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The Evrensel Conflict -- Chapter 2: Fire and Sand

Discussion in 'Storylines' started by Mr. Wade & Watch, May 14, 2018.

  1. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    There is a desert I long to be walking,
    a wide emptiness:
    Peace beyond any
    understanding of it.

    - Rumi

    The desert was baron, with cliffs miles high creating a wall to trap those inside it. It was hard to tell the time of day, as the sandstorm blinded the heroes and scratched at their skin. The TARDIS had teleported away from the robots, but in doing it was now lost to the sands, as it dislodged all those inside as it made the jump. How and why it did this confused the doctor, but now was not to the time to reflect, but instead to find a way out of the storm. By luck, everyone was right beside each other when they awoke, but they had no protection for their faces as the storm increased its strength.

    Bonding together by hand so none of them would be lost, the Doctor led everyone forward, in hopes of finding even the most minuscule of cover, something to protect them. The walking was hard, as the flying sand would cut open their skin little by little, with their feet sinking into the dunes they walked across, using up only more of their energy. After several minutes, everyone would be exhausted. "COME ON!" Yelled the Doctor, trying to make sure everyone kept up the pace. Alec himself found it even harder to follow them, as he was carrying the body of Xiao, still unconscious from her influx of power with both the avatar state and the time vortex still within her body. It was slowly destroying each cell in her body, and should she awaken again, she would find the pain unbearable.

    All seemed quite hopeless, but as luck would have it, not too far off from them was the shadow and shape of a hut. A small shack that would hopefully fit them all. As they got closer, it appeared that they stumbled upon a village in the desert. The Doctor was quick to make everyone run for the house, dragging them if he had to, no one was getting caught in this storm.

    Breaking open the door, The Doctor coughed up a lung and tried rubbing his eyes as they stung from the sand. Their bodies would ache from pain, from both the excessive walking, and the sand in their eyes, mouth, ears and now cuts.

    On the other side of the desert, however, it was bright and sunny, around a 100 degrees it would feel like, as it was midday, and the sun's rays struck down upon everyone caught in it. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only back luck. This was not a village, but a massive city, with houses filling up miles of land, all clumped together and stacked on top of each other like a puzzle. In the center of the large city was a temple, with its round golden roof shining brightly from the sun.

    To those who were knowledgeable of earth, they would recognize the city as Nazareth, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, son of god. But yet, in this holy city, there was war being waged. Two armies were fighting within its center, both sides being Arab, but one was more a guerrilla group who had little weapons, ammo and supplies, along with men, while the other side was an army who wore white and had much greater weaponry, with tanks, artillery and even planes. The army used WW2 technology, there was no mistaking that, but their country of origin was a mystery, as they flew the flag of Turkey, yet such a country never entered the second World War. So what was going on here?

    Either way, those arriving in the multiverse conflict would find themselves firing at both sides in confusion, as both sides believed they were the enemy to kill.
  2. Bad John

    Bad John New Member

    Alken's walkabout of the western continent had shown him odd, challenging, and wonderful things. For weeks, he'd been smoking out insurrectionist camps, hunting fearsome monsters, meeting friendly locals, trying new foods and living wherever he ended up.

    This was where his excursion got strange. Stepping through a flash of green light several feet off the ground, he fell forward and thumped heavily against the ground. Bracing his fall with an arm, he immediately jumped to his feet, moving for cover at the sound of gunfire. Taking off his bag and laying out his weaponry, he the young man adjusted his helmet's visor, pulling it down to shield his face as he peeked around the horizon, drinking the situation in.

    I have no idea where this is. How did I get here?

    The dark-skinned young man yanked up his helmet, looking around for whatever portal or spell had changed his location so drastically. At a loss, he grabbed his swords, his bag, and decided to bail. Fuck this. I'm clearly not needed here; someone else's war. I'm not personally invested. Basing himself, he sprinted his quickly as he could, trying to keep out of sight. By poor luck, an artillery shell from the Turkish military landed just shy of the street he was on; the impact threw him head-over-heels, but he caught his balance and landed on his feet, springing onwards towards an alleyway.

    A super-human by nature and possessed of incredible strength and speed, he stepped off a wall and jumped onto a roof, trying to get a decent view on who'd targeted him. Hell with it; it was probably a random shot. Jumping down and rushing into a nearby house, he shouldered it open; holding up a hand and preparing himself to burn anyone who pulled a gun on him, Alken slowly but quickly cased the two story apartment, before sitting down in a bedroom and pulling his visor up. Great, now I don't know where I am, but at least nobody has a bead on me.

    Before allowing himself to relax, he checked his armor and weapons for damage, then pulled his visor back down. Falling backwards onto a stranger's abandoned bed, Alken started planning his escape from this hot warzone.

    I've got my short-sword, a standard longsword, Fire, Bolt, and Healing Materia. I've got my armor, a spare uniform, and enough rations to survive for a few months. I've got this. Alken summoned all the positivity he could. I've definitely got this... Laying down and collecting himself, he prepared to do whatever it took to escape alive.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  3. Crow

    Crow beatdown time bros

    "Pweh! Pweh! Pweh!"

    Ben spat some sand out as he attempted to reach for the supposed area of the Omnitrix.

    "Alright, maybe a little Water Hazard should clean us up..."

    Ben then realised that something was off.

    "Oh, right..."

    Ben rubbed his hands off any sand, before rubbing the sand off his eyes. He saw for sure - his Omnitrix was there no more.

    "It's a good thing everyone is in as few pieces as possible, but what can we do aside from wait the storm out?"

    In front of Alken was a fellow warrior - the ever-collosal Grimlock.

    "What are these... creatures? These hostile creatures... threaten me? Then... I threaten them back!"

    The two warring sides dug a hole in their graves the very attosecond their weapons struck Grimlock. He saw them the same way a man with a gun would see a charging rabid dog - except the gun was a giant mecha loaded with unstoppable nuclear-powered lasers from a compressed galaxy's worth of stars in a battery. As their little pea shooters and butter knives bounced off and poked Grimlock's body, he unleashed his Energon Sword and Energon Shield, both glowing a bright orange holo-light.



