The Goddess' Staff.

Lil Proton

Liàng Proton
Role Play Idea:
In this works, there's aliens and devices of great power. Entities that are marked off as legends and weapons that can destroy planets. One such a special device is the Goddess' Staff, or Proton's Staff. No one is really sure how exactly it works but those who are after it understands what it does. The Goddess' Staff has the capability to build/transform any weapon, device or piece of technology with no limit, welders are known to be unstoppable.

One day, the Staff was to make it's journey right back to it's original owner when the ship carrying it was ambushed and destroyed right by Earth's atmosphere. The Staff fell to Earth where it would me it's new masters.

It was about evening time around the university in California, most classes were over by this time and a couple of classrooms were finally beginning to close. Just a short distance away is a NASA funded and maintained miniature space centre complete with it's own large satellite dish and a couple of computers to examine space.

Silvan Sultan yawned a bit and looked at the computer screen, the skies were mostly clear with a few comets passing by as shooting stars, nothing interesting in particular. The young adult looked across the room, just a few more hours until the assignment's over.
"How much longer until we're finished?" he asked out loud.
Dominic stared at his graph he had been creating based on the charts and movement of the stars. There was one that didn't make sense, but he had to pretend to be human and had to simply say he was a genius rather than admit to being over 80 years old and actually a pilot for the Quoti nation. Studying in the school and NASA center had been interesting and the calculation that they used came easy to him. In many ways the most difficult part had been learning their system and numbers, but once he knew them he was far better at math than the average student.

