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Side Story The Second Cell Games

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Raynar Saassin, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    “You didn’t hear him?” Fragile said to the boy next to her, “That dragon. The dragon said ‘your wish has been granted’”

    She had just put two and two together. She was too caught up in the confusion to truly see what the dragon meant.

    “I think our arrival in this place has something to do with a wish, I think that this creature wished us here.”

    Fragile was still confused, why did he wish this group of people? She didn’t see the purpose of bringing herself there. Maybe Dende needed a package to be delivered?

    All these questions were bothering Fragile a bit. So she set down her bag in frustration. Upon contact with the ground, several strange worm creatures floated out of the bag, or cryptobiotes. She grabs one and looks at it for a little while


    Fragile held the cryptobiote out to the boy in the crop top.

    “Want one?”
    she asks “They’re tasty,”

    @Ver @Sark @Raynar Saassin
  2. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "Yes. Due to events that had happened here, the dragon is able to grant two wishes instead of one, but the only way that everyone is able to go home after all this is over is to use one of those wishes, so the first wish will be usable by all of you."

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Empress. I'm glad you're here to help us in our time of need."

    Dende was immediately caught off guard when a certain beam of light flashed over him, only to see a teenager of some sort in front of him introducing himself and... talking about something regarding "Sumo Slammers 4"?

    "It's uh... nice to meet you, Ben. No, I am not from Earth. I come from a race of Namekians from our home planet of Namek. And yes, you did. A new threat has revealed itself as a familiar adversary to our own batch of warriors, but we feel as if there's bigger things at play here than we realise..."

    It was at this point where Mr. Popo came forward to answer this question on behalf of Dende, walking up to Naoto.


    "The Eternal Dragon can only do so much within it's power. Our threat must be stronger than us, otherwise we would of simply used them to wish them out of existence. While we are the Guardians and watchers of Earth, we aren't as strong as the actual savours of our planet."

    "That's how the Dragon Balls function. The Eternal Dragon; Shenron, grants wishes to the one who gathers all seven of a magical set of balls---"
    "I see we have new allies to Justice here!"
    "Then I guess we had better introduce ourselves, huh?"
    "You got that right, my faithful sidekick!"

    Came a voice from out of nowhere as two certain caped individuals flew up to the front of the Lookout and landed to spot everyone that had arrived so far. Once they called out, they started doing something... strange.

    "Eliminator of Evil! Ally of Justice! I am the GREAT SAIYAMAN!!"

    "And I am the Great Saiyawoman!"
    "Come on, Saiyawoman! You must know the proper greeting to new allies of justice!"
    "I'm not doing those poses."

    @amwexia @Gummi Bunnies @Crow @Ver @Lucky @Sark @Minerva
  3. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "So this is a Namekian huh..."

    Ben activates his Omnitrix's dial as it displays a hologram of what seemed to be one of Dende's people in Eastern shaman garbs and a stick.

    "Wonder what you guys can do..."

    Ben was excited at the arrival of Saiyaman and Saiyawoman.

    "Looks like I landed in one of those superhero universes. What kind of villains do these guys fight on a daily basis?"

    He coughs for a bit, filtering his excitement.

    "... but yes, it's good to meet you too, Great Saiyaman, Great Saiyawoman. I'm Ben Tennyson, Protector of Earth, and the Universe."

    @amwexia @Gummi Bunnies @Crow @Ver @Lucky @Sark @Minerva @Raynar Saassin
  4. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "A fellow protector I see! We're good to see that we're in the company of such strong heroes---"
    "Gohan, can we please just drop the act already..."
    "Who's this Gohan you're talking about? I'm the Great Saiyaman!"

    The Saiyawoman at that point grabbed his helmet and pulled it off, revealing him to be Gohan.

    GohanOnBabidi'sSpaceship.jpg Dbz_videl_v2_by_avebellez-d8ophty.png

    "Videl... Come on, you know how much I enjoy doing this whenever we're not in school."
    "Gohan, these are real people in front of us."

    Videl walked up to Ben and squared him up before outstretching a hand.

    "My name's Videl. I'm the daughter of Hercule Satan, the supposed defeater of Cell in the past."
    "Yeah, totally! Haha. My name's Gohan. It's nice to meet you. Dende contacted me earlier and told me about Cell's return, and I had to jump the gun at this opportunity. If we don't defeat him, the Earth is doomed."

  5. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Well, good to meet you, Gohan, Videl.

    Cell? Don't think I've ever heard of the guy,"
    Ben expresses, "what'd he do- no, what's he doing now?"

