really have the magical power to express their power through sheer will, and so, they need a focusing point.” the Caretaker looked at Revan. “As you well know.”
“What’s interesting to me is that as soon as I channeled power into Chaos’ Song, it rejected me. I could have forced it to bend to my will, but that would have broken the object.” The Caretaker cocked his head. “It also seems to be a weapon made to kill people like me.”
“How - is that possible?” Revan asked.
“It is possible to banish me from this plane, yes, but I would still survive. This weapon seems to have been made to kill someone like me, but… not me. Someone else.”
“Hang on - “ Revan said, bewildered. “There are others like you?”
The Caretaker paused. “Yes, there are. Three others I know of, in fact. They are called ‘Shards’. One of them, who is but a violent monster of chaos, seems to be what this weapon was made to kill. Whether it would work…? That I do not know. It is nevertheless an evil deed to do such a thing, and for that reason I am glad it is in your hands, Islingr.”
The Caretaker paused.
“It seems that this weapon has gone through great pain. Take good care of it, Islingr, so that it never has to go through such pain again.”
Glumisun accepted this, and the weapon, without complaint, and looked at the weapon now with newfound awe. “It chose me,” she said, simply. Her view had always been that she had chosen it, but she had a newfound understanding of the instrument now.
“So - “ the Caretaker began, “I presume you wish to know more about the history of this object, the-”
The Caretaker stopped and cocked his head, as if listening.
“Do you feel it also, Sundavr’blaka?”
Revan was perplexed. “No - what are you talking about?”
The Caretaker looked at him, as if disappointed. “Send your birds to the northern edge of the city. Quickly, now!”
Revan nodded his head and obeyed, sending Huginn to the spot the Caretaker requested. Revan sighed as Huginn arrived back and whispered to him. “Vrenshrrgn, Vrenshrrgn,” The bird whispered, and Revan sighed.
“What - what’s Vrenshrrgn? What’s a War Wolf?”
Revan bowed his head and placed his hands on either side of his nose, thinking.
The Caretaker answered her. “It’s the Old Word name for Human.”


Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
Revan peered darkly at the streets from a perch on top of a building at the lone human wandering the streets alone. Revan’s dark, stormy-grey eyes peered at the human, in part amazed by the human’s unawareness, but he wasn’t really surprised. As his father said, wisely - ‘people rarely look up’.

The Human was wearing weapons, but looked a little worse for wear. Revan guessed he had lost his companion to the many natural magics of the realm, that or he had not had a companion at all and had merely escaped one of such calamities. Revan didn’t know, and he wouldn’t assume anything. He could take this human out right now, in fact, but Glumisun wasn’t keen on it - and Revan wasn’t either, as a matter of fact. He would give this human the benefit of the doubt, at least for now. But if the Human came anywhere close to hurting Glumisun…

Revan fidgeted with the knives that were attached to rope in the suit he was currently wearing; a suit that seemed to have been made for soldiers of the realm, maybe the royal guard? He wouldn’t put it past the kingdom.

Revan heard wings flap by him and quickly ducked behind a spire to receive a message from the bleached-white raven that had perched on his leather wrist brace. As Revan peered over to see the Human look up suddenly and look away as he decided it was nothing, Huginn whispered in his ear in Glumisun’s voice.

“When are you coming back?”

The Raven looked at Revan expectantly.

Revan sighed and looked back at the Human again, who was back to wandering around the city like a wolf on the hunt. “Tell her I’m on my way.”

Huginn nodded and flew off.

Shortly after, Revan stretched his own wings and flapped once to lift off, leaving behind a human who could’ve sworn… but never mind.

As Revan soared over the city skyline, so high that he would look like an eagle from below, especially to human eyes, he thought about his flight strength, which had been getting better and better, he had noticed. Maybe it was the overuse of his wings, he had to use them everywhere around here, or maybe it was the continuous training he had done to control the storm - which Glumisun had to be there to do - and he had noticed it had increased his confidence with his body, a confidence that had been destroyed by the Storm itself.

Or, at least, it had.

Revan slowed himself down with a powerful flap of his wings before landing, creating a gust of wind that only slightly buffeted the pair of people below, the Caretaker looking regal as ever with Huginn on his arm, strange, he never seemed to need an arm brace, and Glumisun, also looking regal as well; he never could tell how she did that, how she managed to look regal and like royalty all the time. She looked fierce, likely worried about the situation.

“Did he have weapons?” Glumisun asked.

“A sword and a handgun,” Revan said, “My money is on the sword being enchanted. Maybe the handgun, too.”

