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The Campaign (1x1 w/ @ShadowCoyoyte0)

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by othyrworld, Sep 16, 2018 at 12:47 PM.

  1. othyrworld

    othyrworld Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

    Tamryn couldn't believe he'd gotten thrown in jail! And for helping out people of the town no less! He was outraged (And also a bit horrified that the city government had thrown him into jail for killing rats without a permit. He shouldn't need a permit to help people! Sometimes he wondered how these places survived.). Plus, the guards had been rude and way too mean, and he was sure they'd left big fat bruises all over his forearms.

    And jail usually wasn't that bad because the company was the best. In his experience, jail people were the most entertaining people ever. They told great stories, let you worry about the things they may or may not have done, and sang dirty songs way too loud to annoy the guards. Sadly, the people in this jail seemed far less exciting. There were a dwarf and a human, both sitting quietly in the corner. Tamryn hadn't tried speaking to them because they gave off a pretty bad vibe, but he was really bored and willing to give it a try.

    He hesitantly scooted up to the human, guessing a member of his own species would react better to him. "So... How'd you get thrown in here?"
  2. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Garret sat quietly in the corner, glaring at Orsik and him glaring back. A "perfect" heist gone to shit because of a lack of information, or moreso false information. The dwarf was both his closest friend and worst nightmare. He really skrews up, but when ge does, its pretty fucking costly. When the third prisoner approached him, Garret was a bit surprised. Was this man really engaging in small talk? Nonetheless, Garret humored him and grinned. "Ah, it's a great story really, but I'll go ahead and get to the point. There's a rich fellow around here, prides himself on the expensive artifacts he owns. We figured he doesn't need all of that shit, so we went to...fuck it, we went to steal some of them. However, the Dwarf with an ass for a face over there had faulty information on the guy! We had guards out the ass and we got caught."

    That's when Orsik started yelling with a booming voice. "Oh, so it's my fault then? Well listen 'ere ye little princess. I don't pay ye for half-arsed burglary! Besides, how I was supposed to know some scrawny rich arsehole had his own little army?! If I had known, I would've hired more men!" Orsik then looked to the stranger and smiled. "Hey you, ye look like you can handle yourself. Want a job when we get out of here? I'm sure you'd be better than that little feck-up over there."
  3. othyrworld

    othyrworld Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

    Tamryn smirked to himself because, yes, these were the prison people he was used to. Apparently, all you had to do was make some polite conversation and people let the craziness spill out of them. He wasn't quite sure if the dwarf was being serious when he offered a job, but he was never one to turn down someone in need, especially if he got to mess with some petty little lordling. "Sounds like tons of fun! Well, except for the whole getting arrested part, but whatever, I'll totally help you guys out. The nobility in this town is, like, soooooo stuck up. I got arrested for not having a permit to help some people out! A fucking permit! Can you believe that?"

    He fully sat down next to the human guy because it wasn't like he had anything else to do. Hopefully, he would only have to give up a little gold and not escape from jail again. Escaping from jail was way too tiring, and if he did escape he could never return to the town again, which would suck. Besides the nobility, the people here were awesome. And this had his favorite store ever. He was disturbed from his thoughts when an elf woman was thrown into the cell. She seemed oddly calm for someone who had been forced into a cold dark cell, but some people were just quirky. He waved enthusiastically at her with a smile on his face, and she gave him a brief smile in return. She looked really familiar for a reason he couldn't place.

    She stared at the backs of the retreating guards, whispering 'oh dear' quietly to herself when she took stock of the situation. When she looked over him more closely, recognition lit up her face. "Tamryn, is that you?" Suddenly, he remembered her.

    "Oh my god, Lanaai! Is that you?" She nodded and he practically squealed, jumping up to give her a hug. He looked her over at arm's length, shockingly happy for someone who was sitting in a jail cell. "I can't believe you're hanging around here. These are my friends, Dwarf and Human." He motioned to the two figures sitting behind him.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018 at 10:51 PM
  4. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Garret and Orsik both raised a brow at each other. This guy seemed rather excited to be in jail. They looked even more confused for the reason he was in. Orsik was the one to speak his mind officially though. "Erm, what kind of help exactly? You pulling the old "doctor" card? I'd argue a permit would be reasonable fer that."

