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1x1 The Misguided Eternal Portrait

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Gummi Bunnies, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    (Taking place in a later stage of "I'm Home".)


    Golden butterflies fluttered away once it was clear that they arrived at their destination for their first mission. Walking distance away, a towering crystalline structure stood before them, appearing as if it was reaching for the highest peak in the sky. Surrounding this crystal castle, the neighboring environment appeared like it was once a vast desert. But now, it was blanketed by the same crystallized material that made up the vast castle tower ahead of them. From some inspection off in the distant, it looked like a nearby forest was being crystallized at an alarming rate, much like a passive curse. The same effect wasn't occurring to them for merely stepping into the crystallized domain, but that could be attributed to the fact of Beatrice's magic protecting them for this mission.

    The mission's briefing... what they were tasked to do...

    ❝ At some point after Dlanor and Willard's return from their operation with the Coalition, the Witch of Miracles Lapis Lazuli disappeared from the Metaworld, noted from witnesses in a clear panic. As a fellow Voyager Witch, the Witch of Certainty Lambdadelta vouched to search for her, but we... haven't heard anything from her. Which brings us to why I have you two here. Surely any other high-ranking Witch like myself would only worsen the situation if the worst case scenario occurred with Lambdadelta, but she is in rather good terms with you both. With Lambdadelta's information, I can send you both to resolve any possible problems with Lapis and return her to the Metaworld safely. ❞

    Remembering how Beatrice explained the situation, Kiyohime could only think on what could've happened with Lapis to cause all of this. A distant and reserved Witch like Lapis wouldn't just snap like this overnight, and the Heroic Spirit wanted to know why this was all happening. Only then she could follow suit with the mission that the Golden Witch had given them.

    ❝ Reiner... are you prepared? I want to be sure that we're able to resolve all of this. I... I don't want this to go wrong, especially to you. So that's why I ask you if you're ready to head inside with me. ❞ Kiyohime asked sternly, grasping at his hand with a tight grip. There was no telling on what could happen once they walk into that crystal tower. All she could think about was the best resolution: that they manage to talk it out with Lapis and return to the Metaworld safely. Though... the thoughts of what could go wrong were rampant as well, but she forced herself not to think about it.

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  2. York

    York Just a newbie...

    It felt... Odd for Reiner, to be once more faced with a mission he was tasked with. One which he was uncertain if he would come back from. His objective seemed simple, but now... He wondered what kind of weight his actions might carry.

    Especially considering that whatever was happening to their surroundings, was an effect he was unfamiliar with; sure, a similar process, from what he could understand was what allowed his titan body to generate armor. Overtime, he had learned how to control that crystalization effect, but he had never experienced someone with the ability to crystalize their surroundings like Lapis.

    If things were to go wrong, some way... Some how, there was a very real risk to anyone involved, that included... Kiyohime.

    When she asked if he was prepared, he hesitated for a moment, remembering an all too familiar scene from half a decade ago.


    It was a time when he was still naive, he still thought he was taking back what belonged to his people... From 'devils' that wanted it all for themselves. He thought he was going to be a hero and save the world... Perhaps even reunite his parents ontop of that.

    And so, when they had lost one of their own, even before they had reached those damned walls... When his fellow Warriors wavered, wanting to abort their mission, he convinced them to press on, to finish what they started.

    It wasn't just because he was afraid of the fate that awaited them when he returned.

    No, it was out of his own selfishness, that he ended up getting all those people killed...

    And to this day, it was still difficult to accept that.


    But here he was, once again faced with a decision that could very well change things for the better or worse.

    This time, he wasn't so naive, or sure of himself, but he knew that failure here... Also wasn't an option.

    If not for his own sake, for the sake of the friends he had made. For Lapis, and Kiyohime's for that matter.

    Right here... Right now, he was going to do what he felt was right.

    He had a chance to start over, a blank slate so to speak. A chance to atone for the sins of his past, for whatever it was worth.

    With that in mind, a confident smile crossed his face as he answered Kiyohime.