Glumisun cocked her head. “I maybe could’ve told if you brought you with me.”

Revan shrugged. “You aren’t sneaky.”
Glumisun looked appalled. “I’m sneaky!”

Revan lifted his brow. “Really?”

Glumisun scowled. “If a potentially dangerous threat wasn’t wandering it’s way toward us right now, you’d be in big trouble, mister.”

Revan rolled his eyes.

Glumisun cocked her head. His eyes… did she just detect a hint of gold? No, it must’ve been nothing.

“So - “ Revan said to Glumisun, and partly to the Caretaker, “what are we going to do?”

Glumisun cocked her head. “Well, we aren’t going to kill him.”

Revan nodded. “Not unless we have to. But we can’t just leave him be, either. There are a lot of things here that would be very bad for ”

Glumisun nodded. “True.”

“So - what are we going to do?”

Glumisun thought for a minute, resting her head on her fingers. Huginn cawed impatiently. “Well - we’ll talk to him.”

Revan nodded. He wasn’t surprised, nor did he disagree. He guessed it was worth a shot. Glumisun looked by him. “Let’s invite him to dinner.”

The Caretaker interrupted Revan’s dark thoughts and his impending rejection of the idea by resting a hand on his shoulder and smiling. “Glumisun or I can cast a glamour spell on her so the Vrenshrrgn cannot recognize her. He will not recognize you, I don’t think, without your cloak, Sundavr’blaka.”

Revan tentatively nodded. It was going to be okay.

“Can you do anything to protect us?” Revan asked the Caretaker.

“No, I cannot. But if you find yourselves in trouble, I may protect you here, if you can find your way back. ”

Revan nodded. He wouldn’t question the Caretaker - the few times he’d tried, it hadn’t gone over well. He had learned to stop asking how the Caretaker worked, nor the mysterious rules that he operated by.

Glumisun nodded and then looked up at Revan expectantly. “Let’s go. Make sure to put away your wings - and put on your mask.”

Revan sighed and did as she asked.


As they approached the human, steadily, but with caution, Revan having donned a simple black cloak with a raven’s head for a clasp, the hood down, and Glumisun having cast a glamour spell on herself so that, even though she looked the same, the human would not recognize her. Nobody but those present at the time of the spell’s casting would.

As they approached the human from behind with slow, even footsteps, Glumisun grabbed Revan’s hand and squeezed it. As fierce as she looked, Revan knew from experience that she was worried.

Revan squeezed back.

The Human suddenly turned around, unsheathed his sword, and pulled out his handgun, aiming it directly at them. But, because there were two of them, we wasn’t quite sure where to aim. He eventually decided on Revan.

Heh. Good choice.

Revan smiled grimly, and maybe the Human recognized, because his gaze sharpened and remained trained on Revan.

Glumisun nudged him sharply, and then smiled at the newcomer. “Welcome to Sundavrblaka’baen, stranger! Don’t mind my friend here. He can be hostile with people he doesn’t know.”

The Human nodded, but kept his weapons out. “I am, too.”

Glumisun cocked her head. “You can put your weapons away, stranger. We mean you no harm. See?” Glumisun held out her hand. “I’ve no weapons.”

The Human looked at Revan. “What about him? Does he carry weapons?”

Revan almost laughed. He wordlessly lifted his arms, and the sleeveless cloak lifted up so the Human could see that he indeed was not wearing weapons. His weapons were in fact concealed in his tight-fitting sleeves, under his lightweight bracers, smooth and elegant knives that also had rope attached to it, running all throughout his suit. The Human could not see these weapons, and they functioned much like his chains, but were lightweight. It hadn’t took tong for him to learn how to use them effectively. He could kill this human in an instant.

The Human’s eyes looked up and down Revan’s suit, as it seemed made for battle, but as he found no weapons, he accepted that there were no weapons on his person.

The Human still didn’t trust them, though. “What about the mask? Why do you need to wear one?”

Glumisun frowned. “My friend has some… respiratory issues. He keeps the mask on for his health.”

The Human frowned back. “What - why are you two here?”

Glumisun smiled. “We are just simple travelers, seeking strange things. Why, I would ask next, are you here?”

The Human frowned. “I am an Ash Wolf,” the human said, putting away his weapons tentatively. “I am a scout they sent to hunt demons around this area. A pair of the leaders were spotted heading this way.”

Glumisun looked at him, thinking. “The only other person here is a man called the Caretaker, but he is neither man nor demon.”

The Human looked confused. “How - is that possible?”

