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Side Story The Second Cell Games

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Raynar Saassin, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "And the surprises continue on."
    Naoto found Jedah looming over him. "Perhaps it has been a disservice to you to call you just another human all this time?"

    Noi meanwhile had gotten up and saw what happened to Naoto. "You can heal too?! That's amazing!"

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  2. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile looked out from behind a piece of rubble she was hiding behind. Dende has healed her to near perfection, although there was one aspect he couldn’t heal...

    She holds up her bola gun and pulled out a smoke grenade. The girl knew she couldn’t fight the beast that is Broly one-on-one, but it’s obvious others like Noi and Naoto could, so she could chip in a little on the side.

    This is her last round on the bola gun, and her only smoke grenade. Her umbrella and bag of things were on the other end of the battlefield, and she’s not confident enough to make a jump that far after being healed. Besides, she knew nothing about the limits of Dende’s healing ability.

    One shot from the bola gun and a smoke grenade is probably enough to disorient Broly if used correctly.

    She breathed out one sigh and left her cover, aiming a bola gun at Broly’s neck, firing. Hopefully it wraps around it, causing some distraction since it seems he’s the type to break the bola gun’s rope easily.

    She then threw a smoke grenade at the beast, hopefully disorienting him enough so that Naoto and them can land some more hits on him.

    Finally, she warped over to another piece of rubble around 21 meters to the right just to be safe.

    @Raynar Saassin @Jeremi @Ver @Crow @Lucky @Alex Azure @BrolyFight
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    La Ben and Jenny

    Ben, still in the form of Laservision would stare. There had been something he had been meaning to test about this new form. He had felt stronger and strangely more durable the longer that he had stood in the sun. He would rush through the beam, pushing himself and when he got closer to Broly would land a punch that packed the strength of about thirty men to Broly's face.

    Jenny having saved the citizens as much as she could with Mason would take a moment and prepare to hit Broly's laser with her own laser, pushing it back towards him with her super strength and once she had pushed it far enough back, she would fly up and hit him with her fist of furies which were giant spiked metal fists.

    @Raynar Saassin @Broly Fight
  4. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Collaboration Post between @Raynar Saassin and @Jeremi

    In the distance, Jedah noticed a wormhole form in the distance away from West City. Coming out from it was Towa who invited him with her fingers and then vanished back into the Wormhole, but keeping it open long enough for him to enter. Once he would enter, he would discover that he hadn’t really changed location as the scenery was exactly the same as West City.

    Or was it? The area was more dimly lit than back in the real Earth and he would feel a dark power virtually everywhere. In front of him were three individuals; two of which would be familiar to him and one other who dresses similar to the Frieza Force soldiers, but has a strange mask on his face:


    It was risky to generate that Wormhole, Towa.
    Which is why I only opened it for a period of time. He should have seen it by now.

    Curiosity got the better of him as he used the cove of Pomada’s rampage against Broly as the distraction to dip away from the fighting.

    Indeed I did.

    Jedah emerged on the other side for the trio to see.

    May I ask why you have summoned to this place? Due to an incident you orchestrated I’m still confined in this place for the foreseeable future. Say your piece and perhaps I may listen.

    Ah, there you are. I’d like to present to you an offer.
    Be careful Towa. While he is a demon like us, we don’t fully know his intentions.
    Oh relax, Mira. I’ve got this under control. Now… We have been the ones responsible for disruptions in this world’s History, however we can easily tell that you’re not from here. Our purpose is simple. We are gathering the energy generated by our little escapades in order to revive the Demon Realm.
    Frieza’s attack on you and your group alongside the arrival of that Saiyan and the other Demon were our doing. Turles arriving was an added incentive for you all to unleash more power towards us.
    Our offer is this. Assist us in our quest to revive the Demon Realm, and we’ll ensure that once this is all over, you can return to your own world with the power of the Dragon Balls gathered from a past event. Surely you can trust your fellow demons and not those who sit back and watch? Hmhm~

    Jedah cupped his chin as he pondered Towa’s offer.

    A counter offer. You will desist with your actions and offer me your services in eliminating the being they call Cell. Your rule will be an empty one as long as he stands. If you need power instead of being cowards you can step out of the darkness and do it yourselves.

    They could tell he was serious with his offer.

    Now what do you say about that?

    The masked one began to walk forward slowly with ill intent, but Towa outstretched her hand to stop them, much to the surprise to Mira.

