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Harbinger of Woe
(Please, Voice your interest but DO NOT Submit character sheets to this thread.)

Welcome to the remnants of a world ravaged by the unknown, where the echoes of an advanced civilization still resonate through ancient ruins and monumental structures. These are the relics of the Fallen Ones, whose superior understanding and mastery of arcane and technological mysteries were lost in a cataclysm that fractured the world centuries ago.

Now, after generations of recovery and reformation, the inhabitants of this world live among these gargantuan relics, forming societies in the shadows of lost greatness. Life, however, is far from simple. From the depth of ancient dungeons stirring with life, to the proliferation of dangerous flora and fauna, danger lurks at every corner. Empires rise and fall in their quest for power and knowledge, while shadowy organizations move unseen, playing their long games.

Yet amidst this chaos, there is a glimmer of hope. Legends aren't just stories in this world, they walk among us. Myths are living, breathing entities, shaping the world around them. These legends, these heroes, adventurers, mercenaries, dungeon divers, monster hunters, and various artisans are united under one banner – The Guild.


"To the Brave, the Daring, and the Crafty,

May this correspondence find you well. As the GuildMaster, I extend this invitation amidst somber times. Our world, magnificent in its ruinous beauty, is a perilous place. The specter of the cataclysm still hangs heavy on our hearts, and the ancient structures we now call home serve as a stark reminder of what was lost.

But within these relics, in the heart of the chaos and uncertainty, lies not just danger, but potential. Empires rise and crumble, dungeons awaken, and ancient beasts roam the wilds, yet there is an opportunity for us to shape our destiny, rather than be victims of it.
And so, The Guild opens its doors to you. We are a collective of courageous hearts and inquisitive minds, a fraternity of adventurers, artisans, and warriors bound by common cause.

Together, we can uncover the lost secrets of the Fallen One's, stabilize the unsettled world, and build a future where peace can be more than a fleeting dream.

No matter if you're a hero with a burning quest, an adventurer with an insatiable curiosity, a mercenary with a sharp blade, or an artisan with skilled hands, The Guild needs you. We offer a haven, a place to share stories, learn, grow, and stand against the tides of uncertainty.

In the end, we are not defined by the cataclysm, but by what we do in its aftermath. And it is my belief that together, we can make not only a stand, but a difference.

Arise! Join The Guild. Forge your legend, shape our world, and let your story intertwine with the tapestry of our collective adventure. Stand against the lurking shadows and make this fractured world a place worth fighting for.

May your journey be filled with courage and your heart with determination,
Your GuildMaster"

Well, that's my pitch. I suppose 3-5 players would be ideal to start but due to the nature of the game, there isn't going to be a set max.

OOC, there will be our Players and our "World Weavers", or just "Weavers" for short. Weavers function as pseudo DMs, filling in as Narrators to describe scenes, NPC's who will interact with our players, and Monsters/Baddies. As a rule, you cannot simultaneously 'Weave' a tale you are actively apart of. Also, weavers may not be locked to one Narrative, but may add their 'threads' to any available tapestry so long as all applicable Weavers are on the same page as far as which direction the narrative is going. This is to cut down time eager players are waiting to post (Hopefully).

IC, Players can choose to be a 'Hero' or an 'Artisan'. Hero is just a blanket term encompassing the categories of adventurer, monster hunter, dungeon diver, etc. Artisans cover blacksmiths, apothecary attendants(?), tanner/butchers(for processing monster parts. More on this later), resident Mage, etc. Players DO NOT have to choose Artisan roles. My Weavers and Myself may generate/control Artisans if need be. With that being said, should you choose an Artisan role, there would be a reasonable expectation on your part to have a general understanding of the concepts pertaining to it.

No, I'm not expecting a professional trades(wo)man to navigate their craft for the sake of our entertainment. Only that any interested parties have somewhat of a handle on what is it that they are going to be writing and sharing.

As this is a personal project of mine that is really an excuse/motivator to get me back into the literary saddle, I want this to be an inclusive and creative experience. I do not want anyone interested to feel excluded due to scale or expectations. I'm very reasonable and understanding. Please talk to me.

Going forward, the idea is that regardless of what your Character is doing at the time, they encounter this invitation to The Dragon Den Inn which turns out to be little more than a ransacked shack. From there, the Prologue of our story would be building up our little organization and taking on odd jobs to garner coin and renown. This would eventually lead into several spinoff plots, several of such possibilities I already have in mind.

With that being said, I would like this to be a collaborative effort and welcome any and all ideas from interested parties. I cannot promise that everything can be included, but nothing is beyond consideration and/or compromise. I will be following this post with a placeholder post for general Q and A, to touch base on anything that needs to be covered before starting our narrative proper.

Also, any Guidance/tips offered by our team of Mods is always appreciated.

