The Library


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Archer lashed both guns across before him, bracing not only with his own might but reinforced with mana. Still the impact tossed him from the roof, the man throwing him into a sharp twist to meet the ground feet first. The moment his feet touched earth, he loosed the power he'd used to brace, racing for the border of this territory.

Beyond the edge, the transition back to the alley he'd left was jarring. He leaned heavily against the opposite wall, letting his pounding heart slow, working to calm himself.

That had gone badly. He'd unleashed one single unveiling of his Noble Phantasm and the supply from his master felt like a thin trickle. His own reserves were concerning, and after a thought, he entered spiritual form after tossing the USB from his pocket into a trash can. He needed to address this man calling himself his Master.

Archer was not pleased.


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Leahbar screamed with fury and dashed after Archer, mighty wings beating the air with strong pulses. His jaws were open wide, a flame erupting from his mouth as he tried to grab the servant before he left. He ran into the barrier of his domain and thrusted himself against it, pushing and warping it into Archer's world slightly. It would seem that whatever held Leahbar in his reality marble, held him firmly.. If just barely.

The Librarian rose up into the sky, his fury screamed to his prison before diving into the hole that was created in his home, dispersing into a million inky blots.


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Valarie nodded, wasting no time on frivolities and giving one single order. "Get us out of here. Now."

She stepped forward, closing the distance between the two so they could depart without delay. She didn't care to linger blindly while her new marked enemy battled up above. They hadn't even grabbed weapons yet. Well. She hadn't. Who knew a library would be such a hot spot.


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It wasn't as simple as teleporting out. This was the Librarians domain and the doors had to be used. The noble spirit was already angered at the others and it was best to leave promptly the way the came.

"Come and stay close. Stop for nothing," Lady said firmly as she strode down the aisles.

The floor was littered with displaced books along with other odds and ends. Careful to step around the tomes, she slipped past a few bits of rubble shaken loose from the ceiling during the brawl. "What a shame."

Finally, they made it to the front door, which by her reckoning was still unlocked. "When I open the door you are to run for the edge of the territory. Do not look back. I will be be behind you."

After making sure Valerie was ready, Lady opened the door and they made a run for the mist, breaking free of the Librarians influence and returning to the manor, with a terrible screaming of anger pushing at their backs.

They appeared in the living room exactly as they left it only a half day later. Lady grinned to Valerie. "We learned more than we hoped, eh? Now, Mistress. Let us see to this war."