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Side Story The Second Cell Games

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Raynar Saassin, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    A massive figure with a black skull mask loomed over the rest of the group. They seemed to be sizing all of them up no doubt this fearsome looking foe would attack at any given mo- "Huh? Where am I? Senpai? SENPAAAAAAI!"

    I...guess not. They looked over the gathered crowd looking for someone. "Sorry, sorry. Have you guys seen a short-ish guy in a mask shaped like a heart? We were going to go and eat pizza and well...He was going to pay!"

    "Yes, isn't that the question?"
    Naoto's remark seemed to have been picked up by someone nearby. "It seems we have been gathered by a bunch of worthless bugs, but do not fret,"


    "Your savior has landed among you. Rejoice!"
    If the man was waiting for any revelry he continued on. "Jedah Dohma, at your service."

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  2. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile looked at the masked man.

    The skull mask... dear god that brings back memories.

    She could hear him in her mind


    “If all you want is to save yourself, you just have to jump.”

    Fragile’s eyes started to tear up, she placed her gloved hand on her cheek, her breathing started to hike up.

    “H-Higgs...” Fragile said to the masked man “What are you doing here?”

    @Jeremi @Anyone
  3. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    Mason Moretti - Prologue
    A Potential For Change

    Mason sits atop the Secretariat building, gazing out towards the city skyline. A boxed lunch sits in his lap, unopened. His hands fiddle with the pendant that rests over his heart absentmindedly. The World's Heart, he called the relic. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Down below, a tiny sparkling light, a little fairy, searches for Mason to drag him back to work the moment his break is over. For now, Mason is glad to have a moment away from her, from his coworkers, and from his job.

    He removes the pendant from his neck and stares into its golden surface. His thumb mouses over the keyhole-shaped impression, as if the locket could open up its secrets to him. "I know you're in there. You were there in my illusion. You were there in some of my past adventures as well. Who... Who are you?"

    A voice suddenly, yet softly, speaks into his mind. "The fairy, Oracle, she could tell you."

    Mason nearly dropped the necklace in surprise. "You're here! You're talking!"

    "I can't talk for long. It takes too much out of me. I'm very... very sleepy... in here..."

    "Hey, hey! Don't go back to sleep yet! I need to thank you..."

    "For your powers? It's... It's not really a choice... It's complicated..."

    "Then what is it? And what can I do to help? I don't to steal powers from you if there's some kind of soul inside this thing!"

    "They're your powers, Mason. I'm just giving you the aura to use them. That's all I can do here. Either that or... I don't want to talk about the alternative. But I'm happy to help, Mason. I really am."

    Mason stands up and starts pacing back and forth. His box lunch falls to the ground and spills everywhere. He scowls, but ignores it to make a grand speech. "I get that you're happy to help, but it's not fair for you to be trapped in here! You deserve to be out and free! Give me all the aura you want but I'm gonna get you out of there! You're a person."

    "You don't even remember my name, do you? You don't even remember some of your adventures. I've told you before."

    "Please. Tell me again. I promise not to forget."

    "..." The voice is silent for a moment and Mason stops. A breeze blows into his coat and through his hair. He stares at the pendant in his palm, waiting for a response. "Macy Moretti."

    "Moretti... Wait, hold on, I've never heard of a Macy..."

    Suddenly, a new, foreign voice thunders into his mind. "Someone summons you from a land far away. Brave Warrior. Now, come forth!" Orbs of light appear around him. Mason stumbles, trying to dodge the orbs of light. He clutches the necklace tightly to his chest, and nearly fell off the top of the building before being whisked away to another world.

    Kaname Date - Prologue
    A Wish and a Dream

    Date held the body of Iris Sagan, in his arms. Her final words had been spoken. Her tears ran red like the sunset. She left an unfinished question on her lips. Date had gotten an answer that he never wanted to receive. Dreams could not, in fact, change the world. The Psync machine continued to run behind him, bathing the warehouse in an orange glow. He cried out in anguish.

