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The Odd Couple: Lesbian Edition -- An Evrensel Love Story

Discussion in 'Side Stories' started by Mr. Wade & Watch, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Today was a bad day.

    It began with Aimee doing her usual routine. She woke up with messy hair, washed herself in cold water, as there was a crack in one of the caves that was under the river stream, dressed in dirty clothing that desperately needed washing, put her hair in a sloppy ponytail, and began her work of sculpting. The earthbender was an artist, she loved to carve and create, with her usual materials being mud, clay, and obsidian. All three of which was easy to find in her current home.

    Under a dried up lake was a small maze of tunnels, with the center holding a massive mud spring. There was a small lava lake hidden in the caves, created by the shifting of the earth's tectonic plates. The lake dried up from the lava boiling it under the surface, which whatever that remained draining into the caves below, making the massive mud pits. For the last year, Amy traveled across the Earth kingdom to experience new lands, regions, cultures and artistic methods and ideas. The kingdom was the most recent visit, the last three years saw her travel across the South Pole, and before that, the islands surrounding the kingdom.

    She had been alone for all of it, having no family of her own, and Amy wanted to settle down before she made another trip across the mass continent...... Also, she needed the money, so she decided to stay here in the cave to make a few items to sell. She did need the coin. Course, as her day continued, spending the first hour, thinking up some ideas for what she could create for the day, the same ol' thing happened.

    Big flash of neon green light, and what do you know, she's someplace she doesn't recognize. In this case, the whiplash of location changes took her completely off guard. She was laying on the ground in her cave one moment, the next she fell a few feet in the air, hitting the ground hard, though thankfully the fall didn't hurt so much, as water caught her. Around a foot of it, as she suddenly arched her back upwards once water got into her nose. She gasped as the unexpected liquid blocked her breathing and gave an uncomfortable tingling feeling anyone would get from water up the nose, as if you were trying to breath it like oxygen.

    Once her breathing went back to normal, a second or two for the feeling to subside, so looked around her surroundings to see where she was. It was dark, and what she could see was light from a window illuminating into the room. Everything was metallic, she could feel it under her bare feet, but she wondered why there was water where she sat. This obviously wasn't her cave, and she stood up as she looked around.

    She walked up to the window, wondering if she could see something outside. All she would see was a massive group of fish swim past her, making her jump. She was confused, noticing they were fish from their scales reflecting from the outside light. Another look, and she was in shock. There was a city outside, glowing from neon signs and building spotlights, but what made it special was the water. There were waves, fish, seaweed, underwater life surrounding the buildings. They were in the ocean!

    What the fuck!

    Amy just looked Jaw-Jacked, with her mouth open wide in amazement and a sudden feel of panic. Her eyes were wide in stunned disbelief, and slowly backed away from the window. Before long, she was running down the hallway to find someone, or at the very least, someplace to crawl into and scream very loudly before she had a panic attack.
  2. Raffia Kiryuin

    Raffia Kiryuin Nothing to see here humans The Evrensel Conflict GM

    This better be rock bottom

    The day had begun nice in a lap of luxury she inherited from her father. Drinking a cup of coffee while having a nice breakfast as she looked over the latest developments planetside. that orange kataphract still hounded her which was a big problem. that thing already killed her dad and now it was after her too.

    The Terran invasion had gone from good to completely shit in less than 3 weeks when the orange showed up and destroyed all the orbital knights plans. two of the castles were already in ruins and more pulling back up into orbit. Soon enough she was doing the same as her own castle prepared for takeoff. "What a pain..." She grumbled as she tore the page that had an image of the orange kataphract. "Just who pilots it so well to beat an aldnoah drive with that trainer?" Her musings were cut short when the castle suddenly went into code red.

    Jumping to her feet Ranou jelled out. "Liftoff. skip the preparations. il distract them while you get the castle out. We cant loose another one!" on her way to the hangar she passed through the armory where she picked up her plasma thrower the battery pack which can hold the kataphracts aldnoah drive if it ever came to her having to abandon it. Lastly was the neural augment she calls the sensory network. An inch thick mask that covered the upper half of her face and connected directly to her brain. Now finally in the hangar she stepped into her cataphract and as soon as its hatch snapped shut it all went from bad to awful.

