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Fanfiction The Prisoner’s Dilemma


dune agenda
The half-lidded, blackened eye of the prisoner slowly peered around the four gray walls in the prison he finds himself in.

He had another dream today, a dream of freedom, and what the green, green grass of home would feel like.

He wouldn’t know... for he has no memory.

All he remembers was the accident that killed his master. The prisoner wasn’t sure if it was an accident, or if it was on purpose and he doesn’t remember.

He was being put to death in two days for the death of his master, so it wouldn’t matter anyways.

He paid no attention to anything outside the walls of the cell he’s held in, as shitty as it was. He could hear the screaming and the gunshots, but he didn’t care.

Soon, the prisoner heard a voice speak to him.

“You must be Luca,” the voice said.

Luca Balsa turned to the source of the voice, a woman with jet black hair who did not look like any guard or prisoner he’s seen.

“And you are?” he replied, not giving any thought to the woman outside his cell.

“Foo Fighters, the person who’s getting you out of this jail cell,”

Luca turned to FF, confused.

“Why would you want to do that? I don’t remember anything that happened before the fire,”

“You’ve been headhunted by an organization called ODMA, I’m the agent they sent to pick you up,”

“...Never heard of them...”

FF nodded.

“Of course you don’t, you have no knowledge of the true vastness of the world you inha-”

“Why me?”

FF stopped speaking, muttering something under her breath before speaking again.

“You’re skilled, Luca,” she said, “Skilled in a way that not many people are. This skill, your inventions, are why,”

“Couldn’t you have chosen my master?”

“Well she’s not here right now,”

Silence washed over the room.

“This is your only way out, Luca,”


Luca stood up and walked towards FF.

“...alright... I’ll join,”

Then, suddenly, she looked... excited?

In something that Luca truly found bizarre, her hand morphed into a gun and shot the door open, Luca stepping right out.

“Welcome to the ODMA, new recruit! Let’s get out of here!” FF said as the two rushed out of the facility.​