    Fine. We’ll come out of the shadows and assist your group in defeating Cell. Then, once Cell is defeated, we shall reveal our plans. How does that sound to you, hmm?
    Towa, are you so certain this is a good idea.
    Do you doubt my decision, Mira?
    I do doubt this. We are doing a good enough job already with this one gathering energy in the background, jumping in with so many opponents will prove… tricky.
    You have a good point, Mira. You. How can you guarantee that we won’t just be picked off? While we have incredible power, that’s a very outnumbering position especially with Trunks and his time patrolling friend.
    Towa is correct. While I believe fondly in my strengths and capabilities, taking on our enemies so hastily is suicide.

    My words will certainly not sway them, but these monkeys seem desperate and will see the logic in joining forces to save their world. Your world. I have no doubt they’ll see that this will be the best course of action for all parties involved.

    It seemed like Jedah was done but he added on final thing.

    Remember, once Cell is defeated I will return to my world. You will have to find your own allies if you wish to continue with your plans.

    Fine. We’ll trust you for now. But this doesn’t sit right with me.
    Then it’s settled.

    With a wave of Towa’s staff, the wormhole opened back up and allowed Jedah to leave their realm.

    A pleasure doing business with you, even if you don’t fully agree with our way of handling things.

    My dear it is not that I don’t agree with you,

    He started to float back and vanish into the wormhole.

    I just don’t care.

    With that, he returned to the other side.

    "What should we do now, Towa?"
    "Follow him and wait until the chaos dies down before we appear."

    With the combined efforts of the cast, Broly was eventually overwhelmed by the clashing of Ki and the Gigantic Blast alongside the beams of Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta and Piccolo, was sent flying straight towards him at monstrous speeds! The cast would notice that Broly was spread in front of it with his hands on each side of the blast. Before anything happened, the blast sent him flying straight up into space while he screamed one word.


    If any of the cast were eagle-eyed, they'd notice that the beam took Broly straight into the sun!

    "Hahaha... Ha..."

    Goku laughed weakly before falling to the ground alongside his comrades, all five of them panting in exhaustion. Dende quickly ran over and began to heal them.

    "I didn't think we were going to win that. Thank you all, very much once again for saving our lives..."
    "I have no doubt in my mind that Cell will be defeated. I'm confident with everyone's skills and abilities and teamwork."

    "Then you would be flattered to know you've just gained some new temporary allies."
    "That voice... Towa!"
    "I assure you we are not here to fight. Quite the contrary, we will be joining you in your little mission against Cell."
    "As much as I despise each and every one of you, Jedah made good points when we pulled him away from your escapades with Broly and Janemba."
    "I don't believe this. So you were with the enemy this whole time!"
    "Trunks. Let's let them in."
    "What?! Pomada, you can't be---"
    "Pomada is right. They're offering to help despite what they've done. However we still need to keep watchful eyes on them and Eliza. She doesn't rub me the right way and neither do these two, but we need the extra power against Cell."


    "So, consider us your new allies."
    "Temporary, allies. Don't think for a second that I won't take the opportunity to wipe one of you out while you're not looking."
    "We'll help you with your business against Cell, then be on our way."

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  5. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator Benefactor The Convergence Series GM


    "N-Nngh... Yeah, two for two, huh?" Naoto grunted in response to Noi as he struggled back up to his feet once he'd gathered his bearings. In no time, other than a few tears in his clothes, he looked no worse for wear, as though nothing had even happened to him. Still, it seemed that Pomada let herself go for a bit after seeing what Naoto had done, which... looked like it could go either way.

    To Jedah, the boy only gave a sneer. "Yeah, my body may not be entirely human, but if there's one thing you ought to never forget, it's that my heart is a hundred percent, bona fide human! Not that a demon like you could understand..." He grunted, still feeling some aches from Broly's blasts, but powering through them anyway.

    With that, he hopped off as though wanting to have the last word against Jedah, recklessly intent on hopping back into the fight, not even noticing as Jedah momentarily disappeared from the scene...


    Once the fight was over and Broly was taken care of, new developments came as Towa and her friend suddenly appeared, proposing a sort of alliance between them. Naoto wasn't sure of this -- he had enough of his share of deceit and demons -- but it didn't seem he had much say on the matter if Pomada and others were calling the shots.

    Then again, it wasn't like they just decided to team up on a whim, from the looks of it.

