Fanfiction The Bad, the Bad, and the Bad

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Chapter 1

It had been about three months since the Melding had ripped the world to pieces. Yosuke Hanamaru had found himself alone among the trees in a lush forest. Luckily despite this being the normal world, or what was now considered normal, he had the power to manifest his Persona. While it had helped to protect him from a few errant monsters it was a different thing when one of the bigger Wily Eggman alliance robots had descended down on him. He would have surely been captured had it not been for the untimely arrival of him.

"I build a nest of a beast in my heart. The fang is growling; Kill... Let's go kill. The fang is crying; Kill... Let's go kill. To calm it down, I have no way but slash men..." Uttered the man Yosuke came to know as Genjuro Kibagami. By all accounts he didn’t rescue the boy out of the goodness of his heart, it had only been in his way. Even so, Yosuke had latched onto the crazed samurai even though he soon found out how utterly detestable he was. In this world however you needed to attach yourself with someone, and with no Yu, Chie or even Teddie, his options were bare.

And that’s how they met the third party of the very dysfunctional group, Shinon the archer. Their original meeting had broken into a fight between the archer and the samurai over a drinking tab. The situation had been fixed by the utter destruction of the bar and being chased out of town by an angry mob. After this the unlikely unlikeable trio continued on. Yosuke assumed that Genjuro and Shinon had found kindred spirits in each other in how awful human beings they were, but considering he was tagging along with him…was he actually any better all things considered? Every bar they ended up in either a fight broke out, which more than often ended with someone dead, or Yosuke himself got rejected by some barmaid. Yosuke couldn’t quite understand that though, women loved him! He was good friends with a lot of them! Clearly it was just the situation surrounding the whole melding business that caused everyone to be on edge, right?

Shinon and Genjuro were also being really rude to him all the damn time, he could be helpful too! Not like they were doing all the work when they were traveling. It wasn’t his fault that horses were smelly and big and didn’t allow him to read them. The problem was after having traveled for as long as they had their coffers were starting to run dry and so another day and another drinking hole, this one situated in a somewhat modern looking town the trio were sitting around a table trying to figure out options. Or in this case Genjuro staring menacingly against the wall while Shinon shot down anything Yosuke took up.

“I’m just saying that if we’re going to survive we’re going to need money.” Yosuke tried for them to see reason but no one seemed to budge.

“Yeah if you’re an idiot,” Shinon replied. “For meat, I hunt. There are fruits and vegetables. Unlike you, I don’t need money to survive that, and I have enough money for a drink a bit longer.”

Yosuke groaned. “Because we’ve seen so much of that since we’ve been walking around this place! You caught one rabbit one week ago. After that we’ve seen nothing and whatever weird farmers we’ve found don’t want to share.”

“We can just steal supplies, not that they need everything. Our survival is a good cause.”

“We really can’t.” Yosuke slumped his head down on the table. This was getting them nowhere. He was so happy there was no one else in here right now or it would’ve ended up with more dead bodies. God, Yosuke wasn’t sure how many had been cut down by Genjuro’s temper. Speaking of he was part of this too so maybe…Yosuke looked up only to find Genjuro ordering a bottle of sake from the barkeep. As he got back to the table both Yosuke and Shinon looked at him with disbelief.

“How did you get that?” Yosuke replied a clear irritation in his voice.

“I thought you were out of gold!” Shinon echoed the high school students’ words.

“I lied,” Came the blunt response as Genjuro removed the cork and started drinking. “If I hear anything else from you I’ll cut you into ribbons.“

Yosuke glared daggers at him but he didn’t want to push it because he knew the samurai did not care one bit about anyone else but himself and his belongings slumped down even further in the chair. As Shinon and Genjuro argued on the question still remained. How were they going to get money to survive?

“Money problems huh?” A voice came from the corner of the bar. A hooded seemingly having materialized from thin sat at one of the tables. “Perhaps I can help you with that?”

“Get lost,” Genjuro snapped at him taking another swig from the bottle.

“Whoa, whoa hold on there!” Yosuke was desperate and he had to hear what the figure had to say. “Ignore him he’s just a little cranky, what could you help with, exactly?”

Yosuke tried to get a peek inside of the robe but the darkness was too much. It was a guy for sure though, no woman had that deep of a voice, and he should know being a ladies man like he was. “I have been looking for talented people in doing a job for me. I am ready to pay handsomely for your services.”