    @Raynar Saassin
  6. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "Dende would explain the circumstances better, but I can tell you what I experienced years ago as a teenager. Cell is a bio-android created by Dr. Gero. He's a monster made up of the DNA of Earth's strongest fighters and then some. My father sacrificed himself and it wasn't enough to defeat him until he pushed me to the limit. We believed that was the end of him but if he's returned... He could be stronger than ever before..."
    "Wait, so you were the one who actually defeated Cell and not my dad!?"

    Videl exclaimed with a expression of anger and a shocked tone of voice as Gohan rubbed the back of his head.

    "Oops... Hahahaha! Done it again!"

  7. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Ben Tennyson (LA)

    " I've been actually going for that name for a while- but Gwen always tells me it's too egoistical and to stick with Ben 10 since my aliens are still in sets of ten."

    "Yup, I got better at learning new aliens. Honestly, I haven't been outside of my own world expect for one brief instant. So, only out of world scan I ever got was something that their world considered an inhuman, That being said- I have no clue what said inhuman could do as the omnitrix decided to go red, so it's a mystery."

    Ben offered a smile. It was good to know they had allies. He looked over at the omnitrix which currently told him he had one thing in n the area to scan,weird. " Probably should let it do its thing." Live Action Ben went to scan and the thing it immediately scanned was other Ben's omnitrix

  8. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Dende only just noticed something peculiar. There were two Ben's in front of him who both seem like they're the same.

    "Umm... I'm having a bit of difficulty comprehending this. Are you using some form of Multi-form technique Ben?"

    @Crow @Lucky
  9. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile looked behind her, popping the cryptobiote in her mouth Sure enough, there were two boys with the same exact appearance.

    “They’re probably identical twins,” she reasoned, “I know a pair of identical twins named Målingen and Lockne.”

    @Lucky @Crow @Raynar Saassin
  10. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Noah's eyes widened for a moment as he heard a voice in his head. He knew it wasn't Law, then wh-

    'Wait-' he started as he was being teleported all of a sudden. The physical world around him was fading by this point, and slight panic was starting.

    "This is out of my control, The Law won't apply as it should so if you die...I don't think I could help you anymore than this..." Came the familiar voice of Law before Noah's vision whited out for a second.

    He didn't know what Law meant, and with everyone speaking over him once he gained his bearings he simply blinked for a moment as he did his best to follow along.

    He didn't really count himself a warrior, but if he wanted to get home and fix his own mistakes and his own timeline it seemed like he'd have to help this off bunch.


    "This all seems a bit sudden, if you ask me." He spoke up.

    @Raynar Saassin @Sark @Ver @Others

    Aiden had thought all hope was lost when he had heard the voice in his head during the last seconds of the fight against the Werewolf at his home, and was at least glad that he had already gotten something important out of the way before coming here, but...

    'Sherry... she's still there.' he thought solemnly with a frown, standing despite being injured. Seeming to ignore that completely, he turned to Dende then.

    "While the others have very important questions that need answering first, you wouldn't happen to have a first aid kit of some kind, right?" He hummed, smiling, though it didn't reach his eyes. His shoulder was hurting like hell and he was getting blood on the floor by this point.

    @Raynar Saassin


    "Wow, you guys sure are treating this situation rather lightly. Seems like you're full of optimism and youth!" Aiden chuckled.

    There was a beat of silence for a second.


    "Do you...always dress like that and do dances when the world is in mortal danger?" He asked, a little concerned for some reason. Maybe he lost a bit more blood than he thought from that bite wound on his shoulder.

    @Raynar Saassin
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  11. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    “To be fair,” Fragile states, warping behind the brown-haired kid, “there is no real reason to take this situation seriously whatsoever, as far as I can see...”

    Fragile reaches into her bag and pulls out another cryptobiote, holding it out to the boy.

    “Snack?” she offers

  12. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    [Colonel Volgin]
    "Ahh, now that's more like it..." Volgin crowed. "Imagine all a man with ambition could accomplish with a single wish... Emperor Volgin… Now, I like the sound of that..." He let out a booming chucke. "Whatever it is you're planning, I'm in."

    [Captain Charlie Nash]
    "You mean other than the fact that this world is tilted?"

    The Nash muttered in response to Fragile and Aiden. He kept his distance from the rest of the group, instead opting stand alone, stiff and rigid. He kept his spectacles fixed on the floor, consciously avoiding eye contact with his fellow fighters. He sighed and continued.

