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1x1 The question

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Jeremi, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    It has been 4 months since the Melding and the Rebellion against the Eggman/Wily coalition. Outposts have been set up all around the world and most of them work autonomously from each other. That way if any Rebellion cell ever gets compromised then less information will be delivered to the enemy.

    Only a few higher-ups maintained communication between one another through secure channels. They were rarely used but the fast few days the chatter had been intense. There had been a murder in one of the more remote rebel cells. One the technicians had been found dead at his post. The wound through his chest signified foul play. However, the base had been locked up tight and nothing had been picked up by the surveillance. Rumors had quickly started to circulate that someone in the Rebellion had been the culprit. Moral in turn took a hard blow as accusations started to get thrown around at anyone in the base.

    It was too much for the higher-ups to ignore and due to what had happened they sent two outside members of the rebellion to the base to try and figure out what had actually happened. In their worlds they had been agents of justice, one as an agent for Interpol the other as a private detective. Their names were Chun-Li and Naoto Shirogane.

    For the time being they were sitting in the back of a horse cart waiting to arrive at their destination. They had already been forced to use a warp pipe before using this to reach their destination. It had all happened to quickly that they hadn’t really had the time to say anything until now. Chun-Li decided that it was time to break the ice. “So…first time riding a horse cart?” She smiled towards the young detective. It wasn’t the best icebreaker but it would have to do.
  2. Minerva

    Minerva Cyberbullied at K-Mart

    The ride had been long and through strange landscapes that in some ways reminded Naoto of the Midnight Channel. She had been reading a book she had gotten from some other universe or another. Despite the chaos, life still went on. There were still murders and burglaries, and a detective's work had to be done.


    Naoto was racking her brain trying to think of if she'd been in a horse cart before. She was sure that she had, but neither in a romantic context, nor in a transportation context. She had probably filed it somewhere unnecessary in her brain.

    "I can say for certain that it's my first time riding one to a case." The Detective Prince said, looking up from her book.​
  3. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM


    "First time for me too!"
    Chun-Li replied giving Naoto a reassuring smile. The landscape had been ever changing with technological marvels one moment and then a small rural town taken from the middle ages the next. Chun-Li was amazed with the human spirit and how they seemed to be able to pick up the pieces so quickly, being dragged away from their normal lives into...this.

    Chun-Li had during the Melding lost contact with anyone she had called a friend in her own world and had quickly joined up with the Rebels when the opportunity had presented itself. Even so, she was hoping that the others had managed to escape and not become one of the enemies tin soldiers.

    Luckily they hadn't seen any enemy robots. It seemed the Doctors reach didn't stretch as far as they thought. Then suddenly the cart would stop and the man driving shouted to them. "We're here!"

    Jumping outside the duo found themselves outside an unsuspecting little village with only a few huts strewn about as well as a handful of locals. "Dunno what you two are going find here though."

    "Oh just visiting some family,"
    Chun-Li replied to the man. "Have a safe journey back!"

    The man gave only a grunt as a response as he turned the horses and the carriage back where they came from. "Did they say the third hut on the right?" Chun-Li asked as they made their way towards the small hut. Well inside there wasn't much of anything except for a spear hanging on the wall. "Here goes nothing then." Walking up to the spear Chun-Li turned it counter clockwise which caused the entire floor to start shaking before it started to slowly descend. "And now we have to wait again, I guess," She replied over to Naoto. "I'm impressed how fast the Resistance has worked considering the few months since the Melding."

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