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Side Story The Goddess:

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Sark, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    The Goddess
    Prologue: The End

    The Fellowship has been plunged into chaos. People are arguing. Shouting at the top of their lungs. Cursing. You can barely hear yourself above the roar of angry delegates. You can barely think.

    "You've had your turn, Luthor!" One voice rises above rabble."You've had your share of second chances! It's time for you to meet you Goddess!"


    STATUS: Ashe// Deceased!
    : Beauregard Lionette// Deceased!
    : Big Mother// Deceased!
    : CFW Brave// Deceased!
    : CFW Magic// Deceased!
    : Dinasadhaka Vipatti// Deceased!
    : Dukemon// Deceased!
    : Eliphas the Inheritor// Deceased!
    : Jester Lavorre// Deceased!
    : Kolin// Deceased!
    : Kuro Kyoka// Deceased!
    : Maddison Palmer// Deceased!
    : Omnimon// Deceased!
    STATUS: Roman Halldiay// Deceased!
    : Rory Mercury// Deceased!
    : Silque// Deceased!

    This is the end. Your slate has been cleaned. Who blew up the council? It doesn't matter now. Not to you.

    You're dead.

    You feel the emptiness of death wash over you. Some people say it feels just like falling asleep. It doesn't. It doesn't feel like anything. It's just empty.

    There were no pearly gates. No golden glows. No angels. No gods.

    Only blackness.

    And you drift. Sleeping, but not at peace.

    A hand cuts through the void. A soft hand. Warm. Familiar. You reach out towards it. There's nothing else to touch. Nothing else to look at. Only her.

    She's beautiful.

    "I'm glad we've finally met," She sings. "I've been searching for you for a long, long time."

    She reaches out to you. She takes your hand in hers.

    "Come with me... you still have so much to accomplish."

    You feel warm. You feel whole. You feel alive.

    A light appears at the edge of the voice. You swim through the void. You crawl through the nothingness. You're almost there. You can almost reach it. You're almost there! You---

    STATUS: Ashe of Gaspard// Reborn!!
    : Beauregard Lionette// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Big Mother// Reborn!!
    STATUS: CFW Brave// Reborn!!
    STATUS: CFW Magic// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Dinasadhaka Vipatti// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Dukemon// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Eliphas the Inheritor// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Jester Lavorre// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Kolin// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Kuro Kyoka// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Maddison Palmer// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Omnimon// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Roman Halldiay// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Rory Mercury// Reborn!!
    STATUS: Silque// Reborn!!

    The void is gone. The blackness is replaced by a blinding light. Your eyes start to heal. The Council hall is empty now. Your fellow delegates have all been evacuated. You've never heard the chamber so... quiet. But compared to the silence of the void, everything you can hear sounds so much louder than it should. The flaming beams that once help up the Fellowship's Debate Hall roar. The light breeze that drifts through the fresh cracks in the chamber walls howls like a dog. Even your breathing is loud enough to send pain rushing through your ears.

    "My Lord!!" A pale figure cries at the top of its lungs. "They're alive! Some of them survived the--"


    A magical blast strikes the pale demon. He tries to scream, but he's dead before his can say another word. His body is broken down to atoms in a flash. A heartbeat later, those atoms are stitched back together into something new. Butterflies soar from the space the demon had once occupied.

    The Goddess smiles at you from the corner of crumbling chamber. She places a finger to her lips and hushes you.

    "My, my! Is someone alive down there?" Izana cries from down the hall, his chipper voice echoing across the stone walls of the temple. The sound of pounding footsteps fills the room. "Come on, don't tell me you're hiding from your rescuers!"
    "You know, come to think of it... I did receive some bad opens this morning. Maybe I should have passed them on to someone... Well! I can't change the past! Only predict the future!"

    The Goddessian walks towards you. He passes straight through the Goddess as if she were a phantom. The Goddess smiles at you, and hushes you again.

    "Well... thank the Goddess you're all alright... I mean... for now! This place is still teeming with demons. But we should be fine? Right? I mean, what's the worst that can happen? A horrible painful death? That's nothing!"
    Izana thins his eyes into a concerned scowl.
    "Hmmm... are you sure you're all okay? You all look like you've seen a bunch of ghosts...What on Earth happened to you?"

    Cast List:
    @Raynar Saassin as CFW Magic and CFW Brave
    @amwexia as Roman Halliday and Madison Palmer
    @Yun Lee as Kolin
    @Crunch as Eliphas the Inheritor
    @Lucky as Jester Lavorre and Beauregard Lionette
    @Nightwisher as Dinasadhaka "Din" Vipatti
    @Crow as Omnimon and Dukemon
    @Jeremi as Big Mother
    @Minerva as Rory Mercury
    @Takumi as Ashe and Silque
    @York as Kuro Kyoka​
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  2. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    What an odd time to die. Out of nowhere. At least Magic would of been able to reunite with her Goddess, right? To see Arfoire's glorious power in front of her, knowing that her devotion paid off? And what of Brave? He must of had a similar feeling, knowing that his work for all the children was about to pay off.