    "I've been summoned to other worlds a bunch of times before, and it has never been for a picnic..."

    @amwexia @Takumi
  13. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Ben Tennyson ( Live Action)

    LA Ben looked over at Deden and raised an eyebrow at his comment. " I think I can explain. I'm from another universe than him. A different Ben," he replied, adjusting himself. It was noticeable that he now stood at 5'9 as he wasn't slotuching. It also became clearer he was older as he had been standing with his face partially in the darkness.

    @Crow @Raynar Saassin
  14. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    “I’d much rather stay here than go back to my world,” Fragile states to the distant blonde man.​
  15. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "This is all very sudden indeed, but considering the threat we're facing, desperate times call for desperate measures."

    Mr. Popo exclaimed to Noah while keeping an eye on the lookout. There were a lot of new entrants, huh?
    "I have something better then that. Hold still, please."


    Dende held his hands out towards Aiden and focused. Aiden would feel a energy coming out of his palms as any wounds / injuries he had were slowly fading away.

    "You should start to feel better now."

    "Don't mind him. We just got finished handling some thugs back in West City when Gohan got called here."

    Videl exclaimed as she outstretched a hand towards him.

    "Name's Videl. It's nice to meet you. I don't quite know what's going on here but I'm here to help... RIGHT, Gohan?"
    "Ahahaha, yes! Of course! You're always able to help, Videl! Haha!"

    Gohan exclaimed from a distance, laughing nervously to Videl's tone.

    "This is the calm before the storm. We're unsure of what Cell is up to but while we're up here, we're safe. Knowing Cell, he's probably restarting his Cell Games..."

    "Cell isn't a joke... It took my father's death, my friends severely injured and a great anger within me to defeat him the first time... But he could be even stronger than before."

    Gohan exclaimed towards Charlie Nash as his tone shifted from lightheartedness to seriousness.

    "I see. Well if you two are similar in terms of strength, then we might stand a chance."

    @Takumi @Sark @amwexia @Lucky @EveryoneElse

    "Aaah. It's good to be back! After that meddlesome brat defeated me, and those odd occurrences with those Skull Girls or whatever the fuck they were? Hmhm, I'm even more perfect! All this power, and an entire planet to test it on. But that comes in time. I must get my arena reconstructed after my little bout with Gohan. I miss Goku already."​
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  16. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Well, I do have multiple forms, but- oh, that's what you mean. I'm pretty sure he's too old to be a twin of any kind. At least they thought Ben 23 was my little brother...

    When you've dealt with enough dimension crossing, it's only a matter of time before you get used to this.
    I'm Ben, and he's Ben too - different Ben, different history and different... uh... style. And different aliens too, I guess. Yeah, blame the Alien Xs for that one. It's always them.

    ... and what he said"

    Ben crosses his arms.

    "Huh... did something happen?"

    Ben could've sworn something happened to his Omnitrix.

    LA Ben would get Crocodillo, Laservision, Torrent, Prototype, Bottlenose, Truck Boomer, CBT Rustbucket IV & Astropod.

    @Raynar Saassin @Lucky
  17. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    [Captain Charlie Nash]
    "If you want to play the tourist, you'll get no objections from me-" Nash snapped in response. "But do it on your own time. You've been conscripted. You're a soldier now. Act like it."
    - - -
    "I wasn't making a 'joke'. I've seen first hand the damage powerful madmen can do," Nash called in response to Gohan, matching his dire tone. He thinned his eyes and tensed his brow. "And I am rarely anything short of serious."

    @Takumi @amwexia @Raynar Saassin
  18. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    “Cell?” Fragile asks, “Is he a terrorist?”

    To be quite honest, this situation sort of scares her. The last time she had a run in with terrorists was that situation in Middle Knot...

    She sheds a tear.

    @Raynar Saassin @Takumi @Sark
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  19. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "Cell is a Bio-logical Android who is made up of the DNA of this Universe's strongest fighters. Frieza, Vegeta, my father Goku, me, and many more. He threatened the Earth several years ago but I only just defeated him. But he's returned, most likely stronger than ever..."
    "You DID defeat him! I KNEW my father was lying but you too, Gohan?"
    "Ahahaha... Well, you know the truth now, Videl! Hahaha..."

    @amwexia @Sark
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  20. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    “So I’m fighting a monster...” Fragile nuggets to herself, “to fight a monster, they send someone who makes deliveries...”

    Her gaze turns towards the brown haired boy, “Do you want this?” she asks, holding out the cryptobiote.

    @Raynar Saassin @Takumi

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