    Grimlock slashed and sliced through the warring sides, the blood and guts spilling upon each other, and any blood spilled upon the Energon blade was overheated and vaporized into a gaseous state.

    How did this all happen?

    Grimlock was simply in his little office in New Spark as its new mayor, and his fellow Dinobots as the town's council members, before he found himself warped into this realm.

    He worried not about his absence, for he was confident that, while he was leader of the Dinobots, the other four, being the ones to aid him in keeping his cool, would aid well is governing.

    While his teammates were back home, Grimlock had no teammates to help keep him calm.

    As such, he was now in a frenzy. The more warriors he killed, the more berserk he became - a state not fitting for mayor, but perfect for warrior.

    Until he snapped.

    "Deactivate, vicious ones!"

    After saying that, Grimlock initiated a very special thing among his people - transformation. However, due to the ever-so-sadistic Shockwave's experiments, his was different.

    Very, very different.

    He starts off by slamming his fists against the ground. His withdraw to give way to a large, extensive tail. His head, too, retreats, before the head of a monster pops up.


    In a matter of time, a great monster, remniscent of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, pops by.

    "Die! Die!"

    Grimlock's new transformation was the personification of berserk. His energy breath razed many, and he did not appear to hestitate picking some chewy humans up and grinding their soft bodies against his teeth, before spitting them out. If it wasn't via his mouth, he would crush them under his feet or by the force of his crashing, metallic tail.

    "Vile creatures! Die! Die! You mean me harm, I mean you even more!"

    A great, clanking roar was heard following that, before even more mindless rampage. Crushing the centre of a tank under his feet, he lifted it up via his maws and swung around, the momentum sufficient to toss the tank like a frisbee to smack a good three planes out of the sky.

    From there on, he seemed to focus more of his rampage on the side with greater technology, seeing them as more of a threat as he continued to smack the tanks with his tail and fire his energy blasts at the planes


    "Quite the sight," Athena says, recognising the place, but not so much the conflict. She saw two warring sides, one of which being Turkey.

    She found it odd how someone could just warp her here. Another Heretic God perhaps? Maybe Jesus had manifested himself as a Heretic God and warped her into a space depicting his homelands?

    The tanks and planes suggested otherwise.

    "Didn't even have the courtesy to slap the Trojan War in my face? I shall settle for this then."

    Noticing the warriors attacking her, she crosses her arms as she unleashes great black snakes from the ground the strike.

    "I wasn't really expecting respect anyways," Athena says as she begins to hover upwards, summoning a great black scythe to quite literally cut down any opponents that dared to aim for her.

    Athena noticed their bullets bounce off her, before flicks a few bullets back at the gunmen's heads, blowing their brains out.

    "This is child's play compared to Kusanagi Godou holding back on purpose..." Athena dulled as she proceeded.

    @Bobby the Prussian @Bad John @Raffia Kiryuin @Raynar Saassin @etcetcetc
  4. Donder172

    Donder172 Active Member

    Mizelia had the most trouble from the heat of the desert as she was used to more colder environments. Regardless, she had it probably a bit easier in the other way than others as she had the ability to heal wounds. Yet, this was not something she enjoyed going through. And still, where others would be exhausted, Mizelia would use Curato Salva to keep her own stamina up as well as giving small boosts to that of others from time to time. Once they entered the house, she sat down in the house and coughed by the sand. By this time, she would be exhausted from the continued use of the Force. Taking a moment to rest before slowly slipping into a light meditation and gathering Force energy from her surroundings to slowly heal her wounds and regain partially her stamina. However, this happened at a slow rate.
  5. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Terra, Vortex-25, Plutia, Vert and IF had just came to once the T.A.R.D.I.S did it's thing and teleported everybody. As they came to, they discovered that they were inside of a house? It would seem that while they were out for the count for a while, someone had dragged them to a safe place. Noticing however that a certain hero was there with them asking about their conditions, each of them perked upwards towards Ben. "As good as ever. That was too close of a call, thanks to whatever that Police Box was." "Hmhm~ At least I managed to get out of that situation quickly, although..." Vert exclaimed as she, despite everyone being present in the house, began shaking sand out of her breasts, visibly bouncing them around the place. "Lady Vert, perhaps bouncing them around isn't exactly the best way to remove Sand..." IF motioned, blushing heavily that she just admitted that she watched her do exactly that. "Hmhm~ Of course you'd mention that, Iffy dear~ You know you enjoyed every moment huddling up to me~" "L-L-Lady Vert..." Meanwhile Terra and Vortex-25 were in a different corner of the house talking about each other. "So that's your origins... I never would of thought Magic would of been a thing... Aside from the Hive of course." "Uh huh.. We don't need to worry about the Ultima Weapon being a problem.. When I saw them grab it, it heavily decreased in size." "Hmm. I do miss my Ghost and weaponry through, I'll have to find something I can use as a weapon..."

    Meanwhile Plutia remained seated in a chair, staring heavily towards Vortex-25. Anyone in the room, including Ben's experience with her, could feel that Plutia wanted to do something to Vortex after what she did to her while they were captors by those unknown people. Someone should probably try to calm her down...

    @Crow @Bobby the Prussian @Raffia Kiryuin @Anyone Else

    Enter: Reinhardt

    "I have been called... I must answer. Always."
    After the events of Honor and Glory, Reinhardt re-answered the call of Overwatch, as Winstons distress signal to all Overwatch members came through, despite Brigitte's rambling about how Overwatch abandoned him. Donning his armour and Rocket Hammer once more, Reinhardt Willhelm was assigned to come back to Overwatch and to help defend the world once more. At least... That's what was supposed to happen. A few months later after re-donning his armour, he was pulled away from Earth by a neon-green light flash which seemed to teleport him to a unknown area.
    That area however revealed itself to be a very very old area known as Nzareth, the Birthplace of Jesus Christ. Just why was he teleported so far back in time? This was nothing like what he had seen before. Seeing the war being waged in this holy city, Reinhardt observed from a street in the distance. "This is definitely not Germany. Why are we so back in time? And I don't remember Turkey ever being in this period of time. And I do not like being posted in hot-climates, but it was good for my tan." He exclaimed as all of a sudden, Soldiers and Tanks began to converge on his location, much to his dismay. Seeing that there was no chance of negotiation, Reinhardt readied himself for combat, and began charging towards the lines, swinging his almighty Rocket Hammer towards each one, knocking them quite a distance into many buildings. Once the Tanks arrived however, he would bring up his Barrier Field and protect himself from the blasts before raising his Hammer upwards and Earthshattering each individual tank, slowly destroying them with ease. Anyone from a distance would be able to spot the German Crusader destroying the army that was attacking him.