    But no. They were resurrected later only to be greeted by a screeching voice, stating that they had just survived something only to be cut off by another voice, claiming to be their rescuers. Just what the hell was going on here? When this individual questioned them about looking like they've seen a Ghost and had a scowl on their face, Magic retorted.

    "I think the one who needs to be concerned about is your own well being; interfering in the matters of the Deity of Sin, Arfoire."

    "Those Goddess Candidates must of put you up to this, killing us somehow so that they can stop her revival then reviving us somewhere completely different. Those poor children, not being able to play their Video Games without the wisdom and power of Arfoire's Gifts... I demand answers!"

    @Sark @Anyone​
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  3. amwexia

    amwexia Member


    Roman was shocked beyond belief, to say the least. He died and was resurrected, he thinks. That’s the only explanation. Bless the trees that mysterious, beautiful girl was there to save him.

    “I-I don’t know what happened...” Roman spoke, “I-I-I think I died.”

    To be honest, Roman wasn’t all that certain about the supernatural despite worshiping a tree god. He didn’t believe in resurrection and magic, and only tagged along because Maol-Chaluim spoke it so. Maybe it was fate or destiny that he found this, but maybe this Goddess was related to Maol-Chaluim.



    Maddie was on the ground, searching for her precious vape pen. It was the only thing that kept her from leaving this meeting and telling Clovis to go fuck herself again.

    To be honest, Maddie wish she hadn’t brought it. Her status as a messenger of Clovis and healer of the sick made her have no time for these stupid meetings, nonetheless Clovis forced her to go.

    In Maddie’s honest opinion, Clovis can be kind of a bitch.

    “Where is it!?” Maddie frantically muttered, digging through the rubble to find her pen.

    She found it, though, it was crushed.

    A tear streaked down her cheek.

    “Ugh! That fucking woman!” Maddie cursed, “I wish I was still dead.”

    @Sark @EveryoneElse
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  4. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    @The Destroyed Council Chamber
    "You relax, darlings." Izana sighed. "I remember one of my advisors telling me all about traumatic situations. He told me that they can lead to... oh... what was it called again? Ah! Yes! Amnesia!" The Archduke chuckled to himself. "I suppose this whole situation must be quite distressing to you! If you need a shoulder to cry on, both of mine are currently unoccupied."

    He opened his arms, ready to welcome the two CFWs into an embrace.

    "In case you have forgotten, my name is Izana. Archduke of Izumo? 5-Time Winner of the Best Hair Award? Ringing any bells?" He sighed again. "Well... I suppose all that matters now is that I had nothing to do with you all getting blown up. Was I in the room when it happened? Yes. I attend every meeting of the Fellowship of the Faiths ever had. It's my duty to give all you delegates something nice to look you throw your chairs and scream at each other. As you know, the Fellowship's meetings can get quite loud and--- what was I saying?"

    Izana froze for a moment as he tried to find his chain of thought.

    "Oh, yes. I remember now. I had nothing to do with the ungodly attack on the Fellowship. I have a strict policy of Neutrality when it comes to Multiversal Conflicts."
    He placed his hand over his heart. "Whatever conflicts you might have been a part of before today, well... I doubt I've played a part in them."

    @Raynar Saassin
    "Hmmmm you two died, did you say?" Izana hummed. "Now... that is deeply troubling. Then again, it does make sense. I mean, it's been 5 days since those demons blew up the Council Hall. You would have starved to death by now if you hadn't... well, if you hadn't died once already..."

    Izana let out a short, sweet chuckle. Once he was done, reached down to Maddie and offered her a hand.

    "You mentioned a woman?" He added. "That's curious. I had been told all the demons around here were male, much to my chagrin... What did she look like?"

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  5. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "Are we sure we aren't just hallucinating?"
    "I do not believe we are, Brave. This seems all too real."

    The two of them watched as Izana rambled on about the events that transpired, and somehow made sense of it.

    "If what you claim is true, and that we are supposedly apart of this fellowship, then explain why our efforts to revive the great Arfoire have been for nought? We are close to gathering the required amount of energy needed to bring her back, only to witness a different Goddess of unknown origins revive us instead."
    "Whatever the case may be, I mustn't let those children down. Lead the way to those usurpers who dare stop us, and they shall face my blade!"