    Eyeing Jedah suspiciously, the boy crossed his arms. "What's the game here? What made them come around, huh?"

    @Jeremi @Raynar Saassin @Lucky @amwexia @Alex Azure @Crow @York @Everybody
  6. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM


    "A world can not be controlled if there is no world left to control,"
    Came Jedah's calm reply. "They understood the threat Cell has on all of our lives. Was that not obvious?"

    @Jeremi @Raynar Saassin @Lucky @amwexia @Alex Azure @Crow @York @Everybody
  7. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "I don't like this either. Why is this happening?"

    "With Cell in the way, reviving the Demon Realm became more difficult than we anticipated. So, we shall be using our powers in your benefits."
    "That doesn't mean we're all suddenly friends. We're temporarily aiding you. Expect us to turn away the moment the deed is done."

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  8. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Chapter 3 – The Cell Games have begun!

    Several days have passed since the events of the Frieza Attack alongside the intervention of Towa and Mira, with a shocking twist of a temporary alliance. Ever since the incidents, everyone went about their merry way during the preparation time; some trained with each other, some queried about Cell and who he exactly was. Unfortunately for the group, Goku had to depart a day after those events due to the deal he made with Fortuneteller Baba.

    Trunks and Pomada kept a watchful eye over Towa and Mira, ensuring they weren't up to anything nefarious because after all; they were the ones responsible for the attacks on the entire group as well as messing with history itself. Piccolo and anyone with him kept an eye on Eliza as she still was a mystery to him; the acting wasn't working on him but for the sake of group stability he played along, but always ensured he was ready for when she made her true intentions known. Anyone who didn't stay around the camps setup at the Capsule Corp. after the events went into the town and explored what this version of Earth had to offer; whether it were restaurants, arcades or just anything in general. Each day passed by without any activity due to Towa no longer pulling any sneaky tricks.

    The day had now come. The Cell Games Tournament was to go live today, and the fighters ensured they were ready for carnage. Once everyone had awoken, they would be treated to a bounty of food and refreshments cooked by the remaining Capsule Corp staff under Bulma, Dende and Mr. Popo's supervision. Varying foods of different qualities, tastes and looks were cooked for a multi-diverse party which was helpful to someone who didn't particularly enjoy a meat-only banquet. Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo were discussing the latest events.

    Tell me, Gohan. Are you sure you're up to the task of defeating Cell again?
    I'm not so sure he's ready. He hasn't been training ever since he focused on his studies.
    Which means the only ones who can stand a chance are us and those warriors.
    They can definitely pull their punches, but Cell is another level.
    Whatever happens, Cell is going to die. I'll make sure of that.

    Meanwhile in a dark shade away from prying eyes, Towa, Mira and the masked individual were discussing their plans.

    How goes the energy collection?
    He's collected a very large concentration of energy from everyone since the Broly Janemba attack as well as whatever power Frieza unleashed in his Golden Form.
    Good. Then our plan can finally come in motion. We just need to stick to our agreement and defeat Cell. Then we can truly make our mark to revive the Demon Realm.

    As well as this, Trunks and Pomada were also having a discussion between them.

    Are you sure we're ready for this?
    Whoever these warriors are, I'm positive we can defeat Cell. However... Something about it doesn't seem right...
    What do you mean, Trunks?
    It's that Eliza. Something about her doesn't add up. Why does she know so much about him? Why does she bare the mark of him, as if she and him fought?
    I don't know...

    Once everyone was sufficiently rested and stomachs have been filled, the group followed the Z-Fighters as they led the way towards Cell's Arena. To think he'd rebuild the same thing only to eventually destroy it again made no sense to the warriors, but they couldn't think about that as they had one mission and one mission only; to defeat Cell once and for all, and ensure peace brought back to Earth. Once the group had arrived at the destination, the Arena was before them:


    Standing in the center of the Arena was none other than Cell himself with his arms crossed, smirking.


    Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the grand Cell Games Arena. What do you think of our glorious battleground, hmm?
    Same as usual; ugly.
    Ah, Prince Vegeta. Good to see you again, tell me. How's your Spine?
    And you, Trunks. I figured you'd of thrown the towel by now! Hung your head up high and called quits, but yet here you are! Stumbling into battle with a bunch of rag-tag misfits who think themselves capable.
    Enough of your games, Cell!
    Oh but there's someone I don't quite recognize! Gohan?

