The Players

o Hikari o




The cosmic womb, primal darkness, and divine mysteries


Cosmic Anathema: Rips within the fabric of existence can consume human mortals and portions of material worlds. These voids are from the cosmic womb and nothing that enters will return; it is a spontaneous undoing of the very essence of the creation; dieties and their avatars are the exception.

Dark Corona: A living archetype of sacred geometries, written and infused by the nature of their scribe and detonating upon entrance to realms not of their origin.

The energy released in these outbursts leaves none exempt from harm..though fatality from just one hit is rare. On a passive note, these 3 dimensional impressions may be used to contain and share knowledge.

Enshaaden: Darkness, the space between darkness, and the celestial voids within and without. Here Nui may become one with both seamlessly and more often than not, spontaneously.


For all the gifts bestowed on this child of ontological places, Nui is just that. In the face of the material world and all its complexities, Nui is as a child, ripe with primal innocence and primal curiosity. This can lead him into trouble no matter what side he's swayed too.


Nui enjoys watching mortals and his fellow dieties evolve. Despite having extraordinary powers, he prefers to wander the worlds, popping up at random to explore and leave traces of the Uncreated world for clever beings to find. He is prone to catastrophic tantrums when people or events (like War) interfere with his peaceful days.


Within The Realm:

A series of sacred geometries, composed of luminous fibers of light. This light is a pale white with the faintest hint of pink..upon looking closely at said fibers, pixels of sacred characters spin and multiply, shooting in various arcs of vibration.

The geometries that comprise Nui are the dodecahedron, within it is a perfect sphere and within that the merkaba. Each glows and shifts, its multidimensionality evident. The essence, power, mind and heart are contained within this vehicle.

Within this form Nui travels with celestial speed, a tail of luminous shards following after like the tail of a comet. Bouncy, light as air and prone to spinning, expanding and changing color with thought.

Outside The Realm:

At will Nui takes on the form of a young adult..not quite pubescent yet still tickling the fringes of child like caprice. Set in a complexion with the likeness of freshly fallen snow, two large almond shaped eyes house orbs of the lightest jade. Fluid in their movement, dark sigils bob and weave across the short and slender body, even traversing his face.

Reaching ankle length, the mane that comprises his hair in this form is the same hue as his skin, though a little blonder. Each strand is infused with dark light, a suitable ground for his unusual power.

Clothing is of little concern to Nui. Aside from tattered dark bands enclosing his torso and lower extremeties, everything else (arms, back, legs, feet etc. ) is bare.
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