The Things That Stir In The Night [1x1]


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Isabella stayed frozen as she was, trying to think of a way out of the situation that wouldn't end with her dead. She had to run, but with the woman flailing around with that gun, she couldn't see a way to manage it. The time stretched as she desperately racked her brain for a way out, and a man came out of the house.

Isabella would have ran away at some point during the man's scolding, but the woman kept her weapon trained on Isabella. The man snatched the gun away from her, fixed himself, then turned to face Isabella, the gun now safely in his pocket.

No longer in danger, Isabella realised that she was in a much better situation; now she had a helpful, concerned man, evidently not paranoid or easily frightened, instead of some trigger–happy psycho. She faked a small smile, and dragged her sleeve along her cheek to dry her tears. "I, I dunno," she answered helplessly, "we were on, on a road trip, and we stopped here for, for food, and, and..." she trailed off, choking out a sob for effect, "we, we tried to cut through here to get, to get back to the car." She looked back into the alleys, and felt the excitement set in.

"Can, can you help me? They'll be back, back through here." She pointed into the backstreets.


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Tia sighed as she paced back and forth on the rooftop. She couldn't pick up Isabella's scent, and it worried her. There was barely any breeze to work with, so on the off-chance that she was actually close enough to smell Isabella, she wouldn't be able to do it.

Damnit! Tia just had to find her manually. She'd still check the air for a scent for any chance of finding her. With a running start, Tia jumped the gap between buildings, her eye trained on the streets as she ran. She stopped and laid low before creeping up to see the streets, still seeing random people as they went about their day.

Frustrated, Tia then told herself that Isabella would try and hunt in the alleyways, despite if she was told otherwise or not. She understood why, even though she wished that Isabella would try her method just once. She crept to the side of the building that presented the alleyways, and scanned her viewing. Still nothing. With a hiss, Tia jumped once again to check the next passageways.

And with all the good luck in the world, Tia finally caught something. It smelled like... Isabella! Her tail rattled at the scent, and her paws moved about to see where she was. And at the end of the alleyways leading to the main streets, she saw Isabella being talked to by a grown man. Immediately, Tia didn't like the idea, but she figured that it was Isabella's choosen prey, so she laid down and stayed silent. If trouble was to arise, she'd jump in and help out.

The man looked to the little girl, and then to the alleyways behind her. Strangers to getting lost in the alleyways? They must totally be travelers passing through the town. Only children or visitors get lost in these alleyways.... Even so, with the news about a serial killer on the loose, was it worth the risk of helping complete strangers out?

"Hmmmm.... I mean. I don't know about it. You see, there's a bad person in town, and it wouldn't be safe to go back there. It would be better if -"

"Mary! Maaarrry! Where are you? Mama and Papa are going to be worried about us!" A voice called out from the alleyways. To Isabella, it would sound very familiar. After several seconds, a taller hooded person came out from the dark pathways, but the hood didn't hide the concern that was on her face.

"Mary! What did we say about running off? If we don't come back before Mama and Papa realize we're both gone, they're gonna have our heads on a platter!" the older female said to Isabella.

The man titled his head at the sudden appearance of this older child. The seemingly younger girl's story was beginning to seem more plausible. "Hello young one. So, you're her sister I presume?" the man asked. The taller girl nodded her head and backed away a little bit.

"Y-yes.... We got lost, and this one decided to run away to find someone. If... As someone who lives here, can you help us? I'm afraid that I got myself lost trying to find this one here," the girl said.

The man hummed before nodding his head. He was just helping out a lost family. What's the worst that could happen?

Suddenly, a hand grabbed the man's shoulder. He gasped and whirled around, soon to see the culprit being his girlfriend.

"No! Hell no! You're not going down there!" The crazy woman snarled.


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Isabella could feel that the man was going to say no. She'd already started making up an excuse—a really, really important reason that they had to go through the alleys—when she heard a voice ringing through the alleys.

She turned, thinking only that someone that was actually lost would probably be easier prey than the man, but the more she heard the voice, the more it stuck in her head. Did she know it? It wasn't as harsh as Tia's—every word of her's was like a hiss—and it wasn't Ms Baccay's, whose low, slow voice sometimes haunted her in her dreams, but those were the only two voices that she knew. She waited, torn between curiosity and confusion, as the speaker rounded the corner.

Upon seeing a girl—not a snake demon, and not a woman in a gown—the confusion won over, showing clearly on Isabella's face. She hesitated, listening and watching for something more.

When the girl spoke again, she finally got it.

The girl that had helped her when she'd been chased by Ms Baccay.


Back turned to the man, she let a grin spread across her face. Smug that she figured it out, and realising that the kill was going to be a whole lot easier, she rushed to Tia's side and slipped her hand into her's, turning back to the man and painting her face sad. The one worry was that he had heard her tell the woman her real name, but she doubted it. She squeezed Tia's hand.