    While Orsik vocalized his suspicions, Garret examined the cell for a way to escape. The lock on the cell door wasn't anything too advanced, it'd be easy to pick with something. There was nothing in the cell with them, and him and Orsik were stripped of their belongings. Perhaps the human had something on him that they could use. When Orsik finished his little rant, Garret chimed in. "I'm sure it's nothing like that. And for you...the work is sort of fun. So long as you..." Before he could finish, the guards threw in another prisoner, this time it was a she-elf. It wasn't long before the human and elf recognized each other. It was weird how each person knew someone else in the cell.

    Orsik smiled and stood up, slicking his hair back and dusting off his beard. "Aye, me names Orsik, and it's a pleasure to meet ye lass." Garret rolled his eyes and stood in front of the dwarf. "I know his beard is tempting, but he's not the most loving type. My name is Garret. Now if we plan on getting out of here, I'm gonna need you names, your trust, and something pointy."
  5. othyrworld

    othyrworld Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

    Lanaai kept her expression blank as she turned to the dwarf and human. She almost forgot they were there, too caught up in the joy of being reunited with one of her dear friends. She nodded her head in acknowledgment of their words but didn't speak. A response would be a waste of energy better used to escape, energy they would clearly need based on the solid walls of the cell. Tamryn frowned at the idea that he would fraudulently help people but eventually decided to set it aside because these were new friends and he couldn't expect them to know much about him yet.

    "I didn't pull a 'doctor card'" He pouted, putting up air quotes around the words doctor card. "I just helped this lovely little farm family kill some of the rats that were eating all their crops! Then a couple soldiers got called in and plopped me in jail. They were mean, too. I'll probably have bruises on my arms for ages!" He rubbed his forearms emphatically. Lanaai was exhausted just listening to him. She'd forgotten how much Tamryn could talk, especially when he was trying to befriend people. She was almost relieved when the Dwarf- Orisk, he told her, and the human- Garret, began speaking.

    Tamryn seemed embarrassed that he hadn't introduced himself, though you would never guess it if you did not know him. "Oh Gods! I can't believe I didn't introduce myself! I'm Tamryn Mnemoskof, and this is my friend Lanaai!" He searched his pockets quickly, but all he could pull out were a few silvers and a pot of ink. "This is all I've got! Sorry guys."
    Lanaai realized that the guards had not searched her when she entered the cell, so she quickly rifled through her pockets. From one she pulled a sharp silver hairpin that had belonged to someone she had helped on the journey into town. She pulled it out and presented it to Garret with a mildly pleased expression. "I will not pledge you my trust, but you may borrow this for a time."
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2018 at 8:33 PM
  6. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Garret took the pin with a smile. "Thank you, I'll take great care not to damage it." The she-elf didn't seem to talk much, and he respected that. Garret for one liked his peace and quiet. Meanwhile, Orsik was blabbering on over the the human's name. "Tamryn...Mne....meh...fecking hell that's a mouthful. Feck it, I'm calling ye Tammy from now on. Consider yourself lucky, I don't give nicknames very often." While it wasn't a complete lie, Orsik often have nicknames to people whose names where odd to him. He turned to Lanaai with a cheeky grin. "Lanaai was it? Beautiful name. Tell me, what's a lass like ye doing in a place like this?"

    Garret chimed in while working on the lock. "She's not here to flirt with your old crusty ass Orsik!" That damn dwarf was insufferable at times, but he was family. With a rather silent click, the lock was open. He handed the pin back to Lanaai, still in perfect shape. "We could leave whenever we want. How do we want to handle this?"
  7. othyrworld

    othyrworld Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

    Tamryn's smile darkened when Orisk attempted to say his last name but quickly regained his typical cheer. Lanaai gave Tamryn a look that said 'These are the people you've chosen to befriend?" with a tinge more animosity than he thought was necessary. He'd nearly forgotten how adept she was at communicating through looks and eyebrow movement. He shrugged. They seemed like interesting people, and he loved making friends. "Thanks, Orisk, that's so nice! And Garret: We should avoid hurting the guards because they're only doing their jobs! It would be so nasty to hurt them just for defending their town even if the laws here are a bit silly."

    Lanaai frowned in dissent, clearly disagreeing with Tamryn "I disagree. Speed is of the essence if we wish to escape before we are discovered. Hurting the guards may be necessary." She ignored Orisk's questions, more focused on the impending escape from jail. If they were going to escape successfully, they would need to be quick and quiet, and she doubted Tamryn and Orisk could be either. She did know some simple magic, so she may be able to disguise their footsteps if she needed to.

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