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Side Story The Second Cell Games

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Raynar Saassin, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "If that's the case..."

    A strong, powerful shockwave of gold battered through the air, colouring the blue sky a shimmering gold. The sky was dyed for great distances. As Vegeta was close, he would be pushed back.

    "... I'm not going to hold back."

    P'cool was solemn as he burst up into the sky, before descending down from the sky with his leg upfront.

    "You'll see what a hero is made of! Meteor Kick!"

    With the impact exceeding a meteor, this was going to be pretty painful...

    @Raynar Saassin
  2. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er


    Vegeta exclaimed as he took that Meteor Kick and was knocked back a considerable distance. Recovering from the kick, he flew back up to Ben with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face.

    "Good. You succeeded in your training. Now, remember that sensation. The best trigger for the Super Saiyan transformation is anger, so hold on to that feeling you just had."

  3. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist

    They can be beautiful, but they’re also deadly. Rats swarm the cities, nobles conspire in the shadows, a religion exerts it’s control over a populace, frightened of what’s in the dark.” Emily said, taking a bite of her apple. “I try to rule calmly and justly, as my mother before me did, so that I can bring about a Golden age.

  4. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Eliza raised her eyebrows as the boy questioned her. My, my...quite a perceptive young thing, hm? Of course, she couldn't tell the truth, but what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him, would it?

    It was a good thing she was a performer. Clutching her hands over her heart, Eliza looked down to the ground. "...Cell is a monster," she said. "I am not of this world, but he wormed his way into mine. He killed innocent people, destroyed much of our city, and...and stole a precious heirloom from me! My beautiful Life Gem, that's been in our family for centuries!" She looked up at Trunks with her best puppydog face. "I just had to find my way to him to get it back! In the wrong hands, the Life Gem could give someone unimaginable power! That's why I hired that young woman, Cloe, and set out to find him. Fortunately for us, you were able to find us, as well."

    @Raynar Saassin


    Cloe had finished her apple and stood aoff to herself, arms crossed. As Dende checked in, she merely sneered. "It's tolerable." She didn't seem to have much more to say than that.

  5. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Food." Noi managed to reply between gulps as she continued to eat. "Seems kind of random to get people to come and eat food..." She let her words hang in the air for a moment as she chomped down on a chicken leg. "Your hair reminds me of boss...can you turn things into mushrooms too?"

    @Crunch @Ver @Jeremi @Gummi Bunnies @Crow @amwexia @Takumi @Sark @Crunch @Alex Azure @Yun Lee @Lucky @EveryoneElse
  6. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator Benefactor The Convergence Series GM


    "Same to you,"
    Naoto responded back to Jedah cautiously, pointing to his own two eyes with his index and middle fingers, and then turning his hand around to point them at Jedah in an almost brash, if not appropriately youthful manner.

    "That Dende person might have brought us all together to do something for him, but I get the feeling you don't have the slightest interest in charity," the boy went on lowly. Here for barely a few minutes and he already made a friend. Quaint. Still, if not from his Eye of the Hunter, his intuition could tell him that whoever Jedah was, he didn't seem to have much interest in helping Dende with his favor, at least for any altruistic reasons. With that, Naoto didn't have much more intent on speaking with Jedah. No use in getting on him if he hadn't done anything... yet, so he may as well have the last word while he could.

    With that, Naoto began to walk backward, keeping his gaze on Jedah. "I've got eyes in the back of my head, so you can be sure nothing will go over my head!"


    Then he bumped right into Cloe by accident, blinking in surprise as he didn't even realize her standing right behind him.

    Gingerly turning around, the boy sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, his low glower toward Jedah instantly replaced with a diffident look at the woman.


    "M-My bad! Sorry about that!"

    This was going to be a long trip.

    @Jeremi @Yun Lee @Anybody
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  7. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    Trunks listened in on Eliza's information. While her act wasn't exactly necessary, she knew full well the kind of damage Cell can perform on an unsuspecting populace. Earth's military and most of a city block up to a mountain range learned the hard way.

    "We're going to defeat him, then figure out how to return your Life Gem. You can count on us and everyone here."

    Trunks exclaimed, although her act made him question why exactly he's putting good trust into her. Something about her was fishy...

