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The Evrensel Conflict: RENEWED!

Mr. Wade & Watch

Cult of Personality

After a rather long winter and going so long without putting up a bulletin for the forum......... Here's a bulletin!

Welcome to the Evrensel conflict, filled with thrills, chills, and even SPILLS! The multiverse is open and the universes are at war with each other, as they believe the other side is invading them. However, behind the battlefields, an army marches across their homes planet by planet, abducting entire species, populations, planetary materials under the ground, even the planets themselves and the suns of their solar systems! The army is massive, and their leader is currently unknown, however, their commanders have been revealed.

It's a robotic army set to destroy universe by universe. But why? Well, come and find out, as heroes from all over plan to unite and fight against not only the mastermind behind this, but also the villains who plan to enact their own plans, as they use the chaos of the war to their advantage.

Come and play as the hero, or even the villain who shall create an empire from the ashes of their universe. Play as your favorite characters, create new ones, and even create your own worlds to use for the story! Outside our usual chapters, we allow plenty of freedom for making your own sub-plots, side-stories, spin-offs, and whatever else you can think of, as well the fun little wacky threads just for casual fun.

So stop on by, grab a beer, join the fun, and please use a condom!-- Nah, i'm kidding about that.

Stuff! Things! VICTORY!

(Below is the link to our second chapter, which we have restarted, since the first time got muddled by confusing plots. Due keep in mind our chapters are usually quite singular, meaning plots for each of them have a beginning and end and don't continue into other chapters, so it is easy for you to join if you feel like there's too much to catch up on.)