    "Why... Why couldn't we change reality? Why couldn't I jump to a timeline where she doesn't have to die?"

    A voice suddenly echoed in his mind. It wasn't one he was used to hearing. Aiba, his AI and his left eye, remained silent. Yet she, too, heard the voice. "Someone summons you from a land far away. Brave Warrior. Now, come forth!" Date looks around in confusion as orbs of light call him into another world.

    Mason landed in this new world flat on his back. He sat up and took stock of the situation, noting a wide variety of humanoid creatures. "I'm all caught up in another convergence event, aren't I?" he thought to himself. He got up and dusted himself off, then put his necklace back around his neck. "Oracle, what can you tell me about this world?" he asked aloud. However, she wasn't there to reply. His fairy companion failed to follow him on this journey, almost a staple of his adventures since joining multiversal organizations.

    "Right. Looks like I'm on my own here. Except..." He touched his pendant again, hoping to hear Macy speak again from within the World's Heart. She remained asleep for the time being. He let the pendant fall to his chest and instead focused on what Dende and the others had to say.

    A certain detective, however, was a bit to distracted to hear the discussion at large. Date was still kneeling when he appeared, simply dumbstruck at what was going on. His thoughts, transmitted between him and Aiba,were full of questions. "What's going on here? Where are we? Is this some kind of Somnium?"

    Aiba is quick to chime in with a response. "Date, I can confirm that we are definitely not within a Somnium. What we are seeing now is real."

    "This... This can't be. It must be some sort of illusion sent by Naix..."

    "You are under a lot of stress right now, Date. And you haven't had time to process Iris' death. I suggest you take a moment to rest while I try to figure out what's going on here. I will admit that the circumstances before us look to be illogical and impossible, but I will attempt to asses them logically. I see it all too."

    "But Iris said that Naixatloz controls the Wadjet System and..."

    "Date. Breathe... I'll gather what information I can."

    Date stops and attempts to gather his thoughts while Aiba searches this Earth's internet for information.

    "Did I get pulled into a shonen anime?" Mason wonders. However, this honestly wasn't the weirdest situation he had been in.

    Date, however, latches on to the idea of a wish. He pulls himself to his feet and asks Dende, "So you used a wish to drag us here. The wishes we get from Shenron, can they bring people back from the dead?"

    @Raynar Saassin

    "Oh, thank you! I kinda got zapped out of lunch, so food is really appreciated." He casually filled a plate with a smorgasbord of food with a smile on his face. He was well aware that he was going to be in a dangerous situation very soon, but food was enough to distract him from both that fact and the conversation that was rudely interrupted by Dende's wish.

    "Macy... If you're in there... I promise we'll talk. But I might still need your aura to deal with whatever is going on here."

    Mason looked around the group, noticing a couple of multiverse doppelgangers, some living ships, two of the largest men he'd ever sen, a robot girl, an empress, and a spiky haired protagonist or two. "I'm Mason. Nice to meet y'all. I don't know much about what's going on here, but I'm sure we can beat Cell, whoever he is, bioweapon or not. It's not my first time getting whisked to other worlds. This is still Earth though... for those of you who come from an Earth. It's complicated... but I might be able to answer a couple questions."

    After finishing his introduction, he begins chowing down into a chicken leg.

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  4. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    LA Ben

    Ben offered a smile back to him. " Yeah, I am pretty sure we are at a similiar power level."

    LA Ben would cross his arms and look over at him. " I'm not that much older than you. I can see us being mistaken for brothers, I'm only a little less than a decade older."

    " Yeah, I come from a world more akin to..... well, a world where things are less animated than his world. I mean, I am sure that we have faced some similar enemies. Viligax and Kevin are probably constants between our worlds. " He would run his hand through his hair over at him.

    He offered a weak smile and watched his other self.

    " I think my omnitrix scanned yours."

