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Non-Canon The Devil Returns

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Raynar Saassin

Multiverse RP'er
This Side Story takes place in the midst of the City of Avalon Sandbox and shortly after the end of Shadow Over Gotham involving the Devil May Cry Protagonist, Dante. I hope you enjoy!

Act 1 - The Investigation of a... Teleporting Hell Gate?
In the City of Avalon, Dante was in the midst of a relaxation time after being pulled into another Universe to defeat Bane. However he discovered that his Partner found his shop and insisted on finishing off their mission to close a demonic hell gate that was incredibly different from the normal ones in that it was teleporting around and opening randomly, unleashing many variants of dangerous demons onto those unfortunate enough to be within it's teleportation range. They were investigating this Portal and aiming to shut it down when Dante was pulled.

Now reunited with his Partner, they set out away from the City of Avalon to begin hunting down the teleporting Gate, starting with navigating the City's alleyways to the outskirts

Mission 1 - A Demonic Reunion

Starting out on their journey, they began walking through Avalon's many alleyways to navigate their way out the city. Some citizens looked at them as they walked past, scratching their heads and wondering just who they were, and why they looked so armed. While they were walking, they began to discuss their mission. "So. What exactly makes this gate teleport? I've never seen anything like this before." "I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that people kept reporting this gate appearing randomly in a town and then swarms of Demons came out attacking people left right and center, killing and rampaging as usual." "Hmm. Looks like I might need more than just my styles if we're to take out this threat." "Quit being such a show-off." "You know I can't help myself. Besides, my styles were what helped defeat that Almighty Statue and stopped it from destroying the world." "That was different. This mission could possibly involve an old friend of yours. And no, this does not mean you get to take a extra slice of the Pizza after we finish." "Right..." Dante exclaimed as he rolled his eyes at that remark, as they continued walking. However their walk began to come to a halt as they discovered a group of three Cutlasses in the distance:

"Cutlasses... I hate those things." "Wait, weren't they made by that Agnus Guy?" "Yeah. I think Nero mentioned that when we were discussing his adventures up to the point where we met again. If these things are back, Agnus might not be too far behind. Looks like we're got some old friends to take care of again, huh?" Dante then readied his Rebellion Sword while Trish readied her pistols and prepared themselves for combat as the Cutlasses charged towards them, initiating a fight.

Each Cutlass launched themselves towards Dante and Trish from the floors all at once, which was a different tactic displayed to be sure as usually they'd jump the party one by one. Dante slashed towards the closest one to him while Trish pulled out her pistols and fired at the ones further away. His sword knocked one way while the other two continued to fly towards him when they caught the fire of Trish, forcing themselves to burrow into nearby buildings. "These things just don't give up, do they?" "Nope. They'll keep burrowing into things and jumping out at us until we kill them or they somehow kill us." Dante commented as he continued battling the one Cutlass that he slashed. "Also, don't remember them being this tough..." "Not used to just murdering minor-class demons, eh hotshot?" "Come on. That's just how I roll." "Sure." Dante then finally cut down the Cutlass that he was engaging, right as the other two were about to jump him. Trish however stepped into the scene and stood behind Dante and unleashed a volley of bullets towards them, successfully slowing them down and back to the ground where their metallic fins were still visible. "I had them." "Sure you did, I didn't see you raise your weapon to respond." "Yeah yeah." He exclaimed as he rolled his eyes towards the two fins approaching the party. Deciding to pull out his own pistols; Ebony and Ivory, he fired at the tops of the fins and successfully made them separate. Trish saw this and went for the one that was closest to her while Dante re-brandished his Rebellion Sword and slashed at the one attacking him, both of them succeeding in knocking them out. Stabbing each one in the center, Dante and Trish successfully eliminated the pack of Cutlasses.

"That was pretty tough there for that encounter. I'll rate that one as a Atomic! styled mission for a job well done." "Dante?" Trish walked up to Dante and slapped him across the face for that one. "Hey! What was that about? We handled that pretty well." "Quit being such a show-off and let's actually do this already..." Dante stared at Trish for a moment, mouth open as he then walked off past her.