    @Crow @Anyone

    Enter: Vegeta.

    A few hours before the Cell Games were to start, Goku and Gohan had finally left the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with their new power, much to the dismay of Vegeta and to the curiosity of everyone else. After a while of talking, Trunks brought up an excellent point.

    "About that. You two have been Super Saiyan since you came out. What's up with that?" Trunks asked. "Well, after extended exposure and focus, our bodies acclimated to the elevated state. We can sustain it without literally any loss in stamina." Gohan stated. "WHAT!" Vegeta exclaimed angrily. "Yuh-huh! Also, we kinda forgot how to turn it off. Ha-ha-ha..." "Truthfully it's very concerning..." "Yeah, for Cell! And uh, also doors..." "What did you do?" Mr Popo asked as Goku and Gohan took off from the Lookout:


    "See you at the Cell Games, presented by Hetap!" "That hollowed skull bastard, now I'm angry AND thirsty! Boy!!" "Huh?" "We're going back into the Time Chamber and fixing this immediately." "Yeah, Piccolo just went in." As he said that, the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber slammed shut with Piccolo inside. "Wha-ugh... Then what the hell am I supposed to do for 24 hours?! Hang out with you two idiots?!" And as he turned around, Trunks was nowhere to be seen, it was just him and Mr Popo. "Fine. Your literal humanity disgusts me anyway. Guess it's just you and me now, black man." "*Sigh*" And then without a moments notice... Mr Popo literally kicked him off the Lookout:


    "AHHHHHHHHH!!!" "See? Told you it'll happen." "T'was never a matter of if. *Sip* Only when."
    But Vegeta was not to hit the forest underneath the Lookout, instead he fell into a Neon-Green flash and disappeared from sight to discover that he wasn't exactly on Earth anymore. Or his earth, anyways, as he was dropped into the midst of a Desert. And it would appear that a load of Humans were fighting in the center of some kind of town in the middle of said desert, firing bullets at each other like it was nothing. Until of course they turned to lay their eyes on Vegeta's entry.


    "What the hell? Where am I? And why is it so hot?! Urgh. The Wastelands on this miserable excuse for a planet were more bearable than this." Vegeta exclaimed as he brushed off the Sand from his armour and took a look around his surroundings to discover he had two armies aiming their weapons at him. "You really think you can handle the mighty Vegeta? Don't make me laugh." He then outstretched his palm towards the group of soldiers and proceeded to fire large blue orbs of Energy towards them. "Big Bang Attack!" He yelled as he fired a barrage of Ki-Blasts towards the soldiers and tanks, then occasionally swapping to the Big Bang Attack technique before firing more Ki-Blasts. His attacks were quite noticeable towards the others that had arrived as well to the scene. Any attempts by the soldiers to shoot him with conventional bullets would discover that they just bounce off of him as if they were nothing.

    @Crow @Anyone​
  6. Snowtwo

    Snowtwo Member

    Alistia groaned in annoyance as she trudged along through the sandstorm, one sleeve held over her mouth to keep the sand out. She was never a fan of the desert. The sunlight was far too bright and it made seeing during the day, already somewhat painful even if she was used to it, into an outright torturous experience. Thankfully the sunstorm kept it from being that bright but, in return, made it very sandy and unpleasent to simply be around. Not that she couldn't manage it, however, as she had done so before.

    She had more pressing concerns however. Thyrus was gone. Without it her ability to cast magic was sorely hampered at best and there was someone who needed healing now. Badly. She could still hear the elements faintly; it wasn't as if she was somehow cut off from them just by losing her staff after all. She could even feel the arcane powers of succor still.

    "Here. Let me see her." she said as she approached Xiao. Something was... off... however. She knew about the time vortex and everything but something was... weird. It didn't matter right now though. Her tail was swishing back and forth nerviously as she put her hands on Xiao's body and tried to clear her minds. Trying to call upon the elements to bring life, healing, into Xiao's body to stem the tide of destruction and heal her.

    @Bobby the Prussian


    Neptune moved on closer over to Ben, patting him on the shoulder. "Hey there. Listen, I know... I know it kind of sucks to lose your weapons. I'm pretty sure that was very powerful too. I don't know how powerful but I'll believe it. So, ummm... If it helps I'm here to be your Nep in Shining Armor to help you get your weapon back! As soon as I get my own weapon back first!"

    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  7. Raffia Kiryuin

    Raffia Kiryuin Nothing to see here humans The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Entering the shack Xenon looked about for a light source but found none...Remembering the helpful property of a holocron she pulled out a green cube and set it on a table. its light shining brightly enough to let them see inside through the sand storm. "Man this really reminds me of Tattooine." She coughed and chuckled while shaking the sand out of her light armor and the light saber itself.

    Calling upon her little drone she didn't dare to call out while outside she searched through her inventory and picked out a rebreather. The object was basically materialized in her hands and with a little beep it flew off and settled in her pocket. "Hate this thing..." She murmured before putting it on and clasping it shut behind her head. with an airy hiss it formed an airtight seal around her face, keeping the nose and mouth hidden from sight. Each of her breaths could now be heard as the rebreather worked on keeping the dust and sand out of her lungs.

