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The Meeting Room


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~Cheshire Cat~

Today was the day for the meeting. At least, Cheshire Cat thought it was. The other controllers of the five main aspects of existence, as they were called.

Each of her other fellow powerful beings, Hiriata Yakushi, who could control Reality (@Lila Renn ), Artemis, the controller of Knowledge (@Rainshine ), Hisho, who governed Power (@MythyDragonwolf ), and The Author, ruling over Logic (@Chaos Sphere ). And of course, her. Cheshire Cat. Sorry if I got any names wrong!

Chesh was the first in the meeting room. A big table was in the middle of the room, surrounded by five chairs that fit the personality perfectly of whoever would end up sitting in them. Chesh's own chair/throne was lavender, and looked almost like the exact cross between a throne and a squishy armchair. She was sitting in the seat in her humanoid form, leaning on one of the arms comfortably, bored and ready for people to join her.

Hopefully they would be able to catch up, just the five of them. That would be nice. Though, knowing how dramatic these people could be, being the most powerful people in the world and all, Chesh could almost smell an argument.

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The space infront of Cheshire would begin to shimmer, a large crack appearing in thin air, reality being torn apart in that exact spot as Hirata walked through. A black cloak on and combat boots, making sure he didn’t bring any mud in he straightened up, his piercing yellow eyes meeting with Cheshire's. He didn’t say anything, However, merely moving to his own throne.

His was a rather simple design, black steel with spikes on the edge, extremely strong glass sat behind him, lava swishing about. Despite its appearance, with his ability to control reality, if you would sit on it it would merely feel like you were sitting on a cold pillow, your head resting against a V-neck when it was in fact hardened steel. The god over reality waved his hand absentmindedly.

He turned his attention to a TV, turning it on and watching a movie before the others got here, it would be rather boring until then otherwise. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the TV appeared out of thin air? No? Well now I did.

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The Author - An Introduction

From among the five, a grey pedestal with the exact height of a royal throne exists, and given that this pedestal exists at this time of the meeting, it is known that a technicolor cube would be seated within it. That very cube is the Author itself, who gently floated from the entrance of the room and positioned itself exactly at the center of the pedestal-seat, perfectly matching the cubic shape of its surface.

From within the room, the Author could identify the Cheshire Cat who had been assigned to rule over the life forces of all beings who have them. And beside him? The being named "Hirata" held control over reality itself. It observed that he had conjured the ever-convenient television once more. Does it make sense? The Author affirms that a cloaked man conjuring a television in the meeting room of the council makes a lot of sense. That is why the Author had welcomed the occurrence to happen again.

One would ask: what does a sentient cube have to do in a room which currently houses the ruler of souls and the ruler of reality itself? Anyone who asks such questions is a fool, just as the Author itself had written. The Author is the very entity who rules and demonstrates full control over Logic, the dictator of what does and does not make sense, the judge of all functions & processes, ruler over the very foundation of the mind itself and possibly over reality should the Author uses its powers to its full extent. Does that mean that it has subordinates within this room? By actuality, no, for they are all in equal positions, but a technicality that may result in an affirmative may occur should there ever be a mutual consenting to the idea of such.

Anyways, back to the scene: The Author is seated atop of his marbled pedestal-throne, observing the presences and the surroundings within this room, ready to discuss whatever would be brought up should the meeting commence.


Artemis popped into the meeting room, late as usual, and took her place on her throne. The throne wasn't really a chair of sorts; it was a large tree with many branches. She could never sit still for long, and the tree let her climb around and let out her energy during these meetings.

Cheshire was here. Hadn't Artemis just seen her? Oh yes, that's right, she had been on the planet that Hirata had so rudely kicked them off. And Chesh had asked for her name, hadn't she? That was weird, she knew who Artemis was, right? Speaking of Hirata, he was also here, watching TV. Artemis leaned out of her tree to try to see what he was watching. As she leaned out, she noticed the Author. His cube shape had always fascinated Artemis and she immediately turned her attention to him. She studied him with great interest, subconsciously murmuring mathematical equations involving cubes and squares.

The only power who hadn't arrived was Hisho. Hisho! Hisho was Artemis's favorite, as he had married her sister. Artemis hadn't seen her sister in a while, but she always enjoyed it when she ran into her or Hisho.


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Hiriata pretty much ignored her and everyone else who came in. He was so emo. So depressing. So cool. The second arrival was simply a cube. Yeah. Only a cube. That was interesting. And also cool. (Cheshire Cat thought a lot of things were cool, to be honest with you). Then there was Artemis, who Cheshire wasn't aware how she knew the young girl's (or what appeared to be a young girl) name, but she waved to the girl anyway. She seemed the least grumpy of the group, excluding herself. "Hello! So uh, I'm Cheshire Cat. It's nice to see you all. How is everything doing?" she asked this in a very friendly tone. Then, she said what she had been wanting to say for a while. "Anything to report?" Even though she said it in the exact same friendly voice, she felt very important saying it. She noticed that one of the Five had not shown up yet. Oh well. His loss, anyway.

@Rainshine @Chaos Sphere @Lila Renn

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"Today's performance is highly optimal," the Author reported in a voice, similar to that of a text-to-speech device, "So far, there are not many anomalies that have made an appearance as of this moment, though it is still recommended that we are to continue surveying and providing reconnaissance in the event of impending irregularities. I would like to hear the words of the other fellows within this meeting." The Author sat still on its pedestal, its now-neon colors gently fluctuating. It could hear one of the Five, specifically the one that resembled a young girl, muttering mathematical equations involving cubes and quadrilaterals. Indeed, such formulae are vital and compromise a notable portion of existence, especially entities that are manmade.

@Rainshine @Lish @Lila Renn