    @Yun Lee
  8. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM


    "Your assumption is absolutely correct. If these beings can not help themselves then they do not deserve any aid we can deliver to them."
    Jedah seemed quite open about the fact that he had no interest in what was going on here. "I shall be a silent bystander watching on...perhaps something will catch my interest."

    As Naoto walked off Jedah looked on as he made a fool out of himself by bumping into some woman. The dark messiah was not sure what to make of the boy just yet, despite the power Jedah felt inside of him it was clear that he was still just a boy.
    @Ver @Yun Lee @Anybody
  9. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Why thank you, my dear boy!" Eliza fluttered her eyelashes. Perfect. "Say, what is your name? Do you have a history with this Cell, too?"

    @Raynar Saassin


    Cloe didn't get thrown off all that much by Naoto, but she did look down at him when he bumped into her (thanks to her heels she towered over most anyone human). Hmm...too young. "It's fine," she said, waving him away with nothing more than that. None of these people were her target, anyways.

    @Ver @Jeremi
  10. Raynar Saassin

    Raynar Saassin Multiverse RP'er

    "Too much history with Cell. He killed me at one point. Everyone here; my father Vegeta, Gohan, Dende, Piccolo, we've all got history with him. Cell is nothing short of a monster, he's made up of DNA from this universes strongest fighters and is capable of destroying this entire planet anytime he wants. But this is all just a game to him. His Cell Games is just a test of his powers and if no one can defeat him, everything is doomed."

    @Yun Lee
  11. Crunch

    Crunch Giga God Crunchmeister

    Warriors? Mushrooms?

    Polnareff looked lost, his bewildered expression turning to anger. He didn't get any closer to figuring out what was going on, only further; he found himself surrounded by strange-looking people and what appeared to be aliens, and now he's being asked by some lady if he's able to turn things into mushrooms. He moved closer to the table at the mention of warriors, deciding that this was too complex to be some Stand ability.

    "What? No, I- can you give me a moment?"


    The white-haired warrior crossed his arms, staring at the little green man with a mixture of amiability and incredulity. This is getting bizarre, even for him. "Listen, 'Dend,', no offense, but if you meant to kidnap someone for some convention, you've gotten the wrong man. My name is Jean Pierre Polnareff! I appreciate the offer for food, really, but I was in the middle of something important. If you could turn off your ability, and--"

    Polnareff's mouth ceased, his brow furrowing deeply as if something just occurred to him. "... Hold it. Did you happen to see a dumb-looking man with a big cowboy hat anywhere around here?"


    A loud, telling yell came from the other end of the food hall. A tall man sauntered into the room, looking like he'd just walked off the set of an old Western movie. He rubbed his hands in anticipation, practically salivating at the sight of Dende's food and... other delectables in the area. "It really is heaven! All I food and women I could ever want! Nothing but the best for ol' Hol Horse, heh!"

    Hol Horse's jubilation ceased when he made eye contact.


    "... Oh, you--"

    "--SON OF A BITCH!"

    The scene played out in slow motion, Polnareff spotting his enemy and readying his weapon before he even had a chance to reach for his belt. The white-haired man stood upright, swiftly striding past Dende and stopping just a few meters from the table. His arm went up, stretching forward in a rough motion that had his hand flat and pointed towards the cowboy like a knife. As he did, his body seemed to spark, glowing with an otherworldly silver light.



    The command triggered the light to swirl, bending into itself like an ethereal clay. It arrived like an image cast from a movie projector, a tall, lithe figure that materialized next to the shouting Polnareff, it's imposing form now floating just in front of him. The entity was of similar height and proportions to the one who summoned it, resembling a lithe metal skeleton adorned from head-to-toe in solid armor plates which shone like silver under the everpresent sun. It swung it's arm up, a steel rapier manifesting in its grasp and slicing the air with the sharp, metallic *shwing*!

    Silver Chariot lunged across the table as soon as it finished materializing, already halfway to Hol Horse's throat in the span of a single blink. The cowboy yelped, hitting the deck just as the sword was an inch from spearing his head. The sharp blade sank into the leather of his hat, holding it in the air. Hol Horse scrambled across the floor like a frightened animal, stumbling up on to his feet and holding his hands up.


    "Shut the hell up and fight me, coward!"

    The knight spun on a dime, transferring it's momentum around into another plunge of the rapier towards Hol Horse's chest, who managed to scramble out of the way and continue stumbling around the Stand's blows.