    Cell shouted as Gohan revealed himself in front of the group and in front of Cell.

    Oh I've waited for this day to come ever since I lost to you... Now, finally, I have the chance to write that wrong.
    Cell... No matter how many times you find a way to come back, I'll always defeat you!
    But is that really you, Gohan? There is something... different, about you. I can't quite put my finger on it, yet.
    What do you mean, 'different'?
    Clearly, your energy is diminished. I sense a lack of the same overwhelming power. You're definitely weaker. When I look at your face, I perceive a hint of the Gohan I fought before... But you're hardly the same person. There's no doubt about that.
    Gohan's been skimping out on his training ever since he defeated you, Cell.
    And there we have it... Your strength just isn't what it used to be, Gohan.
    Well I've recently been training again so I'm not as weak as you think!
    Enough with your excuses! I don't want any more disappointments! I was hoping for the chance to have a little fun before ending your life. You know, like broken bones and some bleeding. At least try to muster up some kind of strength you worthless little runt... Am I going to have to do what I did back then and take advantage of that little temper of yours!?
    Enough! Cell, your time has come.
    Oh? Hahaha! Clearly you're asking for more than you can bargain for, boy scout. Observe!

    Cell crossed his arms in front of his face in a blocking stance, then all of a sudden, multiple copies of Cell began to appear side to side of him! Four to be exact! They all began to speak one by one towards the group.


    But enough of all this nonsense.
    It's time to take you all.
    To Perfect University.
    I'd say, take you to school.
    But I think we're beyond the basics.
    Doesn't that make it P.U?

    All four of them smiled as they all spoke towards Gohan and the group.

    And we love that you got that.

    All four Cell's then charged the group!

    @Yun Lee As Eliza (Skullgirls) & Cloe Walsh (No More Heroes)
    @Jeremi As Noi (Dorohedoro) & Jedah Domah (Darkstalkers)
    @Gummi Bunnies As Miyao Mitake (Ciconia When They Cry) & Enterprise (Azur Lane)
    @Minerva As Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored)
    @Sark As Colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch (Metal Gear Solid) & Captain Charlie Nash (Street Fighter)
    @Ver As Naoto Kurogane (Blazblue)
    @amwexia As Fragile (Death Stranding)
    @Crow As Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson (Ben 10) & USS Eldridge (Azur Lane)
    @Takumi As Noah Collins (Rebirth) & Aiden (Lumine)
    @Lucky As Benjamin Kirby Tennyson (Live Action Ben 10: Alien Force & Race Against Time) & Jennifer Wakeman (My Life As A Teenage Robot)
    @Crunch As Jean Pierre Polnareff & Hol Horse (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
    @Alex Azure As Mason Moretti (OC) & Kaname Date (AI: The Somnium Files)
    @York As Ymir Fritz (Attack on Titan) & Artoria Pendragon (Fate/Grand Order)
    @Kaykay As Samrukh (The Black and White Avesta)
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  9. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    LA Ben and Jenny

    Over the last few days, LA Ben would take the time to explore everything and whenever he could, he would turn into Laservision to gin in his powers, making sure that he absorbed as much of the light of the sun. He certainly felt stronger.... but with each passing transformation, he felt a little less like himself, a little less willing to turn back into Ben. So, when he had arrived at the battlefield, he had arrived in Laservision's form, floating above the cast and his very first action as to use his freeze breath against the cells.

    Jenny meanwhile would turn her hair into giant razor boomerangs and aim them at the Cells. "
    I think we should show Cell that we are more than just some weaklings."

    @Raynar Saassin
  10. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Are you seriously sticking to one guy?" Ben asks LA Ben as he smacks his watch down and assumes a form.

    "Echo Echo!"

    The transformation replicates many a time. Unlike the multi-Form technique of this universe, each replica lost not a bit of power through this. Hordes of them would begin to circle a single Cell each.

    "Wall. Of. Sound!"

    Cell would be hammered by powerful, pressuring soundwaves!

    Meanwhile, from above, the Cells would be battered by a rain of electrically-charged torpedoes!

    @Raynar Saassin @Lucky
  11. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    One of the four Cell's rushed Laservision with a barrage of Ki-Blasts in an attempt to combat the freezing breath. While he would be susceptible to the freeze, his body would not be easy to freeze completely either due to being able to release Ki out of his body in the form of an Explosive Wave.