    Chimera C-3

    Multiple airlocks opened as the remaining air rushed out through the gaps, kicking up some dust. Red lights flickering on while an elevator ascended with a rather large person aboard it. Tinted blue from head to toe she was clearly female that was looking up the now open shaft she was ascending. A smirk clearly visible on her face which took only a few moments to be covered by a hard shell just like the rest of her body was. Strong thick tail was latched onto a weapon thats even longer than she was tall!

    Announcer: "Communications established!"

    An shaky at first moving image of the commander appeared in the woman's vision before moving off to the side as bar on the bottom of her FOV filled up, indicating her Higgs particle reserves. On the far left a green schematic of her own body appeared giving all green. To the top right corner a minimap appeared as blue markers were added to it at a rapid pace. 1 2 10 20 soon it was filled with over 150 markers all in formation just outside of the massive 30 kilometer ship.

    Commander: "C-3 your mission is to destroy and intercept the first wave that was just launched by the Gauna. Your rear guard will take whatever slips by you so concentrate on whats in front don’t backtrack." As soon as the Commander gave the mission briefing the minimap zoomed out to show 130 Gauna signals approaching rapidly. 1.2 million kilometers wasn’t much when the cosmic speeds were concerned here.

    As the elevator stopped four pads around it lit up orange, stepping ahead on one the rest turned red while the one she stood on turned green with a beep. Looking into the distance she zoomed in to see what theyre up against. It was the large mass union ship guarding the Gliese 581 star system they had chosen for an gravitational slingshot maneuver closer towards the center of the galaxy. The enemy gauna was hundreds of kilometers long with massive long tentacles latched onto a poor ice world. "Chimera C-3 launching." Reported the blue woman as she suddenly took off from the ships outside. Covering the entire length of the ship in mere seconds she shot right past the massive gardes formation around the front of the seed ship. Four of them however followed her in a clasp formation to keep up.

    Another quartet of moving portraits showed up in her vision with the four pilots that were her rearguard. "Frame 881…frame 876…Frame 888 and frame 889." Each pilot have their ID number to C-3 before introducing themselves proper with actual names.
    Even though c-3 didn’t say anything in response they still said "Copy that! Disperse and enter five pilot clasp formation." In reality just like the gardes C-3 despite being alive and capable of thinking for herself also housed a pilot. She was small but definitely a capable pilot for this much faster low profile chimera. Matching up speeds with the quad formation she crossed her arms right as the formation opened up to let her join. Clasping onto the machines all five of them headed towards the first wave together.

    Commander: "Contact with Gauna in T minus 3 minutes begin the deceleration burn and separate from the chimera."

    Rear guard: "You heard the commander let the chimera go." And just like they were told the chimera was let loose as their formation rebuilt to be a quad again. Giant boosters moving to a reverse position began burning to decelerate while C-3 on the other hand accelerated even more only to get yelled at by her pilot. "Slow down you psycho theyl rip you to shreds at these speeds!" At those words C-3 also began to slow down while muttering. "spoilsport…. Can never have some fun around here." She was pouting under that hard mask.

    Announcer: "Theres a change in the first wave. Theyre entering a ring formation and accelerating towards C-3!" Another announcer begins yelling out their finding, "Massive higgs particle buildup in several of the gauna signals! More are joining in!" Her voice suddenly broke as she was in total horror. "Th…Theyre all chimera breakers!"

    Captain: "C-3 get out of there don’t let them get close to you!" This time it was the captain issuing a direct order to C-3 who immediately complied and took off in a different direction only for the ring formation to take pursuit.
    Didn’t take very long for them to catch up with her as the formation broke up and 17 Gauna were headed for her directly. Turning around to face backwards but still fly away C-3 took her Lance cannon in her hands. With a split second of aiming she fired at a gauna…missed fired again scored a hit no disintegration. Fired again, missed. Adjusted sensors and fired again. Scored a hit first core exposed second shot and a bubble disintegration confirmed. Fire once again and again and again.

    Back in the bridge the announcers were all yelling out their readings. "Bubble disintegration confirmed! Three cores down no five!....no All 17 signals have been eliminated 23 more signals are headed her way." after only a few short moments in the bridge they were seeing exactly what C-3 was looking at. Shaky distorted static filled images of Chimera breakers popping one after another. "20 bubble disintegrations confirmed! Three have managed to get past her!"

    Commander. "Rear guard eliminate the stragglers." As the commander spoke she watched the gauna engage the four gardes.
    Announcers: "Contact! Frame 889 heavy damage! Bubble disintegration confirmed…Frame 876 heavy damage!" a moments pause the announcer called out. "Frame 881 heavy damage! Frame 888 Pilot dead Cardiopulmonary arrest. The R-rear guard has been annihilated the remaining two gauna have entered formation and are approaching the homeland defenders!"

    Commander: "C-3 eliminate them all don’t let anymore get by that’s an order!" C3 nodded and shot off towards the remaining Gauna which had re-entered the ring formation and were charging up Higgs particles once again. "Higgs particle density rapidly rising! Heavy gravitational distortions in the formations center!" In the background she could hear announcers yell out as the commander issued another order. "Dodge it! Theyre about to fire an compound graviton beam!"

    With no other options but to dodge the moment they fired she just barely escaped certain death as the beam went racing off into space, missing the ship by mere kilometers. The high energy of the beam alone was enough to send the ships electronics haywire as it shook from gravitational malfunctions and the screens were full of static. Once the images returned to normal they saw the path that shot took. Almost 90% of the homeland defender squad was reduced to either red or yellow.

    Announcer. "More bubble disintegrations confirmed across the board all first wave gauna have been destroyed. No more…NO! All contact to c-3 has been lost!"

    What the ship however did not see was a massive explosion Almost looking like a green star eradicate all the enemy gauna as it took C-3 and dropped her off within a gravity well and an atmosphere at cosmic speeds.

    The entire left side of the tiny schematic in her vision was turning yellow as the heat built up from the friction and drag but there was no slowing this one down. In all the confusion all she could do is pull up to try and escape the atmosphere but the ground was closing in fr too fast!

