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Interest Check The Mummy: World War II


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Based on Stephen Sommers’ “The Mummy” film series.
Set after “The Mummy Returns”, but disregards “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” except for one briefly mentioned concept therein.


EGYPT — 1942

Many years have passed since Imhotep’s third and final demise in the Golden Pyramid of Ahm Shere. The O’Connells have since moved on with their lives, but in the wake of World War II, Rick and Evy have become spies for Britain. Their most recent assignment takes them back to Egypt, where the Nazis have learned of the story of Imhotep and the devastating powers granted to him by the Hom-Dai curse. Now the Nazis, in a bid to wipe out the Allied Forces once and for all, want to recreate the Hom-Dai on their own forces in order to create an entire army of Imhotep-like super-soldiers. Meanwhile, the Medjai are hopelessly caught in the middle, being antagonized nonstop by the Nazis but also equally wary of the Allied Forces, leaving the O’Connells as their only trusted allies in this war. Now it falls to the O’Connells to navigate a complex web of intrigue and adventure in order to stop the Nazis and finally put an end to Imhotep’s curse.

Imhotep was gone for good.

Seti I’s High Priest,
Who had killed his king in the name of love…
Who endured the Hom-Dai in the name of that same love…
Only for that love to abandon him in his hour of need.
And with that, his will to live was gone.
He cast himself into the abyss,
Never to return.

Imhotep was gone for good.

But the evil legacy of the Hom-Dai lives on.

As World War II rages on, a new evil has arrived in Egypt in the form of the German Nazi forces. The Nazis have recently learned about Imhotep and the curse that gave him his powers, and now they want that power for themselves. With an army of soldiers wielding the power of Imhotep, the Nazi forces would be unstoppable.

The Medjai, the sacred guardians of the immense supernatural powers within Egypt, are now hopelessly caught in the middle. Severely weakened after the Battle of Ahm Shere, and unaccustomed to taking sides in political conflicts, the Medjai remain equally wary of both sides of this war, seeking only to keep the magic they guard out of the hands of those who would abuse it. Nevertheless, the Nazis have made no attempt to respect the Medjai’s neutrality. The Medjai know the secrets of the Hom-Dai, and for that, they must yield to the Nazis’ will or face utter extinction.

Here begins the O’Connell family’s next great adventure. Never quite losing their thirst for adventure, the patriotic Evy O’Connell and her swashbuckling husband Rick enlisted as spies for Britain very early into the war. Now, as the only ones with any real experience in dealing with the Hom-Dai, Rick and Evy have been dispatched to Egypt once again to thwart the Nazis’ plans and finally put a permanent stop to Imhotep’s curse.

Rick O’Connell
Evelyn “Evy” O‘Connell — Reserved for Evenstar
Ardeth Bay — Reserved for Zul'Zae'ju'Jin

Some Nazis
Some Allied Forces

Jonathan Carnahan
Alex O’Connell

Some Medjai
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Absolutely loved these films; Shall apply a 'Interested in this' post it note on the board. Not sure who as yet.
Awesome! Thanks for your interest!

Canon characters would indeed be greatly appreciated, although we do have a need for certain OC roles as well if you’re interested. Either way is fine!

If you do choose to claim a canon, bear in mind that some of these characters will have aged up slightly since The Mummy Returns. Alex O’Connell, for example, would currently be in his teen/YA years.