    He would look down and saw a new layout and honestly, the only one he was interested was the one Ben had dubbed Laservision. He would attempt to switch Eon onutand sighed as he was told he couldn't. He would go for Goop for now to be switched out. The Omnitrix allowed that.

    Ben would look over at the food. " I think it would be a good idea for me to eat something as well. I'm another Ben Tennyson," he replied, waving to Mason as he picked up a chicken wing.

    @Crow @Raynar Saassin @Alex Azure

    Jenny Wakeman

    " It's nice to meet you Emily. I mean, she sounds more like a Grand Inventor, though I wouldn't call her that," she replied back to her with a smile. " I hope you enjoy your apple."

    @Alex Azure
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  5. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator Benefactor The Convergence Series GM


    "U-Uwwoooh, that's a lot of food...!"
    Naoto exclaimed in a hushed tone, mostly to himself as though to contain his own excitement. He didn't consider himself much of a hearty eater; he was much too frugal with his money to splurge. And he knew well enough that nothing in his world came free of charge... but screw it! This wasn't his world anyway!

    With that, the young boy was about to gleefully dig into some of the food there, gripping the bone of a piece of meat with his artificial hand so he wouldn't have to get his real hand messy, but before he could chomp away, he was interrupted by the arrival of someone else, boasting behind him.

    "Hey, man. I'm trying to eat here. Can't you--?" He began to say, before turning to see Jedah himself, his eyes widening at the sight of the man or... whatever he was. Not that he was surprised at Jedah's actual appearance; he'd already seen his fair share of the bizarre, but one thing that would never cease to surprise him...

    "The numbers... What are you?!" Naoto exclaimed as he seemed to stare agape above Jedah's head, as though looking above him. Indeed, his Eye of the Hunter allowed him to read the life-value of another entity; the higher the number, the further away they were from dying. And the numbers on Jedah...


    Giving a guarded posture, Naoto met Jedah's gaze next. "A vampire or something? You don't exactly look as fancy as the ones I know," he said with a cautious, narrow gaze.

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  6. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    The voice that came from the large figure was not a deep one. Now that Fragile listened more closely she could tell it was a woman. She looked around for a moment before pointing at herself. "Are you talking to me? If you are that's not my name! Whoa hold on getting kind of sweaty...Where am I anyway?" As she asked that she put her hands behind her head and unzipped the mask before removing it.


    "Much better! I was almost sweating like a pig in that! And the sun's so shinny, I guess Shin lucked out and I ended up on a vacation!"


    Jedah chuckled. "Close, but at the same time so far. I'm far beyond a mere vampire." He hovered up to Naoto to size him up. "And for someone like you to speak to one such as I in such a dismissive tone."

    The Dark Messiah gripped Naoto's cheeks into his claws. His face was calm and serene but in his eyes, the boy could see a torrent of fire. "Bolder, more powerful beings than you have lived to regret it."
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  7. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse


    "You seem a little casual for meeting a doppelganger. Then again, I'm a little calm for being dragged here suddenly. I guess it's not your first time dealing with universe doubles, Ben and... Ben. I think we should find a way to be clear on who we're referring to. I remember that one time, I had to deal with like, five different versions of one skeleton. They ended up coming up with nicknames to let them stick out from each other. That's... about all I remember from that adventure."

    "I've also met a few alternate versions of people I know. A version of myself, a version of my brother, a version I think is actually my brother..."

    "...a sister..."

    "...a sister... Wait..." Mason makes a curious expression and thinks to himself. He holds his necklace up to his face and stares deeply into it.

    "Is that what you are?"

    "It's... the easiest way to think about. I'm one Leon's brother. You're another Leon's brother."

    "... Yeah. A sister." He lets go of the necklace and faces LA Ben again. "Anyway, Bens, any ideas for how we can differentiate you two? I feel like Older Ben and Younger Ben are a bit too on-the-nose. You two would know better what makes your universes unique."

    @Lucky @Crow
  8. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile breathed a heavy sigh of relief, another tear streaking down her face returning to her seat.

