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Side Story The Second Cell Games

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Raynar Saassin, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Prologue - A Summon of Brave Warriors, a Great Evil has returned!

    One year before the arrival of Majin Buu, and a new threat presents itself. Cell, the biological Android who was supposedly defeated at the hands of Gohan and the Z-Fighters several years ago has returned, stronger than ever. Uptop the Lookout, Dende felt his incredible power.

    "This is bad, Dende. Whatever are we going to do?"
    "I don't know as of yet, Mr Popo. But whatever's going on here cannot be left unattended. If we ignore this, Cell will cause more chaos than ever before..."
    "What should we do?"
    "Do we still have the Dragon Balls?"
    "Yes, sir."
    "Then gather them together. Something tells me the Z-Fighters aren't going to be enough this time..."

    Meanwhile . . .

    In Conton City, more specifically within it's time nest; the Supreme Kai of Time and Trunks were watching over the events when a scroll began to glow in a dark purple aura. Grabbing it, they witness Cell's return to Earth a year before the arrival of Majin Buu.

    "Oh no, this is terrible..."
    "If Cell has returned now with even more power... Gohan and the others won't be able to stop him!"
    "Wait, look at the Lookout!"

    Chronoa exclaimed as she pointed towards the next section of the Scroll which showcased Dende and Mr Popo gathering the Dragon Balls together on the floor.

    "It looks like they're summoning Shenron..."
    "Trunks, I need you to go in there."
    "Why not our newest recruit? Why me, specifically?"
    "Because you have more experience with Cell, and I need you to keep an eye on the world's events in case anyone else intervenes."
    "I see. I'll do it."
    "Good luck, Trunks. And... Be careful."
    "I will."

    Trunks nodded as he grabbed the scroll and transported himself into that era of History. Spawning in behind Dende, he spoke.


    Upon hearing that voice, he turned around to spot Trunks behind him.
    "Trunks? Aren't you supposed to be a kid and didn't you go back to the future...?"
    "It's... complicated. But I'm here to help. Have you gathered the Dragon Balls?"
    "Mr Popo is gathering the last one now."
    "Good. Because we're going to need all the help we can get if we want to defeat Cell."
    "You know about his reappearance, Trunks?"
    "I do. And I know that if he isn't stopped, the Earth will be destroyed."

    A hour later and all seven Dragon Balls were gathered. Upon Dende exclaiming the words; "Rise, Shenron!", the Dragon Balls glowed a vibrant yellow as a large green dragon spawned from the central ball and greeted the summoners.

    "I am the Eternal Dragon. State your wishes and I shall grant it."
    "Oh, great Shenron! We are in dire need of assistance in these trying times. We wish for warriors from beyond our Universe to help us defeat this returning threat."
    "To possibly answer your wish, I must use the power of two wishes to grant this. Do you acknowledge?"
    "Yes. This is very important."
    "Very well then. Your wish. Is. Granted!"

    Whatever our warriors were doing, they would find themselves interrupted by a loud, booming voice within their heads. It said the following:

    "Someone summons you from a land far away. Brave Warrior. Now, come forth!"

    The voice exclaimed as the warriors would feel a surge of energy gathering into them; small white orbs of energy that entered their body and began slowly phasing them into non-existance...

    Once the Warriors returned from teleportation, they would find themselves atop a floating structure with white tiled floors, neatly planted trees forming an entrance to a strange structure. In front of the structure were three individuals; one who was short and green wearing a cloak and wielding a staff in their right hand; another who was standing next to them, wearing a white turban styled outfit; and one more who was standing a short distance away, wearing an all black outfit with a Sword strapped onto their back. But what was in front of them was a ginormous green dragon streteching into a blackened sky.


    "Your wish has been granted. Farewell!"

    The dragon spoke as all of a sudden it vaporised in a blinding yellow light, shooting into the sky and separating into seven yellow orbs; followed by the sky returning back to a beautiful blue shade.

    "Did it work?"
    "I'm not sure, Dende---"
    "---Hang on, something's behind us."

    The one in the black coat turned around to witness whoever was transported by the wish bestowed by the Dragon. The short one turned as well to witness the same, and walked over to them.

    "Are you the ones summoned by us?"

    The one in the black coat started to move with Dende but slowly moved his right hand to his back, getting ready to pull out his Sword at a moment's notice, despite Dende's careful moments while Mr. Popo kept to the entrance to the lookout.

    "I welcome you to my Lookout. My name is Dende, the current Guardian of Earth. And you are?"

