The Duke's Captures

Vague o3

Duke of the Void
I have no idea why the first thing that went into my brain when I took this a long time ago was "Assassin's Creed"

Lila Renn

Hell on Earth.
Dying of the Light GM
Playing With Fire GM
The Most Random of Powers GM
Robber when he meets @Vague o3 : HEY GIMME ALL Y- Wait? Nice photos.. GIMME ALL YOUR PHOTOS AND YOUR CAMERA!

Vague o3

Duke of the Void

For the first time, I was given field work without capturing any landslides and accidents XD
Still trying to capture things by leaving the phone on the pavement



The Ghost Neighbor
Memories captured and frozen
From the sinking sun or that the dawn has broken
Of creatures so creepy and fuzzy
Of the things that actually inspire me

Come one, come all. Take a look and see
Of buildings, of animals, of the skies, and the sea
Fuck all the edits, I'm still an amateur
Raws are what they are. Hope you see their grandeur

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My favorite capture
The goat feels it. I bet he thinks he's in a music video XD