Yosuke wasn’t too sure about this and Genjuro had already stopped listening so it was up to Shinon to try and figure it out. “Well aren’t you in luck. As a mercenary work such as this isn’t unfamiliar with me. Who do you want me to kill?”

The robed figure chuckled. “Nothing so drastic, I only wish for you to retrieve a valuable item from a group of bandits stationed not too far from here. It has sentimental value you and sadly no one else has cared to listen to me.”

A stolen item and some bandits? Even Genjuro seemed interested now as his eyes went from the bottle to the robed figure. “We’ll do it.” The fact that Genjuro seemed so keen made Yosuke ill at ease. This was not going to end well.


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Chapter 2

It was a dark and rainy morning when the trio set out from the small inn to deal with the assignment that was supposedly going to make them rich. Yosuke still had his doubts about it. A mystery guy not showing his face just asking for a small favor? Shinon and Genjuro seemed to ignore and fears for the time being due to how easy it seemed. Get an item, a locket, the robed figure explained once they had finally accepted it. Bandits had ransacked another nearby village that he was a resident of and had made off with a lot of valuables and the robed figure and the rest of the residents were willing to pay handsomely.

In the new melded world, technology was valuable especially in places where the rest of the population was from some sort of backwards medieval setting. Like Yosuke’s two travelling companions. Oh how he wished they’d agree to try some of the modern cleaning technology but alas, it was just something Yosuke had to live with. Even he was still holding on to his phone and headphones even though the battery tied ages ago. Yosuke was just hoping for the day he could ditch these two horrible people.

“Stop slacking behind there!” Yosuke woke from his daydreaming realizing he had fallen behind as Shinon shouted to him.

“S-sorry!” He ran up to the two looking at them with weary eyes before speaking. “So…what do you guys think of this whole deal, it’s kind of fishy isn’t it?“

Shinon shrugged. “Does it matter? We’re getting paid for what’s basically pest control.”

“Vermin that will stain my blade with red,” Genjuro replied offhand.

“Well, the guy said that it wasn’t that kind of assignment.” Yosuke helpfully pointed out only to be met by a murdering glare from Genjuro that immediately shut the boy up. Clearly the two minds were made up and there was no point in trying to change them. Yosuke had learned that the hard way before and he wasn’t about to do it again.

So the journey continued onwards into a thick and lush redwood forest. While the melding had caused some strange geographical combinations like a desert in the middle of a lake or an old castle emerging in the middle of a bustling metropolis this place seemed untouched by any weirdness. It kind of reminded Yosuke of those nature documentaries about America. That wasn’t too weird of a thought considering he was here after all. As walked on Shinon stopped mid talk and drew his bow which caused Yosuke to pull out his knives as well. “What’s wr-”

He was quickly shushed by Shinon who fired off an arrow into the trees from where they could hear a squeal as something fell dead at their feet. Yosuke couldn’t really tell what it was but it seemed like a monkey with white fur and a pig snout. “What’s that?” The highschool student asked going in for a poke before Shinon grabbed the creature by the arrow and shoved it into his sack.

“Food.” Well Yosuke was going to protest but it had a snout so…maybe it’ll taste like pork? It didn’t take long however before the treetops above them started to shake even more violently before a literal stream of these creatures descended down on the trio.

“Tsk, more vermin.” Genjuro pulled his sword and sliced towards the attacking horde of monkey creatures.

“Persona!” From behind Yosuke a peculiar looking figure called a Persona emerged. A manifestation of a Persona user’s personality. For Yosuke his Persona was that of Jiraiya a character from Japanese folklore. Using his powers Yosuke sent out a fierce gust of wind that slice some of the creatures to ribbons. Shinon was doing his part loading arrows into anyone that came too close. It however came apparent quite early on that they were going to be overrun by this wild monster unless they. “Run away!” Yosuke was the first to book it using his Persona’s magic to cut a path for himself. Shinon and finally Genjuro realized the situation too and made a hasty retreat. With that started a mad chase where the trio tried to stay ahead as a screaming horde of monkey’s came running after them from above as well as behind them. Shinon did his best to get rid of a few of them with his arrows but there was just too many of them and running was the only option they had. Even with Genjuro slicing a redwood tree clean at its base didn’t deter the screeching critters to continue the chase. Yosuke was ready to start writing his will then and there when suddenly, a clearing. The trees were giving way and they were met by a fiery breeze and sand. Loads and loads of sand. The lush forest had made way into a dry savannah and the sun was starting to set in front of them. The monkeys as well had seemed to finally stop their chase at the edge of the forest continuing their screeching but continuing no further.
Yosuke was breathing heavily and trying to catch his breath. “We…made…it…”