    @Yun Lee As Eliza (Skullgirls) & Cloe Walsh (No More Heroes)
    @Jeremi As Noi (Dorohedoro) & Jedah Domah (Darkstalkers)
    @Gummi Bunnies As Miyao Mitake (Ciconia When They Cry) & Enterprise (Azur Lane)
    @Minerva As Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored)
    @Sark As Colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch (Metal Gear Solid) & Captain Charlie Nash (Street Fighter)
    @Ver As Naoto Kurogane (Blazblue)
    @amwexia As Fragile (Death Stranding)
    @Crow As Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson (Ben 10) & USS Eldridge (Azur Lane)
    @Takumi As Noah Collins (Rebirth) & Aiden (Lumine)
    @Lucky As Benjamin Kirby Tennyson (Live Action Ben 10: Alien Force & Race Against Time) & Jennifer Wakeman (My Life As A Teenage Robot)
    @Crunch As Jean Pierre Polnareff & Hol Horse (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
    @Alex Azure As Mason Moretti (OC) & Kaname Date (AI: The Somnium Files)
    @York As Ymir Fritz (Attack on Titan) & Artoria Pendragon (Fate/Grand Order)
    @Kaykay As Samrukh (The Black and White Avesta)
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  2. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    Oh jeez. This was not what he was thinking his usual leisure flying break would go. Was he daydreaming or something? His anti-gravity 8MS acting up? Well, it couldn't be a dream, his Selcom wasn't picking up any of his squad mates' signals. Guess he had to roll with this.


    ❝ Eh... summoned? I have no idea what you mean by that, but if I'm not over in AOU Japan right now... then yeah, I guess something that you did got me here. ❞ Miyao answered with a tinge of uncertainty in his voice. He wasn't exactly too sure on how to go about a situation as "out of this world" as this. He wasn't trained for this at all. Besides, current guardian of Earth? That puzzled him even further, but a sound of a bow being drawn put the young Gauntlet Knight on edge.

    ❝ W-Whoa! Lady, watch what you're doing with... uh, all that!? ❞


    ❝ State your purpose for taking us here and how you did it. At this moment, I have my suspicions and distrust, especially what I've seen beforehand. ❞ Enterprise aimed her bow at Dende and the one in the black coat, narrowing her eyes with a cold gaze. She was just on a sortie with Hornet and Belfast, ensuring that the Azur Lane base of operations could reach out from more supplies. Then all of a sudden she was separated from them without warning.

    Meanwhile, Miyao couldn't deny that he also had his suspicions, but he wasn't willing to let any unnecessary violence occur on his watch. So he awkwardly stood there, but he was ready to jump in if this escalated further than it needed to.

    @Raynar Saassin
  3. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon


    “The timefall washes away everything that it touches, but the past just won’t let go.” Fragile said to the scruffy porter Sam. The rain had just let up, and the Beached Things, or BTs, stopped their attack on the duo when they sheltered in the rain.

    Fragile wasn’t showing it, but she was hearing a voice in her head. Loud and clear, the voice rang with a deep baritone.

    Fragile could feel something in her bones. She could feel herself fade away, only this time, it wasn’t like heading to her beach to teleport.

    It was more like she was fading from existence.

    With her last moments in existence, she walked up next to Sam and uttered one line.

    “I’ll see you around... Sam Porter Bridges”

    She faded away.


    When she came to, she was surrounded by strangers. Her eyes fluttered around at these people, seeing a large, blonde-haired cowboy (Hol Horse), a bespectacled young man with a strange, electronic collar (Noah), and a poor child carrying large amounts of cargo on her back (Eldridge).

    She then noticed two big things about the area. One, the sky was pitch black, and two, there was a massive dragon in front of the crowd, their eyes locked on three figures.

    That same baritone voice that summoned her rang out again.

    The dragon disintegrated into seven pieces, and flew away, the sky morphing into a beautiful, strange, cloudless, blue sky.

    She has never seen the sky without clouds before, so she stood there, staring at the sky for about a minute, before she always brought back down by a voice.

    Fragile looked at the strange, green creature with bewilderment, at what this Dende thing said, and, of course, it’s appearance.

    She approached the creature and unfurled her elaborate umbrella.


    “Guardian of Earth?” she said, “I don’t think I follow.”

    @Raynar Saassin @Yun Lee @Gummi Bunnies @Jeremi @Minerva @Sark @Ver @Crow @Takumi @Lucky @Crunch
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  4. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "We used the Dragon Balls to summon you here. You see---"

    Dende cut himself off however when the lady pulled out her bow and aimed it towards him, causing the one in the black coat to pull his Sword out and walk forward.

    "I'm not here to harm you, miss. But we need your help."
    "We didn't just wish for all of you to appear for no reason. Our world is in danger, and our current warriors might not be enough to stop it. Dende here gathered a set of magical balls and utilised the power of a wish-granting Dragon to bring you all here from your home universes to aid us in our time of need, as we feel external powers are at work here."

