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The Wanderer Returned
This is the primary OOC (Out Of Character) thread for The Last Bastion. Use this to converse about topics relating to the role play, and to catch announcements for the role play. (Hint hint, nudge nudge: Subscribe to this thread.)
Announcement: IC will go live on Monday. Recruitment will continue until Saturday the 3rd, or until the RP is full.
This post is for explaining a few things. (Also, to inform new/old players alike where the primary OOC/announcement thread is, and where they can ask questions, and engage in witty banter, and so on.)

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Why did some players get IC 1-on-1's to post in, but not others?
A. Old characters are getting transitioned from the previous mission into the hub section first. Give it a week or so (real world time--not in character), and I'll start getting new characters into the story.

Q. I'm not sure what's going on! Help!
A. I'll be posting something in the News/Interludes section of the IC to bring all players up to speed before I call them into the storyline. You will not be dropped in without being handed information on the current state of each faction, and the current events of Bunker Chicago itself.

Q. I'm alone in my faction!
A. Red Star and The Old Guard are buddying up for a while, so you'll have cross-faction interactions. U-ARM and The Coalition both have more than one player turning up for them. The Children of Eve will just have to deal with it for a little while.

Q. What if a faction has no players?
A. It goes dark, which means I don't write for it anymore. However, it still acts and opposes other factions, and attempts to accomplish its own objectives--so it's not like it vanishes from the world.

Q. Can I post in the hub section?
A. Anytime after that bringing-everyone-up-to-speed interlude post goes live. Right now? No... But soon!

Q. Wait, you mean when the hub world goes fully live, I can just... Talk to whoever I like?
A. Yep. Talk to whatever NPC you want on each faction (or try to anyway), interact with other PC's, et cetera. You're free to do what you wish in the Hub World, though your actions do still have consequences, and much is not what it appears to be at first glance, so be careful. The Hub World is an open narrative area where your character is free to move about the environment as they wish, however, you should still try to pursue certain objectives--like being recruited by your faction of favour to the next mission.

Q. How long does the hub world last?
A. As long as is necessary. Usually around 1-2 months, it depends how much players are enjoying themselves. You can also continue to post in the hub world when a mission goes live, it just becomes "events which occurred in the past" whereas the mission is "events in the present".

Q. This seems complicated.
A. Give it time.

Q. This seems overly simple.
A. Give it time.

Q. Why do the interrogation posts seem a bit samey?
A. Each faction uses the same introduction for interrogations. This saves me a lot of time. Where they go from there has some variance, depending on player responses. After all, a character can still get themselves killed in there.

Q. Wait, what? Killed?
A. Remember: All of your actions (and inactions) hold consequences. Either to yourself, or to other around you. If these factions believe you're a threat to them, they will end your life. Be careful of what you say and what you do, even in the hub world. You're in a world of politics, cut throats, assassins, and survivalists. It's not a nice place. Now, granted, you will normally be given ample warning in-character if your character is treading on ground a faction doesn't want you to tread on, and it's rare for instant kills to occur. Nonetheless, be careful.
Will there (or can there) be a place where we'll get notified when 1x1s are completed? I've little interest in reading them all post-by-post, and checking up on each of them regularly would also be a bit of a chore.

Something as simple as one of the participants dropping a note and a link in here would be perfect!
not to be too demanding, sorry, more a suggestion than anything
Don't give 'em an option, Holmi. Get the crop out and demand what you want.

For Statistics!
Will there (or can there) be a place where we'll get notified when 1x1s are completed? I've little interest in reading them all post-by-post, and checking up on each of them regularly would also be a bit of a chore.

Something as simple as one of the participants dropping a note and a link in here would be perfect!
not to be too demanding, sorry, more a suggestion than anything
I'll see if I can get into the habit of posting when 1x1's finish here.
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The following information features instructions on how to play, as hub world sections deviate from standard RP formula and require a little more initiative on the part of the players.

In the Hub World, you are free to go anywhere you wish and interact with whomever you wish, though keep in mind that you should strive to only be in one location at a time. Factions which are allied to you may give you additional advice and equipment, whereas factions that are hostile to you may attempt to kill you if they can get you out of sight of the general population. Factions which distrust you may not like you, but they will still talk to you, and may even agree to work with you if you can convince them as to why you would defect to their side from your chosen side.

