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The Reign of the Four Swords

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Caroline E.

I'm a bird crazy maniac
(First time making a role play here. So I hope I've done it correctly.
Also, keep in mind that I haven't read one role play on this website, so if I have copied you it was purely coincidental and I will remove this role play or edit it.)

By joining this role play you agree to follow the rules listed below (on this thread):
*I will follow and respect the rules of this website, Storyteller's Circle
*I will keep all content (on this thread) PG 13+
*I will keep cursing (on this thread) to a minimum, refrain from the use of anything major, and all curse words will be censored
*I will not take control of another's character nor will I kill or critically injure without permission (on this thread)
*I will follow the instructions of the form given to me to create my character (on this thread)

(Skip story for summary (provided at end of story))

The kingdom of Dawnhorn was ruled by four people, each owning an ancient and powerful sword that was said to bring peace upon the land and its people.

The four swords were named Power, Fortune, Health, and Beauty.

Faelyn owned Power. He was the strongest and most intimidating of the four.

Ainesilver owned Fortune. He was the most hard working and loyal.

Levos owned Health. She was the smartest and most motherly in the land.

And Sinnafain owned Beauty. She was the most beautiful and elegant of them all.

The four sword bearers could live forever with the power of their weapons, and vowed to serve Dawnhorn for eternity. But on the night of the Blodhren Festival, the celebration of the day they vowed to protect Dawnhorn, a strange sight led them all away from their home.

"Ainesilver, do you see that?" Questioned Sinnafain, pointing towards the forest that surrounded their kingdom.

Ainesilver looked to where she was gesturing, but saw nothing, so he shook his head and looked to her.

"No, Sinnafain. I see nothing." He told her firmly.

Sinnafain stood from her jewel throne and swiftly headed towards the trees, but Levos gently put her arm on Sinnafain's shoulder and stopped her.

"What do you see?" She asked gently with concerned eyes. Sinnafain was starting to look rather pale.

"A child...I saw a child, and he was crying. He needs help." Sinnafain told Levos worriedly. "He went deeper in, but he could not have gone far."

Faelyn stepped forward, wanting to know what was going on.

"What did you tell her, Sinnafain? I could not hear you." Faelyn said sternly, and Sinnafain separately told Ainesilver and Faelyn what she had seen.

"We must go right away and kill the horrid thing." Faelyn told them all angrily and made his way to the forest, the rest of them following.

Levos raised her eyebrows, "Faelyn, why would you kill a child?? I know you do not like children, but we are not those kinds of rulers. We do not kill as we please."

"That is no child, Levos!" Faelyn exclaimed at Levos, continuing to walk. Levos shook her head, "Well, whatever it is, we'll find out once we get there..."

As they went deeper into the forest, Sinnafain walked faster and faster, seeming more eager and worried by the second.

"Sinnafain, I have never seen you in such a state!" Ainesilver proclaimed, "Calm yourself, the beast will be slaughtered in no time."

The beast?? Levos thought, bewildered. She didn't think Faelyn and Ainesilver were the smartest men you could meet, but how much did they misunderstand about Sinnafain's words?

Nearly half an hour later, Sinnafain started running.

"I see him! He's right over here, and he is harmed!"

The three ran after her, but before they could see the boy...Or the beast, they were all hit in the head with clubs and knocked out, and Sinnafain, who was farther ahead, let out a blood curdling scream, but soon her sounds of struggling were silenced.

Hours later, the citizens panicked, as they could not find any of the sword bearers. Soldiers and scouts were sent out to follow the footprints and find all of them. But it was too late.

Faelyn, Ainesilver, and Levos had gone. Nothing was left that the scouts or soldiers could track. But a yard away, they found Sinnafain, laying on the ground with an open wound on the back of her head. She was still out cold.

It was a pitiful sight, and worse yet, three of the swords were gone. The only one they had left was Beauty.

It has been only a month after the incident, and tragedy has already struck them all. They have lost money, power over the other kingdoms, and the rate of sicknesses is now higher than ever. Their kingdom is the most beautiful on earth, but beauty only goes so far.

Sinnafain is still alive, but only has one goal repeating in her mind day and night; Find the four swords. She is the only ruler of Dawnhorn, and without the swords, everyone will perish.

(Summary: Dawnhorn is ruled by four people who own four ancient swords. The swords are Power, Fortune, Health, and Beauty. Faelyn (man) owns Power, Ainesilver (man) owns Fortune, Levos (woman) owns Health, and Sinnafain (woman) owns Beauty. On the Blodhren Festival, the celebration of when these four vowed to protect Dawnhorn, Sinnafain saw something in the forest and was determined to find it. The others followed her, but none of them made a real connection of what it was Sinnafain saw.

When they finally arrived at the thing, Sinnafain ran ahead while the three others got knocked out by others that remain unknown. Sinnafain was also hurt, but while the three others were taken away (swords and all) Sinnafain remained. Dawnhorn is now only beautiful and nothing else, and all Sinnafain wants to do is find the swords.

Will Dawnhorn perish, or can the swords, and possibly the owners, be found?)



Sinnafain (taken)

Faelyn (open): Cannot be played until found, later in the story.

Ainesilver (open): Cannot be played until found, later in the story.

Levos (open): Cannot be played until found, later in the story.


Sinnafain's personal maid (open): 1 space left.

Levos's personal maid (open): 1 space left.

Soldiers and guards (open): unlimited.

Cooks (open): 3 spaces left.

Butlers (open): unlimited.

Maids (open): unlimited.

Citizens (open): unlimited.



My form (I recommend you read the History, if you control one of the four rulers):

Name: Sinnafain
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Personality: Gentle, elegant, and kind. She is smarter than you'd think, and allows her authority to be known, but she is not intimidating.
She is a master of swordsmanship and cleverness.
History: Sinnafain has told the story of her life many times.
She was born in a large home underground, but her mother died during childbirth. Sinnafain needed a mother, and her father was too poor to care for a child, so he gave her to another nearby mother with a newborn.
At the sight of the perfect infant, the mother abandoned her own child so she could keep the one she had been given. She named the child Sinnafain after an angel she claimed had met her when she was sick years ago (the woman had many hallucinations during that time).
Sinnafain grew up during the apocalypse. The world had restarted, they said. People had to make a new civilization in this world now full of plant and animal life.
She worked hard her entire life, almost feeling like a slave, but when she turned 15 she took a walk to fetch a bucket of water and she saw a castle.
It was the most brilliant structure she had ever seen, so she eagerly went inside.
Sinnafain found three others there. Their names were Faelyn, Ainesilver, and Levos. She befriended them, for they were odd, just like her, and needed help during this apocalyptic time.
They grew up together, and built the kingdom in the castle they have found. In the rubble and scraps of the castle they found four swords, and they were so magical you could sense their power, so Sinnafain said that they needed to stay, and they were each given one of those swords, then vowed to their people to protect Dawnhorn.
Rank: Ruler
(Scarlet eyes.)
Weapon: Sword of Beauty. It is a crystal blade with a golden hilt covered in diamonds.
Wife/Husband/Courting?: No
Other: None

(I have not read anything similar to this, and I made this (on a different site) a few weeks ago, so you can rest assured that if you have a role play similar to mine, I did not copy you intentionally.)


Draconic Administrator/Mentor
Nexus GM
I got this post moved to the right place for you and I'm just posting into it to get it bumped for you since you had it in the wrong forum and people will have missed it.