She saw the woman coming out of the house before the man did. Hoping that he would just tell her to back inside, Isabella turned to Tia and whispered, "he's got a gun in his back pocket." Her warning given, she looked back at the couple, huddling close to Tia for effect.


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Tia smiled when she caught that Isabella noticed her. Considering how long it was that she was in her other form, she was amazed that Isabella was able to recognize her. Her warning made Tia softly gasp - a gun? In their possession?
And then the woman began to shout and hollar at them. Tia tensed visibly, and her grip on Isabella's hand tightened a little. She hated guns, and she didn't like the way this woman was reacting with such a weapon in her grasp. She was afraid that she would make it go off, and someone would get hurt.

"Back away," Tia softly whispered to Isabella. The woman glared at the girls in front of her and her boyfriend, and sneered at them with pointing fingers.

"You two! Why are you here? Huh? Go back to your parents, before I tell them that you were trespassing," the woman threatened.

The man grabbed at his partner and pushed her towards their house. "That is enough! You need to go back inside and rest! You are obviously not fit to be outside," the man said. The woman gasped and hit the man on the shoulder.
"I should go inside? I should go inside? How dare you? These girls are trying to get you in these dark ass alleyways! That's where these murders are happening!" The woman snarled.

Tia's eyes focused on the two adults in front of them. The woman was growing more and more out of control, and with that gun in the picture, it wasn't bound to be good. She felt uneasy, and the hissing sounds inside her head were on blast. Danger. Tia and Isabella were in danger, and they needed to leave right then and there.
She tapped Isabella's shoulder and backed away with a sense of urgency. They could look for other easier prey, but these two, or that woman at least, was too dangerous to confront. But as soon as she made visible movement, the woman managed to snatch the gun from the man's possession.

"You're not going anywhere! You creepy bitch!" The woman shouted. Tia froze, her senses laser focused on the woman. She felt threatened, and her demonic half was preparing to defend itself. Tia then shifted and walked in front of Isabella, putting her body in front of the smaller female as a shield, despite her growing fear of being shot. The fear was visible, but it was still easy to tell that Tia was growing... defensive.

"Creepy? Creepy?! How dare you call me that? You psycho bitch, You don't even know me!" Tia shouted back.

The young teenager as beside herself. Not only was this woman waving a gun in her possession, but she dared throw insults at her? The demon hissed with insolence, which made Tia do the same. She turned her head a little to see Isabella, her eyes showing a small hint of glow as her anger grew.

"Hey! You watch your mouth! I'm going to have a talk with your parents when I see them," The man said.

At the mention of her parents, Tia's head twitched a little before facing the people in front of her. She gave a dry smile that was laced with a hissing drawl.

... Uh-oh.

"My parents? Oh please. That will never happen. Trust me."

"What the hell? See? This bitch is crazy!"

A growl exited Tia's mouth. A part of her wanted to leave the people alone, but a larger part wanted to tear at them and make them scream. But it was daylight.... Kills in daylight were risky, and it was a miracle that nobody came to assist these people yet.

But she couldn't risk it. Not with Isabella behind her. A voice told her to move away. Obeying, Tia wouldn't risk her only friend getting hurt. She backed away slowly, eyes narrowing as she rubbed the sides of her head. She had to keep herself from going crazy. She couldn't lose it here. Not now.

But the lady wouldn't let them leave. "Oh no you don't! You're staying right there!" The lady screamed. Tia growled, but froze.

"Babe! Please, give me the gun! This is insane!" The man said as he stuck his hands out. He tried to take the gun, but the woman quickly turned the gun to him. At that moment, Tia turned her body around and pushed Isabella further into the alleyways.

"Run!" Tia shouted. She turned to make the attempt to run, but soon tripped on a pothole. She cried out as she registered her face getting closer to the ground, and stuck her hands out to avoid injury to her face.

It was that moment when Tia heard the most terrifying sound to blast past her ears.

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Isabella watched the situation unfold. The woman was not leaving, the man wasn't coming into the alley, and she could feel Tia get more and more tense every second. As soon as the woman snatched the gun back from the man's pocket, Isabella knew that this wouldn't end without someone getting hurt. She just hoped it wouldn't be her.

Tia's reaction to the woman only further convinced her that someone was going to end up dead. With Tia between her and the woman, Isabella couldn't see the Tia's face, but she could hear the hiss in her voice, and see the tightness in her shoulders. She reached forward and grabbed Tia's hand, squeezing it harshly. "Tia!" she whispered, voice harsh. She ignored her, her focus on the woman with the gun, who held all their lives on the tips of her fingers.

Things started to escalate, Tia getting more and more tense as the couple said more and more things that triggered something in her. Isabella tried again—"Tia!"—her whisper hard and harsh, and Tia changed. Isabella wasn't convinced that it was because of her, but she watched Tia shuffle and stumble backwards, as if coming out a dream, hands to her head.

The next minute went by in a flash.

The woman, taking aim at her partner.

Tia, shouting, "run!"

Or was it 'gun'?

A shove, a stumble, a plummet.

A bang.