    "This Earth will most likely not be the one you hail from, miss. But this Earth has had Guardians for a while now as I am the latest one. Please understand that we did not bring you here without a reason to trust us."

    Dende stated to the new arrival as well as Enterprise, attempting to keep the peace while it still lasted.

    @amwexia @Gummi Bunnies
  5. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile was suspicious still, but there was something in the way this creature spoke that made him feel genuine.

    Of course, she felt that this Dende was a cog in a much bigger machine. Nobody speaks that genuinely without being a fool.

    “Alright, then... I’ll play along” Fragile said, “My name is Fragile. In spite of my name I’m not one to break under pressure.”

    @Raynar Saassin
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  6. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Fragile. I'm glad you are here. This world's warriors might not be enough. Once everyone Shenron has summoned are here, I shall inform you of the exact reason as to why you're all here."

    @amwexia @Gummi Bunnies
  7. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    Colonel Volgin
    "Kuwabara, Kuwabara…"
    Volgin repeated his mantras. A dragon soaring into a blackened sky. A bad omen, there was no denying it. A little warding couldn't hurt. He could use a little luck.

    "Kuwabara, Kuawabara…"

    Electricity crackled across his fingers as he caressed his forearms. He smiled, he listened, and then he laughed.

    "All this talk of dragons and Guardians and Other-Earths... It's enough to drive you mad, isn't it? Though, I must admit that I am... intrigued... If we do choose to help you, what's in it for us? What do we gain from this... charity?"

    @Raynar Saassin @Gummi Bunnies
  8. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Dende didn't plan on whether these warriors would want something in return. But he was confident with one thing.

    "You may use the power of the Dragon Balls to grant one wish. Due to the nature of the wishes, only one wish is allowed per person as the other wish will be used to send you back home. While the Eternal Dragon is all powerful, it can only grant two wishes per summon but for this situation, I will ask for an exception."

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  9. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile was walking away from the creature when it said this. This caught her attention.

    Wish? Bullshit... but something deep inside her wants it to be true. She wants so desperately to believe that it’s true.

    Fragile let go of the umbrella, it hovering in the air as she focused. She cleared her mind... spikes formed out of the shoulder pads on her jacket... and then...


    She warped herself in front of Dende, and got up to it’s face.

    “Wishes?” Fragile said, a tear streaking down her cheek due to her chiral allergy “You tell me that there’s these wish granting thingies out there... and we can wish for anything?”

    @Raynar Saassin
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  10. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist

    Emily hadn't been expecting a wake-up call. When she awoke in a strange place, she expected The Outsider, in all his void glory, not Dende/

    The surroundings were strange to her, with the clean air. It was more like Karnaca than Dunwall.

    "Emily Kaldwin. Empress of the Isles." She said, firmly. ​
  11. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Commander... where?"

    Eldridge hovered a few centimetres above the ground as she found herself in a new place. She looked around, then saw someone familiar - the legendary Enterprise.

    She flew towards her, and started to look around, the ahoge on her twitching at every moment.

    As she did, she would hear something.

    Uncatalogged DNA detected
    Uncatalogged DNA detected
    Uncatalogged DNA detected

    That was when a flash of yellow light would scan Enterprise and Eldridge;

    Scan Complete.

    She turned to see...

    "S- sorry! My bad! This happens all the time- well, recently anyways..." a teenaged boy apologises before it happens again.

    Uncatalogged DNA detected

    "Oh come on! Well, if the Omnitrix is gonna force me to explore, might as well..."

    He turned to Dende.

    "Everyone, everyone, stay cool, we don't wanna hurt little green over here until he explains everything.

    Hi, I'm Ben Tennyson, and I'm just wondering why you summoned us, better be important, 'cos I was really close to getting that high score in Sumo Slammers 4. I'm guessing the whole entire universe is at stake? I saved us some time, right?"

    Scan Complete

    The same flash of light ran through Dende.

    "... and apparently the Guardian of Earth isn't from Earth. Is this a recurring thing here?"

    @Gummi Bunnies @Raynar Saassin
  12. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Ben Tennyson ( Live Action)

    " I recognize that sort of chime anywhere. My Omnitrix thankfully actually asks if I want to scan before it does anything. But to be fair, it took me over seven years to realize I could turn that feature off. I guess, you can say I'm another Ben 10, an older Ben 10.... a little less animated,"
    he replied, not going to laugh at his own joke. He was better than that. He would run his hand through his hair. " Saving the world sounds like a nice sort of thing for me to do again. I've already done as many as fifteen times back home."