Do keep in mind that this is a living world with established characters, relationships, and so on. NPC’s have their own motives and ideals, and may have opinions of you that differ from those of the factions they represent.

The only objective you should have in mind is that, in order to be part of the next major mission, you need to convince a faction to recruit you for that mission. Each faction has a recruiting area, which you can find in the Hub World. They will be specifically marked with the (Recruiting Area) tag in the title. Once a faction has recruited you for the next mission, you have no other obligations, and are free to do as you wish. You can create your own scenes in the Hub World to interact with NPC’s or PC’s alike for the purposes of relationship development, for example.

If you are at a loss on what to do at any point, just PM me and I will help you. In the meantime...

Recommended: Read this summary, then post in a thread tagged (recruiting area) in the Hub World to pick a faction you want your character to work for.

Q. My character isn't approved yet. (Specifically for Rayne and Potatocat.)
A. Yours are the last characters I'll be approving. Until they are officially approved though, wait. It shouldn't take long before you two can catch up to everyone else in the IC threads. :)

Q. Can multiple people be in recruiting areas at the same time?
A. Yes. Recruiting areas are designed with this in mind—it promotes player interaction. PC’s can enter a recruiting area at any time as well. This will cut down on the massive number of one on one posts I would have to do otherwise, and should make responses faster as a result.

Q. What if I want to roleplay in a scene outside of a recruiting area? (Ex: Talking with an NPC or PC simply to build a relationship.)
A. Simply PM the players you want to involve in your scene, see if they want to role play with you, and then create a thread for it in the Hub world.

Q. What’s a mission?
A. This role play is divided into two major narrative points. The Hub World is where you are free to act as you wish, where most of the politicking goes on. Missions are combat/action/stealth scenes that typically occur outside of Bunker Chicago, in which factions compete to achieve major objectives. In the Hub World, you try to convince a faction to recruit you to participate in a mission. In missions, you attempt to pursue objectives, and how you accomplish those objectives is as important as if you accomplish those objectives. The ultimate objective of missions is to survive them, first and foremost, and secondarily, to try and achieve your faction’s objectives/harm other factions.

Q. Can I role play in the Hub World when on a mission?
A. Yes, it will just be assumed to occur in the past. Try to avoid major developments in the Hub World while a mission is active—it could screw with the timeline.

Q. This is a lot to get into. ;-;
A. Don’t worry about it. I’ll do my best to help you through it, and other veteran players can lead by example and show you how it’s done.

Q. I have a question you didn’t answer here.
A. Ask it in this thread. I’ll answer it.

Q. I can’t seem to find the recruiting area threads. Am I blind?
A. Maybe, but let me link them here to help you out anyway. :)

Q. Uh, did a player character fucking die?!
A. Yep, Carter bought the bullet and died. That’s a thing that can happen in this role play. Don’t do foolish things—like threaten powerful people—and you should be fine. It takes a lot for a faction to go out of its way to kill you, as that could potentially threaten to spill over into an all out war within the bunker itself, and nobody wants this. You’ll also ordinarily be warned in character if your character is doing something which a particular faction dislikes.
TLB Charbriefs are live!

For those who aren't familiar with these spreadsheets, it's just a handy way to track characters in large roleplays. Most of the information contained therein should be pretty self-explanatory, but here's a few quick notes:
  • Lots of information is contained in hovertext; most notably, bios are summarized in the boxes to the right of each character's name.
  • Inactive PCs (yellow) denote players who have left; inactive NPCs (green) denote living characters who are not active in the mission segment.
  • Mutations are as follows:
    • N: None present.
    • Y: Present in DNA.
    • Y:A: Active mutations.
I've got a couple hidden columns in there I'm still working on, either because the information is ugly or not useful in its current form. Hopefully I'll get an inventory/trait something working eventually.

EDIT: Also there are filter views available in the menu somewhere. The Actives filter is particularly useful.
Wasn't sure I was supposed to post in there, so I'll try to have a post in about an hour.