"Alright. Let's go then. Jeez, you are not in a good mood today, are you?" "Oh I am in a "Good Mood." Just not around you." "Ouch. That actually hurt a little." They then continued on their quest and began to exit the outskirts of the city.

What happens next? Will they find more clues as to where this mysterious teleporting Hell Gate is? And will they encounter more familiar enemies in their path? Find out in Mission 2 - Deja Vu coming soon!

Raynar Saassin

Multiverse RP'er
Mission 2 - Deja Vu
A few moments had passed since their encounter with the Cutlass Demons, and they were still navigating the Alleyways towards their destination. Cleaning up after the fight, they resumed their discussion with one topic immediately coming to pass.

"So. You mentioned an "Old foe" of mine. What exactly do you mean by that?" "I had been doing some research before coming to get you---" "Woah woah woah. I didn't think you were into doing research Trish." "In this line of work, you have to. Anyways before you so rudely interrupted me... It's possible that an old foe of yours that created me is behind this. This Gate does seem to have some kind of magic behind it that's making it teleport, but I'm not sure about it..." "Wait. Mundus? I'm pretty sure I killed him." "You did, but I have a feeling that down in Hell someone resurrected him so he could enact his revenge." "Hmm... In that case then should we not destroy the gate?" "What's your plan then? Not destroying the gate could lead you to not being able to return." "I was thinking I jump into the Gate when it opens and take Mundus down again if it turns out to be him behind this, then jump back out before it teleports anywhere away from the City." "Good plan but also very bad. What if they are expecting that? And what if you don't succeed?" "What are you talking about? Of course I'm going to succeed. But I'll take that into consideration. Let's just find this gate, shut it down, and worry about Mundus later."

And so they continued navigating the city hallways, fighting off the close quarters areas and constantly keeping their guards up. That was however, until loud screams could be heard in the distance. Rushing towards the source of the screams, they would discover numerous citizens running away. "So. What'd you think they're running from?" "Could just be some common thugs. Let the Police handle this." "Hmm." That was when familiar sounds were coming towards Dante and he quickly pulled his Sword to his right and slashed off a flaming skull. Looking towards the source of said skull it revealed a flaming metallic creature which retreated towards the sounds of the screams which were revealed to be a pack of Basilisk's:

"Basilisk's." "You know these things too?" "Another experiment from Agnus only it's a blend between a gun and a dog. Nero fought these things before and I've had my fair share of encounters with these things as well. Minor class demon but still deadly." "Great. Just how much do you know that I don't?" "A lot of things. But I won't get into that. We've got another fight on our hands. Ready yourself, Trish. Watch out for when they launch their skulls at you." "I'll just shoot it, no problem." "Since when did you start to show off?" "Since I met and lost to you."

