Interest Check The Call to Adventure.

Hey! I was wondering if you're still looking? Also, what are your post length requirements?
Hey! I was wondering if you're still looking? Also, what are your post length requirements?

As long as you read what I put up, I couldn't care less. I find length as an arbitrary metric to be myopic. It's what's contained within that matters.

Which OC have you perused, do you have a sheet of your own? And lastly which option presented, if any, appealed to you?
I have a character ready, and I’ll DM it to you when I get home. I’m interested in the murder mystery idea
The character is 18+ only looking for 18+ Rpers/OC's.

Hello fellow adventurers! I am surveying for fellow souls to accompany me throughout a string of stories, an anthology of sorts. These tales will be centered around Investigations/Monster slaying/Mystery/Horror/Justice. You can join in one, two, or all. Though be warned, some of these encounters might prove hazardous. I will explain which ones are so you are well aware of them.

What? You don't want to engage in combat against NPCs? This is fine; not all of these episodes won't be centered on brawn. Others will entail quite the puzzles to be solved. Below I will list a few very loose ideas.

1) Monster slaying
2) Escort missions
3) Murder mystery
4) Dungeon delving
5) Investigations
6) Arresting known bandits/pirates/outlaws
7) Running across the Defiled
8) Bodyguard
9) Slice of life
10) Archeological digs
11) Possible apprentice/training. (Selective)
12) Scouring secrets of the past. (Selective)
13) Executions

14) Intelligence gathering

Now onto the rules.

The Rules

1) Have fun
2) No meta gaming/Godmodding.
3) I do not care about your literacy as long as you read my post.
4) All DM RP's are non-canon.
5) If you come looking for smut, walk away. I will ignore you.
6) These OC's have been played since 2005+. Everything in their bio's and development has been merited through canonized stories.
7) DM me your ORIGINAL character sheet. I do not play with on-the-spot creations; I am seeking fleshed-out characters
My setting isn't necessary for us to play

I will work on a plot based on the OC you wish to bring. These are more or less loose concepts to see if any interest you guys!

Tahira Quil'Kovesh Character Sheet.
(The character sheet for the OC I'd prefer to use, the art contained is my own.)

Additional options.
(My full OC roster.)
def interested.