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The Bad Ending

Discussion in 'Mixed-genre & Uncategorized' started by TheGreenerGrey, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    Storm clouds roil and thunder as you and your group leave the cave system in which your bunker is based. After an extensive process of making your way through winding caves and various stages of ancient, locked doors that take minutes at a time to open you have finally made it to the outside world.

    And it is just as depressing as you have been told.

    The land around you is perpetually covered in a green miasma, not heavy but enough to tinge the light. Through the miasma you can just see the faint outlines of buildings taller than anything you could have imagined before, crumbling and decayed.

    Around you is nothing but a desolate and rocky wasteland, the entrance to the bunker little more than a hole in the mottled and acid washed ground directly behind you. The wastland has long since been cleared of any remnants of the past that aren't mutants, and even then the beasts still around are few and far between. Not that you would want them to be anything else.

    Your target is in the center of the Ruined City, a large central spire you are unable to locate from your far away position. From what you have been told, the devices you are looking for should be midway up the tower.

    It's up to you to get it.
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  2. Drakey

    Drakey A shape-shifting Dragon God

    Anthony walked point for some reason. He really didn't know how he had gotten picked for the position. With a disdainful look on his face, the non-personable young man stopped. Out of the group of four, only two didn't wear a gas mask. Anthony was one of those two.

    The mutant stood, clothed in his own armor. A sword hung at his waist with a pistol at the other side. Across his chest sat a bandolier half-filled with ammunition and electrician/mechanics tools. His body, almost hidden by his gear, was tall and muscular. Anthony was more lithe than anything else though. In the crook of his left arm sat his helmet. Anthony's bare head sported thick, golden locks that fell to his chin. His eyes were two different colors. The right one a vibrant blue while the left one was a rich brown. Fr his arse, one could see a long, black, scaled tail that wrapped itself around his left leg. The sleeves of his gear came down to just about halfway of his forearms. His right arm, at least what could be seen of it, was completely mechanical. It was made with black-painted steel and one could see a few different colored wires as well.

    Looking behind him, Anthony took a good look at those he was with. A writer who seemed to be a bit bomb happy. A slime-covered man who was just a tad too laid back. The last was a tiny, redheaded women, and she was a politician. Anthony groaned inward as he looked at his newfound companions. They were useless in his eyes. And, to top it all off, the politician was delegated as their leader.

    "Hey, politician, what's our course of action." Anthony's usually smooth voice came out harsh as his displeasure seeped it's way into his speech.
  3. BrookeDi

    BrookeDi Well-Known Member Staff Member Benefactor Warden

    April was in the middle of pulling her brown hair into a ponytail when she was addressed by the mutant. "First course of action would be to assess our strengths as a group so we can figure out how best to approach... whatever we come across." She smiled that election-winning smile, despite her irritation at him refusing to use her name. "Next I would think we'd... start heading in our destination." She looked to the other members of the group, "Unless someone has a different suggestion. I'm all ears."

    She knew where her strengths and weaknesses lay, and she wanted to know theirs. From this moment forward they were a team. Beside, part of being a good and effective leader is knowing when you don't know something and listening to the people who are more familiar with those kinds of things. "I'm April, by the way." It was said to the group at large, but mostly directed at Anthony. They'd all had a brief meeting before heading out, at the very least he could learn their names.

    They were a team now, after all.
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  4. garlic

    garlic an important addition to any meal

    Simon squinted through the miasma and towards the silhouettes of distant decrepit buildings. Despite all the signs of civilization right there before him, he found it as hard to imagine that anyone at all used to live in this wasteland of rocks and ruins. It really was a far cry from the ancient photos he had managed to dig up. Not that he was expecting it to look anything like those photos, those were images of better days. Still, he wasn't exactly prepared for the bleakness of it all.

    There was actually a brief delay before his attention was drawn back to the issue at hand. Ah, right, the mission. He'd worked in teams before but those were teams of engineers and mechanics, people with similar skill sets. At least, their leader seemed reliable enough. But then again, he didn't know much about his new teammates anyways so he's pretty chill with them for now.

    "Name's Simon," he gave the others a polite smile (somewhat concealed by slime),"I work as a mechanical engineer...worked. I suppose I can take care of any thing related to machines."
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