    A short moment later a bright light could be seen approaching extremely quick. far faster than a regular meteor could and it was headed right for Vegeta! "Get out of the way!" A voice came from the bright blue light Which smashed right through a bomber plane as it didn't exist but there was no telling if the person heard it in time before she smashed into the ground besides him with the force of a meteor impact. the initial hit digging a crater 50 meters wide before letting her bounce off the ground and impact it once again. This time digging a deep ditch and coming to a grinding halt after smashing into a building which came crashing down upon her.

    Her weapon went bouncing off the ground several times and going over Grimlocks head before getting itself impaled into a tank, saving the lives of a few Guerillas. The lance cannon hummed softly as it awaited its owner to come and get it back.

    @Raynar Saassin
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  8. Agent Puncake

    Agent Puncake Lethal Infohazard The Evrensel Conflict GM

    "Tower, this is Lambda One-Four-Two, on approach vector." The carbon-black Ghost announced as the jumpship, appropriately named Spectre, flew over the treetops, headed for the Tower.

    "Lambda One-Four-Two, I don't have you on log here. We-"

    "This is Kingpin." Gruff voice came from underneath the pilot's helmet as the black-and-gold-clad Titan expertly piloted the jumpship around a jagged piece of rock that poked out from a cliff face. That was the confirmation needed.

    "Kingpin! Our hero!" The Tower operator chuckled. "Rare occurrence, eh? Alright, I'll sign you guys in. What brings you here today, if I may ask?"

    "We are here to restock on rations, and to see if any more good gears are in." His Ghost took over again. "Heard some new helmets are in stock."

    "That you'd have to ask them yourselves. I know nothing." Came the reply. "I think I see you guys up there." Sure enough, the Tower came into view. Kingpin's Ghost floated upwards briefly, then back down again, as if nervous.

    "We see you. Preparing for lan-"

    A bright, neon-green light enveloped the jumpship. Kingpin reflexively pulled on the joystick, sending the Spectre skyward. When it was clear that the grene light wasn't going away, he pushed it back down, intending to crash-land himself int he forest and let the jumpship's autopilot do the rest.

    "Lambda One-Four-Two!" Came the Tower's panicked transmission. "What's that green light? Are you-"

    There was no telltale buzz or static, only the silence as the transmission shut off. The green light faded, revealing something neither had expected to see.

    A desert. Kingpin knew there were no deserts around the City - it was mountains and forest all the way, even inside the EDZ, and the closest desert would be a few thousand miles away. He also knew they didn't make a jump anywhere, so there's no danger of them being on the other side of the planet.

    So what is this?

    From the cockpit window, Kingpin could see a large city-town. However, lots of it were in flames, with different planes, tanks and infantry taking shots at one another. His Exo features frowned under his helmet as he remembered that fateful night, the fall of the City... and what happened to the traveller. It's almost the exact replica, except... archaic technology?

    He looked closer. Indeed, old-fashioned planes shot old-fashioned bullets at the jumpship, all of which bounced impotently off the jumpship's armour plating. The front-facing autocannon reduced them to so much scrap metal and burning carcasses.

    "Guardian!" His Ghost beeped. "I believe someone is being attacked... by both sides."

    He looked down. Indeed, a man ran across the roofs while dodging mortal fire, and a giant humanoid machine unfolded itself to reveal a colossal animal-shaped machine, which spew fire and crushed any and all resistance.

    His Ghost quivered. "Uh... I'd say they're handling themselves fairly well, actually. We should still-"

    A rocket rocketing towards the jumpship interrupted the Ghost's speech as Kingpin jerked the jumpship to one side violently, avoiding the rocket and bringing themselves down to almost roof-height. Kingpin took the chance to materialize onto the roof, not too far from the rampaging monster - which, to be fair, seemed like it was only targeting one specific side - and ran towards the action, his Ghost following and sighing.

    He jumped off a broken section of the roof, landed in a room, and came face-to-face to a man on a bed.

    @Bad John @Crow
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  9. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Alec was the one beside her, cleaning her skin of sand from the storm. He wanted to make sure she was okay and comfortable as she slept. When Alistia came over, he moved aside to give the cat-lady more room, as the Doctor was occupied in looking outside from the cracks of the window doors to see the storm progress. As Alistia tried to heal Xiao, something would feel off about her hands. They started burning. Her hands started glowing like Xiao's eyelids, as the time vortex inside her started burning away at her hands like she placed them palms down on an iron firestove. Realizing quickly what she was doing, as a strange ambient noise was coming from Xiao. "No!" He rushed over and pushed Alistia away, breaking her from her healing.

    She had minor burns on her hands now. "Don't try to heal her, the vortex will just hurt you." He explained, looking at her hands. "No one can handle that much power inside them. The vortex will just burn away as much as you can heal."

    BJ, looking around the house to secure it, stood on the stairs as he watched the Doctor look over Alistia's wounds. "Take it she's dyin' then, Doc." He said aloud, putting two and two together. The Doctor simply looked up to the soldier, answering his question with the concerned look. "Can we reverse it?" Alec asked, still looking over Xiao. Her forehead was burning like she had a fever. "If we can bring her back to the TARDIS, the vortex can go back inside the console, but..." He looked to the front door, hearing the sounds of sand and wind hitting the wood. "We'll need to wait until the storm passes."

    Alec rubbed his eye, aggravated and concerned for Xiao's state. He wanted to do something, but being out in that storm was suicide. "Do we have any food or water?" He asked BJ. "Not that I could find."


    Seemingly, the transformer was placed in the city because the robots realize it's better to put the more dangerous robots in worlds where they can't be killed easily, and hopefully anyone else who ends up in Nazareth. As for Vegeta, he was simply put in a place the robots knew he wouldn't bother them. Plenty of combat, probably would annoy the hell out of him because no one would match up to his power. Both sides, mainly the Ottoman's, fired at the Autobot, as tanks, planes, and soldiers fired endlessly at it to wound the massive heap of metal. Thankfully, it meant that both sides were distracted and the those teleported in could find a way out of the battlefield, but it wouldn't be easy.

