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Sandbox The City of Avalon

Discussion in 'Convergence Hot Spots' started by Atomic Knight, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    There's no need to post a sheet for a character before posting in Avalon! See here for some extra general information and see here if you want to coordinate out some RP interaction!


    On the edge of the multiverse lies a conspicuous city, one that you won’t find on any map. Its name? Avalon. A city that stands on the edge of existence, where its borders a seemingly endless wall of mountains. People say it’s a place where those displaced across the multiverse end up, in a sort of dumping grounds for the lost and wandering. For this reason, this city is made up of disparate elements, some sections rustic and fantastical, with other dominated by technology and modern design. Seasons fluctuate on Avalon, providing long stretches of winter in some parts of the city, while others are touched by an endless spring.

    It is a city that is growing rapidly, thanks to the dawn of a new multiversal age.

    It is no easy feat to find oneself in Avalon. No roads exist to and from the strange city. Of all the beings that exist in the multiverse, only an infinitesimal amount would ever find themselves in new worlds, and even a smaller number of those will ever find their way to Avalon. Within Avalon, there exists a hotel, called the Grand Hotel by most, that allows for multiversal travel, but it is forbidden for those unaware of the greater multiverse to be made aware of worlds outside their own. A shrewd businessman runs the hotel, ensuring it is only for the grand elite. For the large majority of Avalon, they can not afford to step within the hotel's hallowed halls.

    Aside from the staff who run the Grand Hotel, only the Coalition, a multiversal organization dedicated to assisting others, has the means to travel to and from Avalon, though the process is limited. Only those truly lost in the multiverse and seeking relief are brought to Avalon by the group. They can be taken home again, as long as the Coalition has their universe on record. If not, they are simply out of luck.

    The city, for the most part, is completely isolated. It has no dedicated leader, but representatives from each district of Avalon get a say in what happens to the city overall, but careful attention is paid to city expansion. A train system runs throughout the city, though it is most prevalent in the Rust District and Electric Town. For those who live out in Pumpkin Hills, getting around can be a bit more time-consuming...​
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
  2. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive


    Home was such a relative term. For some, it meant the place where friends and family were. For others, it came from the heart. And for some, it simply meant your current place of residence.


    Though for Niko Bellic, there was no home for him. Not since he'd been taken from his own world, away from Roman, Mallorie, Packie, all his friends, and stuck in this.... hellhole. Hell, it was debatable if he truly had a home then.

    No, Niko Bellic had no home. All he had was the clothes on his back and his former military expertise to get him by, to help him survive, each and every day.

    And that's what Niko did. He survived. By any means necessary.

    So as Niko walked through the Rust District with gun holstered, he kept an eye out for any particular individuals. For what purpose? Well, perhaps it was to rob them of food or money, or perhaps it was to truly strike up a conversation with them. Not even Niko knew for sure.

    @Atomic Knight @Anyone​
  3. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth

    Phil Connors

    If you asked Phil Connors how he got here, he wouldn't be able to answer you directly. He knew indirectly how he had gotten here. He had been in a dark place and he had chosen to return home. There was only problem with that plan. As far and wide as Phil looked, he couldn't find home. Instead, he had wound up here.

    Still, maybe it was better that he was here. What had the captain told him? That it wasn't too late to change. It was kind of funny to the weather man that all he had left that he owned was a half empty bottle of Xanax, whatever was in his wallet excluding his cards, his weatherman outfit, his scarf and the watch. He couldn't forget about the watch that he didn't remove. It had replaced his normal one that he did find in the rummage back there. He kept it in the same pocket as his handkerchief as the sheet music.

    " As the clock keeps ticking, only I shall know where I should go," he muttered, remembering his vision, wondering what the fuck that meant.

    @Atomic Knight @thatguyinthestore @Anyone
  4. Atomic Knight

    Atomic Knight Bear With Me The Convergence Series GM

    Whether Niko knew it or not, a man had been eyeing him for a while now, watching as he skulked about the Rust District. This man was not formally a member of the Avalon police, but he had assisted them enough times by now that the distinction barely meant much at all. He had managed to secure connections in the force, a true asset for a private detective.

    He thought it was pretty impressive, for an ex-cop.


    Kyle Hyde, the former NYPD officer, was still getting used to the whole multiverse thing. It was not something he tried to think about much, beyond acknowledging it was a thing and that he had to navigate it if he wanted any shot at finding his former partner. Avalon, at first, had seemed foreign and frightening, but the more Kyle dived into its depths, the more he found it really wasn't much different than New York or Los Angeles. There were good people, bad people, and those caught in-between. Every city had an underworld if you just turned and faced it.

    Kyle couldn't be sure if his suspect was aware of his presence, but it was getting past the point of mattering. One was probably waiting for the other to make the first move. Kyle had always been a blunt man, so he figured he may as well take the plunge.