“We did…” Genjuro replied not really like he had been through an intense chase other than a few sweat drops on his brow. “It seemed the tenacity of these stupid animals could only hold for so lo-” The ground started to shake violently which caused the monkeys to retreat back into the forest as two giant worms emerged from the sands bellow ready to feast on the trio.

“Who’s up for dinner?” Shinon quipped as he readied his bow and fired.


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Chapter 3

The rain had subsided and night had fallen. The trio was sitting around a fire with the now-dead sandworms laying around them. If anyone else tried something funny they’d know about it. Despite having to fight the two giant worms the trio looked to alright, though no one was in high spirits, especially Yosuke. Weird plans. Murderous monkeys and now giant worms bursting from the sand. If things had been bad before they had now gone to worse. Shinon was roasting the dead monkey that started it all over the fire. Despite their tough-guy exterior no one seemed inclined in trying to eat of the worm meat. Some things were perhaps too much even for someone like Genjuro.

“I don’t like this,” Yosuke mumbled, but neither Shinon nor Genjuro seemed to hear him. “I said. I don’t-“

“Yes, brat,” Genjuro shot at him. “I’ve heard you and I don’t care to continue listening to your complaining.”

“Much as I don’t want to agree with him he’s right,” Shinon replied in turn. “A mercenary can’t decline every shitty job coming ones way. You got to survive somehow.”

Yosuke hated it when they talked to him like a child. “I know that! But what if we’re heading into a trap or something?”

Genjuro pulled out his sword and slashed at the air. “Then they will taste my blade.”

Shinon just shook his head. “Don’t be so paranoid. This is a new world with new possibilities. We have not made a foe that could hold a grudge. Genjuro has made sure of that. Calm your hysterics and let us do what needs to be done. Perhaps when this is done we can split the share and never see each other again.”

Wouldn’t that be nice? Yosuke thought to himself as dinner was done. He didn’t care to continue speaking with either of them and as the final monkey bit vanished into his mouth Yosuke laid down on the harsh ground and went to sleep.

Morning came and the hot glistening sun shone down on Yosuke. They quickly packed the little they had and crawled over their meaty makeshift barrier and continued on into the savannah. Yosuke wasn’t sure if they had met this harsh climate before all of this but the sun was starting to get to him. He really wished that he had a hat on right now. Yosuke hoped they’d have enough water as well because they wouldn’t survive long if they didn’t have anything to drink. Lucky for them it seemed like their target was coming up on the horizon. The strange hooded figure had said there was a bandit stronghold in the area that headed out stealing from poor travelers and villages in the area.

They sneaked behind a rock formation when they got close enough. The structure looked old for Yosuke’s standards so it meant it was probably filled with something from Genjuro’s time with horses and swords. That’s good, it means they didn’t have to worry anything. After all, they were only after that locket, or whatever it was. They didn’t have to kill anyone they didn’t want to. With this crowd though. Yosuke looked over to Shinon and Genjuro and shook his head. He hoped this would go smoothly.

“Seems like there are not many guards around,” Shinion replied. “Even so probably best for us to wait until night falls again before making our way in there. We have shade from the sun over here so we will manage for a few hours.”

“Hmph! It doesn’t matter to me,” Genjuro replied in his pompous way. “All will still cut to ribbons by my blade.” And with that, the trio waited for nightfall to sneak into the bandit lair. Their task was soon going to be finished. One way or another.


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Chapter 4

Night had finally fallen and the trio made their move on the structure. Shinon had been busy staking out the place trying his best to figure out how the guards moved and when they changed. Surprisingly there hadn’t been much movement from the ones at the door. Though with them wearing masks to perhaps protect themselves from the sandstorms had made it hard to tell them apart. If they wanted to be more thorough another day of stakeout would’ve been ideal but the harsh climate forced them to act now.

