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The Chosen Few

Giga Bit

The Definition of Insanity
I can feel them.


The ones who made this.

What do you mean? I thought we created it.

No, we didn’t. They did. They deceived us. They wanted us to think that.


Because they don’t know they did.

What do you mean?

They live in it. They see it and breathe it in, yet they think it’s made by us.

Who are you talking about? Maybe we could help them.

One is female, that I know. The other is.. Different.

Like a male?

No, like something without gender.. Just a being.

Oh. That is different.

There is another like this one, though.

What? A being?

No, a world. It feels like this one, only the two were aware. They enjoyed that world.

How? Tell me more.

The world was formed with an idea. The two discussed it fervently. Finally, they created it. There was conflict, but there was joy. There was union and betrayal. There was Love and War.


Giga awoke from her restless sleep. The bag she had slept in was uncomfortable, it felt like a million little ants were crawling all over her body. She rolled it up and shoved it into a huge bag that carried most of her supplies. Today, Giga decided to observe a demonic patrol outside a ravaged city and note any strange behavior.

Soon after she had packed all the things she needed for the day, Giga left her makeshift shack, sliding the sheet metal door tightly shut, careful as to not leave anything that could leave a scent. She then trudged three miles to an elevated spot that revealed the outskirts of the city, the perfect place to observe.

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--- Xuilqitel Dalmah ---

There from the stone spine of the mountain that bends around the shattered ruins of a city crept out a man lathered in layers of dust and dirt, stirring to action at the bitter breach of a foul group demons upon this cold dead place. These invaders move with no tact nor fear, arrogantly turning the dust of a dead civilization that becomes the eye lust of the ragged man. Leering with a mind grinding in thought he jerks the whole of his frame to a massive boulder roosting in the exposed layers then back to the demons walking with a trail of dust to their back. Eyes widen while the naked white of teeth gleam from a wicked grin that splits then from thoughts spoken aloud.

Ooh, How they line up foOor me.....oh hmmmm hooo....

From his rags he pulls a pen of living stone brooding with a breathing heat that ebbs a gentle glow of red in the shadow of his body, Crooked hands edge fingernails along the dead stone face of the boulder. Pressing forehead to the stone, eyes closed he spoke to that stone and every word mimic by that pen in hand and of it the hate of these whispers wounded the stone.

Oh father of dust, whos flesh doth know the taint of his child's cold cry. I etch upon you those vision of his end, Drink his pain.....drown in that anguish. Drink...suffer and cry.... OH stone father, W e e p !

Cracking stone wails as the earth is flogged with livid letters that fester and warp the boulder shattering it from its perch sending it down the side of the mountain, rolling faster and faster with a thundering roar till it springs into the sky slamming down to the ground with a plume of choking dust that overtake the demons. Spreading out in a vain attempt to flee the blanket of dust the demons suddenly find something blocking the light of day, Out of the haze rose a golem with a dozen faces of older men twisted in a frozen scream. Eyes bent in pain and hate wept tears of sand while from that haze of the cloud reached forth a stone vice catching one of the demons. The audible crunching of bone as that vice tighten upon the demon made still the whole area before the cries of pain chased the silence away, Pulled down and close to the golem the demon struggles while the golem takes a step back to coil back its other arm showing it to be a hammer like fist that breaches out of the dust. Right then one of the other demons jump out to try and catch the golems arm only to have it recoil and snap in counter cracking the hammer with such a force into its arm it near flays skin and flesh alike with its impact send out a wave of gore into the wind.

Yet for such a counter the other demon caught that hammer spite its arm being a rag of bone and flesh while the other in the vice struggled to free itself keeping the golem in an awkward state as those other demons came to aid their allies.

Damn I must support my golem...but I'd have to get closer...

Giga Bit

The Definition of Insanity
Giga carefully watched the rag-covered stranger and his golem. She calculated all the possible outcomes.

What the hell is he doing? She thought. And.. is that a Pen? I thought we were all gone.

The woman erupted from her spot, she wanted to do anything she could to keep the stranger alive, to keep a fellow Writer alive. She pulled a small black book out of her bag, then a small black and gold fountain pen. She started to draw furiously. After a few moments, she held out the book to the demons. Something came out of the book, it looked like a wolf, but it was over four times the size of a normal one.

"Go, my servant!" Giga shouted, "Go silence them! Slaughter them without mercy! Leave nothing but splatters on the ground!"

The wolf responded to the woman's orders. It shot at the demons with blinding speed, tearing at them with inhuman savagery. Whenever a demon would climb on top of it to overpower it, its fur formed spikes to impale the monsters. It was clear that this wolf was only meant to kill.

Giga turned to the stranger. "Come on. It's not safe here." She said.


The King grinned. He was observing the carnage through his servants' eyes. He saw that these people both had Pens, this surprised him but didn't make him afraid. It made him happy, his happiness sprouted from a lust for blood and death. A lust for empty revenge.

"Kill them all my imps! Ravage until you cannot anymore! Massacre them!" He ordered manically, sending more demons to the place the two were.


Megalomaniacal Arbiter
We're All Mad Here
Blindfold found himself in a peculiar place. He couldn't see, obviously, and he had stopped seeing in visions a long time ago, but he could tell where he was. There was some jazz music playing throughout the place, and there was a constant hustle and bustle of people talking in very outdated language. Blindfold was in some sort of 1920s speakeasy, or something of the sort, anyway, and wondered why he was here. His mind was still a little fuzzy.

"Oh, Blindfold. How nice of you to join us."

Blindfold knew that voice and sighed. It was the Man in the Mirror. He often appeared in Blindfold's dreams, and Blindfold was never super happy about it. The Man was annoying.

"Why don't you pull up a chair?"

Blindfold found that he was standing next to a table, and did as the Man said. His legs ached, anyway. Wait - his legs ached? And what was that pain in his chest?
Blindfold sighed as he remembered. He had been searching for supplies, but then a demon had ambushed him and knocked him out. The Man must have taken control. Blindfold heard strange, echoing screams coming from an indeterminable location, and reasoned that the Man was thoroughly dismantling the demon - but it should've been done by now. Blindfold felt his throat tear up as the Man laughed in his body. How was this taking so long?

"I took the liberty of destroying a few more Demons for you. You're welcome."

Blindfold growled. "Give me back control. Now. You're drawing too much attention to us. Do you want to get us killed?"

The Man laughed, reclining in the chair he was sitting in, showing just how effortless this was to him. "No, I don't think I will. It's my turn. I haven't needed to stretch my legs like this since that demon horde tried to invade the House. Sadly, though, there were only ten million of them. Hardly enough to give me a challenge. But fighting in your frustratingly frail body presents another sort of challenge."

Blindfold tried to stand up, but was swiftly tripped by something and fell to the dream-floor, feeling pain explode in his side.

"Now, Blindfold, I actually wanted to give you something."

Blindfold raised himself up slowly. "I don't care."

The Man just laughed. "Just look in your back pocket once you wake up. I promise it'll be worth your while."

Blindfold shook his head. "What do you mean, once I wake up?"

The Man in the Mirror stood up and raised his cane, the whistle of the piece of black metal signaling the movement to Blindfold. "It's time for you to go to sleep now. I need to focus."
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