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Chinese Federation

Type of government: Chinese Communism
Leader: Zhang Yifeng (Head of State), Xiao Li Tian (Head of Military)
Countries: China, Mongolia, Korea, Nepal, Bhutan, Taiwan, Hongkong
Capital: Beijing
Population: 510 million registered
Military Manpower: 3.1 million active services, 7.5 million reserve
Laws: Modern Chinese Legislative, with the People’s Court handling civil cases. The Military Court is headed by the army and General Tian.


The Ancient Chinese Empire was one of the largest and most culturally rich realms on Earth. They were highly advanced in medicine, martial arts, science, and more. Their tales often consisted of people who possessed superior martial arts, almost at the league of Godhood. In fact, these so-called martial artists and generals were ancient Chinese mages, who transcended spirit, body, mind, and magic, into the Heavenly Arts. The Magical source of the Chinese is not referred to as mana, but chi or qi, which is the art of breathing in the life-force and transcend it within your body. Even before 1995, many Chinese achieved great miracles with their martial training and development of chi.

When the introduction of AMPs changed the life of humans and prosperity, China had another problem in terms of population control. In a way, the catastrophe was a great boon for China. Despite the destruction and death of millions, the Chinese people saw this as a revelation from the Gods. The ideals of Heaven’s Mandate, an ancient Chinese decree which said: All that was once China, shall become China. With their large military forces and military alliance with the Russians, the Chinese invaded surrounding former Chinese states and recreated the landmass of Ancient China.

Obviously, not all were treated with equality. The annexed states were generally viewed as lower-class citizens, and the Chinese mainland only became richer and lived in prosperity. However, with the peacetime, which lasted for several decades after the Hundred Years’ War, the Federation has been arming itself for their next expansion plans, should a new war break out.

Their military consists of modern technology, paired with Generals who master the arts of Heaven’s Arts. Officers in the army are as trained as other nation’s mages, however, they are viewed as dangerous foes due to their martial arts, paired with qi magic.

Role during the Hundred Years’ War
The Chinese Federation was one of the aggressors during the war with their expansion into Asia. Their aggressive actions forced the remaining South-Eastern Asia to form PACT, as a countermeasure against the Chinese army. For the duration of the war, China was in open warfare against PACT, as well as clashing with several other nations for the dominance of the Middle-East.

Inherited Magic
Heavenly Arts: The Chinese form of magic heavily involves around the life-energy around you, and how you transcend it. Their magic strengthens their body while giving them superhuman feats like enhanced speed, strength, and material invulnerability. In here, several forms of martial arts are incorporated into the curriculum, which creates a great diversity in their mages, depending on which martial school they follow.

While they focus on close-quarter combat, there is the path of the Sage, which involves around transcending qi outside your body into powerful ranged abilities. The Sages are wise and often found as strategists within the army. The Head of State, Zhang Yifeng is the strongest Sage and the Head of Military, Xiao Li Tian is the most capable warrior. Together they form the Two-Headed Dragon.
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