    Someone should probably do something.

    @Ver @Jeremi @Gummi Bunnies @Crow @amwexia @Takumi @Sark @Alex Azure @Yun Lee @Lucky @EveryoneElse​
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  12. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "My, my...what a brute." Eliza had to bite her tongue to keep from licking her lips in anticipation. "Well, darling, we will put a stop to him immediately. If he can already do so much harm in his world, and tgen enter and assault mine...he must be stopped as soon as possible."

    @Raynar Saassin



    Oh. Oh hello. It was as if this big dumb cowboy just walked right into her hands. Cloe smiled wickedly. Women, hm? Well...she could certainly work with that.

    She stepped forward, wrapping her arms lightly around Polnareff's shoulders. As she did so, his body would feel...strange. No matter how he tried, his body would be unable to move of his own volition. In fact, only his facial features could move at all, and his hands with the bare minmum of functions.

    "Boys, boys!" Cloe purred into his ear, her voice dripping with honey. "We need to work together, don't we? It does us no good to cause a scene after our gracious hosts have left us such a fine meal and warm hospitality. Can you promise to behave for me? Pretty please?"

    @Crunch @Ver @Jeremi @Anyone lol​
  13. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse


    "It's a lot to take in at once, that's for sure. We don't have much to go off of, but I think I can trust you."

    "I see you've calmed down a bit," Aiba chimed into his head.

    "I don't have much of a choice. It's not like we can get back without bringing that dragon back. And if we get a wish... that means there's still a chance to save Iris."

    "Ordinarily, I'd disagree. I still don't think you saved Iris by changing a Somnium. However... The data I'm finding seems to suggest that a lot of things we would consider impossible are within reality here."

    Date overheard the conversation between Eliza and Trunks. Aiba brought videos from the original Cell Games into Date's vision. He watches the video, and Aiba provides commentary and analysis.

    "The competitors in these Cell Games all seem to have supernatural or superhuman abilities. That is a fact that we have to accept about the situation. The archived footage implies a man named Hercule Satan beat Cell, although I'm more inclined to believe Gohan is the one who ultimately defeated him."

    Date brought himself into the conversation. "You beat him before, didn't you? Or at least one of you did. Can't we skip the pompous tournament and just get straight to taking him down? If we all attacked at once, surely we could take him. Just how much stronger could we be talking?"

    @Yun Lee @Raynar Saassin


    "Yeah, some places are like that. Beautiful and deadly. It's people, most of the time, that cause things to go south. But people can just as easily show their good and restore what's broken."

    "For now though, we might need violence. I don't think a strong ruling figure is gonna mean much to our opponent. I don't think I need to ask, but you do know how to fight, right?"

  14. Crunch

    Crunch Giga God Crunchmeister


    Polnareff winced, feeling his muscles freeze at the cold touch of the woman's fingertips. The shock of losing limb functions would've forced any lesser man to obey, but with a mere thought, the Frenchman's shocked expression diminished. He side-eyed Cloe, rolling his eyes.

    "Hmph. Chariot!"

    The ghostly entity that Polnareff called 'Silver Chariot' ceased its pursuit of Hol Horse, suddenly turning into a grey blur as it zipped up to and behind Cloe faster than she could react. It swiped it's sword in an upward verticle motion, placing it's sharp point directly against the surface of her neck. Polnareff gave his 'captor' a sidelong glare from where she had him frozen, unamused by her ability.


    "Normally, I would feel bad about hurting a woman, but you've made a poor choice here, lady,"
    the Stand user threatened, his ethereal guardian's blank stare meeting Cloe's eyes through its metal face-mask. Rather wisely, Silver Chariot kept the woman at arm's length. A very light thrust from it would be enough to spear her through the throat. "That man you're protecting is nothing but a spineless cur. He tried to kill my friends, and I am owed the right to protect them. I think the world would be a better place without him, don't you?"

    Polnareff struggled to turn his head towards her. "You really want to see if your hand is faster than a sword?"

    Meanwhile, Hol Horse caught his breath, quickly snatching his dusty hat up from the ground. He frowned at the hole Polnareff's Chariot left in it but grinned wide at the support he received from this mysterious vixen. "Ooooh, you really do have a way with women, monsieur."