Also, Also I shamelessly stole this tidbit from Dash's interest check as I found it relevant here:

"- All Nexus rules apply except where superseded by the Site rules.

  • Minimum Posting Frequency of 1-2 posts per week.

  • Characters in good faith only; clear joke characters (e.g. a literal normal human 3 year old, a clueless old lady with a parasol, and one punch man) will not be considered.

  • Depending on details on your character sheet, I may need to converse with you to make sure the story can be tailored to suit your enjoyment with that character. "
(Please, Voice your interest but DO NOT Submit character sheets to this thread.)
Q and A
1) Q: "Um... Character Sheets?"
Guild Member Dossier
Basic Information:
(Include any aliases or titles)
Race: (Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc.)
(The city or region your character originates from)
Profession: (If applicable)
Role: (Hero or Artisan)
Specialization: (Blacksmith, Monster Hunter, Dungeon Diver, etc.)
Guild Rank: (Leave as Prospect for now. )
Appearance: (Pictures, though accepted, must be hyperlinked. A physical description is still required. )
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Distinctive Features:
(Scars, tattoos, birthmarks, etc.)
Armor/Clothing Style:
(Delete this: You may edit/adjust this section as you see fit. Add, subtract, etc. Keep in mind to differentiate what they have access to versus what they carry on their person.)
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon/Tools:
Special Artifacts:
(Specific skills or talents your character possesses)
Personality Traits:
(A brief history of your character, including why they joined The Guild)
Goals: (Personal objectives your character wishes to achieve)
Allies: (Key friends and allies your character has made. NPCs, usually not other PCs)
Enemies: (Noteworthy foes or organizations your character has crossed. NPC's, usually not other PCs. )
Quirks: (Unique behaviors, preferences, or habits)
Current Status: (Current quest, location, status, etc.)
Latest Deeds: (Recent accomplishments or events)
Guild Contributions: (Notable services or achievements for the Guild)
Guildmaster's Notes: (Notes from the Guildmaster or other authoritative figures regarding your character's performance.)
Remember, your character dossier is a living document that should evolve with your role-playing journey. Update it regularly to reflect your character's growth and evolution. The Guild wishes you a fruitful and exciting adventure!
Q: Magic and such?
The Source Vibration: In the beginning, a powerful, primordial force known as the Source Vibration structured matter, ignited life, and sowed the seeds of magic - or Aether. This fundamental rhythm is a harmonious force of creation and order, underpinning all existence. It encompasses both physical and spiritual realms, and those naturally attuned to its energies are known as Casters.

The Fracturing: An event disrupted the equilibrium of the Source Vibration, casting it into a state of discord and instability. This event, known as The Fracturing, led to the formation of physical rifts in locations of significant force or pressure.

Echo Crystals: These rifts brought forth crystalline structures, a manifestation of the Source Vibration's discord in the physical realm. Known as Echo Crystals, they embody the elements and energies around them, such as fire, water, air, earth, light, shadow, and more. Echo Crystals are not mere tools but living fragments of the Source Vibration, imbued with a fragment of its consciousness. They attract energy to restore stability, but this process can lead to darkening, as destructive forces are drawn to them.

Echo Binders: Humans have learned to use these Echo Crystals, leading to the rise of the Echo Binders. These individuals, even those without inherent magical abilities, bind the crystals to objects or themselves, channeling their power. They must be cautious, as over time the Echo Crystals may darken and attract ethereal forces known as Discordants.

Discordants: These malevolent spiritual entities seek to disrupt the harmony of the Source Vibration further and infiltrate the physical realm. Discordants can corrupt Echo Crystals at an accelerated rate, possess those with darkened crystals, and use them as gateways into the physical world. Casters, due to their innate connection with the Source Vibration, are particularly susceptible to their influence.

Resonators: Another group, known as Resonators, utilizes the Source Vibration differently. Instead of shaping the external world, they turn the energy inward, enhancing their physical or mental attributes. Depending on their personal resonance with the Source Vibration, they might gain unique abilities or traits, ranging from superhuman strength or speed to heightened reflexes or recovery. However, they must be careful not to overdraw on the Vibration, as it could attract Discordants, especially if they employ darkened Echo Crystals to boost their capabilities.

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Consider me permanently on tap for Weaving needs, and I am also interested in playing a character.
I'll toss my interest into here also. I need to brush off some dust and polish out some rust.
(Okay, you convinced me. I'll binge watch all of Scrubs.)

Yes, please! I would love it if you two would join me on this. I'll do the "heavy-lifting", but as I believe this would be my first "official" roleplay that I'm spearheading myself, I would love and appreciate any tips/guidance you could offer.
All Are Welcome~ ALL are Welcome~
Lol. You're free to start working on your sheets but I still have to get up a rough outline of how we're going to handle magic and abilities/traits/perks in general.
You have been weighed, you have been measured, and a nice bow was placed on your head. Welcome aboard. Let me know if you have any questions.