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The Finger of God

Sometimes, I wonder if between the seams there's something of mine holding it all together.

A long time ago, men took themselves apart to see how they could heal their ailments.

In the future, a human's body is a chemical machine. Human blood courses through the walls of buildings and their bones tile the floor. It is an age of plenty. Nothing need be mined or refined. All can be cultured, cultivated, and recycled from the very substances we ourselves are composed. Microbiological machinery has fused with heavy industry, and as such there is no part of our physical self that is sacred. In this time the soul is sacred and the body is little more than a husk to fill. There is no need for labour; Autocarnems do the work instead. At least, that was the intent.

A waterfront city known as Jung was home to several thousand, and is presently the site of an event with disturbing implications. Once a fertile producer of new and inventive ways to utilise the human cell, Jung was reduced to a city-sized corpse. The memory banks for seven thousand decayed in only a day, killing every single one. The gardens have withered, and the famous Tower of Skin is crumpled. The smell of rot is everywhere. The cause of it all is unknown to the general public, thanks to planet-wide censorship.

Deep in the ether is a grand space station; a tower that houses the ruling elite. They wait in the shadows, holding a strain of bacterium that could wipe humanity and their creations off the planet for good. It is meant to be kept secret and destroyed, but certain individuals have obtained knowledge of the disease.

It's now only a matter of time before chaos breaks loose. You and a select few are those who know of what really happened in Jung. With this knowledge comes great potential.

What is this roleplay about?
In essence, The Finger of God is about being a post-singularity human who's mind is stored on a bacterial computer. Everything is made of human cells, and as such its possible to worm your way into just about anything. You know about a secret to power, and what you decide to do with that knowledge is up to you. Be wary, however, as others like you are out there and at work.

More or less, you're a being that can transfer their spirit to just about anything, inhabiting a world of biological technology, and you'll be in competition with other players, each with their own goals. It can be a game of scheming and playing others, or a guns-blazing rampage. Just remember that if something kills your memory bank, that's the end.

Are there any guidelines I should know about?
Read the 'Lore and General Information' tab for guidelines. For now, everybody starts in an unnamed city. The only known places are Jung and the ruling Elite's space station.

  • Don't be a pervert.
  • Don't metagame.
  • Don't be a jerk.
  • Keep swearing to a manageable level.
  • General Storyteller's Circle rules apply as well.

IC is here!

OOC Chat: The Finger of God - OOC Chat

Make a character here. (I'd recommend reading the lore before making a character.)

More information can be found in the 'lore and info' tab.
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I approve of this RP, and will join in the hope that it draws interest. Playing in a Gigerian society sounds like a real blast!