Open The Cafe


Main Characters and setup

The planet is dealing the aftermath of a battle between supers hero’s and villains. The damage was so substantial that any powers are frowned upon. The battle was won by comet she was the world premier heroine she with the rest of her kind is now in hiding.

My character
Is a cafe owner and is not comet but knows her before the battle she worked for hero corp as a finder she found the ones that develop powers It’s in you genes kinda like hero’s or X-men

Other main character
I have other ideas for the other character but for now they are a kid born just after the battle. They have moved in to town and frequent the cafe. Gets befriended by my character and the go on a journey to help comet. They are just growing in to there powers and are they are trying to hide them

Secondary characters
They cafe be layer by either character at almost any time. Providing it makes story sense they can drive the story forward. They can be anyone, the parents of the kids or maybe a waitress in the story when these characters are introduced please let the other person know about there background and if they have powers etc these can change to bring in plot twists want to know more please just ask

Lila Renn

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Yesss! Me, me, me, me, me! Question, Would the other main character be the other RPer? You didn't specify.


Hi Lila thank you for your reply in my eyes yes the other main character would be the other role player if you are interested please give me a brief bio of the character you’d like to plays as