    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  6. amwexia

    amwexia Member


    “F-five days?” Roman stuttered to himself, before turning to Izana “To be honest, I-I have no clue what happened, I-I only say that because it certainly felt like I died.”

    He rushes his hand through his hair, his nervous “tell”.

    “But five days!” Roman spoke, “It felt like a lot less time had passed.”



    Maddie took Izana’s hand and got up.

    “She was fucking beautiful,” Maddie said, a tinge of envy in her voice, “I would kill for those looks,”

    She held her broken vape pen in her hand, coveting it close, “I don’t remember all the details, but like, she was beautiful.”

    She clutched the vape pen close to her heart. Maddie wishes that she had the ability to restore objects, and not just humans, to their healthy and complete form.

    @Sark @EveryoneElse
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  7. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Huh? I actually remember dying... yet, I am still in the state I am... as one being as opposed to degenerating into a pair of DigiTama..."

    Omnimon stratched his head with his gauntlets, dual-voices emerging from him.

    "What is this blasphemy? This treason?" Dukemon exclaimed as he raised his lance. "Whoever has done this will taste Gram! Yggdrasil wills it, for certain!"

    "Dukemon, calm down," Omnimon assures, then turns to Izana. "it seems that we must have you to thank. However, I must say... there was little need to revive us. Our kind begins the cycle of life once more when we perish."

    "The cycle of life is far longer than 'five days'," Dukemon adds, "the time we would've taken to reachieve our forms... nevertheless, it you say the threats are still there, we should take immediate action...

    ... so, Demons killed us? Few Demons can par with Yggdrasil's Royal Knights, so the candidates are rounded off..."

    "I highly doubt it was Lucemon and his faction. They have gone neutral for a while."

    @Sark @Raynar Saassin @amwexia
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  8. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Kolin had sworn she would do anything for him. Anything in the world, be it theirs or another in this vast Multiverse. For Gill, her Emperor, her Savior, who had saved her from nothing, freed her of a cold and nihilistic death, gifted her a purpose and the honor of a place by his side...there was nothing she wouldn't do. She would give and take life from others in his name, experiment on others in ways that would horrify any mere mortal...and as of right now, she was running important Multiversal missions.

    To say this current one, hunting down a young girl, was tedious was a grave understatement. Jianyu and her twin had only just weeks ago been part of a horrific broadcast, where youth from all across the Multiverse had been forced into a game of death. The ordeal had made Kolin sick to her stomach, and Gill had been troubled, as well. Though her sister perished, Jianyu had not only survived, but had been given an unbelievable boost in Psycho Power. The wicked Bison had used that power, but Jianyu had the gift to use it without becoming as cruel and merciless as the man who forced it upon her. A lost soul, wandering along whatever universe she could find...Gill in his infinite mercy wanted to invite her into their Society, to protect her as he protected Kolin. How could Kolin refuse this task, to save as she had been saved? But Jianyu was elusive...and not the target of just the Society. The M.E.U., Neo-Shadaloo, and who knew what others were all hunting for this young woman. Perhaps there was such a thing as bad publicity, after all.

    But Gill had set this mission aside for a new pressing one. A Fellowship of Faiths had formed, to discuss sone new Goddess. Gill was truly tolerant, understanding and accepting the existance of other gods in this Multiverse and coexisting with them. In fact, his sending Kolin to this mission was a sign of goodwill, and of trust in his disciple that she would not squander. And so she went, because there was nothing she wouldn't do for Gill.

    And that included dying for him.

    Kolin gasped as she returned to life, sitting up just in time to see butterflies where a body had once been. She smiled, still feeling the warmth of salvation. Butterflies...symbols of beauty and rebirth. She thought of herself as one, Gill having been her chrysallis. And to see that symbol in this Goddess...she knew she could trust her. This was a bringer of peace, a messiah of her own world. Gill had graced her with the freedom to judge and decide if this Goddess was trustworthy, but already she knew in her heart this Goddess was worthy of support.

    "She was beautiful..." Kolin said, staring at the void she had seen The Goddess in, answering Izana's question mostlt to herself. "So beautiful..."

    @Sark @Everyone​
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  9. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist

    Huh. So she had died.

    Rory thought impossible but apparently several metric tons of building and a few pounds of explosive will kill practically anyone, even the herald of Emroy. In a way, it was ironic. The Herald of the god of Death (as well as a bunch of other death-related things) dying, and in such a catastrophic manner too. Nothing like the glory of dying in battle or for a noble cause. Just a swift kaboom followed by a crunch.