Revan chuckled. “Your guess is as good as mine, friend. It seems like you’ve had a hard journey. Do you have someplace to stay?”

The Soldier considered this for a second. “I do not,” the human said, finally relaxing. “Do you?”

Glumisun brightened up. “Yes,” She said. “Come, we’ll fix you some dinner. You look hungry.”

The Ash Wolf sighed and began to follow them up the path to the cottage where they stayed. “Where is this place where you stay?” The human asked. “How far away is it?”

“Oh, it’s only a short hike,” Glumisun said. “We live in a cottage on a ridge near here. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of room.”

The Human grunted in understanding.

“Why are you here without a vehicle?” Revan said. “I thought you would’ve had one. “

The Human shook his head. “No, it broke down about a mile north of the city.

Revan nodded. “Some kinds of technology don’t work very well around the city,” he said. “Especially a bleeding edge car like you likely have. You can only really rely on yourself, anyway. Technology has a habit of failing.”

The Human nodded silently.

“Stranger, I don’t think I ever got your name.”


Revan looked up at the Human, sizing him up.

“Welcome to Sundavrblaka’baen, Khazul.”

Soon, the trio had reached the ridge that housed the cottage that, in turn, housed the pair, Revan and Glumisun. It sat elegantly but simply on the ridge as the sun set, the sun in the west outlining it like a golden halo, the long shadows running gracefully across the grass. Revan smiled at this simple but beautiful sight, but wondered the ramifications of inviting a human into their home. He had never met a human before, though he had heard tales of their kind. Khazul’s impatience had not escaped Revan, although it was a decent climb, the longevity of Revan’s years had put it into perspective; a year to a human must seem like a long time, but to Revan it was but a blink of an eye. He had lived a hundred of this human’s lifetimes. A thousand, perhaps. And the Caretaker… the Caretaker must have lived a million and a half of Revan’s lifetimes, maybe more. Revan could see it in his eyes.

As they approached the front door, Khazul looked at them strangely. “What - am I supposed to do something?”

Revan inclined his head toward the door. “Knock.”

Khazul did, the three strong knocks on the wood of the quaint little door, resounding through the woods.

The door swung open.

Khazul paused. “What - exactly did that do?”

Revan chuckled. “If you had been our enemy, you would’ve been disintegrated on the spot.”


Glumisun laughed. “Come on in!” She said as she led the way into their home. “We were planning on having some stew with our leftover venison, so dinner won’t take long. And Revan usually cooks, so we can have a little chat while we wait,” Glumisun said. “I have a lot of questions.”

Revan smiled. Glumisun’s curiosity was infamously insatiable.

After Revan was sure Glumisun and Khazul were situated, he went into the kitchen to fix up dinner.


“That was good!” exclaimed Glumisun, after they had all eaten their dinner. “You did a great job, Sundavr’blaka.”

“What - that’s his name?” Khazul said. “Sun - dagger - what?”

Revan shrugged. “It’s more of a title, really,” He said, chuckling.

“A title for - what?”

Revan considered this for a moment. “It means Raven.”
“That’s a little long to mean just raven.”

Revan laughed. “I suppose it is. Literally, it means shadow-flapper.”

Khazul nodded, understanding. “Why are you called Raven?”

Glumisun stood up from the table, seeking to dance around this conflict. “Why don’t I show you to your room?”

Khazul was not stupid, but allowed himself, barely, to be dragged away from the table and towards the stairs, where the couple had an extra room. Revan stayed behind to ‘clean up’, and Khazul had no doubt that he did, but also believed that this Sundavr’blaka had shown his hand a little too much. It also did not escape him that the name of this place was “Sundavrblaka’baen’, and that had his ‘title’ in it. Suspicions rose in Khazul’s head, but he put them to rest for now. He was not willing to act on his suspicions yet, his interest was jut… piqued. His curiosity.

Glumisun led him into a relatively small room with a lone bed.

“You must be tired. You should rest for the night - we’ll both be downstairs if you need anything.”

Khazul nodded and thanked her for her hospitality. To Khazul’s relief; Glumisun left, allowing him to be alone with his thoughts. Who exactly was this… sun…. davr…. whatever? Who was his lady friend? She certainly didn’t look like the other runaway leader that he was shown, but Raven… there were only a few people he knew that would be worthy of such a title, and in what seemed like the Ravincan language, no less.

Khazul decided that he would have a look around.


As Revan was cleaning up dishes, he heard footsteps behind him. He sighed.

The click of a gun being raised did not escape him, nor the heavy breathing of his guest. As he kept the gun trained on the leader of Ravinca.