    “I’m so sorry, I thought you were someone else,” Fragile said, “My name is Fragile, and if you want to know more, ask the green guy over there for information”

    She pointed the girl in the direction of Dende.

    “All I know are that a bunch of the people here are weird, like that one girl Enterprise who thinks she’s a warship.”

    @Jeremi @Anyone
  9. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator Benefactor The Convergence Series GM


    "Hey, wha--?!"
    Naoto uttered as Jedah suddenly violated the boy's personal bubble, grabbing a tight hold of his face with a claw. The boy's teeth clenched as he looked upon Jedah, hearing his degrading, haughty words. In a way, it did make the boy go cold, definitely feeling that whatever this guy was, he had enough bite to back up his bark, but even so...

    "Get... Get offa me!" He exclaimed, both in defiance to his overwhelming presence and just wanting to get away from a chilling entity.


    With that, Naoto willfully ripped himself away from Jedah's claw, letting the vampire practically rip through the boy's cheek, casting a nasty scar as Naoto was able to pull away from Jedah.

    Despite the stinging pain though, it wasn't such a big deal. As he stepped away from Jedah, matching the man's fiery gaze with his own fire, full of youthful, reckless energy, Naoto's scar -- in just a matter of seconds -- began to heal up before Jedah's very eyes, regenerating easily until there was no trace of the wound at all, aside from some stray blood that Naoto wiped away with his artificial arm.

    "Well, if nothing else, you're just as pompous as all the other vampires I've met!" He exclaimed, before pointing a deliberate finger at Jedah. "Don't judge a book by its cover! I can hold my own just fine when push comes to shove!"

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  10. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "He's Live Action and I'm uh... Animated, I guess," Ben says to Mason. "You can tell from how uh... dimensioned he is. So, who might you be?"

    Just then, Ben saw the great spread.

    "Come on, let's talk over that. I haven't eaten lunch and I'm staaaaarving."

    @Lucky @Alex Azure @Raynar Saassin
  11. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    LA Ben

    " I think my counter part hit it pretty spot on. Perhaps we can refer to me as LA Ben and him as just Ben. I know that in some cultures, LA is the Ben, but I don't think we can confuse it. Honestly, I already met an evil version of myself, so this isn't weird. The weirder part of me is to be in a world where things seem more like shows I watch when I was younger and totally not now.
    He would continue to munch on his food.

    @Alex Azure @Crow @Raynar Saassin
  12. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Hold on, hold on, did you say you scanned my Omnitrix? Can someone actually do that?" Ben asked LA Ben, "come on, show me, who'd you get?"

    @Alex Azure @Raynar Saassin @Lucky @Crow
  13. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse


    "LA Ben and Ben it is. I understand what you mean though. A lot of the worlds I've seen feel large than life. They seem like anime, cartoons, books, or games. Some of them even follow the rules of RPG stats to a T. It's a little uncanny sometimes."

    "As for who I am," he said, speaking in between bites, "I'm nobody much. Just Mason Moretti. Spent a good chunk of my life playing the hero back home, explored other worlds a bit, and I'm trying to settle down and hold a job. I'm the secretary at the United Universes, basically a multiverse United Nations."

    A panicked look crosses Mason's face. He sets down his plate and rubs his temple. "Or at least I'm supposed to be, if the multiverse could stop dragging me places at a whim. Dear gods, I didn't even clock back in after lunch. I hope I still have a job when I get back."

    "So what about you," Mason asked Emily, eager to move on in the conversation, "You're an Empress? What are your Isles like?"

    @Crow @Lucky @Minerva
  14. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    With a feast being put together for them, Miyao didn't hesitate for going for as much as the sweets as he could. It was like a sundae but with all sorts of sugary things sprinkled and thrown in.

    As for Enterprise, she simply took out a ration bar from her pocket and started to munch on that. There wasn't much need for her to eat like the others.