    Once the Cell's fell victim to the Wall Of Sound attack by Ben's Echo Echo forms, all four of them came together and released a powerful wave of energy from within which would result in anyone who was unfortunate to surround the Cell's would take a minor amount of damage followed by Knockback.

    @Crow @Lucky @CellsFight​
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  12. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    One battle to the next...it was as if that was the only thing these monkies and their foes could do.


    "Spare me your posturing bravado." Jedah boomed his words directly aimed at Cell. "What do you seek to accomplish here? Your world has rejected you yet you continue on. Struggling like a mongrel who doesn't realize it has a leash around its neck. Seize your struggles and perhaps you will reach levels that you have never dreamed of before!"

    Noi meanwhile was not too keen on the whole talking bit and would instead try to get a punch in on one of the Cells floating around. "We just have to take down this guy right? Easy!"
    @Raynar Saassin @Lucky @Crow @Everyone
  13. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM


    ❝ Alright Cell, let's see you handle this! ❞ Miyao held out his Gauntlet arm to his side, allowing for a small dimensional rip to appear. This was the Dimensional Container feature of his Gauntlet. He had more than enough ammunition to use for this. With a careful lock-on via the Reaper's Eye system, the Gauntlet Knight fired out an entire scatter of missiles. The way that these missiles acted was entirely different from basic missiles that took the fastest way to their intended targets. All it took was for Miyao to remotely control every single missile he shot out in a way that these missiles would practically surround each of the Cells before eventually speeding towards their intended targets, all while making sure that the missiles wouldn't create accidental friendly fire.

    Seeing where Miyao's tactics were in this, Enterprise prompted to do the same. Drawing back her bow, she shot a single energy arrow in the general direction, which proceeded with that shot arrow turning into a plane. That plane then dropped a barrage of dive bombers once at a suitable altitude above the Cells.

    @Raynar Saassin @Jeremi @Lucky @Crow
  14. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile was terrified. Something about him gave off an impression that Higgs would be a small fry to him. She isn’t that much of a fighter, either.

    She located herself near the back of the gathering group. The rest of them doesn’t know her secret, about her body. They don’t know that from the neck down her body is that of a 80-90 year old woman.


    She ruffles through her bag, searching deep within for anything that could harm the four Cells. That was when she pulled out a Quadruple Rocket Launcher.

    Her first thought was how the hell was this in my bag and I didn’t know it.

    But Fragile quickly perched the rocket launcher on her shoulder and fired at one of the Cells.

    @Raynar Saassin @EveryoneElse @CellFight
  15. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    As Noi went for a punch, one of the Cells went for a block which held back the force of the punch.

    "You precious little cinnamon bun, never change."

    That was when the group of fighters; Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Trunks and Pomada flew it against the Cell that was fighting Noi which caused him to act on instinct. Attempting to block so many attacks at once was effortless but it would tire him out eventually.

    "My! You all have improved so much since the last time we fought!"
    "Training has it's works. I've been training in high gravity environments, Cell."
    "We're not so weak as you think anymore."
    "Oh ho, on the contrary, you're all weak compared to me. Because as a broken man once said. You're either Perfect, or you're not me."

    The other three Cell Duplicates now had more trouble to face. Combined with numerous rockets from Miyao, bombing from above from Enterprise, and all the projectiles from Fragile, the three Cell's were under flak from numerous sides at numerous angles. They all responded in kind by firing numerous Ki-Blasts towards each projectile's direction while literally punching some of them back towards their launcher!

    @Jeremi @Gummi Bunnies @amwexia @CellFight

    "The Vegeta within Cell would be inclined to submit to you, but as we all know his Saiyan DNA will enjoy this challenge far more than what you could possibly grant him."
    "This is an entertaining battle to watch, however."
    "Mira? Why are you here?"
    "Our friend is gathering the last amounts of energy that we need for our plans. He's expertly hidden."
    "We are of course referring to the Masked Individual you met with me in that wormhole, Jedah. We pulled him through time before his demise and made him submit to us."
    "Unlike that brute Broly, he was the true Legendary Super Saiyan. The first one to undergo the transformation."

  16. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    “Of course…”
    Jedah clutched his head in defeat. “Then perhaps I will have to debase myself in fighting these foes…if they come close that is. Let’s hope your trained monkey will pull through then, for all our sake.”