    Rory soon recovered and brushed some dust off of her shoulder. She picked up her halberd and gracefully bowed. "Looks like it's time to have some fun, hmm?" The girl said, slyly forming a smile. ​
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  10. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    If there was something that Big Mother had been good with during her existence it was to stay alive through everything. The fact that she had been felled by a measly bomb left her seething.

    Because she had died that much she knew, but the voice that spoke to them...her.

    "Beauty is not always what it seems." The demoness replied gruffly to Kolin's musings. "The sanctum was accosted and you allowed it to happen. Is this not a supposed safe haven?" Her focus had now turned towards Izana changing her shape so that she towered even higher above him. "Someone will suffer for this, and I am going to make sure I am there to administer the proper punishment."

    @Sark @Yun Lee @Everyone
  11. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Beauregard and Jester Prologue - Dying ain't So Bad

    This wasn't the first time that Jester and Beauregard had died or nearly died. It had happened a few times before, but there was something different about this one. Something more damaging to the young tiefling. "
    Why do you think The Traveler didn't come to save me? He has always answered my prayers. Do you think I did something to make him mad.... and who was that woman?" Jester would open her journal to see if there was any answers to what had happened before they died.... because she certainly didn't remember.

    "I think I'm less fucking worried about the save and death that happened and more worried that she told us we had a lot to do. Nothing worse than owing a favor to a deity because you never knw when they are going to cash in. That being said, let's get out of here first and worry about that latter."
    @Sark @Yun Lee @Jeremi @amwexia @Raynar Saassin @Minerva @Crow @Everyone
  12. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Temple of the Fellowship:
    Destroyed Council Chamber

    "Well, many of your fellow delegates were asking themselves the same thing before... well, before the explosion." Izana muttered. "The Goddessians believed that the Goddess was the inspiration behind the Gods they once worshipped. If they died and saw Her, it would certainly strengthen their belief that she was the one true deity. The Secularists, on the other hand, believed that the Goddess was a separate being that was trying to replace their Gods. They were the more aggressive of the two factions within the fellowship. Oh, forgive me for forgetting.... but which were you? Were you a Goddessian or a Secularist?"

    @Raynar Saassin
    "Hmmm... so 5 days just flew by like that did they?" Izana snapped his fingers, before returning his fist to his chin. "I suppose I envy you. It has been a long week for the rest of us, what with the evacuations. Shortly after the attack on the Council, a variety of strange things have started happening across the Multiverse. Time quakes. Skies turning red. Space-Tsunamis. Crops dying. The whole kit-and-caboodle. The number of displaced people has passed 100 Billion already. It's a small number by Multiverse standards, but it's still a lot of mouths to feed. We haven't had time to throw a party in far too long. I feel like a terrible host...."

    "Yes, Darling. I think we would all feel safer if you put that thing away..." Izana placed his hand upon the edge of Dukemon's lance and slowly directed it down towards the floor. Once the risk of losing one of his beautiful eyes has been reduced significantly, Izana adjusted his robes and continued to speak.

    "When I say 'Demons', I am referring to the creatures of Netherworld. It's a dimension just outside the confines of our Multiverse. Some of you might call it 'Hell', but that's quite an exaggeration. I hear it's lovely in the Summer. I wouldn't recommend you plan on visiting in, however, considering that, well... It's leader tried to blow you up about a week ago. You see, not everyone is as happy about the appearance of the Goddess as you or I. The Secularists would rather see her captured. The Anti-Gods would rather see her dead. And the Demons? Well. The thought of any Deity being real is enough to make them jittery..."

    "Beautiful, you say? Well..." Izana hummed, trying to hide the dash of jealous that hid in his words. "Let's hope I don't have a rival for my sixth best hair award, aye? Now that would truly be a tragedy..."

    @Yun Lee @amwexia
    "If vengeance is what you're looking, I can't condone it." Izana shrugged. "My vow of neutrality prevents me form participating in the inevitable cycle of hate and vengeance that is war! I hope you understand!"
    A quick giggle escaped Izana's lips, which he stifled with a hand over his mouth.
    "That said I can---"


    A distant explosion send shockwaves through the crumbling temple. A cloud of dust began to drift down from the ceiling of the Council hall. The chamber wouldn't stay standing for long.
    "Oh, looks like the demons have found my friends... Now that really is a pain. You see, the remnants of the Fellowship sent a small party back to the Temple to gather your bodies. It was supposed to be a quick in-and-out mission, but, well... plans are made to be broken, right?"

    [BOOM] [BOOM] [BOOM]

    A series of heavier explosions shook the temple to its foundations.

    "Ah... yes... Maybe we should step outside? I'd rather not have my hair messed up by a falling pillar or anything."