    @anyone @shortpost
  15. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Enterprise... not very hungry?" Eldridge asks Enterprise. "Commander... want everyone... to eat happily... Enterprise... part of everyone..."

    "Your friend's right, lady, whatever she means," Ben says to Enterprise, "the fact that we're all here means that we spend quite a lot of days kicking butt. Take this as a bit of a reward for all our work if need be."

    Turning to Mason, he asks, "United Universes? Sounds a bit familiar... but where..."

    @Gummi Bunnies @Alex Azure
  16. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Well, I'm Noi!" She gave Fragile a good slap on her back. "Green guy huh? Where can I find hi-" Instead of gaping wide at Dende Noi's eyes instead focused on the food that was being offered. "Look at all that food!" The large woman made a beeline towards the table and started to stack a huge amount of food on a plate.


    Jedah looked down on his now bloodied nails, his interest slightly piqued as he watched Naoto's cheek heal in front of his eyes. "Humans can some times surprise you." He licked the blood from his hand as he stared at Naoto. "I will be keeping an eye on you, boy."

    @Ver @Anybody
  17. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    While everyone was bickering to each other and enjoying the food set out by Mr. Popo, the three of them including Gohan and Videl were talking about Cell.

    "What do you think of our chances, sir?"
    "I'm not quite sure, Mr. Popo. But we have a lively group of warriors here..."
    "Some of them don't look very strong. But it's what's on the inside that counts."
    "Well, we're all going to need to work as a team if we want to defeat Cell. We cannot afford to play by his own games anymore. We need to break his rules to win."
    "I can pitch in, I learned a few things from my father."
    "Ahaha... I uhh... Don't think you're quite ready to fight alongside us yet..."
    "What's THAT supposed to mean, Gohan?"
    "Relax you two. Videl, I'd be honoured if you helped out, but just be aware of the kind of person you're dealing with."
    "How dare you keep Cell's reappearance a secret from me!"

    Exclaimed a voice out of nowhere as a certain warrior made himself known to the group;


    "Trunks? Hmph. You're the Future one, aren't you."
    "Yes, but that's not the point father."
    "Did you know about this? Cell is a dangerous opponent, and a worthy challenge. How dare you keep him from me."
    "Vegeta, he's not the same one as before. Something else is at play here and he's stronger than ever before."
    "Hmph. Fine, I guess I'll play along here. So what's the game plan?"
    "Once we're sure everyone who Shenron has brought for us is here, we'll get something going."
    "You mean to tell me that after all this time as the supposed "Guardian of Earth", you don't have a plan."
    "Actually, the supposed Guardian of Earth before Dende is right here."


    "Piccolo? How long have you been here?"
    "I've been here the whole time, actually."

    Piccolo stated as he jumped from the top of the Lookout and towards the group.

    "Dende is right. I don't feel the same power level as before. How can you be certain this is the Cell we know?"
    "This is a similar spark but I'm positive it is him."
    "Very well then. This would be a good time to step in. I'm in. Although I don't like the odds of us succeeding with a motley group like this."

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  18. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    Uncatalogged DNA detected.

    "Ccan't myuu dhoo zhhiiis maafter rrrnch?" Ben said with his mouth full before choking, before his Omnitrix unleashed the strange yellowish light again, shining over the newly-arrived individual known as Vegeta.

    Scan Complete.

    The new hologram he would find on his Omnitrix would seem to have a loading ring above it.

    Genetic Variation Discovered. Updating Accordingly...

    It then shifted to the hologram of the one he acquired from Dende.

    Genetic Variation Discovered. Updating Accordingly...

    "Huh? The Omnitrix never did that before... maybe it didn't have to..."

    Ben just continued to chew, filling his recently-emptied mouth again.

    "Enterprise... strange person... did same thing to them... as us..." Eldridge speaks to her Eagle Union comrade.