    "Mind telling me your business," Kyle said, breaking free from the crowd to step in front of Niko. His gaze examined the man like he was a puzzle. Kyle had known enough criminals to recognize the look in their eyes. "You seem a bit lost. You looking for something? Someone?"


    Cullen was cold and tired. And hungry. And annoyed.

    His feet were soaked, for he didn't have the proper shoes to be wandering in and out of the Rust District. He much preferred Electric Town, but here he was, slumming it in steampunk world in search of someone who could help him with his little predicament. Oh, the things a Bloodstone got up to.

    Cullen grumbled to himself and kept his head down, not noticing as he walked right into someone passing him by. He gave the other man a glare.


    "You have a problem, mate?" he growled. "Can't walk around another bloke?"

    Cullen knew it was probably his fault, but he didn't really care. He was frustrated already, and the embarrassment of running into someone just made him want to lash out more. He was starting to hate this damned city, which was really quite unfortunate when it was the only place he could be.

  5. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    To say that Niko was surprised when Kyle stepped in front of him was probably an overstatement. He was more... annoyed than anything. All he was doing, so far, was standing around and minding his own business. Then, this man showed up.

    By the way he looked and spoke, he was probably a cop. Great. Just what Niko needed.


    "So far I've just been standing here. Is that a problem?" Niko asked in a thick accent that sound like it came somewhere from Eastern Europe.

    @Atomic Knight
  6. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth

    Phil Connors

    Phil hadn't thought about much since he had left that place.

    It would be easy to eat some food or to pretend that he was normal, that everything was fine. Lying to himself was something that Phil Connors did especially well. He had put a gun to his head on more than one occasion to both attempt to kill himself and to fully kill himself. It was not a fact he was proud of.
    Of course, there weren't many things that Phil Connors was proud of. He just continued to live despite it all. He could have been a good man.... but he wasn't.

    If it has been before his encounter with the darkness, he would have had a witty comeback.

    But that time had long since had passed Phil Connors. What was left after everything he had been through was a shell of the man that he was. It wasn't quite not him, but it wasn't him either. " I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. I will get out of your way." He moved out of Cullen's way.

    @Atomic Knight
  7. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Severa knew she wasn't perfect. Hell, she had to grow up with that knowledge her entire life, living under the shadow of her perfect mother the second she was born. But this? This? It was just too much. She and her friends were all supposed to team up and travel to the past to stop fell dragon Grima from causing the destruction in their present, the destruction that cost all of them, Severa included, their parents and any chance at a happy future. But of course, she had to go and screw it up somehow! Gawds, this was embarrassing! She could hear it, in the back of her mind: "Your mother would never mess up with her time travelling, you know." Well, how about her mother try it, huh? She could go back in time and marry Chrom and never have her horrible mess-up of a daughter!

    ...Gods, she really wanted to see her mother again. Which was why she needed to get out of Avalon, and soon. Maybe if she could find some connections, pay the right person to get her out of this dump... But it wasn't as if she was made of money! A mercenary in a post-apocalyptic world could only earn so much, you know. As it is, she only had enough money to rent a small room in sone horrible place called the Rust District. A girl like her deserved a spot in that beautiful hotel! Well...maybe once she could land a job, of course. Odd jobs, desk jobs (whatever those were, she was still getting used to these weird terms people here had for things)...she would do just about anything for money right now.

    So, that was why Severa was now walking along the streets of any and all districts she could, hoping to find sone place with a 'help wanted' sign out front (such a strange way of doing things!), hoping to at least start earning for her big mission out of here. What could possibly go wrong?

    @Atomic Knight @thatguyinthestore @Lucky
    Takumi likes this.
  8. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    It was just Severa's luck, as she would find the employer she was looking for!


    "Excuse me ma'am. But you appear to be lost, yes?" The tiny tanooki asked in a warm, welcoming tone.

    @Yun Lee
  9. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Severa stopped dead in her tracks, absolutely baffled. Was that...a raccoon? In a vest? Talking?! That was just weird. Ugh, whatever-she knew a guy who was half rabbit, this shouldn't be that big a deal.

    "Do I look like I'm lost?" Severa huffed. She hoped not. That put a target on your back in seedy areas, especially when you were as adorable as she was. "I'm looking for a job. I don't suppose YOU have any ideas where I can find one."

  10. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus Earl of Phantomhive

    Tom Nook would let out a laugh and place his hands on his belly in response. "Ho Ho! Quite the contrary! I have an offer that you simply can not refuse!" The raccoon exclaimed in glee.

    @Yun Lee
    Lucky likes this.
  11. Okami

    Okami Member

    For many within Avalon, the Rust District was not the ideal place to live. The ideal location for a lot of people would probably be within the Grand Hotel for it's opulence and class. The Rust District tended to be cold, loud, and dark.

    There was one woman however who loved every inch of this district, an inventor by the name of Minerva.

    Minerva was not her real name, merely one she adopted as like the goddess who she shared a name with, this woman was a craftsman through and through.

