The Fall of Gods

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It is the year 703RY. Regoroth is still in its Middle Ages. It's been 12 years since The Great War of Ferrengale.Tensions run high, still, between the different countries. The most tension ran between the elvish kingdom of Lorwyn and the dwarven kingdom of Birfeln.

Strange monsters began to appear all across the world one day. Stories told of a time like this happening, and heroes emerging from across the world and banding together to defeat a great evil. This great evil was said to be the gods that had fallen into corruption. These heroes would have to slay these gods and find the evil that had corrupted them so the gods could be reborn pure again. It is said that these heroes would not only defeat the great evil but also dispel the tensions between the kingdoms of Regoroth.

The Fall of Gods FAQs


Founded by an elf named Solana Lorwyn. Lorwyn is a kingdom located in a lush wilderness to the south. Lorwyn is a peaceful kingdom. It is a kingdom occupied mostly by elves brought there by Solana Lorwyn who had seen how lush the forest was and saw it a good place to settle. To the northwest lies the mountain kingdom of Delgriz on the high peaks of Teldor. To the east lies the Ronesko Empire in the plains of Elberon. And to the north at the base of the mountains of Miralia lies the Dwarven kingdom of Birfeln. To the west lies the kingdom of Cidarvale. Further south lies an unexplored wonder.


Founded by a dwarf named Zugrel Birfeln. Birfeln is located at the base of the northern Miralia mountains. Here living is tough. The weather stays cold and not much will grow here. Birfeln is a kingdom that relies mostly on trade. Zugrel Birfeln brought his people here hoping to escape an evil that had once roamed the land. Once the evil had passed he had hoped to return to the land that had once belonged to his people but Solana and her people had taken the lands in which his people had once lived.

Founded by a dragonborn named Yorghull Kelthiath. For as long as history can tell the dragonborn had always inhabited the iron rich Teldor Mountains. It wasn't until Yorghull came to be known that he named the kingdom Delgriz.
Ronesko Empire

Founded by a human named Theoderick Ronesko. Theoderick was banished to the continent of Eneth with everyone else that worshipped “false gods.” Here him and these people settled in the plains of Elberon between the Islinglow river and Lake Lamiscle. Now hundreds of years later the settlement had become a mighty kingdom. The Ronesko Empire is a Theocracy run government.

Founded by a Centaur named Tes Thornrunner. Cidarvale is a kingdom that was once abandoned for an unknown reason. A couple hundred years later Tes Found this forgotten kingdom and led his people here to resettle the kingdom. The original name for the kingdom was unknown so Tes chose to name the forgotten kingdom Cidarvale.


Humans- Humans mature in their teens and can live 80 years.

Elves- A race of human like people with pointy ears and a graceful and slender build. Elves are considered adults around the age of 100 and can live 750 years.

Dwarves- A race of short human like people with beards and bulky body type. Dwarves mature at the same rate as humans and can live 350 years. They are still considered young until they are 50.

Centaurs- A hybrid of horse and either human, elf, or dwarf. Elvish hybrids are more slender and graceful. Dwarf hybrids are big and bulky. Human hybrids are usually in the middle but can lean towards either body type. Centaurs tend to age about the same as their humanoid part.

Dragonborn- A humanoid draconic race with scale covered skin and bone protruding from the top of the head and a tail. Depending on the age some dragonborn may have wings. Dragonborn reach maturity at 15 and can live to 80. Wings usually don't grow until they are 50, on rare occasions they can grow when one reaches maturity, and on even rarer occasions one can be born with wings. It is so rare for one to be born with wings that there have only been 2 born with wings around at the same time. Dragonborn usually have distrust for all races. Trust is a thing that must be earned to them.

Lizardfolk- A humanoid reptilian race with scaly skin, a tail, slitted pupils, and a split tongue. Lizardfolk reach maturity at 14 and rarely live past 60. Lizardfolk are usually nomadic creatures. They tend to live anywhere and everywhere. They are however coldblooded creatures and thus need warmth to survive. For this reason they usually avoid the Dwarven kingdom of Birflen.

Catfolk- A humanoid feline race with elongated canine teeth, slitted pupils, fur on the whole body, and a feline tail. catfolk mature at 15 and can live 100 years. The Catfolk are a race of nomads that usually stick to the woodland kingdoms of Lorwyn and Cidarvale.

Wolfkin- A humanoid canine race with elongated canine teeth, fur on the whole body, and a canine tail. Wolfkin reach maturity at 20 and can live 200 years. The Wolfkin are a once nomadic race that settled down in the woodland kingdoms of Lorwyn and Cidarvale but also in the Northern kingdom of Birfeln.

Genasi- A human like race with elemental qualities, and skin, hair and eye color reflecting the element they possess. Genasi mature at a similar rate as humans and can live 150 years. The Genasi are a race that can be found in any and all kingdoms. They are a race respected by all except the Dragonborn, who tolerate them but don't trust them.

Character Sheet
Race: (keep in mind that the most races stick to the kingdom that they are from.)
Kingdom: (most kingdoms have a majority of the race that founded that country.)
Appearance: (you can use a picture, but if you do you must still provide at least three sentences about their appearance.)

Equipment: (what does your character have on them?)
Weaknesses: (at least three.)
Backstory: (at least 2 paragraphs.)

Hello and welcome. I've had this idea for a while now. I hope to see a lot of you in the RP. I am looking for an assistant GM (hopefully someone that can make maps, but this isn't required). Here is the discord channel for the chat: The RP will be held here on STC. Feel free to drop in if you're interested.
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The gender is only there to help people envision the character. I have no problem with LGBTQ characters as long as that is not the only thing to your character. If you are cool with that then I'd be happy to have you on board.


Awesome! I only asked because I'm non-binary and gay myself. I don't want to be a part of a roleplay that's weird about it XD I'll try to have a character up soon!

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If you're still looking for more people I'm more than willing to join! I really like the idea.
I'll post a character sheet in a few days. Could you tell us a bit more about the kingdoms? I'm thinking of making a Genasi and they don't have a default kingdom. Could you tell us a bit about their what kinds of environments are in the kingdoms, and which ones border which?
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I'm gonna push the start date back by a week cause I totally forgot to put the details on the kingdoms up and specify why the races without their own kingdoms don't have their own kingdoms. Sorry for the inconvenience. I should have that information up in the next few days
Sorry about the delay in the character sheet; my classes are kind of keeping me a bit busy right now. I think I can get it done sometime tomorrow. Or today, considering the time.

Do you have any of the information on the kingdoms done? I'd like to know which one would be most likely to have Water Genasi and port cities.

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alright I just finished with the information on the kingdoms. I edited the original post and added it there.

@61 Argent Feathers Seal Evil to answer your question, water Genasi can be found anywhere. As for the port city part, The Ronesko Empire and the Kingdom of Lorwyn both would have ports
It's going to be a couple more days before my character sheet's done. I have a test to study for and a few assignments I need to finish. I'll have some free time to work on it during the weekend. Sorry about all the delays; I'm about 75% done, I think.