Glancing up from his work he stared at Silvan and shook his head. "Don't worry about it." However long this other guy thought they had it wasn't a big deal. "2 maybe 3 hours. Not long." About time he finished saying it the one monitor lit up and Dominic pulled his chart up. "Ooh we got something. Suppose we ought to say something?"
Silvan yawned one last time and gazed at the screen for a moment, asteroids were scheduled to enter the Earth's atmosphere around this time, at random directions but the one on the screen seemed a little bit different. He observed it for a moment, from the screen it appeared to be 2 dots moving at exactly the same speed at the exact same position, chasing one that's in front of them. The one in front was moving in an abnormal way especially, it seemed a bit odd.
"That's odd enough, random asteroids down chase each other like that, maybe showing it to the guys back at NASA would be good idea. I'm sure they already noticed it though."
It only seemed natural that Silvan would suggest they show it to NASA. People consistently made that kind of suggestion and it was an annoying thing for Dominic. "Yah know what, I think we ought to go out there and see it for ourselves." He was personally interested in finding the crash site, because a pursuit like that wasn't without reason. Walking over to the desk near the doorway he signed himself out early and then slipped his coat on. "See you later."
Silvan looked at Dominic for a moment and shrugged, he looked back at the computer screen then stood up, seeing the crash site would be fun after all. He copied the flight pattern from the computer right to the tablet and looked at the details of it. "Alright, I'm coming." Silvan responded, he scratched his gloves for a moment then followed Dominic outside, the crash site is expected to be near surprisingly. " The mapping said it should be somewhere in the part." he said while walking up to him.
Dominic was barely outside and he saw Silvan stepping out after him. "How fast are you at running?" Neither of them had been any exercise programs that Dominic knew of and he liked to think that the other was in shape, but there was no telling. For himself, it was important to stay in shape and he did, but he didn't attend any fancy programs to keep himself in shape either. Slicking back his deep brown hair he wiggled his arms as if to loosen them and then started to jog. It was ground easier traveled on foot and better to do that way. He couldn't have anyone spotting him on his way via the road.
"Running? I can definitely run all the way to the park, but it leaves be very sweaty." He answered him. The part wasn't far so Silvan didn't quite see the reason to even attempt to dash that quickly. He was relatively in shape though he frequently goes through long periods of fasting and limits his diet to just vegetables and fruits so stamina may not be his best strength. Still he proceeded to begin running, first towards Dominic then he began running towards the park. Seeing a couple pieces of fallen asteroid debris would be something to remember after all, assuming it would be safe.
It didn't take long for Dominic to gain a good pace. His long legs stretched out and his deep blue eyes seemed to flash with the excitement of their possible find. He didn't want to admit that he was a possibly going to be finding someone from NASA was already there, but he had to at least try. Quoti was waiting for him to report any interesting findings and working as an undercover student was ridiculous. Whipping around the edge of the park gate he tried it only to find it was locked and instead vaulted himself over the tall fence. "C'mon Silvan." Without regard of his fellow student he dashed further into the park and came to stop just on the edge of the trees so he could make sure there weren't any other visitors yet.
Silvan wasn't as energetic, he kept a mostly calm, slightly emotionless expression while he headed to the tall fence. He looked at it, seeing that it was lucked but he's not going to jump over it, instead to took a bobby bin from within his sleeve and picked the luck, then he opened the gate and walked through quickly. Silvan locked the gate back and walked right to Dominic. This part was especially meant for the more wealthy of the group, there weren't any homeless people since they weren't allowed near the back though the security would walk around to insure nothing happened. "I'm coming." he said to Dominic. Eventually, he was right beside the person. Silvan looked up ahead for a moment, then looked at the tree he was next to
They were here before anyone else and momentarily Dominic wondered if that was for a reason. Cautiously he stepped out from the protection of the trees and he looked around again before he started to run toward the crash site. There was still fire lapping hungrily at some of the ruins that were in front of them, but it wasn't a a regular comet and he had half expected that they would discover this. "Silvan you ever see something like this before?" It was an honest question and Dominic wanted to know if the young man had ever seen an alien or its craft before.
Silvan looked at the fire for a while and made sure to be extra careful while he walked towards the area. He walked to the crash site this time, already soaking wet from running for just a short amount of time, and the burning sensation didn't encourage him either. He continued to walk to the crash site, then he looked at Dominic for a second, not saying anything for a good twenty seconds while he thought about the question in his mind. "No. I haven't." He gave him a direct answer while he continued to head towards the crash site. The ship itself was about the size of about three trucks, it didn't seem too battered up and closer examination showed that the ship was slowly repairing itself
Whatever it was happened to be a pretty incredible piece of machinery. This was something he was going to want to keep. At least find a way to replicate it before he considered giving it back to whoever it belonged to. "What do you suppose it is?" Dominic sometimes found playing or pretending to be human was an entertaining part of life. Surely the other would discover it at some point anyway and right now it appeared to be sooner rather than later. "I think we ought to get in this ship and explore it." Dominic slid down into the wreckage and he took his jacket off to bunch it around his fist so he could pull the hatch door open without burning himself.
Silvan looked at the ship for a moment then observed the pieces very closely, it seemed that the pieces on the floor was slowly turning into dust, then as dust, it began to slowly rebuild itself. "It's a ship of course, it looks like a ship and it came from space." He responded to Dominic. In Silvan's opinion, that question was a bit unnecessary, everyone would have deduced it would be a ship. He slowly began to walk a little closer to the ship, it wasn't so hot. Eventually, Silvan found the entrance. "Alright, let's look inside."
"Wasn't asking you if it was ship you dumb head." Dominic only smirked as he worked at the handle. "Asking you what it was could mean I was asking if you observed anything special about it and how you would classify it." That was the only thing they ever did in the classes. Could be a comet, but what kind of comet etc..... It was also a way for Dominic to cover what might have been a stupid sounding question. No matter how smart an individual was, they had a tendency to ask dumb questions from time to time. Swinging the door open he felt a wave of heat, but it cooled off after a moment. Enough that the could safely take his first step into the ship.
"Oh, in that case, this ship appears to emphasis in being able to repair itself, probably to protect something." Silvan looked around the ship for a moment, it was hot, probably from the crash itself but soon it began to lose all that heat. In fact, the inside of the entire ship seemed to be moderately air conditioned, at least before the impact and crash turned up the heat temporarily. Silvan made sure to pay some details to the design, he really had nothing to base the ship off beyond what media portrayed in movies and books. "The ship didn't blow up yet, interesting." he commented.
There were times that Dominic's mouth got the better of him and it was about to be another one of those times. "Might be something to do with that wonderful emphasis on being able to repair itself. I'll bet that's why it hasn't blown up." Grabbing a small jar from his pocket he scooped up some of the moving particles. "I just wanna take this back and see what we can find out about it in the lab." Rest of it they could leave. He had to get out of here with Silvan before NASA or some other government agency showed up. "Maybe we should get out before we get caught here."
Silvan looked at the chemicals for a moment and shrugged, it definitely looked like some sort of sand very fine but they were surprisingly hard for some reason. Something especially interesting was something that was right on the floor, beside an unconscious alien. The alien itself appeared humanoid, about 6'2 inches but it was in a metallic suit. The suit itself covered the alien from the feet, right to the head, the face wasn't seen but a staff was in it's hand. Silvan looked at the staff and proceeded to take hold of it. "Okay, let's go."
Dominic glanced at Silvan and he rolled his eyes. "Really? You wanna steal something from an alien with this kind of technology?" Sometimes human genius kids weren't so genius. "Taking a few particles from his ship to duplicate the technology isn't necessarily as dangerous as taking that thing." They didn't have time to argue so he jumped out the door of the ship. "If someone comes for that thing you're taking responsibility for it."
"I'm taking a staff, and you're complaining when you're literally taking actual moving debris of a ship?" Silvan asked him, but he didn't expect any sort of satisfying answer. Instead, he proceeded to head right out of the ship, before anyone would have noticed. There were sounds of sirens heard from the distance so obversely the fire service, and the police was aware of she the crash, but that's just about it. Once out of the ship, he looked around for a bit, then he ran into someone
Dominic hissed at Silvan. "Why are you running into me. We gotta stay low for a few minutes." There was someone standing not too far off and he recognized it as the alien. "Nevermind. We can't wait. Gotta go." Jumping forward he started for the gate again. He didn't have time to pick any locks. Silvan could deal with the problem he started.