The Basilisks charged at the pair, with the one that had retreated earlier focusing on Dante more than Trish as the rest charged her. Dante raised his Sword and slashed it against the one that was charging him, causing it to grind to a halt. Trish however had her hands full as she quickly pivoted from spot to spot while shooting at them to suppress them long enough for her to get a decent footing. Dante however was starting to struggle a little as it would seem these Minor class demons are upgraded, being more intelligent and durable. "Someone is definitely altering this demons. I do not remember them being this tough." "Sure you do. You're just used to stomping on them." "I don't see you faring any better." "Oh shut up." "Oh. You are definitely---" He exclaimed with a pause as his Basilisk attacked midway and caused Dante to perform a 180 degree turn to slash towards it to block it's pounce attack, then turned back to Trish. "--- Not in a good mood today, are you?" "Not really since you decided to have a adventure in another Universe whilst we were in the middle of a mission!" She exclaimed angrily as she pulled a pistol and fired towards Dante's direction which resulted in his Basilisk getting shot down. "Woah. I didn't predict that would happen, okay?" Dante then pulled out his Ebony and Ivory after seeing his Basilisk go down and fired towards Trish in which she dodged each shot in a way to make the bullets hit the Basilisks while she proceeded to continue firing her own. "You didn't exactly warn me while we were in the midst of the mission. You just disappeared without a trace, leaving me to deal with a handful of demons plus the ones you were keeping occupied." "I don't even know why I was pulled into that other world. Still questioning that, but was fun. Made some few friends." Dante then slashed towards a Basilisk that was about to jump Trish from a rooftop, knocking it downwards to the ground. "Aww. Making new friends? Like that kiddo with that freaky watch and that other person you told me about, the robot?" "Believe it or not, but that kiddo is quite strong despite his appearance. And that robot definitely needs some guidance on staying alive, they tend not to do well when fighting. Then again, Vocaloids confuse me. And this City has taught me quite a bit about different cultures." He then pulled his Pistols again and fired against the last two Basilisks that were attacking. "I must admit that once I did follow you to this City I felt very out of place. Like that one woman that was in your shop saw me as this Dominatrix type just by how I dressed." She exclaimed as she under-armed a Basilisk that got under her and tried to bite her. "I didn't really take too kindly to her. But most girls don't like me anyways or are the mean kind so who am I to judge?" He then put his pistols away and grabbed his sword, slamming down on the one Basilisk that Trish elbowed. "Probably because you tend to try to flirt with them. Plus most girls don't particularly like show offs." "Can't help it if that's how well I perform. You should know me." Dante exclaimed with a smirk as he continued taking the Basilisk's down. There was one more Basilisk left which retreated to gain some distance. Both Trish and Dante aimed their pistols towards it and forced it to whimper. "A whimpering demon? That's new---" Boom. Trish took the shot and fired it towards it's head, causing it to fall dead. "---... You do realise we could of found out where their den was, right? Or possibly had a better lead towards the Gate?" "Oh well." "And people say I'm the one who jeopardise the missions. Anyways, I'm going to rate that one a Brutal! as they were definitely tougher than before." "Tch. Let's just keep moving... Hopefully we won't run into another pack of Demons." Trish exclaimed, rolling her eyes at Dante's silly rating. "Right. Let's get going." And so they continued walking. Seeing as they were in a central Plaza when they were attacked, they were on the brink of exiting the city and properly locating the gate. Dante however had an odd sense of Deja Vu. He's fought those types of demons before, created by Agnus who was an Order of the Sword member experimenting with Demonic Power.

"(Something definitely feels like Deja Vu to me... First those Cutlasses, then the Basilisks... All too familiar with Agnus's handiwork and they certainly were stronger than before. Could old enemies be resurrected to cause chaos again with some new stuff? Guess I'm going to find out, huh?)"

What happens next? Will they eventually exit the City and properly begin their search? And will Dante's Deja Vu feeling come to Recognition? Find out in Mission 3 - An Old Foe coming soon!

Raynar Saassin

Multiverse RP'er
Mission 3 - An Old Foe

After defeating the Basilisk pack, Dante and Trish were now close to exiting the City of Avalon. However Dante has quite a lot on his mind since those two encounters. He's faced those types of demons before, in more cases than one, and thought that he had defeated the one responsible for constructing said hybrids. Taking the opportunity to discuss current events, Dante looked towards Trish as they walked in another alleyway which would lead them to the edge of the City.

"I've got quite the sense of Deja Vu right now, and I'm not entirely sure if I can validate it." "Are you so sure Dante? What's given you this all of a sudden, hotshot?" "I've faced those two types of Demons before, and so has Nero. I would of figured that the ones he's created would of been destroyed after I killed him but if they are just appearing here now, he could be alive." "Hmm. In that case, shouldn’t we be keeping an eye out for him then?" "Just because I have the sense of Deju Vu doesn’t mean that he could be alive. Those could just of been stragglers." "They could of been. But let’s just focus on getting out of the City so we can finally fully track down that gate before it moves again."