    Noi meanwhile seeing as how she suddenly had unsuspected help readied herself to deliver a flurry of blows to Cell’s abdomen. “Beating up people together is something really special, you know?”

    @Raynar Saassin
    @Jeremi @Gummi Bunnies @amwexia @CellFight
  17. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator Benefactor The Convergence Series GM

    "Perfect? Not with a face that even a mother could hardly love!"



    Suddenly, Naoto -- who had circled around the remaining duplicates -- appeared behind the enemy and conjured a long blade with his blood abilities, hoping to impale it through one of the duplicates while they were busy! From there, Naoto retracted the blood blade back into him, with his targeted duplicate right in tow and being pulled closer to Naoto, separating him from the others.

    "Let's dance!"

    Once the duplicate was dragged within range, Naoto conjured more solidified blood to once again cover up his hands for reinforced punches, before throwing a swift yet brutal barrage of punches toward his enemy's way, targeting all sorts of areas on his body from his face to his stomach, and ending with a jumping punch to the face hoping to slam his target into the ground!

    @Raynar Saassin @Jeremi @Crow @Gummi Bunnies @amwexia @Lucky @Anybody
  18. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile panicked and ducked as the barrage of bullets and rockets and Ki blasts headed her way. She laid low, and crawled towards Naoto, who was fighting another Cell. Hoping to help, she took out a grenade and threw it at the Cell as he landed, hoping to blow him up.

    @Raynar Saassin @Jeremi @Crow @Gummi Bunnies @Ver @Lucky @CellFight
  19. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "Strength in numbers. However for some reason Cell's copies don't obey the normal rules of the Multi-form technique."
    "It's obvious why my Multi-form technique doesn't obey the normal rules. It's because I'm perfect in every way!"

    While that was going on, one Cell had a problem; Naoto. Pulling one of them away from the others, this Cell had a one-on-one invitation.

    "If you wanted to fight me personally then by all means---"

    He was cut off when Naoto made his move. A barrage of punches varying in strength to extreme made holes throughout all of his body, then finished by a jumping punch which knocked him backwards into a Grenade by Fragile! The other Cells all got knocked backwards into each other which caused them to form a circle towards everyone and spoke at once.

    "You know... You all are really getting on my nerves---"

    "Special Beam Cannon!"
    "Final Flash!"

    The five of them all fired extremely large beams of Ki towards the four Cells which caused the area around them including parts of the Arena to explode in a bright light. What was left was the four Cells was only the body. Where the Legs and Arms would be were instead replaced with a white hole in each slot, whereas Cell's head was non-existent.

    "We did it!"
    "No we didn't..."
    "It's not over..."

    The Cell's bodies all began to bubble where all the broken limbs were and all of a sudden, he jumped back up with green goop all over him! Stretching his arms and kicking his legs out, he did not look happy as they all merged together to make one Cell again.


    "You know, I was hoping you lot would play along, maybe make four versions of yourselves? But if you're just going to sink the showboat, I'm not going to bother."
    "We came here to win, Cell. We aren't playing your games anymore."
    "No! No this is not how it's supposed to be! That Life Gem, that trinity! I was supposed to be immortal! Powerful! More Perfect than ever! Urgh!"
    "So you and Eliza ARE linked. Hmph. I should of known."
    "Something doesn't add up... You all should of been slaughtered easily! Who ARE all of you? You're not from around here, are you..."
    "You only just figured that out, Cell?"

    @Ver @Jeremi @Crow @amwexia @Yun Lee @Crunch @Takumi @Lucky @Alex Azure @Gummi Bunnies @Kaykay @Sark @Minerva @York

    "What's going on over there?"
    "I don't know, Mira. But our friend should be returning any second now..."

    The Masked Warrior that was with Towa and Mira had returned with a odd device in his hands.

    "Good. Then our plans can come to fruition after all."
    "All we need is Cell gone."​
  20. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    LA Ben and Jenny

    " We're heroes from across roads and we aren't about to let you hurt this world. You can't just cheat your way across worlds and tie yourself to other people and expect everything to go okay. I learned a long time ago.... there's no such thing as perfect. Every person was made the way they were meant too."
    Jenny just smiled as she said that.

    LA Ben eyed the duo who agreed to help them with suspcision. With the advance Kryptonian hearing, he had a strange feeling things were about to go wrong. "
    Anyone else worried about our temporary allies screwing us over soon?"

    @Raynar Saassin

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