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The Scylla, and her crew.

Big Brother

Grand Confessor
Chronicles of the Omniverse GM
The Scylla - Reverence S Class stealth Corvette

Built to custom specifications by a collaboration between Tech Con Group, and Aerospace Dynamics, the Scylla is a unique Reverence S Class stealth corvette is designed for long range reconnaissance, and patrol.

Sporting the most sophisticated power, and propulsion systems in the Empire, the Scylla is both nimble, and fast, and sports some of the best sensor suites in the Empire. It's technology and construction alien to the Nexus, the Scylla is a one of a kind, highly capable stealth vessel.

Manufacturer: Tech Con Group, Aerospace Dynamics

Class: Reverence S


Length: 600 Meters

Width: 186 meters

Height: 80 meters

FTL Drive: Aerospace Dynamics FTL-40C Type A 'Vektor' Long range FTL Drive

Hull: 1 Foot Stealth composite plating, 2 foot Kanvium battleplate, 1 foot Trinnium Hull Cladding, Nano-holographic Stealth active camo grid

Shields: Tech Con N7 Dynatron, Tech Con T66 Hard Light, Phase-Shift drive.


4 Type 30A Multipurpose missile tubes
16 Type 33 Ajax missile pods
80 Type 11 Heavy Disruptor Cannons (Configured in a dual-fire linked configuration)
6 Type 03 Rotary Plasma Cannons
52 Voram-Thraxon MECS-A10 40mm Autocannons
Complement and crew:

4 Condor VTOLs
6 Murmillo LBTs
14 F-13X Raptor Talons
12 X-002 Prowlers
24 Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicles
150 Crew personnel
200 Marines
64 Adepts of War

Service information

Iulius, 24th, 12a2

Status: Lost.

Participated battles:

Imperial Rim Police Action
Battle of Space Station Z



Known commanders:

DIRECTOR Marlene Angel



Big Brother

Grand Confessor
Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

Identity Particulars

Full Name: Marlene Erin Angel
Former Names: Marlene Erin Angelique
Aliases: M, Agent, Angel
Date of Birth: December, 18th, 67th Yahren, 8th Age of strife.
Place of Birth: Chasm City, Yellowstone

Sex: Female
Race: Ancient/Human
Ethnicity: Amerikano/Imperial Colonial
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130
Build: Athletic
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Scars, Marks, Piercings, and Tattoos: Bow shape on inner thigh.

Contact Information

Current Permanent Address: Commander's Quarters, Scylla
Seasonal or Other Addresses: None
Work Address: Scylla's CIC
Former Permanent Addresses: None

Home Phone: 877-(87)-5488-45887
Mobile Phone: 877-(443)-4353-12114
Work Phone: 679-(443)-4228-24227
Email: [email protected]

Personal Profile:

Degrees Earned: Tier 2 (M.D.) Medical Degree, Tier Three (Bachelors), Criminology
Educational Institutions Attended: Qualai elementary, Qualai High, Queenstown University, Imperial Province of Picon
Occupation: Director of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, Commander of the Scylla
Former Occupations: Waitress, Jek's Diner, Aschen Confederation Marine Corps (Lieutenant, Medic), Queenstown General Hospital, Queenstown Police Department, Langaran Defense Agency Shore Patrol, Imperial Intelligence Agency.

Religion: Spiritualist, Pagan
Political affiliation: Conservative
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Languages spoken: English, Lingua Anquietas, Gemonese
Citizenship: Aschen, Argosian
Smoking Habits: Cigarettes
Alcohol Usage: Yes
Illegal Drug Usage: None
History of Significant Health Problems: None.
History of Mental Health Problems: None

Criminal History:

Arrests: None
Criminal Complaints: None.
Indictments: None
Detainers: None
Traffic Offenses: Traffic Ticket on Highroad 34



Father: Joseph Angelique
Mother: Madeline Angelique
Siblings: Claire Angelique
Spouse: None
Children: Raphael McGregor, Orlin McGregor


Equipment Specs:
Chrono Belt - A device capable of time manipulation on a small scale
Type 45A Disruptor pistol. - Disruptor pistol that fires beams of destabilized particle beam energy.
Graystone Industries S-44 Blaster
Tech Con DR-43 Disruptor Rifle

Ceramite Vest