    The Temple of the Fellowship:
    Outside the Council Chamber

    The City that surrounded the Temple of the Fellowship was somehow in a worse condition than its interior. Whilst the temple itself had been crumbled by a Hellfire blast or two, the surrounding smaller site of woship, homes and wells had been smashed to smithereens. Crumbling blocks of sandstone littered the streets. The buildings that remained standing had been gutted and burned from the inside out. There were no signs of life.

    "My, my, my! Would you look at that?" Izana cried. He stretched out his arm and pointed off into the near distance. At the edge of the Monastery, at the foot of its great walls, a small group of soldiers a fending off a small horde of demonic beasts. The monsters soared and spat flames at their foes. They hissed and screamed as they fought. For every creature that was felled by a luck arrow, energy blast or two slash, two more creatures arrived to take its place.

    "That truly is a tragedy. They're out numbered and out gunned down there... Well... considering you've all been given a second chance at life, perhaps you should use it for good?" Izana cupped his hands and made his way towards a crumbling staircase at the end of the road. "Our friends in the lower city need our help. We can't leave them behind, now can we?"

    "You can and you must..." The Goddess whispered. "I understand that it seems cruel, but you must leave them. You must convince Izana to let them die. No matter the cost. It will all make sense some day. You must trust me, my children."

    @Raynar Saassin @amwexia @Yun Lee @Crunch @Lucky @Nightwisher @Crow @Jeremi @Minerva @Takumi @York
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  13. amwexia

    amwexia Member

    Roman’s head was spinning, running his hand through his hair once again, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

    “Ah... uh... I-I’m so confused...” Roman spoke, still trying to wrap his head around what even just happened, let alone the entire “multiverse” as it’s so called.

    Maddie, meanwhile, is starting to get irritated at this entire thing. What the fuck is Clovis even thinking with this bullshit she’s forcing Maddie to participate in.

    Izana’s only care is his mop of hair, and to be honest that’s kind of a mood.

    Then the explosions happened, and the Goddess whispered into Roman and Maddie’s ears, as well as all the others, but Roman was nearly on the verge of collapse with what he’s hearing.

    Who is this woman? Why is she calling Roman “her child”?

    He’s so confused. He runs his hand through his hair again. He’s supposed to figure out a way to convince Izana to let them die... but what if...

    “Izana, I think you should leave them be. If you can handle heading through that demon-infested building on your own, I’m sure this is nothing but a walk in the park for those guys.”

    “Clovis! FUCK OFF!” Maddie yells, “I’m supposed to do ANOTHER fucking trial!? TWO WEEKS after the last one? FOR FUCKS SAKE!”

    “Quiet!” Roman shouts.

    “Don’t listen to that bearded man!” Maddie speaks to Izana, “He’s trying to trick you into leaving your men to die!”

    @Sark @EveryoneElse
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  14. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Your men? From what I've heard, Izana is a neutral party." Kolin looked at Maddie, pursing her lips. Goddessians...Secularists...what did it matter, really? They had all seen her. She had resurrected them! This Goddess had a purpose, a role to fulfill, and Kolin would assist her however she could. Gill had told her to decide, had he not? And she had already decided that she would aid this Goddess in whatever she needed.

    And right now it appeared that she needed them to abandon these soldiers. "It us up to us whether we aid these soldiers," Kolin said, clasping her hands against her heart. She sounded sincere, sweet, but in truth she was just putting on the old Helen persona again. "But I fear such a fight is a lost cause. These brave soldiers would not survive, even with our help...and all of us might not survive, either, if we choose to enter the fray. If, by some miracle, any of them are able to escape, I will be more than happy to tend to their wounds. But this is not the time to risk more lives in what is no doubt a doomed mission."

    @Sark @amwexia @Everyone​
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  15. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "If they fear the will of Yggdrasil, then we should bring it to them," Dukemon responds.

    "After we think this through, obviously," Omnimon adds.

    Omnimon whispers back to the strange voice of the Goddess.

    "I'm sorry... but I will not be the one to do it... if the will of deities, be it you or my own, are to accept death as destiny, then I..."

    With that, he looks towards the group.

    "Whatever everyone's decision - I will aid."

    "Then my decision will be to move - there is no hope, and in the grand scheme of things, stopping for these few could doom even more. Don't be a fool, friend. Your values of justice could cause even greater injustice."

    @Sark @amwexia @Yun Lee @etcetcetc​
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  16. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Kuro Kyoyka (Chloe) - Prologue; Destiny
    @Sark @amwexia @Yun Lee @Crow @Others?

    Chloe wasn't her real name. But Kuro liked to be called that for simplicity's sake ever since she had joined the Fellowship. She wasn't sure why she had come here, or what her purpose was. But she always dreamed of a figure of black and white. A being that she believed would bring balance between worlds some day.

