The Inner Circle

The fact that Darius knew something that he maybe shouldn't was even more interested than the tools (though, those were supremely tempting). "I doubt they would believe me if I told them you gave it to me," Alaska said, but she relaxed her shoulders and leaned her elbows on the counter. "For some reason, I trust you, so, I guess we have a deal, though I'm curious as to what you know."

She straightened up and leaned her palms on the counter, giving them a tap as she recounted what happened with her and Beck. The full truth, including her decision to kill the creature who had once been human. Alaska wouldn't quite meet Darius' eyes on that remark, however. She did include Morrigan's feeling of pleasure during the attack, though. "The whole thing seemed pretty weird. Kerrigan was angry, but she's always angry; it's just been... ramping up in the last few weeks." She scrunched her nose, "I'm afraid I'm not very helpful as to what happened that day. There were people around, but I couldn't feel them which is... unusual."

"There's something else. I don't know that it's necessarily related, but..." Here, she trailed off. She had swore she wouldn't tell anyone about what happened when Morrigan came to visit her, but she felt she ought to share with Darius, just in case it was a piece to the puzzle he was trying to sort. She adjusted the collar of her shirt, and the collar around her neck to show the bruising from Morrigan's attack. "Kerrigan came here after we got back and accused me of doing something to her. She got irrationally angry and attacked me, and there was." Alaska bit her lip, "Ice? Which, I promise you, is not an ability of mine."
"I wouldn't expect any less." The vampire said quietly, turning his gaze back at Beck. "Orders are orders, after all." He studied Beck for another moment. "I wasn't always a vampire. I was a man once. I.. Don't remember those days very well. Almost all those memories are gone, and those that remain are.. Hazy at best." He hesitated. "I can't claim I remember how it is to be human when my memories of humanity are nearly gone themselves. But sometimes I do wish I could go back to simpler times.. I wish I could be like you." He turned away again. "As silly as it sounds.. But perhaps if I were human, my heart wouldn't hurt as bad as it still does.. You live in the moment, as if life could be gone in an instant. You forgive, you move on, you forget.. But I..?" He shook his head.

"Sorry. I'm giving you.. Uh.. More poetic speech 'crap', as you say.. I will leave you be.." He slowly bowed his head, waiting for the approved dismissal.
Darius listened to everything, nodding on occasion to encourage the girl to continue talking. She confirmed a few things he had already known. There were obviously things going on that night that he didn't quite understand what happened. But he was slowly picking up the pieces. He had been lost in thought when Alaska mentioned the last bit.

It took a whole few seconds for the information to register in his tired mind. Once it did, he blinked and looked at Alaska dead in the eye. "Fuck."

He started pacing slowly, muttering quietly to himself. Most of the time it was just one or two words in his head that spilled out in mutters. He pointed to Alaska, not looking at her as he looked as though he was piecing together things in his head and if he did look at her he'd lose a few of those pieces. "Don't mention that bit about Morrigan to anyone else, okay?" He murmured. "I know she's a horrid person, but what you just said made something click.. And she may actually be here to help.." He bit his lip.

"I also want to apologize. I know I'm putting a lot on your shoulders, kid.. But I want you to promise me one other thing.." He reached into a fold in his jacket and pulled out a pack of cigars and handed it off to her. "If I disappear, give this to Beck. He's outside of this command and despite how his outer appearance reveals.. I think he's a good guy. If I disappear, tell him that the old fool stuck his foot into one too many traps. Please."
It doesn't count as accusing her of being a POA if she let Darius draw his own conclusions, right? Right. That's her story, and she's sticking to it. "Fuck, indeed." She leaned an elbow on the counter, watching the man pace about. Snorting a bit, she shook her head. "I didn't even want to mention it to you. She'll kill me when she finds out." Not if, when. Then again, maybe Alaska could get herself out of here before that could happen.

Darius must have spent one too many days looking after the Vampire because there was no way Morrigan was here to help. "You did hear the part where she tried to kill me, right? Nearly strangled me just a foot away from where you're standing now?" More or less, the actual location didn't matter all that much.

She huffed, slumping against the counter, but straightened when he started speaking again. Beck was... he'd been decent enough. She didn't trust him (didn't trust anyone inside this facility, really), but Beck was certainly more tolerable than the rest, so at least Darius was talking some sense there. Hesitating for a moment, Alaska reached and took the cigars. Yet another thing to find a hiding place for. "Sure," she agreed. "Just... yanno, maybe try not to disappear?"