EDIT: Uh...better make that sometime today. My mind's not working right now. :p
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Busy doing many things. Will come around to posting. Trying to mentally figure out what shit Gabriel would be going through with his family and shit.
New Interlude thread up: Scars and Truths. It's optional reading for those who want to gain some insight into the motivations of the Children of Eve, the background between Ezekiel and a couple other NPC's, as well as the developing political situation in Bunker Chicago.

This post also marks the cutoff date for collabs. I will not be starting any additional collabs, and I will be moving existing collabs toward completion. I will be posting mission information on Dec 31st/Jan 1st, which is OOC information about each faction's mission, as well as all players involved with each mission. It will illustrate the objectives of each faction, as well as give each player their briefing based on their faction.

About 1-2 weeks after that, the mission area threads will be started.

On that note, try not to die too quickly, children.
The Coalition


  • Jenive Rousseau: Recently promoted Lieutenant, well on her way to a mixed career of both military and political importance beyond the walls of Bunker Chicago. She specializes in scouting and sniping operations, and is equipped with both grappling cables and a jet pack for maximum mobility. Her laser rifle has quite a punch to it. As a weapon of last resort, her left leg from the knee down is cybernetic—and should not be underestimated.
  • Coalition Extraction Team: There is a small force who will wait by the entrance for your return to extract everyone as quickly as possible. They will also protect any pilot’s vehicles which are left behind for the duration of the mission. They are armed remarkably well, for an extraction team...

Mission Brief: “In front of you will be a rather difficult task. You will be moving in with an age old map of the compound and you will be exposed to state secrets from an older age—before we existed. We would normally be sending Adrik with you on a task this delicate, however, we have recently received intel that U-ARM is attempting an operation directly against us in some fashion, so we will require his services for countering them instead. Jenive Rousseau should be able to execute the task with competency, so long as you listen to her orders to the letter.

In addition, our special resources will be cut off from you once you go underground. We have no ability to compensate for that at this time, as our only functioning satellite in orbit right now is also focused on anti U-ARM operations. They have been getting rather brazen lately, and we do not know why.

Nonetheless, you will not be going in completely toothless. Our ‘old wolves’ as Adrik would call them in the research department have come up with a few ideas and tools, and we have shipped the more stable ideas with you. Go ahead and try them out if you find any of these shapeshifting creatures attempt to destroy you—it should be better than nothing. You will also be shipped out with gas masks, just in case. While the local area doesn’t read for any of the fog, that does not mean it will stay that way.

Remember: You are moving in to destroy the archives. All other objectives are secondary.

For the future of all human civilization, get this done.”

--Ryan Defont, Councilman of Bunker Chicago.

Primary Objectives
  • Destroy the Archives: The archives will be located in a server and file storage room. Get in that room, plant sufficient explosives to vaporize most of the data, and get out. After that, the facility serves little purpose but as a ghost to dead civilizations.

Secondary Objectives
  • Keep Jenive Alive: She’s an important symbol of The Coalition in these trying times. Her presence inspires confidence in the people around her. Losing her would damage progress made on the popular front with the people of Bunker Chicago.
  • Destroy a Shapeshifter: The Children of Eve appear nearly indestructible, and that spooks troops fighting them. Coming away with a victory, or even a loss, where we can claim rightfully that we destroyed one, would surely boost our morale.
  • Recover Mouse: Mouse holds secrets that could harm The Coalition in the long run, but not as many as he thinks. Still, it would be a sound move to try and recover him if you are in position to do so.

Tertiary Objectives
  • Ascertain Alliances: The Old Guard have been unreliable allies at best. It would not harm our cause if you could discern who their new friends in the red and black armour were for us. Even just a name would do. Although, bringing back one of their corpses might be preferable...

Equipment Delivered:
  • Gas Masks (All): Everyone has been distributed gas masks for this mission, in case of fog contamination.
  • Stun Rods (All): Electrically charged stun sticks. Like batons, but if you hit someone, they’ll probably die instantly from shock. Supposedly, it will stun an awakened listener. It’s only good for about 2-3 uses.
  • Nano-Dissassembler (Pilots): A syringe containing tens of thousands of nanomachines that exist only to disassemble things. If you manage to stun an awakened listener in close range combat, try stabbing him with it—it could cause serious harm, perhaps even kill it. It can also be used to kill just about anything else, too. It can even damage tank armour, if you shatter the syringe on it—but it’s not all too effective there.

