The Last Bastion: Bunker Chicago The Last Bastion: OOC Thread

What are the Coalition's objectives for the updated mission?

--Recapture the Bunker Entrance.
--Recapture the Food Lines district.
--Recapture the Listener district.
--Assault the Church district, with the intention of destroying the church.

The first objective must be accomplished first. The other three can be accomplished in any order.
Announcement: Another IC post will be going live February 28th for both The Rescue of Mouse and The Civil War. If any of you have not posted in there by then, you will be skipped, and things can still happen to your characters when skipped. Keep that in mind.
Both U-ARM and The Coalition have accomplished their first objectives.

Coalition Players: Jenive will no longer be with you. You may want to find a way to coordinate your attacks—have someone strategize and take command. Because all of you followed Jenive’s orders, it was assumed that you all acted as one when it came time to demonstrate it. You can continue this planning OOCly and then having one character issue the orders/battle plan that others agree to follow.

U-ARM Players: Your CO will remain with you, but it will just be the three of you plus two specialists (+1 demolition expert +1 hacker) who will move in with you. From here on out, you are essentially acting of your own volition, and direct U-ARM support is no longer available, as it is focusing on other objectives and on stemming the tide of Coalition reinforcements that now have access to the bunker.

Basically, the first objectives were gimmies because you had solid character/faction support. Now, you’re on your own. Now, your split second decisions will lead to victory or death. Good luck.
Announcement: Another IC post will be going up for both The Rescue of Mouse and The Civil War on Tuesday the 14th.