    While she didn't know her name, she knew she had to find her.

    And that was why she followed the Goddess. Though... Sometimes, Chloe wondered if that was truly the right thing to do.


    Awakening from that strange experience, surprised she was even alive, she scrambled to her feet, her eyes darting around as she tried to find any other survivors, soon assessing the damages.

    "Pagumon! Nyaromon! Are you okay?!" She shouted.

    Soon enough, the two digimon emerged from their hiding places, causing her phone to vibrate. Blinking in surprise, she pulled it out, the all too familiar Digimon Analyzer app appearing as it began displaying information about her two digimon.


    "It... Reset?"

    Chloe stood there, dumbfounded until Pagumon and Nyaromon abruptly bumped into each of her legs.

    "Hey! Hey! Now's not the time to play around with your phone! You have an important decision to make!"
    Nyaromon cried.

    "Yeah! That's right! I say we leave like the Goddess says!" Pagumon chimed in.

    "What?! Leave all those poor people behind? You wouldn't, would you, Kuro-chan?" Nyaromon protested.

    Chloe paused, seeming conflicted, flinching a little when she heard a voice mention moving on as well... Closing her eyes as she took a deep breath, turning in the direction of Dukemon and Omnimon, biting her lip as her gaze went to the latter, looking between the Royal Knight and Nyaromon.

    "I... I... I'll stay! I must protect those people!" She cried out.

    Her phone beeped again, causing her to look down at it briefly, seeing Omnimon and Dukemon's information displaying from the Digivice app.


    Looking up towards Dukemon and the others, clenched her phone tightly, like she was trying to stay her ground, in spite of her fear.​
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
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  17. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "I only worship one god, and that is the great Arfoire. So consider me and Brave a Secularist."
    "Arfoire's Gifts are the reason the Children can play their Video Games. Supporting the Goddess would mean the ones who cannot afford to pay are left behind. So I am with Magic on this one."

    @Sark @Anyone​
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  18. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Big Mother did not trust this man one bit. Neutrality was a sham, the cowards’ way. Humanity liked to think themselves beyond the laws of order and chaos but their humanity was the reason why they could not ever be fully neutral. The demoness was almost ready to contest Izana’s voice when another explosion echoed through the area.

    The Goddess once again whispered into her mind sweet words that Big Mother did not really care one way or another about. Izana’s words, however. “Did you not imply you walked a path of neutrality? What do you care about these ‘friends’ bellow us?” The truth of the matter was that Big Mother didn’t care one way or another if these beings were saved or not. What she did enjoy however was question hypocrisy and holier than thou humans like what Izana was presenting himself as. For the time being, she folded her arms waiting to see what the others in the group had to say.

    @Raynar Saassin @amwexia @Yun Lee @Crunch @Lucky @Nightwisher @Crow @Jeremi @Minerva @Takumi @York
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  19. Crunch

    Crunch Giga God Crunchmeister

    Eliphas The Inheritor

    "The Eight Point Star"











    As with all things, it begins in war.

    The thumping of distant guns had long died away, the shouting of slaughtered men hushed by the low and calm breeze running over a dust-caked battlefield. The pale sun that stared so coldly from beyond ice mountains and snow-covered plains cast streaks of gold from discarded rifles and cracked flak armor that lay meters from the piled dead.

    Yet their snapped hands gripped their rifles; scalped heads frozen in death howls, jawless skulls grimly tilted upward as if in final plead to the God-Emperor. Garish streaks of red flowed between frozen white, thin piles of excavated entrails marking paths in the snow back to rotting heaps. The Rotfather's flies soon claimed his quarry, sowing maggots into gaping mouths and forming black clumps over decomposed skin. They've yet to attend to the bodies split open and strewn across the horizon for as far as the human eye could see.

    And amidst the plain of corpses, a single black idol stood tall over the dirt-coated standard of the Imperial Aquila.


    A black star of eight points spread outward.

    One could hardly deem such a slaughter to be an ‘invasion’ as that would imply there was a defensive effort. The blood-soaked snowfields were rendered such in a matter of hours once the Hammer of the Emperor shattered like glass against the blasphemous legions of the eight-pointed star. A fortress now burned distantly on the horizon, too far away for any man to make out the specifics of the battle - or slaughter- present there. With the absence of life on this plain, the majority of their legions must be there, pushing into the walled settlement now without a standing army.

    And then suddenly, the silence in the plain was broken with the sound of heavy boots crunching against the snow.