Yosuke had been laying in cover from the sun under the rock they had found near the fort and Genjuro well…he had been doing his own thing. Sat in place with a menacing scowl on his face waiting for Shinon to tell them when to strike.

As the sun vanished over the horizon Shinon made his presence felt. “It’s time.”

“Finally.” Genjuro clutched the scabbard of his katana and drew it ready to kill any fool in his way.

Yosuke meanwhile was still apprehensive over the entire situation. There was just something off about the entire situation, but he kept his mouth shut. He didn’t need another berating from either of them. Pricks, both of them.

In the cover of they made their way closer to the structure. The main door was robust and would not be easy to break through on top of the main guard seeming situated there. On the other side of the fort however was a smaller door with only two guards in their way. Again, something Yosuke thought was suspicious but Shinon had assured was usual for bandits saying they were usually dumb as rocks. A reasonable explanation if nothing else. Like lightning they struck an arrow flew from Shinon’s bow hitting one of the guards right in the head while Genjuro rushed up and cut the other one clean in half.

While gruesome what happened next surprised them all. The bodies simply disintegrated into thin air as they fell lifelessly to the ground. “That’s weird right?” Yosuke replied in a hushed tone to not alert anyone else. “Bodies don’t just do that do they?”

Even Shinon seemed to be a bit doubtful right now. Genjuro meanwhile had none of it as he went to push open the door. “What happens to them when they die mean nothing to me. Come, there are more inside.”

“Perhaps, we should take a step back and assess the situation,” Some words of reason coming from Shinon. “While I will gladly dispatch of any monstrous filth. This situation-” He was cut off by Genjuro.

“Do what you will, my blade has not tasted enough blood.” They could have just left him and gone away, but if Genjuro succeeded alone on the mission meant that he wasn’t going to share any potential reward from it and reluctantly they followed him inside.

There was nothing much to the insides of the area. The large walls only hid away a few tree huts and what seemed to be a fire pit in the center where a few guards were sitting and speaking in some unknown language none of them could decipher.

As they crept closer between the huts a few of the bandits walked by. They didn’t seem to cover their face from the storm as they had originally suspected. Instead, they seemed to use them to protect the monstrous features of their faces. Multiple white eyes adorned their head and they seemed somehow…dazed. Yosuke thought they looked like some weird zombies, but that’s dumb. Zombies don’t talk or look like that. This was probably just some weird race they just hadn’t met before. Yeah, that’s it. Soon they found themselves outside what they assume was the storage area considering the guards in front of it. If these guards didn’t leave a body behind them then there was nothing to it as Shinon fired off two arrows. Both hit true felling one of them but instead of dissolving into ash like the others the second burned with visible flames as it was enveloped in some green substance that quickly crystallized around him. “What the hell?!” Now Yosuke knew something was going on but they had gone too far into to back out now. Muttering something about worthless demons Genjuro went first past the creepy statue and the others soon followed and made their way into the storage house to take a look around. The hut seemed to house some riches and what seemed to be the bandit's food provisions.

“No dallying,” Genjuro commanded. “Find that ring.” They did their best looking through the room but there was no ring to be found. As they were about to give up the clanging of a bell enveloped the area. Something was going on and they weren’t going to stick around to find out what. As they tried to leave however the cocoon in front of the door started to break as weird viscera and parts melted out before a sudden outburst of mass escaped. In front of them now was a mass of meat and muscle snarling at them. Whatever the man had been the thing in front of them was a monster bulky and tough with some sort of biologically made armor around it. Taking this creature down would have been hard enough but the other guards had also been alerted and made their way towards the hut.

Yosuke really hopped he had trusted his gut on this one.


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Chapter 5

While it had already been established the ensuing battle outright confirmed it. Perhaps at one point, their foes had been humans but not anymore. They were precise and tenacious. A cut off arm might have created a pulsing ooze of flesh in its place they’d use to attack the trio. A severed head meant nothing as a centipede-like creature emerged in its place.

Not to mention that brute of carapace and flesh that had emerged from the cocoon earlier. Their only saving grace was the fact that these “bandits” had no long-range weaponry. If they’ve had a gun of any sort they would’ve been toast, or that’s what Yosuke was thinking at least as his Persona came in to cut one of the monsters to ribbons attacking them. They couldn’t be humans, right? Yosuke didn’t think of himself as a killer but…

Genjuro meanwhile had no qualms in cutting down anyone that stood in his way but even he found difficulty in breaking through the monstrous hide of that giant creature. Genjuro had even gotten quite badly bruised by the creature but if it was pride or madness. He continued his fight. The fight had quickly bled out to the open as said creature had charged forward and crashed through the wall to the outside. The tight space might have been good for them because then they wouldn’t have been flanked.