Special Notes
Check your PM Box.

The Old Guard


  • Carolyn Antoinette: The current leader of The Old Guard, she runs one of the largest workshops in Bunker Chicago personally. She’s a stubborn, aggressive, quick-witted engineer who has some experience with front line command, and who is following in the footsteps of her father quite nicely...
  • Old Guard Extraction Team: We do have an extraction team that will guard the entrance and keep you (and any vehicles left behind) safe. They’ll be there to expedite your return.

Mission Brief: “Alright, you all got the drill before, so hammering it home again won’t be anything fuckin’ new for you people. I’ll keep it sweet n’ short: Find Mouse. Bring him home, if you can. We need to stop his files from going loose on the colony, lest we risk the entire colony going into a riot—which is exactly what the Children of Eve want.

Good luck n’ God Speed, you sorry bastards.”

--Marie Black, Head of The Old Guard’s military operations.

Primary Objectives
  • Recover Mouse: Alternatively, recover his password. We would prefer him alive, regardless of what state he’s in... He’s one of our people, from our bunker. We have to send the message to these freaks that they can’t just kidnap who they please from us.
  • Keep Carolyn Alive: Carolyn is now the leader of The Old Guard. As it stands, she is no longer expendable. She should not even be going out on this mission, but that she stated that Mouse was her responsibility... Keep an eye on her. Keep her safe. I don’t think I have it in me to see the end of the Antoinette dynasty.

Secondary Objectives
  • Keep Ezekiel: If it’s possible, convince—one way or another—Ezekiel to stay with us when this is all done. He’s an incredibly valuable resource, and maybe through him, we can find a way to stop all of this from cycling out of control.
  • Don’t Fight Eve: This is Carolyn’s order specifically. I don’t know why, you would have to ask her.

Tertiary Objectives
  • No Casualties: Get out without losing anyone. If you can. It would help boost morale at home, after the loss of Devin Antoinette.

Equipment Delivered:
  • Gas Masks (All): No fog now, but, maybe... Fog later.
  • Four Drones (Pilots Only): Each pilot will receive four drones to help compensate for the loss of their vehicle for this mission. They may customize them, though will only have a few hours to do so.
  • Tasers (All): Everyone’s getting a taser. Use them on awakened mutants if they attack you, not on each other. They have about twenty feet of range. Their effectiveness will stack up depending on how hit a target at once. They have two uses per mission—make them count.
  • Medical Nanobots (Pilots): Anyone with a technical aptitude will come with medical nanobots. Use these to shut down any infections that the awakened listeners may attempt to inflict on your allies.
  • Flashlights (All): We can’t afford to give everyone fancy gadgetry for seeing in the dark. If you have nothing of your own, live with this trusty flashlight. It’ll do the job for a few feet, in a cone, in any direction you point it.

Special Notes
Check your PM Box.

United-American Revival Movement


  • Sergeant Major Keith E. Richardson: A strong headed lion of a man, who is almost comical in his sheer, unbridled fanaticism for his cause. Do not doubt his competence however, for he has led many victorious battles for U-ARM, and will continue to do so if unabated.

Mission Brief: “Brothers! Sisters! The time of hiding in fear from the yoke of The Coalition is over! Today, we choose our own destiny! We choose to break the chains of their oppression and bury them in the blood and violence of their own machines! We will be breaking into their compound tonight, and your assignments will be declared more openly then!

Simply know that we will never bend a knee to tyrants of any form. We will not surrender here. Know that, if we fail to achieve at least two of our objectives, we will altogether fail in Bunker Chicago. We have to succeed here. We have to win. Fight to the teeth, fight to the bones. When you run out of bullets, use your guns. When you run out of guns, use your knives. When you run out of your knives, use your bare hands, and your voices, and fight until we have taken what we need from them!

I have Faith in all of you. God is with us, and the Founding Fathers look upon us with favour. Godspeed to all of you.”

--Keith Richardson, Leader of local U-ARM forces.