    As Alken laid down, he happened to be in the worst place possible. He'd hear a strange noise coming from below the bedroom, and before he knew it, the house started to shake and collapse. As it turned out, a tank was being driven through there, and if he managed to escape, both he and Kingpun would suddenly be surrounded by Ottoman soldiers, speaking in Turkish, which he obviously wouldn't understand. With guns aimed right at his head, they shouted, "Eller yukarı!" With around 15 in total making the group. The tank continued on, but it seemed likely to turn around once it got commands.

    As one approached Kingpin with his gun to the Guardian's face, his throat suddenly exploded and blood splattered on his face. Someone shot him through the throat, and the other soldiers quickly scattered and looked around to see who fired at them, giving the SOLDIER and Guardian a chance to fight back or run.

    Meanwhile, with Reinhart...... Well, it was expected he would come, just when was the answer..... And now he has finally appeared. In a massive crossover, with hundreds of heroes and villains trying to fight against a massive army of robots...... Where would Deadpool be?

    Well, flying obviously. Not by his own accord, rather an explosion caused by the transformer being an asshole and killing the Ottomans, which included their tanks. Deadpool arrived here, just like everyone else, but he unfortunately didn't know where he was, and when he realized a tank was flying towards him, he reacted a little too late.

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" He yelled, as his burning corpse flew through the air like a swan. By coincidence, his body happened to land right on top of Reinhart, with the pointy bits of his armor impaling his body to him. So now the merc with a mouth was like bubblegum stuck to the foot of your shoe, except the shoe was Reinhart, and his blood leaking all over his shiny metal parts was the annoying bit.

    @Bad John @Agent Puncake
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  10. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    The moment the group made it inside, Norman found a place to sit down and take stock of his situation. He didn’t have his guns, his cannon, his nades, and if that sand managed to get into the circuitry of his armour he could kiss what he did have goodbye.

    With that in mind, he began to dislodge his armour piece by piece. He hiss of rushing air came from it as his forearms were disconnected, then his leg segments, and then the rest of his armour, leaving him in nothing but his undersuit and helmet as he went to work making sure everything was fine.

    He couldn’t do much, but he had a small spark-wrench in one of his leg compartments, which let him work on making some necessary adjustments to his stun baton. It was going to be his primary weapon the moment his flamethrower ran out, and as it was he needed it to do more than just stun.

    A spark of pale blue electricity arced into the wood next to him from the stun gun as he set about removing the electrical limiters placed in the base, increasing its capacity for shock to beyond lethal levels.

    “I have about a two day’s worth of rations for one person.” He interjects into the conversation, not looking up from his work. “No water, but it should keep us alive a little longer.”

    @Bobby the Prussian


    Jason, the Red Hood, whooped and hollered as his pistols fired, taking out another Ottoman soldier. God he loved it when multiverse fuckery gave him someplace fun! He could shoot down World War Two equipped Ottoman soldiers all day and by never get tired of it!

    And that’s what they had to be, he knew. You don’t get trained by the old bastard until you understand every single possible subject with stunning accuracy, and it was his own personal hobby to keep up his knowledge on all types of guns. Plus, Riddler was an eclectic guy, and liked to mix a few older models of guns amidst all the crossbows.

    He wasn’t sure where he was in the world, but judging by the relatively shitty city and all the fucking sand around him, he was going to take a bet that it was somewhere in the Middle Ea- Laughter, pain, and a slowly ticking countdo- st. He shakes his head, nailing another’s soldier right through his armour as he ran along the city rooftops.

    Below him was another old bastard, but he liked this one more. He was straight out of those badass cartoons he used to watch, a Transformer. Deception, sure, but after the whole Lazarus ordeal he found himself identifying with them a lot more lately. He did go by the name Jetfire, however, so minus points.

    At the moment, Jetfire was having the time of his life as he... complained about his back whilst tearing through puny human and squishy human alike. From what the kid called Jason had told him, it seemed they hadn’t gone back in time a little to yet another inconsequential human war, except now the little bastards couldn’t hurt him as they shot with their toys.

    A missile rocketed from the ancient transformer’s shoulder and impacted with a duo of tanks, flipping the behemoths on their head as he turned and opened up upon another group, using his axe to cleave through any that got too close.

    “Heads up!” Comes the cry from above as Jason flips through the air and lands upon Jetfire’s shoulder. Running along the titanic behemoth’s shoulderblades, he fires down at the soldiers, each shot killing as they land with pinpoint accuracy. No Batman to try and hold him back here. He’d be doing things the proper way from now on.

    Using Jetfire’s colossal height, Jason flips back off and catches a nearby overhang on the tallest building nearby. Scaling himself up the building with ease, he takes the chance to check out the city.

  11. Crow

    Crow beatdown time bros

    Grimlock roared as he was struck by more pea shooters.

    One pea was pathetic, but what if there were many?

    Grimlock was going to make sure that didn't happen.

    The impact was sufficient to snap him out, resulting in him transforming from his animalistic altmode to his bulky, humanoid robot mode.

    He soon spots someone else...


    And his emblem.

    "Decepticon? You die!... later. Now, we fight as Cybertronians, sons of Primus, later, we fight like always. These vermin before us, enemies of all Cybertronians!"

    Grimlock's back faced Jetfire's as he begins an assault and raises his shield to protect himself on one side while Jetfire covers the other. He casually picks two tanks up and crushes them into a ball, before smacking the ball into a Turkish plane cluster. He repeats this, this time throwing a great big bowiing ball at the Ottomans.

    "You, vile Decepticon," Grimlock says to Jetfire, "you look very clunky. What your name? How you get here?"


    "Hey, uh, Ploots, you alright?" Ben says as he approaches Plutia. "You don't look too well."

    He checks Plutia's forehead out of concern.

    Ben turns to the Doctor mentioning the Vortex.

    "If only I still had my aliens. Clockwork can totally suck that Vortex out of her system!"

    But now, priorities. Ben sports his more serious faces.

    "So, what means do we have to remove the Vortex thing from her? Is it going to stay in her forever until she dies?"