    @Gummi Bunnies @Raynar Saassin @Crow

    Jenny Wakeman

    Jenny had just finished a fight to save her Earth. It sounded like just her luck to be drawn into another world saving event. " Can't I just have one day where I can go to the mall without having to worry about saving the world? I'm Jenny," the robot girl replied, looking around and giving a wave to Emily.

    @Minerva @Anyone
  13. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Already met like... 8 of you guys, 10 if you count..." Ben shivers towards LA Ben, "... Eon... and Albedo, but to actually see one of you guys here makes me realise that I'm not all that alone...

    ... fifteen huh, that's way less than a bajillion times, but it's still a pretty big number."

    Ben looks to LA Ben's Omnitrix.

    "... maybe we can compare aliens. Ben 23 doesn't have Jetray and Molestache, so maybe you have stuff I don't and I have stuff you don't. What do you have?"

    @Gummi Bunnies @Raynar Saassin @Lucky @Crow
  14. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Ben Tennyson (LA)

    Live Action Ben blinked twice, listening to what Ben had to say and caught it. " And here I thought that Eon was exclusively my world's problem, jerk literally force me to turn into his alien when I was ten... if Gwen wasn't there- I can't imagine how badly it might have gone."

    " I meant fifteen in the last few months, I stopped counting a long time ago the total number."

    He would look back at him with a shrug.

    "Probably not too different. I learned to customize my layout a long time ago. Current line up is Wildmutt, Heatblast, XCLR8, Diamondhead, Grey Matter, Nanomech, Chromastone, Goop, Hummongsaur and Big Chill. I do have.... Eon. He's in the line-up. I haven't figured out how to remove the alien from the line-up, so he makes a special eleventh spot that I never touch.

    @Crow @Raynar Saassin
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  15. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist

    EMily noticed the interaction and walked over. Her hand was on her, or well, Corvo's, sword. She looked Jenny up and down.

    "Are you one of Jindosh's new toys?" She asked, somewhat appallaed but also impressed. "There's nothing like this craftwork in the rest of the Empire."​
  16. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Jenny Wakeman

    Jenny noticed the woman walk over and didn't immediately react as most humans in her world were harmless and nice... well minus the evil ones.

    " I don't know who Jindosh is, so no. I was made by my mom back in my world. Well, the ninth robot she made. My name is Jenny Wakeman," she replied back to Emily. Jenny thought this woman was weird.

  17. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Eon? An actual transformation? Best to ask Azmuth to remove it. You're better off using Alien X if you need a last resort.

    I got about a hundred aliens, all in sets of ten. I'm guessing you didn't get any aliens after Whampire?"
    Ben asks.

  18. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Ben Tennyson ( Live Action)

    " Yeah, if I remember the story right, Eon was a Chronian, or at least that what he claimed to be. I tend to use others as last resorts."

    " To be fair, I do have my favorites currently. I learned that I can switch them out. I got somewhere in the upper thousands, but honestly, I prefer to use what I know. 26 minutes isn't nearly enough time to learn a new aliens powerset."

  19. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "I guess you're Ben Thousand then huh? Wait, no... more of Ben 10 Thousand, rolls off the tongue better...

    I guess I've got a better time dealing with learning. Prototype was pretty easy to learn. I guess I could do better with Laservision if I had the appropriate target practice materials...

    ... and something tells me these two new aliens I've got shouldn't be too hard. I have a big hunch that there are a lot more aliens hanging around..."

  20. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator Benefactor The Convergence Series GM

    Naoto Kurogane: Prologue - The Hunter


    "Do something for you and we'll all get a wish granted? Almost sounds too good to be true, and I know a thing or two about shady deals," Naoto Kurogane sighed as he stood before Dende, alongside Fragile and Volgin, hand resting upon his hip. The boy looked calm, if not cautious, but internally, he was indeed as perturbed as most of the rest of the group and their unwilling transportation to another world, but for a different reason, he imagined.

    It felt like he had only just gotten home again after being shot off into an alternate dimension where he was long dead and basically he was the catalyst to save the reality of his universe from collapsing and a lot of complicated, tiring stuff. Enough to make him want to go to sleep for a month, but it seemed that he didn't even get to stay in his home world for that long as before he knew it, here he was again, whisked away at the whim of someone over him in a different world altogether, though... It didn't look like Raquel was behind it this time, but rather the strange looking... "people" standing before them.

    In other words, the boy was getting a little depressed that this was steadily becoming normal for him.

    Naoto kept his guard up however; the bizarre may have been normal for him, but it was still bizarre all the same objectively speaking. Narrowing his eyes slightly, the teen went on. "Besides, with all that power you have -- to be able to pull random people from across different worlds -- at your whim, what could we possibly do for you that you couldn't do yourself?"

    @Raynar Saassin @amwexia @Sark @Anybody

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