    A pack of hulking shadows carrying guns and swords loomed past the corpse piles, croaking heavy breaths from vox-modulators as they shuffled along a beaten path. Each of the giants was sealed in ancient power armor brutishly decorated in symbols of devotion to The Four; carved eight-point stars, organic spikes, skinned faces nailed to pauldrons. The only similarity between them was the lack of homogeneity, for none of them looked the same. Each one was unique in his expression of devotion, united only by the scarlet coloration of their armor and a symbol printed somewhere upon their plate; a horned skull lit aflame.

    But the most distinct among them was the one who led them; he towered over the rest, interred within armor so far twisted beyond any semblance of sense that the skulls nailed upon his pauldrons looked as if they’d grown like flesh from the ceramite exterior. A black cape billowed behind him with every step he took, and the black cudgel of the Star hung low by his side, marking him as exalted among his horde. Lifted before his faceless glare was a tome bound by human flesh, the eight-point star carved in blood upon its face. A soothing voice whispered past his vox-modulator, quietly lifting words off the stained pages and carrying them to the air as he walked along.

    Then his footsteps stopped, forcing the column of marines behind him to cease their march without command. With a single hand, he shut the Warp-tainted codex, lifting his horned head to the ruinous sky with a rapturous grin beneath his helmet.


    “And so our deed is done,” Eliphas the Inheritor’s alluring voice mused, turning his wide frame back towards his brothers. “We claim victory in this world in the name of Chaos. I once again thank you for joining me in this endeavor, my brothers.”

    The hulking Chaos Space Marines dropped their weapons on instinct, kneeling before the Dark Apostle as he spoke. Some clasped their gauntleted hands together in silent prayer to The Four, while most wordlessly stare at the snow, heavy breathing being their only words.

    Eliphas could only smile. Like a writer hitting his stride, the motions of destruction came to him naturally. The dancing lights on the horizon evoked an absolute beauty that only he could understand; the loss of life, the dying throes of a civilization. The rapturous taste of Chaos that he has long yearned for since the Basilica returned to the Apostle’s lips, sweeter than any fruit and more stimulating than any bodily pleasure that the Prince of Excess could gift him. Is there anything more pleasurable than raising an army of faithful brothers and doing the work of Chaos upon some miserable backwater rock?

    There are. But we needn’t get too greedy.

    “Word Bearers, I offer this world to you,”
    Eliphas preached, lifting his Crozius to the horizon. “This field is but a festering ground for Nurgle’s flies, now. March onward to the fortress and claim whatever it is that you desire. Our brothers have already breached their walls. Once we are done with this miserable rock, our campaign shall continue… I ask only one thing of you.”

    The marines rose from their kneeling positions and grabbed hold of their weapons, grunting in anticipation while Eliphas slowly tread beyond the group, cape flowing behind him. He stopped several meters away, turning his helmet to his men once more. He raised a hand to the air and then clenched it into a tight fist.

    “Kill them all for me. Blood for the blood god.”


    The horde roared in unison, taken by a spasm of frothing rage as they invoked the Blood God. Their hulking silhouettes vanished beyond the hill as they tirelessly marched to join their brethren in sacking the fortress. The Dark Apostle watched his Word Bearers charge to slaughter like a prideful parent, planting his Crozius into the snow and resting his hands upon the hilt.

    Shortly after, a second figure approached the Inheritor’s side, a sorcerer, leaning his frame along his Force Staff and staring out at the bleak horizon with Eliphas. He was a Space Marine, much like the rest of the Word Bearers, but ‘gifted’ beyond recognition by the Architect of Fate. His helmet resembled a nonsense mixture of twitching tentacles and bone.

    “Our victory was inevitable here, Eliphas. You seem disconnected from reality,” the sorcerer turned to look at his Apostle. “Has your time in the Basilica skewed your judgment?”

    “Mm. I remember telling you that if you mention that place in front of me again, I will kill you, Neroth.”

    “Ah, but I merely wish to advise you, my lord. I understand that you have been gifted with blessed fits more frequently as of late,” Neroth clutched his staff, looking at Eliphas directly. “The Gods have communed with you directly? Have they a need for this… ugly little planet?”

    “Mm. No, I think not. They have little need for such a worthless heap.”

    “Then… why have we invaded it?”

    The lord’s helmet turned slightly as if side-eying the sorcerer. “Ask me that question again, Neroth.”

    “I mean no impertinence, my Apostle, I merely wish to divine your manner of thinking. We would yield a much more fruitful invasion from one of the Corpse-Emperor’s more ‘developed’ worlds, even if it may cost more in forces. Our Word Bearers are immortal and blessed by the Four, Eliphas. A legion need not waste time on petty guardsmen when favor may be earned from slaughtering the Anathema’s most delusional servants.”