    As her machine powered up a green light snatched her and the machines torso, yet left the limbs behind. inside Ranou didn't notice a thing only that her machine suddenly threw a couple thousand error messages and shut down before ejecting her with the entire seat. However she was no longer in her hangar bay. no she was in a dark room. the torso of her kataphract had somehow teleported in and crushed both 2 floors below and 2 floors above itself to fit into what ever building it had ended up in with her. The said seat tumbled with Ranou still in it across the floor before coming to a stop when it smashed into a metal wall, denting it. Clearly the ejection system was not meant to fire off indoors.

    Shaking off the impact Ranou got out of the pilots chair to retrieve her emergency supplies. a simple 12 shot handgun and most importantly the aldnoah drive. Her machine was designed so that it would come with her when ejected. After all this object was was powered both her castle and kataphract so these things were guarded with the orbital knights lives. Taking the baseball sized sphere out of its socked she plugged it into her backpack instead, activating it and powering the gun instead as that lit up.

    "Well atleast they got out...now where am i?" Ranou wondered while walking about, scanning anything that seemed worth of any interest and would provide her with any info. The need of info though...it went out the window the moment she actually approached a window. she could see the bright neon lights seaweed and waves far above. "Hmm not in Utah thats for sure...how did Terrans even build it?" Her questions soon returned once more when the initial impact of her being miles under the water in a metal city wore off.

    Hurried footsteps snapped her back to reality as she pulled out her plasma launcher and let it spool up. Moving towards a defensible position she was already thinking on who or what it could be as the city appeared to be abandoned. she couldn't see nor detect any signs of sentient life within all the other windows when she looked out to see the city. For now she prepared for what was to come, ready to fire upon any signs of hostility.
  3. Mr. Wade & Watch

    Mr. Wade & Watch Cult of Personality The Evrensel Conflict GM

    The problem with her landing was she made a lot of noise. A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of noise. And that attracted the locals of the city, which were, in this case, raving lunatics who looked like this:

    Their weapons consisted of pistols, basic melee weapons such as bats or wrenches, and hooks wrapped around their hands. While Ranou could probably take them, the issue was their numbers. At the floor beneath her, she could see around ten entering through one of the main doors, while above her she could hear more arriving in greater numbers. And it didn't take long before some started showing up on her floor, and they looked ready to kill. "The hell is this thing?" One of them yelled, looking up at the massive robot torso. "It's like a giant daddy!" They were astonished by what they were looking at, as it was massive and clearly was not made from their city. The technology was too advanced, not even earthly, it was alien to them. While they looked, none of them would notice Ranou ready to fire on them. She could use the opportunity to sneak away, or ambush them and try her luck.

    With how many were entering the building, there was no telling how long she could last before the numbers got to her. They may have had the shape of humans, but these were deformed, monstrous looking people, who spoke in distorted voices and maniac tones, as if their sanity was lost the day they were born, and isolation only made it worse for them. This city wasn't Earth. It was a completely different world entirely under the sea.
  4. Raffia Kiryuin

    Raffia Kiryuin Nothing to see here humans The Evrensel Conflict GM

    Four lasers raced across all viisible places as the steps got closer, scanning her surroundings in a rough detail to build a 3d minimap for her. Luckily the initial scan finished just seconds before the first people so to speak oured into the lower floors. Moments later noises up above marked more red dots in her minimap. Down below she could count 10 up above there were almost twice as many and now even on her floor. Several more dots shoed up on her minimap as their screaming helped map the place better.

    Luckily they were too busy gawking at her kataphract so they didnt see her yet. "too many..." she looked aroundnfornan exit and spotted an open door. Silently she did her best to slip away unnoticed through the door before bolding it away from there. The last thing she wanted is that horde on her ass. She knew she could take them but it was too tight of a space and her mech could go nuclear if she shot inside the cockpit by accident and hit a still active power cell.

    "Hopefully none spotted me" she muttered to herself as she ran away from the plaace while the four lasers scanned the place for mininap construction. It was quite important tovknow where you are in an unfamiliar place after all it could save your life. And woth those locals that seemed like a true possibility.

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