Primary Objectives
  • Nuclear Power Core: The heart of Bunker Chicago beats with a nuclear glow. Take it out, and not only will main power be knocked out for the Bunker without affecting the people who live around it, but the radiation leak will make repairing it a costly endeavour that will take them a great deal of time. Technically, there’s two of them. Neither will stand up to us.
  • Computer and Network Database Center: Where they keep their secrets. All of their secrets. We have people who can get into their networks, we just need them protected long enough to get all the information we need on our enemies.
  • Primary Lab: They have a laboratory here, filled with... Experiments. We’re going to free as many of them as we can, and destroy the rest that are just... Too far gone to be saved.
  • Prisoner Facility: We have important brothers and sisters trapped within Coalition security cells. We need to rescue them, as soon as possible!

Equipment Delivered:
To be declared based on assignment.

Special Notes:
Check PM’s.

Red Star


  • Morai Lee: A skilled stealth and demolitions expert from a foreign land, who takes combat drugs to allow momentarily superhuman feats.
  • Línghún Jī: The part-machine, part-human test subject that escaped Coalition laboratories. She specifically requested this mission.

Mission Brief: “We are working with The Old Guard in their mission to recover Mouse. In exchange, we are being granted a sum total of relief supplies and resources—an entire caravan of them—being left in the hands of another cell nearby. This will feed many of our civilians, and so, while we have little personal investment in this, we will comply with it. We will not be sending great numbers out on this mission, just four of you will do. Be sure to protect Carolyn, she is useful.

In terms of layout, I do not have much information at the moment. Don’t be surprised if the path down is steep and unfriendly, then suddenly bottoms out into narrow corridors and large chambers. The underground facility itself should not be too significant in size from what we have been able to determine—it was primarily used for storage, not for conducting large scale tests. What kinds of tests it did conduct, however, are unknown, so be careful—it could be anything. There could even be old bioweapons down there, from another age... Lying in wait to wipe out the human race, if any of us makes a mistake. So don’t make any mistakes. Go in, do what you’re told, and get out. Carolyn is your commanding officer, but if Morai chooses to override her at any time, follow his orders instead.

Finally, I will not be able to help you down there. You will be on your own... Good luck. As some of the more religious would say, God be with you.”

--Wisdom, Head of the local Red Star Cell.

Primary Objectives
  • Rescue Mouse: It is what we are being paid to do. Do it.

Secondary Objectives
  • Kill Eve: She is the leader of a hostile faction. If you can find a way to put her down, do it—without interfering with the primary mission. Don’t do it in sight of Carolyn.
  • Stop The Coalition: The Coalition are going to sabotage the facility. When they’re leaving the facility, we’ll stay behind and disable their explosive devices. We have just as much interest in this data as the Children of Eve do.
  • Kill Jenive Rousseau: Optionally, if disabling the explosives won’t work, kill Jenive. Removing a pretty face from The Coalition will make it harder for them to cover up what they really are. Again, however, do not do it in sight of Carolyn. The Coalition are still technically their allies... Even if they are our enemies.

Equipment Delivered:
  • Standard Red Star Light Armour: A suit of light-plated armour, painted red and black, with black cloth generally worn underneath it. Will resist small-arms fire, and conceal its wearer's identity.
  • Electrified Bayonet (All): Morai modified his own bayonet to be electrified. We’ve upgraded the design, and hand it out as standard equipment to fight more effectively in melee combat now. If you manage to simply scratch an opponent, you will electrocute them. It is, however, a one use weapon concerning the charge—and touchy... Don’t prick yourself with it.
  • Nightvision: Just in case you cannot see in the dark, we’ve given you these goggles to see with. Beware that your Old Guard allies may have flashlights, that they may accidentally blind you with if they point them in your eyes.

Special Notes
Check your PM’s.

Children of Eve


  • Evelyn Tenebris: A simple woman, from times long past.
  • Lillian: One of Evelyn’s three “children” in a sense. Tends to mimic certain verbiage from her mother, but also strives toward emboldening and empowering herself.

Mission Brief: “Mouse has gone missing. Some of my own children from the fog took him... Why? I must know. It is likely that once we leave Bunker Chicago, we will not be returning for a time... Do not leave anything behind which you care deeply for.”