    @Bobby the Prussian @Raynar Saassin
  12. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    “By Primus kid, were dropped on yer head as a Sparkling? You speak worse than Soundwave.” Jetfire mutters back, his axe cleaving through two tanks with ease and setting off a series of exolosions, even as his shoulder mounted weapons began to all fire simultaneously and lit up the street in wave after wave of gunfire.

    “I’m too old for this shit.” He spits as his weapons calm down, leaving nothing but a pockmarked and cratered street where there had once been a blockade of those little morons. Turning around, he kicks a soldier who got too close and holds an arm up in front of his eyes. You know, just in case.

    “You an autobot then? Self-righteous twits, the lotta ya.” He pokes Grimlock in the chest, completely ignoring the gunfire as he points his other hand in the direction of a diving fighter, shredding the internal engine and causing the plane to crash down on top of the humans’ formation.

    From above, Jason lands on top of Grimlock with an adept flip. “Hey old man, can’t help but notice there’s two walking artillery now. This one’s an autobot though. I thought you lot were enemies or something?” He shouts over the gunfire of his weapon, a stolen rifle from a commanding officer.

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  13. Agent Puncake

    Agent Puncake Lethal Infohazard The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Marcus started at the word "Clockwork", shivering from head to toe. A damned Ticker... in his group! He ought to nail the fucker right there and now!

    ...no, actually. Marcus reasoned with himself as half of him struggled to rise from the seat, and the other half struggled to keep himself seated. It's highly unlikely that it's him. The guy's from a cartoon, for WAN's sake! Still, he remained uneasy, a queasy expression on his face, blaster half-emerged from its resting position and shaking as he fought the urge to point it Ben's direction.

    The members of Samsara huddled in a corner, Irantu mumbling something and the others nodding at random intervals, voices too low to be heard clearly.


    The Titan slammed a hand into a soldier's face, sending the man flying backwards as his hand gripped his hand cannon, pulled it out, and fired off three rounds in quick succession, rapidly dispatching three men to his right. He couldn't care less what the other soldier-looking guy did, but was careful enough to keep collateral damage to a minimal as he hip-fired the hand cannon, emptying the cylinder at the enemies.

    @Bad John @Bobby the Prussian
  14. Crow

    Crow beatdown time bros

    "Shockwave's experiments... ever since then, I... no longer speak properly."

    Grimlock continues onward, commenting about Jetfire's comments on the Autobots' self-righteousness.

    "If you assume that I am merciful like Optimus Prime, you... wrong!"

    Grimlock looks up to see Red Hood.

    "You... correct. We Autobot, Decepticon... enemies. How do you know what Autobots & Decepticons are? You... not Cybertronian."

    Grimlock crushes two more tanks with his feet, before using them as discs to fling at more planes, knocking them down like birds. He skewers another tank with his sword, creating some sort of mallet that he used to swing about.

    Just then, a good fraction of the opposition that were nearest to the Cybertronians turned to stone. Below Grimlock & Jetstorm was the youthful-looking Athena.

    "Did I destroy the fun? Not like you can't just walk over there and proceed."

    Athena points to a still active, flesh-and-metal based large portion of the armies over the sea of freshly-formed stone statues to step on.

    "I'm honestly surprised they haven't surrendered yet. Are they warriors or fools?"

    "If they no surrender, I no surrender!"

    @TheGreenerGrey @Bobby the Prussian
  15. Bad John

    Bad John New Member

    Alken sat upright quickly when the Titan burst into his room; he was staying down to avoid detection by the colossal robotic combatant outside, but Kingpin was directly in his face. "...Hey-" Before the SOLDIER could start negotiating with the exo, the floor fell out from under him. He grabbed his bag and his weapons, bundling them hazardously in his arms as he plummeted. "DAMMIT!" Landing, he had absolutely no illusions of negotiating with these bastards. Whatever they were shouting, Alken hardly cared; the fact that they dared to attack him was somewhat grating.

    No deaths; just show 'em who's the boss. Taking a breath, the SOLDIER let himself get angry.

    "You want a fight? Then fight!" Throwing off his bag, Alken holstered his longsword, clipping it to the magnetic node on his back. Keeping his primary weapon high, Alken accepted the challenge and prepared to beat down some enemy troops. When Kingpin burst into battle, the Ottomans aimed and began firing at Alken by association. Alken dropped low, then dashed out of their line of sight. Zig-zagging with careful strides, he threw their aim off. Constantly staying out of their crosshairs, Alken watched their guns and moved before they even fired; simple enough for a SOLDIER.

    When one talented marksman among them acclimated and fired on-target, Alken whipped his short-sword around, swatting the bullet with the pommel of his blade and sending it whizzing off behind him. Nailed it. A slow smile came across his face. "Your aim is okay, but how's your CQB?"

    I feel bad for toying with them, but they shouldn't have attacked me. You get what you pay for.

    Before they could reload, Alken was on top of them. His blade slid through a man's waist, opening an agonizing wound. Turning, the SOLDIER lashed his boot upwards, kicking another Ottoman trooper in the jaw. Alken turned and threw another lightning fast kick; a roundhouse from his left boot knocked a man's arm out of the socket, sending him tumbling to the ground.

    The Ottomans drew knives and batons; shooting hadn't worked, so they rallied with close-quarters weapons. Alken leveled his blade, cracking his neck as he put his right foot forward.


    To the untrained eye, Alken swung once; to a keen eye, he slashed four men in an instant, leaving deep but non-fatal wounds. When they fell, Alken rushed the tank, using the opening he'd created. Stepping onto its hull and slashing the bow-gun in half, the SOLDIER stood on top of the cannon and raised his boot. "Fucking punk!!!"

    With a single stomp, he bent the tank's barrel ninety-degrees downwards. Having calmed down from his fit of rage, the SOLDIER turned towards Kingpin. "Hey, you! We're both decent fighters, but I get the feeling that any of those weird vehicles could one-shot us." Alken referred to, of course, Jetfire, Grimlock, and the now crashed Chimera C-3. "How about we team up and escape, eh? I'd feel better with a competent fighter watching my back, and I'm sure you're invested in surviving."


