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The Site Rules

Discussion in 'Site Rules' started by Tiko, Oct 11, 2016.

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  1. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    We don't have very many rules here at Storyteller's Circle, but those that we do have are in place to maintain a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for everyone. Read them, be familiar with them, and respect them. In return we - the staff of Storyteller's Circle - promise to treat all users on our site with respect, dignity, and honesty.

    • To ensure a smooth transition and an element of compatibility with Storyteller's Circle, all new arrivals are required to participate in our introduction forum and engage in a brief introduction period to get their accounts approved for roleplay. Successful completion of this introduction period is mandatory before accessing the roleplaying portions of the forums, or engaging in roleplay on Storyteller's Circle. See here for further details.
    • Maintain common civility towards your fellow writers and staff. Abusive behavior including but not limited to racism, bigotry, open disrespect, harassment, blatant sabotaging of other users' roleplays, and/or other similar acts of intolerance are grounds for immediate disciplinary action.
    • Maintain common sensitivity towards your fellow writers. Excessive vulgarity and cybering in any of the public OOC areas of our site are not permitted. Adult themes within roleplays are permitted, but keep explicit sexual encounters tasteful. While we do allow these themes within the realm of an overarching story, we're not a site for writing erotica (if your adult content is going into explicit anatomical detail of full length sexual encounters outlining the precise grunting and thrusting going on for eight paragraphs, then you're probably landing into erotica territory and well beyond what we allow). Think rated R vs Rated XXX. If your roleplay contains adult themes and elements, it must contain a 'mature themes' tag so people can easily identify and avoid mature content if they wish. This also includes elements of excessive violence and heavy language. If you're not sure about something, ask a moderator. If you want to exclude certain elements of adult themes from your roleplay, but want to include others then simply tag it with 'mature themes' and then exclude specific themes in your roleplay's rules. In addition to the above regulations, pornography is not permitted on any portion of the site. This include links to pornographic sites or pornographic images in either the IC or OOC areas. Signature content must also remain suitable for a general audience as these display across all of the forums.
    • No spamming of off site products and services, and no flooding (repeatedly posting messages over and over) in either the forums or the chat. This includes advertising for roleplays to be hosted off-site.
    • No Plagiarism. The stealing of other writers works and claiming it as ones own is not only illegal, but grounds for immediate removal from the website. If you want to repost something that someone else wrote, just get permission and give credit where it's due. Likewise articles reposted from our front page should link back to our site with the appropriate authors given credit for the writing.
    • Fluency in English is expected of all of our members. We do permit the use of alternative languages within roleplays, but all communication within our public OOC areas must be in English.
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  2. Tiko

    Tiko Demon Goat Staff Member Administrator Chronicles of the Omniverse GM

    Site Policies - These are matters that aren't specifically rules, but serve as guidelines to avoid inadvertently breaking rules.
    • Alternate Accounts are permitted on Storyteller's Circle. Use of alternate accounts to deceive or mislead staff members is not. If you create an alternate account, please PM an administrator to get it approved for posting. Alternate accounts do not need to go through the approval process of main accounts, and in fact we ask that you don't. Pretending to be a new person wastes the time of our Warden Team, Moderators, and Administrators - all of whom could be assisting users who really do need assistance. This is a simple matter of courtesy and respect. In return we will respect any wishes for alternate accounts to remain anonymous so long as they are not being used to violate any site rules.

    • The use of off site mediums to assist in running roleplays is more than permitted on Storyteller's Circle. It only falls into 'spamming' if an individual is utilizing the site as a spring board to draw users away from the site for a roleplay being hosted somewhere else (as in entirely off site). Handing out a personal discord server to your players to help keep in OOC contact is 100% fine. Utilizing google documents, skype chats, or discord servers to write collaborative posts/scenes between multiple writers to be posted on site is 100% fine. Joining roleplays hosted on other sites, while participating in roleplays on Storyteller's Circle is equally acceptable. We in no way expect peoples only line of communication to be our website, nor do we expect people to not participate in roleplays elsewhere. What we don't allow is joining our website and recruiting players for a roleplay being hosted on another website, or that will be exclusively run via any off site medium. Why? This generates no content or growth for Storyteller's Circle and it pulls players away from the site that could be joining other peoples on site roleplays. If there is no intent or effort to generate content on Storyteller's Circle, and a clear effort to use the website to boost off-site roleplays, this is grounds for losing access to the website. Anything short of this, and we really don't mind. Just be respectful of the website and your fellow players and GMs here.
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