Sparks flew as the blade hit its thick carapace pushing Genjuro back, but Shinon’s bow skills were up for the challenge. Firing off an arrow towards the creature he hit it square in the eye causing it to howl out in pain and flail around helplessly. The samurai took the opportunity to heart and charged forward duking under the flailing monster he’d use his palm to strike the arrow further into the monsters head causing its howl to cut midway and fall to the ground before it turned to ashes like the others.

With that the tide of battle seemed to turn. Despite monstrous appendages emerging from places they shouldn’t and the trio being outnumbered three to one, and the type of people they were. Or perhaps, that was exactly why the tide changed. All of them, well Yosuke thought to himself, he wasn’t but the other were monsters in some form. Be it a cold and bloody murderer masking it as some form of self-righteous crusade or the man with the bow and arrows who had spouted a few words about different people that had made even Yosuke uncomfortable. If he ever got out of this and saw his friends again he’d beg for Kanji’s forgiveness.

Ash filled the air as the monsters fell one by one and in the now quiet and smoldering base stood only Genjuro, Shinon and Yosuke. Well, not all of them were standing. Yosuke had slumped to the ground with his back to the now destroyed storage room. “Did we…did we do it?”
“Looks like it,” Shinon still had his bow strung ready to pick off any monster left standing. “Who is that…?”

Through the wrecked wall of the fort emerged from the cracked wall of the fort. “How…” There was a deep anger in his voice. “How are you still alive?!” The trio recognized the voice to be the man that had sent them on this quest originally.

“What are you doing here, old man?” Genjuro asked getting a look of shocked surprise from Yosuke.

“Why’s he here? The dude probably set us up and wanted to see his dirty work for himself, that’s why!”

“You are correct, but alas.” The man continued walking towards them removing the hood to reveal a bearded man in his late 50s. “Your blackhearts yet beat. I and my brethren were going to do this new world a favor by getting rid of you, but we were denied our revenge!”
“Yo chill out! Do this world a favor? Kill us? I don’t even know who you are!” Yosuke shouted at the man. It was true too, Yosuke had no recollection of this man or who he was.

Yosuke’s outburst caused the man’s eyes to widen and left his mouth agape before starting to laugh uncontrollably it made Yosuke nervous.

Shinon’s bow had now been squarely aimed at the old man. “What’s so funny?”

“Of course! Of course!” He screamed. “Why would monsters like you care about the destruction left in your wake?! I. And the poor souls you murdered have all lost something to you monsters. Fathers, sons…anyone who was foolish enough to stand up against your rampage.
Then it dawned on Yosuke. The bar fights. The unpaid bar tabs. The supposed slights in a gambling den. All of it caused collateral. He just didn’t realize…the lives lost.

“You bore me, old man,” Genjuro’s voice snapped Yosuke out of his shocked stupor. “Anyone foolish enough to fall to my blade deserved it.”
“And I defend myself from people,” Shinon replied. “It’s killed or be killed, and I don’t intend to die that easily.”

The man took it all in, having fallen deathly silent. As the two finished talking he just nodded softly to himself as his hand went into his pocket. “Of course…then…there’s only one thing left to do.” His hand moved quickly for his age as a vial of some sort was pulled out from his coat and he slammed it into his neck to inject himself with the mysterious substance.

Yosuke heard the twang of the bow and as he turned back to face the old man he saw he had an arrow sticking right out of his head.
Instead of falling however the man just laughed before convulsing in pain, his body changing right in front of them.

It seemed they had one more threat they had to face before they could escape this place.


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Chapter 6

Before them was no longer an old man but a mass of twisting black tentacles eager to rip the trio apart. It appeared this man’s vengeance was so strong that it didn’t matter if he was consumed by what he had become. Yosuke had to wonder what they had done to fuel this man’s wrath but it had to wait for the time being. Their lives were on the line.