She didn't feel the fall

and she didn't feel her elbows scrape

and she didn't feel her dress tear

and she didn't feel anything.

She felt nothing




the bullet.

The sob tore through her, leaping from her lips, cutting through the streets, haunting every ear.


The blood trickled down her arm.

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The sound of a loud crack startled Tia into shouting as she covered the sides of her head and ears with her hands. Damn, that was a loud sound. Another sound hit her ears too, but she didn't take much notice of it.

"Goddamnit Cynthia! What did you do?!" The man's voice shouted. Tia shuddered as she slowly peeked her head from behind her hands, seeing the man and his partner shouting at each other. Tia panted as she took in what had happened, and after a few moments, she knew.

The woman took a shot at her.

As the realization sunk in, she felt her body grow tense with anger. How dare this woman would even think about shooting unarmed children! A low growl escaped Tia's throat as she slowly got on her feet. It was safe to say that this woman was threatening Tia's life.

"You bitch! How dare you take a shot at us! We did nothing to you!" Tia shouted.

The man looked to Tia with shock, as if he couldn't believe that such words could come out of the mouth of a young woman. But she didn't care. Her teeth clicked together as she took a few more steps towards the two people, and the woman responded with several more slurs and threats. She aimed her gun again, but the man grabbed her wrists as he tried to snatch the gun from her again. In doing so, their fingers began to push on the trigger, setting off more shots from the gun.

Tia began to sound more and more animalistic. Instead of human sounds, Tia made snarls and hisses. She dodged the stray bullets that fired out of the gun, snarling with bared teeth. She hid behind a dumpster, panting with nervous energy at the predicament before her.

Then it hit her. The scent of blood. Tia blinked and turned her head to the direction of the scent, and what she saw filled her with shock: Isabella was holding herself, crying, and blood was dribbling out of an open wound.

"Isabella!" Tia cried out. She ran up to the injured girl and slowly put her hands on the arm. From what she could tell, the gash was shallow - a flesh wound. The bullet wasn't lodged in her arm, which filled her with relief. But the fact that Isabella was shot was quick to replace her relief with rage. They shot her. The woman shot Isabella! This was why she hated guns.

And that meant that she was a threat that needed to be eradicated. Tia's head bent down a little, the edge of her hood covering whatever emotion that was in her eyes. The demon in her fueled the rage in her by saying things to pump her up, speaking in a demonic language that she somehow knew.

"Sarac tucto nara delo elect sho. Tucsto nylvo parca delon vex....."

Tia repeated this multiple times, ignoring the woman's goading, Isabella's words of fear and worry and the man's demands for an explanation. She then looked up to Isabella's face and gave a sinister grin. Her fangs were visible again, her eyes gave an ominous glow, and her whole demeanor changed from worried to enraged. But even so, strangely, Tia still showed worry and fear, in the brown eyes that still struggled to stay sane and in control.

She clenched her jaws together before growling, her hand covering the side of her head with a pained groan. The demon was forcing itself out, and if she was honest, while Tia was trying to keep it down, she wasn't trying that hard. She wanted to make these two suffer as much as possible. Maybe make a fun little chase out of it. Yes... Maybe she could....

She struggled to get on her feet, but there were sensations in her body that made it hard to focus on simple movement. She fell back down with a small huff.

'Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Come on, she shot Isabella. She deserves to die.'

'Damn you! I can't control myself! Don't go all out so fast! I... I can't catch up...'

'If you can't keep up, I'm not going to wait on you.... You better catch up if you want to have a chance on doing your own thing,'
the demon hissed.

Tia whimpered and growled at the same time, her pupils narrowing into slits as she looked at Isabella in the eyes.

"She..... sh-shot you.... no excuse.... none. I... I can't control it.... anymore.... p-please.... hide...." Tia begged. She looked down, gave a hissing roar, and then looked back up; her facial expression was more enraged than anything, but there was also a hint of excitement in her eyes. The teenager leaned into Isabella's ear, a soft growl tickling the girl's ears before she spoke: "Your meal will be served to you momentarily. Please wait while I prepare it for you," her warped voice said. The chuckle was soft and quiet, before getting incrementally louder and harsher.

She then got on her feet and turned around to face the two people. They gasped when she did, for they had been watching her slowly break down into the madness within her head.

"What the fuck?! What is wrong with your sister?" The man asked. The woman began to cry, and aimed in an attempt to shoot Tia. Tia snarled, rushing towards the woman with incredible speed before she could do anything. She snatched the gun from her hands, threw it down into the ground, grabbed the woman's neck, dragged her into the alleyway, and then lifted her arms to throw the woman to the back wall, where the alleyways broke off into two directions.

The woman crumpled in pain, crying while gasping for air at the same time.
The demon gave a hissing laugh as it released Tia's tail, the rattling appendage flicking back and forth as she stalked towards the injured woman.

"Darsga tuacto nara velo alect sho. Lucsto naro parca kelun nex..... Get... up.... Get up you sick weakling." The demon said as they stalked past Isabella.
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