    The gunslinger's low, smooth laughter picked up its pace when he stuck his right arm out slightly, a twirling spiral of light manifesting in the center of his palm before materializing a blocky revolver-like pistol. Hol Horse raised Emperor high, lining the barrel up with Polnareff's forehead, his finger wrapped snugly around the trigger.


    "Hey, baby," he clicked his tongue, winking to Cloe. "I owe you one. Allow me to take care of this trash for you, and then you and I can get to know each other over a nice candlelit dinner, hm? Just mind that sword of his. His Stand is pretty fast, I will admit."

    He directed his attention back to Polnareff. "What's it gonna be, Polpol? You gonna let me kill you, or will you kill this innocent woman to kill me?"

    "Oh, and I'd strongly recommend," Hol Horse raised his voice, speaking directly to any of these weird-looking bystanders. "That no one gets involved with this business if they wanna keep their head."

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  15. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    As P'cool was about to unleash another flurry of punches, he halted and crossed his arms as he laughs

    "Oh, I see now! Well, your majesty, I'd like to train another aspect of this form...

    ... to see its current length."

    P'cool assumes a combat stance once more, this time with a grin, more eager to fight than before. Usually, Ben would stop here, but this form had something that prevented that instinct.

    Another instinct.

    Pride. Saiyan Pride.

    @Raynar Saassin
  16. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    Fragile heard the cowboy man say this and turned to look at the situation at hand.

    Who is this man? What’s his deal? He looks like he’s holding something but he’s clearly holding nothing.

    Fragile warped behind him and took out her strand which was on her belt.

    Her breath steady as a tear from her chiral allergy strolled on down her cheek.

    In a single act, she unfurled her strand and wrapped it around the cowboy’s neck.

    @Crunch @Anybody​
  17. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Cloe wasn't fazed by the threats, but she did release Polnareff, allowing him free control of his body once more. "Well handsome, after this task at hand you're free to fight whoever you want. Hmhm...even me."

    She moved forward (though her hands slid of Polnareff's shoulders nice and slow), sauntering out in front between the two foes, right in the line of Hol Horse's gun. "But for right now, perhaps you should both put your toys away and try to relax. We were all brought here to work together, weren't we? I would be so sad if it meant two big, strong, attractive gentlemen like yourselves weren't able to join our cause...so please. Let us put aside our differences and try to at least tolerate each other's company, no?"

    But as Fragile attacked, she frowned. "That goes for all of us," she said. "It is no good to make enemies so early on."

    @Crunch @amwexia
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  18. amwexia

    amwexia the bicon

    “I apologize, ma’am,” Fragile says, “I’m only subduing the man,”
  19. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator Benefactor The Convergence Series GM


    "J-Jeez! That lady could just do that all this time...?! Scary..." Naoto murmured to himself regarding what seemed to be Cloe's ability as he watched the confusion unfold from a distance between the Frenchman with strange hair and the... cowboy? Both having their own unique powers from the looks of it. Nothing like Naoto had seen before either.

    Except for probably Celica and her weird doll, but that was another story.

    Normally the boy probably would have recklessly rushed in, but it all happened so fast, he could hardly keep himself for a moment until it had all simmered down. Still, it seemed like the two men not only knew each other, but were primed to kill each other for whatever reason over a moment's notice given the chance, still heated even as Cloe attempted to calm the situation down.

    Letting Cloe talk down Fragile, Naoto hopped over to Polnareff's side, looking at him with concern. "You alright, man? If you don't mind me asking, what's the beef between you and that guy anyway?"

    @Crunch @Yun Lee @amwexia @Anybody
  20. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    "As nice as that show was, I'd have to agree with the lovely lady here." Aiden spoke up, arms crossed as he watched Polnareff and Hol Horse try to kill each other in front of everyone else in the food hall just moments ago. His more carefree attitude from earlier gone and replaced with a more straight to the point and serious one.

    "Fragile, please stand down. Why not come and join me over here if you're feeling up to it." He called to the odd girl then, not so much as batting an eye at the whole thing.

    @Crunch @Yun Lee @amwexia

    Noah meanwhile, simply stood back and watched with a frown. It wasn't worth getting involved with so many people already on it. Sighing, he ran a hand through his hair.

    What exactly did he end up getting involved in? He almost wished Law was here, but he doubted the deity or whatever he was would have any real answers.


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