“I know who you are,” Khazul said, rather obviously as he held out a tear-shaped gem.

Revan cocked his head. “I didn’t know that the humans knew of the God’s Tear.”

Khazul shook his head. “That’s not important. You’re coming with me, right now, or I’ll - “

Revan suddenly released his wings and they flapped backward, creating such a gust of wind that Khazul was knocked on his butt and the napkins that were on the counter fluttered about Revan’s form. Khazul had never seen wings like these before, as the lights in the room began to dim as Revan turned around, wiping his hands with a towel that he had grabbed from the countertop before placing it back where he got it, Khazul’s mouth hung open in awe.

“Shadow-flapper,” he merely said, in awe.

“Peace, Shrrgnien, I mean you no harm,” Revan said, hoping to make peace with the human, showing him the concealed knives attached to rope that were hidden in his suit. “I have had many chances to harm you. If I really wished you ill, I would have killed you already.”

Khazul shook his head. “But that doesn’t matter,” he said. “They sent me to hunt you down, to kill you.”

Revan laughed. “They sent you to hunt down what they thought were monsters,” Revan said. “Simply tell them you found none.”

Khazul considered this for a moment. “But we’re at war,” he said. “I can’t afford to let you two live.”

Revan appeared genuinely surprised as his brow raised. “War?”

Khazul tilted his head. “I - thought you knew. The demons declared war on the humans a few weeks ago.”

Revan sighed. “I had nothing to do with this. I did not know. I left before any such declaration was made.”

Khazul reached for his gun.

“If you attempt to kill me, Shrrgnien, know that it will go very bad for you.”

Khazul nodded and holstered his weapon as he stood. “That’s why I came here. Partially to scout out another way to get to the Haven than all the way across the plains, and partially to look for, well, you.”

Revan nodded. “Well, tell them not to come this way. Make up any excuse you have to. If the deactivation of technology isn’t reason enough for them, of course. I have killed armies at my doorstep before, Shrrgnien, and I will again.”

Khazul nodded. “What - that thing you keep calling me.”


“Yes. What does it mean?”

Revan took a moment to translate in his mind, then said, “Although Vrenshrrgn, War Wolves, is your traditional name, that is, the names of the Humans, I do not believe you are deserving of that title. You are Wolf Heart. Now, get some sleep. You’ll have to leave early to get back on time, yes?”


Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
“This feels weird.”
Arar, a soldier that had been in employ in the Demon world for three thousand years, a male with crimson skin and horns that matched the curvature of his head, had wandered into the abandoned city that was in their way to the humans, the demon army on the move towards the Last Bastion, the capital city of the Humans. They had been sent to investigate, as they had heard that humans had already come to the city, or at least sent out scouting parties.
Arar’s travelling companion, Darzal, whom Arar liked, but not too much, another male, like him, hooded and cloaked, also like him, readied his one-edged sword in front of him as the pair moved on, signaling for him to do the same. He did.
Darzal shook his head. “I know what you’re talking about,” he grunted, looking around warily to the sides of the street. “This place gives me the shivers.”
Arar and Darzal had been sent to scout out the abandoned city, Sundavrblaka’baen, or as they just called it, the Raven’s City, and were not too happy about it.
“Just come on,” a voice sounded ahead of them, and from out behind a building Avaddon, who had insisted to come along with them. “The coast is clear.”
The two nodded and followed Avaddon, the blue-haired demon, not that they could see his hair, as they were all cloaked, in case they met some humans, and the leader of the Black Rose, towards the center of the city. Avaddon pointed toward several buildings and described where they would camp, and the two just nodded their heads and agreed, both sort of in awe at the demon who was more of a god - a demon that was almost unmatched in pure strength and combat skill. He could defeat battalions by himself. He could best armies.
At Avaddon’s sides were two sickles, relatively small in size, hung from his hips. That could magically combine into one, long scythe. These were his signature weapons.
Avaddon shook his head. “Do you feel that?”
Darzal nodded. “It feels like we’re being…”
Something moved on the rooftops above them.
“...watched,” Avaddon breathed.
They came together in a circle, Avaddon sending a blast of ice towards the movement with the aggressive wave of his hand.
Out fluttered a black raven.
Avaddon sighed. “Okay, it was just a bird.”
The three relaxed for a moment, Arar thinking that the crisis had passed, it was nothing.
Then, something slammed into Dazal from behind, knocking him forward. The two others whipped around just in time to see a stranger in a cloak and some sort of black, tight-fitting suit weave around a surprised Dazal towards his front, knock Dazal out with an elbow to the side of the head, pull Dazal’s sword from his sheath, and clash with Avaddon, who had acted the fastest, the blue-haired demon having pulled out his sickles and blocked with both of them. Arar in that time had pulled out his sword and moved toward the stranger, prepared for an attack.
Avaddon had the stranger’s sword trapped between the dual curved blades of his scythe, but the move ended up being ineffective, as the stranger simply kicked Avaddon in the stomach and sent him on his backside, then lashing out at Arar, who barely managed to weather the crashing blows of the stranger - until the stranger spun downwards and tripped him with the dull edge of the sword, coming up just in time to savagely shove Arar down to the ground.
Darzal and Avaddon took this moment to rush the stranger, Avaddon having combined the two sickles into a long scythe, and led with a few pinpointed ice spikes, which the stranger either dodged or broke with the sword, taking down Darzal’s knife-armed rush like it was nothing, and with his free hand, flicking a sort of rope-attached knife towards the Leader, Darzal ending up on the ground, knocked out for the second time, while Avaddon barely dodged the knife, and as it was brought back to it’s owner, cutting Avaddon on the cheek. While that was happening, however, the stranger took the opportunity to rush Avaddon, barely avoiding the sweep of his scythe, reversing his grip on the sword and slamming the pommel into Avaddon’s chest, knocking the wind out of him, then knocking him, too, to the ground, and was bringing the sword to Avaddon’s neck.
Arar, now up, charged the man with his sword, but got blasted back onto his backside again by the wings that the stranger had manifested just then, the powerful appendages creating a gust of wind that blew him backward onto the ground.
The blast of wind had threw down the stranger’s hood, as well as Avaddon and Arar’s. And beneath the hood they saw a man with golden-green eyes, along with a mask and a dark expression.
And the stranger was a stranger no more. There was only one being in the world with wings like that.
Revan sighed and looked at Avaddon, pulling the sword back and sticking it into the ground.
“Why are you here?”


Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
Revan watched, perched on the giant stone raven that was the entrance to the city of Sundavrblaka’baen, as an army moved into his home. It’s not that they weren’t welcome, of course, he was glad to help them, just not… at war. War. Huh. What a small word for such a big thing.


As the demons of all colors and sizes and shapes filed into the city, Revan sighed. War.

How did it come to this?

The crinkling of Ice behind him and the sudden shift of temperature downwards alerted him that the icy exterior of the one Avaddon had arrived next to him. Revan could hear Avaddon sigh, feel his heartbeat, and hear his lungs expand. Not that Avaddon was that close, but that Revan’s sensory perception was far greater than most, even among Demons. Avaddon, no doubt, could sense him the same way, the way that only the Four really could. They, the only ones able to protect the demons from others and themselves, and Revan was one of them. They couldn’t replace the almost deific power that was held inside of Revan. That was in Avaddon, too. His replacement couldn’t do anything near the magnitude of what Revan could. Glumisun had this power, too, Revan just feared that she would never discover it.

And what would happen if their lines crossed?

“Are you brooding again?” Avaddon finally asked.

Revan grunted, then assumed a more comfortable position. He sighed, haloed in his dark wings.

“You’re really good at it,” Avaddon added.

Revan chuckled.

“How did this happen?” Revan asked, almost bewildered. More bewildered that he wasn’t, really.

Avaddon sighed. “How did what happen?”

Revan sighed. “You know what I mean.”
Revan stood up, wings extending as his arms threw open. “War, Avaddon. I’m talking about the war.”

Avaddon sighed. “What about it?”

Revan growled. “I could have helped you!” He said, his wings extending further somehow. “I’ve killed armies before, Avaddon. You know I have. We both have. Together. Why should this time be any different?”

It was Avaddon’s turn to growl this time, frowning at Revan. “And how?” He said, sighing. “By creating another storm? By killing half the army in the attempt?”

Revan chuckled darkly. “That’s what you’ll do anyway, and worse!” Revan said, his lip lifting a little into a snarl. “We both know battlefield tactics, Avaddon! You’re outnumbered, eleven to one - at least! You had better hope that the humans haven’t sent conscription notices out yet, or we’ll all be in trouble!”

“You don’t think I don’t know that?!” Avaddon said, laughing, as one does when they are under huge amounts of stress. “They blew up our home, Revan! Five times over! And don’t think that you can be all high and mighty with me, Storm Eyes, because you wrecked a center of everything with your storm. You might not have killed anyone, - miraculously, or we would’ve had to execute you - but you know how angry I felt. You know me. You know I can’t just let that pass, Revan. Your isolation has left you blind, thinking that they can just get away with something like that - or do you not even care - “

“OF COURSE I CARE!!!” Yelled Revan, drawing some wordless gazes from those below. Avaddon stumbled away from Revan, mumbling something about his eyes. A temporary darkness had enveloped the room, which went away after a second.