    "I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Whatever happens... ... I'll try my best to make sure no-one gets hurt too badly." He said, trying to sound as confident as he could.

    It was the truth, even if he was trying to lift her spirits in the process.

    There was no guarantee things would go according to plan, nor that no-one would be hurt... It would be a lie to claim otherwise, but all the same, he hoped that things wouldn't come down to anything too drastic.

    After all, even if Lapis has gone rogue, he doubted she had completely lost sight of herself, or her ability to reason.

    He would just have to use that to their advantage, in order to bring her back safely...

    @Gummi Bunnies
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  3. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    ❝ Alright, then let's hurry inside. ❞ That was all Kiyohime needed to hear. Without any more time wasted outside this crystal tower, it was time to proceed with the mission that the Golden Witch has given them.


    If it wasn't for the fact that they were assigned to deal with an extremely dire task, this crystalline structure could be described as impossibly beautiful. Just about everything that made up this tower was made out of the same kind of crystals. The first spot inside this towering palace was a vast entrance hall, yet there was no one in sight. The staircase that led up to a higher floor was a staggering distance away from where they entered, being on the opposite side of this empty hall.

    That was when the doors behind them abruptly closed, and soon sealed up behind a wall of crystals.

    Right as they were blocked off from leaving this tower, several familiars made out of a different crystallized material began to take form instantly. Much like their presence in this place was detected as trespassers.


    ❝ Golems. Reiner, get back! ❞ Kiyohime instinctively knew that this was going to be a fight, and having several golems of this caliber attack them first wasn't going to be good for them. Storing her magical energy into her opened fan, Kiyohime waited for a bit for these golems to get into the right alignment.


    Swinging her fan like a blade, the Berserker let loose a wave of raging flames towards the golems, hitting them all at once! As the flames died down from her first attack, she froze for a bit once it was clear on what she was able to do. Her flames were only enough to stun the golems, but not harm them by the looks of it. There was no telling when those golems were to get back up, and surely Kiyohime didn't have infinite mana to work with aside from Beatrice's protective magic casted on them.

  4. York

    York Just a newbie...

    Reiner couldn't help but peer around in wonder as they entered the structure, but he tried his best not to let his attention stray too far from the task at hand.

    After all, safely recovering Lapis was top priority. Right next to making sure no-one was hurt in the process of course.

    Nonetheless, he couldn't help but be reminded of something he had been told when he was younger... About the power the Warriors were tasked to retrieve. The 'co-ordinate' so to speak.

    It was a power the 'devils' on that Island stole, selfishly creating a paradise for themselves... Shut away from the world.

    The power to create a structure... No, a utopia... In a far away place...

    It was difficult to comprehend such a thing existed.

    Yet here he was, standing within the very product of such a power.

    Though it was more... Magical in nature, and he wasn't so sure if he could call any place, fabricated or not... A 'utopia', especially considering the state of mind Lapis was in when she left.

    It didn't help that the stairs leading upwards suddenly felt alot further away than they did before. Perhaps it the material this place was made of, or some biproduct of the magic that created this structure, it was hard to say.

    But, it was that moment that it happened.

    The doors that they had just entered through were sealed, and some enemies appeared. Animate creatures, made of some kind of hard crystaline substance.

    Sure they weren't the size of titans, but they certainly towered above your average human. Perhaps they were roughly a meter tall at best.

    Kiyohime shouted at him to get back as she unleashed flames towards the creatures, although... He only hung back for the moment to assess the threat; while these things were durable, moreso than even a titan might be, perhaps something more akin to his titan form's armor... He wondered if his blades would be enough to cut through their exterior.

    There had to be a weak point.


    "I'm no longer a soldier... But... I still have a mission. I can't hang back and do nothing... Not at a time like this..." Reiner muttered.

    His hands gripped the hilts of his blades... As he carefully guaged how he would use his 3D Maneuver Gear in a room like this.