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  16. Agent Puncake

    Agent Puncake Lethal Infohazard The Evrensel Conflict GM

    "That would be most satisfactory!" The Ghost materialized as it vocalized to Alken. Pulling itself upward, it narrowly avoided Kingpin's rampage as a hail of hard-light rounds punched through a tightly-grouped platoon of Ottoman soldiers. It whooped. "Oof. Spacing is key."

    Kingpin, having neutralized most of the nearby enemies, turned to look at Alken, seemingly considering his offer. After a few seconds, he shrugged - basically giving a rough affirmative - and fired past Alken at a soldier who charged them recklessly with a bayonet. The hand cannon shot spilt his skull as the brave yet foolish soldier collapsed, almost blown backwards by the force of the shot.

    The Ghost floated nearer to Alken. "Hello, Guardian! You are... certainly a peculiar one! I agree that we must form a fireteam and fend off the immediate threat, though..." It paused for a few seconds as its "eye" glowed, scanning the body behind Alken. "...these enemy troops are outfitted with surprisingly ancient technology. Who are these men?"

    @Bad John
  17. TheGreenerGrey

    TheGreenerGrey Self-proclaimed everything expert.

    “Yeah, I know of you lot.” Jason comments in between the roar of his stolen weapon, the nimble vigilant making full use of Grimlock’s bulk to hide whenever things got a little hairy. “In my part of the multiverse, you guys are an old T.V show. Oh, by the way, if you didn’t know we’ve hopped dimensions. That happens sometimes.” He explains, couching behind Grimlock’s neck to reload.

    “You two have no idea how cool it is to see things like you in the fle- well, steel I suppose. I can remember a few things about your super secret lore, like how this planet is actually your version of the devil. Unicorn or something.” He continues as he steps around from the neck, only to see that any soldiers left had been turned to stone, and there was a woman below saying... something and gesturing towards reinforcements.

    “Oi Lady!” He calls down as he leaps off of Grimlock’s shoulders and runs along Jetfire’s arm until he lands in front of her. “I wouldn’t stay on the ground if I were you. These two are walking shields, it’s great, and I’m thinking that we need to get moving.” He says, not even bothering to ask if she was on his side. A body like that, and turning people to stone? If she hadn’t been transported from his universe, he’d take off his helmet and eat it.

    Jetfire looks towards Grimlock, cuffing him over the back of his head as the dinobot roars. “The little shit’s right. Not about needing to, of course, and i’m tempted to boot him for that little shield comment, but I think we should move to someplace more interesting. Won’t get anywhere if we just keep killing these insects, and I wanna get home. Back to cybertron, or at least that bloody museum.”

  18. Snowtwo

    Snowtwo Member

    Alistia scowled as she looked down at her hands, feeling the burning sensation on them. That sucked. Not able to heal Xiao at all and, even worse, having her attempts result in pain upon herself. She reached down for her pouch, pulling out her soulstones. Without a staff she was unable to attain a proper connection to the elements. The only reason she was able to heal at all was because of her own, innate, healing prowess and that the elements weren't completely silent to her either. She put her hand on Xiao's chest.

    "I'm sure that, were I to have my staff, I could challenge such a notion. I have seen healing magics bring back the dead before. I have used them to fight against beings whom have ripped holes in dimensions and even fought in dilations of time itself as well. However, there is clearly little I can do without a healing staff. I wish it were not so. At most I can heal others whom hold no such condition about them for small amounts until I regain a staff. I may be best off changing my soulstone to assist in other manners; but I hesitate to do so."

    @Bobby the Prussian
    "Ouch. Ignored outright." said Neptune, frowning as Ben focused on Plutie and the others. "Well, if you ask me, it's pretty straight-forwards. We need to get her back to the Tardis so our cat-girl can heal her and we can't do much to slow it down before it kills her, so it's a timed mission. Course, it's harder because I lost my weapon again. Shame, I kind of wanted to try that stun baton... Oops. Ignore that. Anyways, I think only a few of us can even fight at the moment. So it's not going to be easy."
  19. Crow

    Crow beatdown time bros

    "I not getting it, but you saying, we are characters in some story? Crazy!" Grimlock responds to Jason

    "Same here, Decepticon," Grimlock agrees with Jetfire, "being back on Cybertron, drinking Visco, would be nice. But now, we explore planet."

    Grimlock shifted his body to his Tyrannosaurus-shaped altmode as he rampaged through the Turkish army like they were ants, reaching towards what was on the other side of their vast armada, his weight crushing any tanks and foot soldiers he stepped on and his laser breath razing any plane that dared fire at him.

    "I have no need for a shield. I bothered to bring my own," Athena responds to Jason, "not that I use it too often."

    As a cannon shell was aimed for Athena, a flick of her palm was enough to send it flying into a plane, where it in turn crashed onto a group of tanks.

    "Fighting this army is a bore. I shall join you three in your next activity. It seems that the proposed plan is a trip to where the Turks came from."

    Athena begins to hover beside Grimlock & Jetfire, deflecting attacks with her scythe as they advanced.

    @TheGreenerGrey @Bobby the Prussian
  20. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    "Turkish Stormtroopers. Infantry squad similar to German squads during World War 2, though they were sloppy in organizing when you guys fought back." A voice told them. It was old and gruff sounding, a man in his 50's most likely. When they turned around to see who it was, there walked over a man with light black hair, with grey sideburns and a stubble beard, but he wore a heavy stealth attire. It was made of Kevlar it seemed, but seemed light to carry and easy to run with. Along his forehead were goggles with three glowing green eyes.


    He might've not looked as well packing as Alken or Kingpin, but he seemed good enough to carry a gun. "Take it you two aren't from around here either?" He asked them, bending down to grab the pistol of a dead soldier. He took out its clip and placed it in one of his suits pouches, chucking the pistol aside and searching the body for more ammo. He was carrying the same machine gun the other soldiers had, though it was clear he wasn't with them. Must've been the guy who fired the first shot, giving the two the chance to fight back.

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