Revan sat down, sighing.

“Of course I care,” Revan whispered.


“I need you to do a spell for me,” Glumisun said.

“…what?” Kasdeya said, wiping tears of laughter off of her eyes. The pair of demonesses were comfortable in Glumisun and Revan’s cabin, and had just finished reliving one of their little escapades, ones, which as usual, ended up very, very wrong. This one in particular involved two young men demons that they had met at a party, very good-looking ones, mind you, and then - well. That’s a story that can - should be, in fact, saved for another day. Needless to say, it had taken years before Glumisun had been able to shake her embarrassment.

As soon as Kasdeya’s laughter dried, she did a double-take. “What - what did you say?”
“I need you to do a spell for me.”

Kasdeya frowned. “What kind of spell? And why couldn’t you do it yourself?” Kasdeya chuckled, but then stopped, sensing the time for laughter was over. “You’ve always been better at magic than me.”

Glumisun frowned for a second. “Well, I can’t do it for myself, you see, it’s kind of - “ Glumisun paused. “- a medical spell.”

Kasdeya frowned. “Spit it out! What’s happening? You’re being strange. You’re much better at healing than I am. I’m more just better at…” Kasdeya paused. “The other thing.”

Kasdeya took another sip of her tea. “This is good,” Kasdeya said. “How do you make this?”

Glumisun shook her head. “Revan’s recipe. I can’t do it near as good as he can.”

Kasdeya chuckled. “Well, at least that green-eyed guy’s good at more than destroying public squares - “

“Let’s just get back to the topic at hand,” Glumisun said. “This… is rather important.”
Kasdeya’s joyous exterior shifted in a moment. Glumisun often forgot about how her friend often wore several faces. Kasdeya’s exterior shifted to one of seriousness. She sensed the topic was a sort of uncomfortable one for Glumisun.

Kasdeya frowned as Glumisun. “Really, what’s eating at you, girl?” She said, confused. “We’ve known each other for ages - well, not literal ages, but close - but I don’t understand that you’d be this uncomfortable talking about something. The last time I saw you this riled up was right before the trial -“

“Kasdeya - “ Glumisun tried to interject.

“- is it relationship troubles with goth boy over there - “

“He isn’t goth, Kasdeya, please listen -“

“- because I know a few things that could spice things up, if you know what I mean - “

“Kasdeya!” Glumisun said urgently, finally getting her friend to stop. “Kasdeya, stop,” She said, smiling faintly at her friend’s rediculousness.

“Well, then what is it?” Kasdeya asked urgently, and a little forcefully. “What’s this medical spell you want me to perform?”

“Well - “ Glumisun said, glancing away from her friend’s curious eyes and then back, her form shrinking a little as she looked away. “Well, I’ve been throwing up in the mornings…”

Kasdeya looked at her worrisomely. “Aww, are you sick?”

Glumisun looked at her friend, exasperated.

Kasdeya gasped, her eyes wide.


Glumisun nodded.

“…OH,” She said, placing her head in her hands.

“…” Kasdeya was speechless as she thought of the ramifications of this simple revelation. “…shit!”

Glumisun laughed at Kasdeya. “I… yeah, I know,” She said, her mood souring immediately.

Kasdeya lifted her head, having gathered her thoughts. Kasdeya cast the spell, and sure enough.

“Well, first of all, that’s wonderful, congratulations, but also - “ Kasdeya shook her head. “A more powerful bloodline hasn’t been concocted since the Predemongaea Age, and even then there were demons able to split mountains with a thought. This child - “ Kasdeya frowned. “This child could kill a Prince. Maybe even more.”

Glumisun nodded. “I know. I’ve been doing some reading, crunching the numbers.” Kasdeya nodded. She could’ve known. Glumisun’s comfort lay in numbers and facts. “This child could be… powerful. Exponentially.”

All of a sudden, Glumisun’s ears picked up a voice - Revan’s voice. It sounded like -

“Do you hear that?” Glumisun asked.

Kasdeya paused, then nodded. “It sounds like - “
“- shouting.”

Both demonesses stood and began to walk out the door, Kasdeya shaking her head.

“That Y chromosome, I swear, it’ll be the end of us.”