    Why did Minerva love the Rust District so much? Well, to many she was given the title of "The Steampunker" and was often inventing something new. As her creations tended to give off a lot of steam having the cold season kept them working nicely and as she tended to scream at her creations if they weren't working, the loud city below tended to muffle her curses. She also loved the steampunk aesthetic and how her two story apartment matched her style.

    Today was like any other day, an explosion could be heard from Minerva's upper window and a gust of steam poured out into the streets. Minerva soon burst out of her front door and stalked onto the street as well, a metallic spider creature following her.


    "Thinks its bloody better than me... Got another thing coming that little... DAMN IT!" She hurls her cane onto the ground, ignoring the looks of passerby's who were either used to her tantrums or just scared. The "spider", nicknamed "Sil" scuttles in front of its adopted mistress and picks up her cane, shielding the innocent stick from more harm. Minerva often walked these streets to try to clear her head after a difficult experiment went awry, but today she was even more frustrated than usual. She needed a drink.

    @anyone interested
  12. Okami

    Okami Member

    "Eh?" Minerva turns around, ignoring Sil who was attempting to press her cane back into her palm. "Watchu mean, Jerome?" She wasn't used to having people suddenly introduce themselves to her, she usually did the introducing as most people she met tended to be quiet. "Do I know you or something?Who're you?" Minerva tended to be a little more polite but today she was at her wits end with her latest flop of an experiment.

  13. Minerva



    In Electric Town, Saeko Busujima made her way down a street in the pouring rain. As usual, a blade was strapped to her side, and she carried an umbrella over her head. She weaved through several market stalls as if she was looking for something.

    It had been a little while since the Eveline Incident, and Saeko was taking some time away from her own world. She had fled the advances of the UN and The Coalition, and had finally come here to Avalon where she could eke out a living until she decided to return to her own world.

    Here in Electric Town, she felt at home surrounded by the more modern buildings and urban atmosphere, and it was nice to have some normalcy without death or zombies back in her life. Today, she was taking a walk through a street market in the rain.

    Last edited: Nov 14, 2017
  14. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Dante was casually strolling around the City of Avalon, checking out all the sights and keeping an eye on it's demon population. He was somewhat new to the whole "Multiverse City" gimmick that was going on so to make things easier, he set up his old shop in the city; Devil May Cry. It was a neatly setup shop, where people could contract Dante to deal with Supernatural occurrences or if it's for a good time, play pool and eat Pizza. Seeing that the city was a bridge between Universes, there was bound to be a lot of attention focused in the city, some new faces to meet, some new places to hang out and do what he does best.

    Walking in the rain however? That was not his ideal way of exploring the streets, especially when the day so far for him was incredibly dull. Strolling around with his sword on his back and his duel pistols in their holsters, he casually walked around, keeping an eye on things while also looking for something to do / someone to meet.

    "Can this get any more boring? Sigh..."

  15. Okami

    Okami Member

    "I don't like your tone." Minerva snaps, contemplating whacking him with her cane, before sighing. "Yes yes... Course you did." She runs her hands through her un brushed mane and eyes the boy up, his smile freaked her out a bit. It was like the grin of a skull. "Don't suppose you came up to offer your help to me, did ya?" She asks, "you don't look like an inventor but who knows."
  16. Minerva


    Saeko made her way through a crowded part of the market. She was about to take a shortcut into an alley, when someone blocked her way. She pushed her umbrella up somewhat to show her face.


    "Excuse me." She said with her honorable tone of voice.
  17. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Dante's walk come to a stop when someone appeared in front of him, holding an umbrella. Finally something new and interesting had happened for him as he responded to her.

    "Hey. You got a name, sweetheart? Seems like we both rather be doing something else than walking in this silly rain."​
  18. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club


    Nearby was a Wolfdog, who had taken it upon herself to follow Saeko around out of boredom and curiosity. Also for the fact that Saeko had an umbrella and that she hoped she could get some shelter from the rain for a short while. Noticing her stop and hearing Dante flirt with the girl Blue huffed.

    Seperated from her pack and still trying to wrap her head around the whole multiverse thing she's heard here and there she was simply living day by day in this place, knowing she'd likely have to find some type of job in her human form soon.

    For now though, she could use this form to possibly make a friend or acquaintance. Or keep an eye out for trouble.

    @Minerva @Widowmaker
  19. Minerva


    Saeko wasn't really in the mood. "Saeko Busujima." She said simply. "I need to get through there. I have somewhere to be." She pointed behind the man. She then gestured to the katana at her side. She didn't even notice Blue nearby.


    Meanwhile, in Mist Gardens, somewhat of a distance away from Electric Town, Chelsea was taking a walk, and enjoying the nice spring weather in the gardens.
  20. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "Aww. Leaving already? But we just met. Sigh. I guess I just have rotten luck with women, huh." He exclaimed to himself out loud as he moved out of the girl's way. He gestured his sword on his back as he did that, like she did.


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