    @Raynar Saassin @amwexia @Sark @Takumi @Gummi Bunnies @Crow @Lucky @Ver @Minerva @Crunch @Alex Azure @Jeremi
  19. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Prologue: Eliza and Cloe Walsh
    "An Oasis of Wishes"


    In the expanse of time and space, a laugh rang out. Haughty, and cruel, the laugh carried with it the same nature as its source, who stood victoriously. Her head thrown back, back of her hand to her mouth, she relished her accomplishment before opening her eyes and looking before her. "Now then, darlings...let's talk, hm?"

    The two girls before her trembled, unable to do anything else as their arms were held behind their backs by a large Feral each. Hard to believe these were goddesses by how they cowered and whimpered...really. Lamia's parenting was leaving a lot to be desired. She hadn't even broken a sweat! Ah, well. These two were chump change compared to what she was looking for.

    "As I'm sure you both recall, darlings, there was a very interesting man who stopped by a little while ago. A man of tremendous skill and power...and the current owner of the Life Gem I so desperately desire. He destroyed my little drinking fountain, too, and she was adorable! I've always wanted a cute little pet like her...but I suppose I can find a proper host for that gem elsewhere."

    The woman walked forward, smiling at her captives. In the grasp of her canine mook was the scantily-clad Venus Lovelace, Goddess of Space. Her sister and Goddess of Time, Aeon, was restrained by an avian fellow, the sand within the hourglass that made up her torso shaking along with her. It was she who spoke first. "You can't take what is no longer in this world, E--!!"

    Aeon's cheeks were in a vice grip, the nails of the woman's left hand digging into both. "Oh, but I can! Why, anything is possible with the Trinity aiding me."

    Venus spat on the ground at the woman's feet. "As if we'd ever help you, demon!"

    "Tsk, tsk. A pity." Aeon squeaked as the woman's nails threatened to puncture her skin. "I wonder...how does the blood of a goddess taste? That must be enough to keep me alive until the end of time itself! Well..." The woman smirked. "Unless I end time myself."

    Venus ground her teeth together. "Fine! We...we'll help you. But then you stay away. Far away!"

    "Of course." Aeon was released, and the woman tossed her hair. "Now then...onto my terms."


    "Ah, here we are, darling! Why, about time!"

    Two women appeared in a similar fashion as everyone else. One woman, dressed in a more risqué version of an ancient Egyptian queen's garments, looked around the little group with a dazzling smile. She looked every bit the part of a socialite, with golden accessories and immaculate hair and makeup.


    "Better fashionably late then never, don't you agree? And look! Some hors d'oeuvres! Why not get something to eat? You look positively malnourished!"

    Her companion was another woman, who provided a stark contrast. Taller and thinner, she dressed even more immodestly than her companion. But her skin was pasty, contrasting with bloody red hair and piercing gray eyes. She snarled at the other woman.


    "Don't patronize me."

    Even so, she walked off to the table, leaving the socialite to her own devices. "Hmph! Awfully negative, isn't she? Ah, well...I'm sure she'll warm up to me soon. Not as if she has a choice..." She walked up to the locals. "Ah, but where are my manners? I'm Eliza. And from what you're telling me...this little group is so we can eliminate a man named Cell, correct?"

    @Raynar Saassin


    The young woman Eliza had arrived with took stock of the food and drink before her, ultimately sneering at it. Too rich...all of it was far too rich. But she had to eat something, now that she was out and about. She stuck with an apple, picking it up and biting into it. Her eyes scanned the crowd, sizing up everyone gathered around this place.

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  20. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Once this light hit Vegeta, he immediately walked over to Ben who was eating away at the food.

    "You, boy. What exactly did you just do to me?"


    This statement from Eliza caught Trunks off guard. Someone already know who Cell was? This immediately caused him to approach her.

    "Excuse me, Eliza? We need to talk. In Private. Come to the back of the lookout please."

    Trunks exclaimed with a look of seriousness on his face as he proceeded to walk towards the back of the main lookout structure, hoping Eliza would follow.

    @Yun Lee

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