Avaddon crouched down beside the defeated form of Revan. Not in battle was Revan defeated, but by his own emotion. They just sat there for a moment, breathing each other’s company in, two friends across eons. Revan knew someone had to start. And it might as well be him.

Revan sighed.

“…I’m sorry,” Revan said, shaking his head. “I shouldn’t have yelled.”

Avaddon sighed, too. “It’s okay. I said things I didn’t mean. I’m sorry.”

Revan nodded. “You were right, though,” Revan said. “You don’t know if you can trust me on the battlefield. I get it.”

Avaddon shook his head. “I trust you, just not… whatever’s going on inside you.” Avaddon shrugged. “You really need to get that sorted out. That golden eye thing, too, you know.”


Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
The sound of sliding wood on paper filled the room.
“There,” said Avaddon, the leader of the Black Rose, as the piece reached its destination. “What about there?”
Everyone in the room grumbled and muttered, but nobody seemed to have a better option. They were in the old war room, tattered banners on the walls, in a ruined palace that hadn’t been touched in years, not since the last all-out war against the humans and demons.
Revan thought it was ironic they were meeting here again. It felt like fate.
Maybe it was.
Glumiun yawned as the room thought it over. Revan knew she didn’t have a lot of experience or learning with wartime strategy, and she had admitted thus, but Revan knew she trusted Yew - and him - with the decisions of the situation.
“Mh,” Said Kasdeya, the leader of the Blood Moon, scrutinizing the map with a furrowed brow, searching for something to say about it. “But we’d - no, you’re right, that is the best spot,” Kasdeya said, resting her head on her arms as she leaned over the table. “But we’d have very little cover.”
Avaddon’s bright blue eyes turned towards him. “Revan?” He said. “Anything to add?”
Revan, very conscious of the dirty looks some of the generals and the second-in-commands were casting him, walked the few steps it took towards the war table, the army’s piece planted firmly in the plains, on a hill.
Revan took a piece from the side of the table, one that had a bow and arrow firmly engraved upon it, and set it on a ridge sort of far away from the battlefield. “What if we stationed a few gunners and magicians out here? They can keep a lookout for any surprises the humans might have, as well as disable any sort of airborne bombers or missiles the humans try to throw at us.”
Revan looked around with his green eyes, searching for the people in the room’s thoughts. There was a reluctant grumble of agreement throughout the room as people accepted Revan’s idea.


There were a few more things to decide, and Glumisun had to go to coordinate choice spells for the battle. Revan had heard her muttering something about nature cadences when she had walked off. Avaddon had gone to make sure everyone was ready and equipped, and to decide a date to move out. Kasdeya had made it clear she didn’t want to talk to him. She, in her own words, had better things to do.
Revan had caught up with Lysandra, at least, but she was swamped with a multitude of odd-jobs and couldn’t talk.
So, Revan had gone to the Sanctuary.
But, when Revan entered, the Caretaker wasn’t there, which was strange. The Caretaker was always here, he didn’t leave. What -
“I̵ ̷t̸o̴l̶d̴ ̷y̵o̷u̸ ̵t̴h̸i̵s̵ ̵w̵a̴s̸ ̸a̸ ̷b̴a̸d̵ ̵i̷d̵e̸a̴.̶”
Revan whirled around, and found himself in a black void, standing on something that looked like glass, light coming from somewhere indeterminable.
“What - who are you?” Revan asked, his voice echoing somehow in the void.
As Revan turned around, he saw a Man - A Man, one that looked like a hole in the world, a living shadow, wearing a top hat and a trench coat.
“Y̷o̷u̸ ̸c̷a̶n̶'̵t̷ ̷k̶e̵e̸p̶ ̸d̵o̵i̸n̵g̷ ̷t̸h̶i̵s̴,̷” The Man said, frowning.
Revan was confused. “Doing what?”
“Y̶o̴u̵ ̴k̷n̴o̷w̸ ̵w̶h̷a̶t̴ ̸I̴'̷v̷e̴ ̵l̸e̷a̴r̷n̶e̷d̵,̵ ̵a̵l̷l̸ ̵m̷y̵ ̷t̵i̴m̵e̸ ̸i̴n̴ ̶t̵h̸e̷s̸e̶ ̶w̷o̸r̶l̵d̵s̸?̴”
Revan scowled. “I don’t care. Let me out of here.”
“W̷h̸e̴n̵e̴v̶e̷r̶ ̵y̷o̶u̸ ̷b̴e̸n̷d̷ ̷r̸e̵a̷l̸i̷t̸y̷,̸ ̷i̶t̶ ̸u̷s̸u̴a̸l̸l̵y̸ ̸b̸e̶n̶d̷s̶ ̴b̴a̸c̸k̸.̴”
Revan shook his head and flexed his wings. “Stop. I don’t have time for this right now.”
The Man raised a single eyebrow.
Black-gray smoke started to swirl at Revan’s feet.
The Man chuckled, then pulled a cane with a silver ball on top out of his sleeve.
Revan, believing he had to fight, put his hands together, his pointer fingers pointing towards the Man, and released a deadly bolt of electricity at the Man.
The Man, laughing, absorbed the bolt with his right hand and shot a much bigger bolt right at him - this time, the lightning was void-black.
As Revan’s muscles convulsed and Revan screamed in pain, the Man laughed.
“Y̷o̷u̷ ̵r̸e̷a̷l̸l̴y̸ ̷d̵o̵n̶'̷t̸ ̵k̵n̵o̷w̸ ̴w̸h̵a̷t̵ ̵y̴o̶u̷ ̵a̴r̴e̸,̴ ̵d̵o̸ ̷y̸o̵u̵?̸”


Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
Revan woke up in a cold sweat.
Revan tried to control his breathing. It took a second, but he eventually got it. In, out. Breathing helped. In… out. Breathing usually helps. Revan had nightmares often when he was younger, but since Glumisun and them coming here, they hadn’t happened as often. Revan was caught off-guard by this one.
Huginn squawked on his perch in their bedroom. Apparently his nightmare had woken them up, too. Muninn gave him a strange look. Revan sighed.
Glumisun’s hand pulled at his arm. “Come back to bed,” she muttered, still half-asleep. Revan resisted her pull back to the soft covers, and she woke up, if not fully, but more. She put her arms around him, and rested her head on his shoulder.
“What is it?” She muttered. Revan estimated that she was now about a quarter asleep.
Revan didn’t answer. His mind was still whirling.
Glumisun oriented herself so that she could look into his eyes. “Another nightmare?”
Revan nodded his head slowly.
Glumisun’s face hardened a little. “What was it about?”
Revan paused. “Someone was attacking me…” Revan’s eyes darted around the room “It felt so real.”
Glumisun paused. “Who?”
Revan shook his head. “I’d never seen him before, but I felt like I recognized him.”
Revan thought for a moment. “When did I come home last night? Was I already here when you got home?”
Glumisun paused, furrowed her eyebrows, concentrating. “I… don’t remember.”
Revan sighed. Strange.
Glumisun renewed the pressure on his arm, trying to drag him down. “Come back to bed. Sleep. You’re going to need it.”
Revan nodded, then gave up on the questions, gave up on the strangeness of his dream, and let Glumisun drag him back down to the bed, back into the warm-cold embrace of sleep.
He couldn’t remember what the nightmare was about anymore.


Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
Revan thought about many things as he stood in front of the cottage Revan and Glumisun shared.
Would he ever see this place again?
If they ever came back here, what would happen?
Would the demons be at the brink of extinction, yet again?
Would the Human’s city be destroyed?
Right now, Revan was all questions and no answers. He hated not knowing these things. The last times he had fought, there were lower stakes. He could go and destroy legions of humans with no consequence if he died or lived. The realm would simply replace him. But now things were different. He didn’t want to leave Glumisun. He didn’t want to leave, to a lesser degree, Huginn and Muninn.
And he didn’t want to leave this cottage.
Revan’s subconscious screamed for Revan to stay, leave the world, the two races, to their fates, just stay here with Glumisun forever, consequences be damned.
But Revan had responsibilities. Responsibilities he had been ignoring for too long. He had to go and fight, to contribute to the fate of the world, the two races. He wouldn’t abandon his people in their time of need. He would fight.
And besides, if he had fought, Glumisun would’ve just fought without him, and he would never let that happen.
Speaking of Glumisun, Revan’s fiery-haired lover had walked out to join him at looking at what had been their home for a few months.
Glumisun sighed. “We should’ve had so much longer,” she lamented, staring at the cottage, taking in every detail. “We should’ve had years,” she said. “Centuries.”
Revan sighed. “I know.”
Glumisun wrapped her arm around Revan’s waist and rested her head on his shoulder. “I’m scared, Revan.”
Revan nodded. “I know. Me, too.”
A horn sounded in the distance. Revan turned to look at the assembled army that was forming in the valley below. “It’s time to join the others,” he said.
Revan looked at Glumisun and smiled. They both knew this was all worth it, howevermuch time they had gotten to spend together.
Revan held out his arm. “Shall we?”
Glumisun smiled. “We shall.”