    There were pillars, and surfaces to grapple onto, but his gas supply was limited, as was his supply of blades.

    Of course he could turn into a titan, but... Right now, he wanted to save his strength, although that wasn't exactly his reasoning for trying to approach this battle as he would if he were just a mere soldier defending the walls as he had fooled himself into believing for quite some time.

    No... Perhaps it was a matter of pride, or some kind of act of Pennance.


    "... Somehow... Some way... I'll defeat them... As I am right now...!!!" He shouted suddenly.

    With that, he charged. His movements lightning fast as he began using some of the gas in his gear to propell him through the air.

    First, he tried to grapple onto a pillar in the room, preferably one closer to one of the downed creatures... Then he lunged downwards, intending to strike at any weak points he might be able to see on them. Although he might shatter his blades in the process, his intention was to find a way to destroy the golems with the skills he had been taught as a soldier.

    If that failed him...

    Well... There was only one thing left to do, but he hoped he wouldn't have to resort to it from the getgo.

    @Gummi Bunnies
  5. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    An echoing bang resounded throughout the entrance chamber, Reiner's blades clashing against the crystalline material that these golems were made out of. The most that this attack did to a single golem was visibly annoy it, a small crack forming where Reiner had struck it.

    ❝ R-Reiner! ❞ Kiyohime cried out, realizing that her Master was going to be surrounded by the golems. She started to run towards him, preparing more flames to at least stun them so he could get out of there. As a Servant, she couldn't stick around and see her Master get hurt in any way, especially after what they've been through.

    But that was not needed.

    A sudden purple flash occurred before their eyes, temporarily blinding them. Maybe it felt like a moment. Once that purple flash went away, both of them would find themselves near the staircase on the other side of the entrance hall, a good distance away from the golems that were sure to overwhelm them.


    ❝ W... We have to go this way, Reiner. Before the golems catch up to us! ❞ She beckoned him to move along with her, tugging at his sleeve. A part of her was curious as to why they were suddenly moved away from danger, because it didn't look like the work of Beatrice's magic. Whatever the case, maybe they'll find out the reason for that soon.

  6. York

    York Just a newbie...

    It was but a desperate hope of his, and in the end... Reality quickly crashed down on Reiner as his blades shattered when he attempted to slice into the Golem. Whatever material they were made of, it was as hard as the armor his own titan naturally created. There was no doubt that he needed alot more force to even hope to damage these creatures.

    Quickly, he attempted to find another place to grapple... Hoping to withdraw before he was surrounded, but seeing that he was already being swarmed, he realized this was going to be a fruitless endeavor.

    Realizing he was running out of options, he prepared to do something he had hoped to avoid, angling the shattered blade he was holding in his right arm as he exposed his left hand, preparing to slice into his own hand with the blades now jagged edge. It was the quickest way he knew to become a titan, and the only way he saw to escape the situation.

    If he could just grab Kiyo as a titan, they would be able to escape... He just hoped he would have the strength in him to fight off whatever might await them further in the castle.

    But just before he was able to accomplish this, a purple flash of light blinded him temporarily, causing him to miss his swing in that moment, and although he prepared to fight for his life, he found both him and Kiyo both standing on the other side of the entrance hall. For a few moments, he was more or less stunned, but the tug on his sleeve, followed by Kiyo's desperate shouts quickly jolted him back to reality as he nodded, grasping her hand as he quickly got his bearings.


    "Right! Grab onto me. With my Maneuver Gear, I can get us out of here!" He shouted.

    And with any luck, once he was sure Kiyo wouldn't fall, he would try and figure out the place Kiyo was trying to pull him towards, and quickly launch himself towards it with his 3D Maneuver Gear. Fortunately, in this place, there were enough surfaces he could grapple onto, but it was only a matter of time before he ran out of gas.

    After that, it would just be down to his blades, and his wits...

    Of course he could become a titan, but he would save that as a last resort. As long as Kiyo was here at least, he was confident they could make it through this without him having to titan shift yet...

    @Gummi Bunnies

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