"I’m afraid, you’re not going to be doing that." Came a voice from nowhere as a Demonic looking character appeared before them from a rooftop.

"Agnus. I have a feeling I’d be facing you again. I’ve fought your work once again, seems like you’ve been summoning and killing some more." "I had assumed that despite my… upgrades, that they were far inferior in the face of your tactics." "You summon and kill, summon and kill. I fail to see your logic here for a second time, seeing as you’ve sacrificed your humanity in exchange for power." "Humans… They are stubborn and foolish. It takes a journey to hell in order to finally accept and praise their god. A fact that tickles Irony’s judgement." "Your judgements interest me not. For I am here on a noble quest." "The Hell Gate! That! Is what you seek. And that is why I stand in your path!" "You will fumble in the opposition of my quest." Then Dante pulled out one of his pistols and fired high into the sky before resuming. "Though I encourage! For an opportunity to battle a being of such grand delusion as you, is a sweet fortune."

The Fight had begun as Agnus immediately summoned forth his more unique demon creation known as Gladius which are a blend between Demon and Sword. Stirking towards Dante and Trish, they both proceeded to pull out their pistols and fire at them to force them into their weapon state and jammed into the ground. Dante looked over to Trish while proceeding to grab the one he shot down. "Keep on doing that when it comes to the sword demons and then throw them at him." "Got it." "Uragh!" And so the fight continued to progress as they shot down Gladi after Gladi and threw them towards Agnus. He took an opportunity to charge forward while they were distracted by them and lunged for a sword swipe towards Trish when Dante blocked it with his Rebellion Sword. Pulling on it, he launched Agnus backwards and proceeded to deploy a large amount of combo moves against him while Trish kept the Gladi off his back. Agnus saw an opportunity and launched himself upwards to prepare for a rain of Gladius swords in which Dante nodded towards Trish. "Take cover!" He implied as they proceeded to take shelter underneath what they could as the swords were raining down. After a few minutes, they jumped him again and managed to catch him off guard, and began dealing serious damage to him while he was knocked out from the attack. After a while, he was eventually defeated as Dante kicked him towards a nearby bench. The amount of damage he had taken had forced him out of his demonic form and revealed him as his human, scientist self.

"How? Can there be such a difference between us?!" He responded, speaking very fast. "You surrendered your humanity. It’s that simple." "But you are not human. So why am I inferior?" "You assume humans are weak. Okay yeah their bodies lack the physical ability of a demon. But humans possess something that demons don’t." Agnus quickly grabbed out a piece of paper and a feather drawing tool to jot it down. "Oh. What is it that demons lack? Please for the sake of my research, tell me!" Dante then proceeded to pull out a pistol and shot a bullet straight through Agnus’s piece of paper, frightening him. The resulting shot made the piece of paper scatter into many many tiny pieces, causing him to panic. "No… No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!" "If you’re going to continue your research in the next world ---" Dante exclaimed as he paused for a moment, as Agnus managed to put the pieces of paper back together, only to look down the bullet hole where a gun was pointed at him. "---Do your homework first." Then Dante pulled the trigger, shooting through the whole and landing straight into Agnus, launching him backwards onto his back as he watched his paper drop to his face as he died. "And the rest… is silence." Dante then bowed before pulling his pistol upwards and firing it one more time.

"Quit being such a show off, Dante." "That time, he had it coming. And besides, I didn’t see you complaining about that little duet we had before we kicked his ass." "Ugh. Let’s just go. The outskirts of the city aren’t too far away now." "Let’s go. Hopefully we can solve this without meeting any old rivals."

And so, Dante and Trish began to exit the City after fighting an old rival of his. How will they fare outside of the city now that they are in unknown territory? And will they find the gate before it teleports again? Find out in the beginning of Act 2 - The Hellish Gate Search, starting with Mission 4 - A demonic horde attacks! Coming soon!
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