ISMA The Eternal Youth of the Powerful Mind


Squiddily diddily
Aoife stood upon her tree, six redwoods intertwined and spiraled upwards until they split again, their branches making a complete canopy beneath them. The mountain cave that her teacher had, influenced her decision. But she wanted to make her own monument to nature, growing and sculpting this was how she managed that. It was still a young tree, only 186 years old, but it was still plenty massive.

She touched the red hair that she was used to, letting it flow in the wind. She wondered if she should learn elements so that she could control the wind her hair flowed in, tier one elemental couldn't be too hard to attain and it would help her fly better. She sighed at the idle musings, an elemental ability would be beneficial, but she feared that it may simply not be in her wheelhouse.

Her eyes glowed blue and her robes colorshifted from the white to blue as she scanned the trees around her. The insects that she made sure succeeded filling her mind. There was an immense population of praying mantids, rhinceros beetles, dragonflies and butterflies. Crawling over the tree and filling various webs were spiders of many sizes and shapes.

She held a bow, some would say it was anachronistic considering modern rifles, but she liked the simplicity, and the ability to make her own arrows. There was someone who was seeking her, not for immortality, but for something else. She awaited their approach.
Shea carried on, his blue eyes following the twisted spines of the redwood trees. He looked at the various bugs and insects that swam through the ocean of trees. Shea pulled his hand away from the tree. A large spider had touched his hand. God did he hate the things. Once again, a spider tried to climb on him. Invouluntarily, he waved his hand and the spider disappeared to god knows where. Shea saw a large cave, 'Was that where the Psionic lived? Time to find out.'
Aoife felt the man approaching her little alcove in the tree, and looked over him, trying to pick a form. She chose that of a spider, an ambush predator to catch the man. She wove around her the body of a spider, head, abdomen, legs and eyes, bluish purple energy surrounding her. As he approached the alcove she would leap out and attempt to capture him with her forelegs, "Bold of you to come out here!" She said with a laugh.
Shea faded away, appearing a few meters a way by disassembling his molecules. "Are you," He pulled out a notebook, "Aoif, No that's not right. Aif, No not that either.. Aoife!" "I didn't know you could turn into a spider." Shea murmured, mostly to himself before smiling, "I'm Shea!"
The form of the spider faded around her, leaving only herself standing before the man, white robes with shifting patterns of blue throughout. The amount of control for such a task was no small feat, and if she were being truly honest with herself it was fueled by vanity. She smiled at him, "Yes, it's one of the forms I created so that psiionics like ourselves could fight against great monsters without putting our bodies at risk." She explained, "I assume you're here for that."
"You assume correctly." Shea replied, smiling back at her, "It's interesting how you can do things like that, how did you do it?" He asked, interested. "Its quite impressive how you've done what no one though was possible." Shea's eyes analysed the surrounding area, relaxing.
Aoife shrugged, "Well, it was pretty simple once I figured out what material our psychic energy is most like. Thread, meant to be weaved into glorious shapes. After that you just pull on the shape with your mind, very simple." She explained.