At this point Yosuke didn’t much care for the others but he knew he had to have them on his side to survive this. “Duck!” A writhing mass of tentacles shot towards them and all three scattered away. Shinon rolled out of the way and fired off a few arrows towards the monster but it didn’t seem to deter the beast much.

Genjuro in turn stepped casually to the side and with a heavy slash, cut one of the tentacles clear off living it jumping worthlessly on the ground, but that too seemed to do little to the mess of tentacles in front of them.

Yosuke in turn only scrambled away to not get hit. He had fought more peculiar and even grosser foes but at least you could hurt those. This thing seemed to not let anything come in its way to stop it. He looked over to Shinon and Genjuro who for the time being seemed to have most of the beasts focus. He could just disappear. Let those two handle it. Most of this was their fault after all. But…no, Yosuke was a good person even if the other two weren’t. He couldn’t just let them die. So his Persona once again emerged behind him as he shouted. “Let’s go Jiraya! Let’s show this grabby creep what we can do! Garudyne!” As he evoked the spell a massive and powerful gust of wind went straight forward the beast a multitude of tentacles getting slashed and scattered to the winds as a result. Still, the main part persisted with new tentacles springing forth in retaliation.

Yosuke however, noticed something. The scattered tentacles that fell into the fire that was raging on around them just simply…that’s it! “The fire!” He shouted to the other two. “This thing can’t stand fire!”

Shinon was the first to test this by lighting one of his arrows on fire and sure enough the monster bellowed out in rage as the arrow hit it in the shoulder. Perhaps they then still had a chance. Neither Yosuke nor Shinon were planning on getting close to this thing but it seemed that Genjuro had different plans. No fire and with no protection the samurai stepped forward with his katana held firm in his grasp and began cutting at the best. It trashed its tentacles at him but with every hit it seemed to manage to get on him, Genjuro responded in kind. With Shinion on the sidelines firing off his arrows now engulfed in flames the tide seemed to quickly turn as the beast stumbled closer and closer to the raging fire behind it. With a heavy push, Genjuro used all his might and tackled it into the beast causing it to howl out in pain and singing his own arm in the process. Even that didn’t seem to be enough as it started to in a panic drag itself out of the fire.

Yosuke however, had other plans. Again he evoked the power of Jiraya to send a powerful slicing wind towards their foe but the added flame caused a raging torrent that fully engulfed the mass of tentacles and with a howl and the hot intensity of the flames whipping them in the face their foe vanished, burnt to a crisp.

It was done. They had won, but what kind of victory had it been? A hollow one, if Yosuke had anything to say about it. No one ever did though. “I’m done.”

Yosuke mumbled loud enough as the other two looked over their wounds and seemed to have a congratulatory look on their faces. “What was that, boy?” Genjuro asked Yosuke who stood defiantly in front of both of them.

“I said that I’m done,” He repeated. “I’m done both of you, you monsters. You were the cause of all of this. Pushing these people into this…”
Shinon scoffed. “Please, we forced them to do nothing. I only ever did what was necessary to protect myself.”

“Weak people have, weak minds,” Genjuro replied in turn. “It was their weakness that caused this, not me nor my blade.”

Yosuke realized it was pointless to argue and instead just…walked away. “Where are you going?” Shinon was half laughing as he asked.

“Away,” Yosuke replied.

Shinon laughed out loud. “Where?”

“Away from you!” With that and no one stopping him Yosuke left the two madmen behind. He hoped that they would be happy together.


It had been touch and go for a moment but Yosuke had somehow made it out of the place in one piece. Though he wouldn’t have survived much longer if that truck hadn’t passed him by driven by a kooky man in a kabuki mask and a very hot woman. He had gotten some food and drink from them and they seemed to have been willing to take him along on the ride, but for the first time that Yosuke had been in this new world, he wanted it to be by his rules. That’s how Yu would’ve done it. Taken charge of the situation and pushed through. Thanking them for their hospitality they let him off in a small town called Onett said their goodbyes and drove off.

Here Yosuke heard rumors of a massive city to the west where a lot of people had conjugated. Maybe some of his friends had found themselves there as well? With some supplies and food made by a friendly citizen in town, a family with a mother and daughter, Yosuke set off.

What happened to Shinon and Genjuro he couldn't say, but if it already hadn’t then no doubt their life of debauchery would soon catch up to them. Either way, they were no longer his problem.

His journey towards Midgard and to find his friends began here.
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