Primary Objectives
  • Protect Eve: Eve is moving out herself to investigate this problem, rather than delegating the task to others. She is the key to all of this, do not lose her.

Secondary Objectives
  • Protect Lillian: Lillian is a key figure in Eve’s plans. Don’t allow her to fall.

Tertiary Objectives
  • Do No Harm To Kiku: Kiku is a lost child among the ranks of The Old Guard. If it can be managed, Eve has specifically requested that she not be harmed.

Equipment Delivered
  • We have no use for these petty toys of men...

Special Notes:
Check your PM’s.

If you are part of The Old Guard, Red Star, or The Children of Eve, you belong in “The Rescue of Mouse”. If you are part of The Coalition or U-ARM, you belong in “The Civil War”.

If you are part of “The Rescue of Mouse”, your opening scene is pretty straight forward. Introduce your character to the scene, and comment on the things that have happened. You are free to act as you choose in the opening scene as well in regards to Eve stepping out and contacting The Old Guard’s forces.

If you are part of “The Civil War”, yours is a bit more complicated. Both factions have four objectives to accomplish, and the raging battle both inside and outside of the bunker will illustrate this fact. The tide of battle will be influenced by how well you accomplish objectives, as well as factors outside of your control.

U-ARM Victory Conditions – The number of objectives accomplished strengthens U-ARM as the end result.
  • 0 Objectives: Total failure. PC’s killed, U-ARM’s influence in Bunker Chicago is wiped out.
  • 1 Objective: PC’s survive, but are forced to join other factions as U-ARM is driven out.
  • 2 Objectives: U-ARM declares independence and takes part of Bunker Chicago.
  • 3 Objectives: U-ARM cripples The Coalition’s HQ, and takes more of Bunker Chicago.
  • 4 Objectives: The Coalition is pushed out of Bunker Chicago, U-ARM takes control over 2/3rds of Bunker Chicago. The Coalition will then be forced to try and counter-attack to retake the bunker, with failure eliminating them from Bunker Chicago entirely.

The Coalition Victory Conditions – The number of objectives accomplished stymies U-ARM’s advances and makes it harder for U-ARM PC’s to accomplish objectives.
  • 0 Objectives: All the PC’s died, the end. Nothing stops U-ARM’s push.
  • 1 Objective: You’ve secured a beachhead, and Coalition forces are now free to enter the bunker to reinforce positions and make it harder for U-ARM PC’s to push further inside.
  • 2 Objectives: You’ve now secured most of the streets of Bunker Chicago, and reinforcements will now enter the Bunker non-stop. U-ARM will be put on a ticking clock to escape.
  • 3 Objectives: You’ve reinstated vehicular superiority over U-ARM, and are now threatening their home district.
  • 4 Objectives: You’ve destroyed U-ARM HQ. Unless they accomplish all four objectives, they will be eliminated.

If both factions accomplish all four objectives, it will represent a devastated Bunker Chicago, with both factions surviving—but incredibly weakened from the affair, leaving The Old Guard in a position as equals to both in terms of military power. However, The Old Guard’s inaction will result in both factions becoming more popular than The Old Guard, putting it in the precarious position of risking losing support entirely.

Once U-ARM has accomplished two objectives, their CO may order a retreat at any time to simply stymie The Coalition’s advance and secure his winnings. It will depend on his perspective of how the battle over the surface is going.

Once The Coalition has accomplished its first objective, Jenive may be pulled to fight inside directly against U-ARM PC’s. One PC may accompany her, while the rest will continue to fight for the surface. It will depend on how confident Ryan believes things to be going for his faction.

Good luck to both sides. Total War has erupted, and the only winners will be the survivors.

For new players specifically, here's a tip.

You can ask me questions before proceeding with a post. You can ask me via instant message (like on Discord), you can ask me via this thread, you can ask me via private message (via the conversation system), et cetera. The kinds of questions you might want to ask is stuff like "if I enable my heat vision, what do I see?" Or "if I throw a grenade in first, what happens?" I can answer quick actions like this so you can include them in your post. I reward tactical thinking.

Just figured y'all new folks might wanna know this, before you might otherwise feel constrained.