    “The Gods have chosen me for another excursion. There is business that I must attend to soon, and I did not wish to wait aboard our vessel for the right time. The time for my departure is soon - I feel it within me… ah, yes.”


    A low and sinister laugh elicited itself from the Dark Apostle, as he looked to the sky once again. “Mm, yes, I think the time is now. The event has begun,” he said with an amused chuckle. A streak of gold struck brilliantly against his corroded ceramite plating and washed the Apostle in brilliant light. Neroth stumbled, watching his Lord get consumed by an unearthly glow.

    “T-This… this not of the Warp! Eliphas, what is the meaning of this?! Where are you going?”

    “I am going to go die, Neroth.”

    “Wh-... what?”

    Eliphas turned, sweeping his cape to the side as the light surrounding him began to intensify. As he slowly began to tread forward, his hulking frame grew transparent and hazy. “You will lead the Word Bearers in my stead. Do well, or I will kill you. Goodbye.”

    “My lord…! Eliphas!”

    A burst of rapturous laughter left the Dark Apostles' lips, filling the air with chaotic noise. The Goddess’ siren voice would be drowned in such raucous mirth, and when the light had struck at its brightest, Neroth opened his eyes, clutching his Force Staff tightly and looking around.

    And Eliphas was gone. Yet his thirsting laughter remained, looming about the idol of the eight-pointed star.

    This shall be fun.
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  20. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Temple of the Fellowship:
    Destroyed Council Chamber

    "Oh, it looks like we have quite the moral conundrum on our hands..." Izana pursed his lips and stroked his chin in thought. "One on hand, I must agree with Roman. The Fellowship's forces are quite capable. Judging by their armour, they're Secularist Enforcers, too. Seth's men. They're fighters for sure...."
    "Hmmm... They may not be 'my' men, but we can hardly abandon them. We're all part of the Brotherhood of Man! There must be some fine print of the human soul that binds us to help our fellow humans in times like these."
    "Looks like we're in a pickle! I guess there's only one thing for it: we'll have to split up! If you would like to save our fellow humans from the jaws of those demons, you'll have my blessing! And if you'd like to join me on my journey out of the city, there's no shame in that either!"

    Izana clapped his hands and laughed.

    "I'd say we've all done some great work today! You can give yourselves a pat on the back! Go Team Izana!"

    Temple of the Fellowship:
    Lower City

    "Stay back, denizens of hell!"
    Azrael roared as his flaming blade cleaved another demon in two. He carried the momentum of his overhead strike into a sidewards slash, warding off another demon or two.
    "I won't say it again!"

    Despite his valiant efforts, the sea of demons were slowly closing in on Azrael and his men. Their makeshift barricade of fallen columns and broken carts wasn't enough to keep the forces of Netherworld at bay. They didn't have much time.

    "Look! Brother!" One of his remaining men called out, his clipped voice muffled by a black balaclava. "More men!"

    "Are you sure they're not demons?"

    "I know my demons. They're not demons!"

    The solider wrapped his mechanical hand around his rifle and shot a round over the heads of the 'Stay' Team.

    "Over here! Get over here!"

    @Team Stay @Crow @York @Raynar Saassin @amwexia
    Temple of the Fellowship:
    Upper City

    "You've made the right choice, My Children... my choice..." The Goddess whispered, he voice soothing you. "It is a pity that the others weren't strong enough... I can only hope that they will listen in time..."

    "We're almost at the city's limit!" Izana beamed. "You see, the Fellowship's headquarters was supposed to have a magical shield wrapped around it. It was supposed to prevent magic from being used inside it. I'll never understand why Luthor went to such lengths to protect the city. It all seemed like a lot of effort, especially considering the demons still found a way inside..."

    The edge of the city drew nearer and nearer. The city's final gates were in sight.

    "Final stretch, ladies and gentlemen! We'll be off-world before you know it! We'll throw you all a lovely festival for you when we get home! It's not every day you come back from the dead r---"

    Izana thinned his eyes to get a better look at the figure at the end of the straight. The creature was tall. Dark. A large blade scraped along the stony road as it slowly lumbered towards Team Izana.

    "Funny..." Izana muttered. "There weren't any demons here when I arrived... And all the scouts are off fighting the Secularists... so who on earth is this guy..."

    "Be warry, my Children! Arm yourselves!"

    "Look what we have here..." The Demon muttered. "I can smell Her on you. The Goddess. She steals you from me... then sends you out into the world to do Her bidding? Is there no end to this insult?"
    "Your souls were promised to me. They are mine. You are mine. I have come to collect!"

    @Team Izana @Jeremi @Yun Lee @amwexia

    (Undecided- @Crunch @Takumi @Nightwisher @Lucky @Minerva )​

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